Dreaming of Mr. Darcy (2022)

Free Download Dreaming of Mr. Darcy - by Victoria Connelly - Dreaming of Mr. Darcy, Dreaming of Mr Darcy Fledgling illustrator and Darcy fanatic Kay Ashton settles in the seaside town of Lyme to finish her book The Illustrated Darcy when a film company arrives to make a new adaptation of Jane Austen s Free Download Dreaming of Mr. Darcy - by Victoria Connelly - Dreaming of Mr. Darcy, Dreaming of Mr Darcy Fledgling illustrator and Darcy fanatic Kay Ashton settles in the seaside town of Lyme to finish her book The Illustrated Darcy when a film company arrives to make a new adaptation of Jane Austen s
  • Title: Dreaming of Mr. Darcy
  • Author: Victoria Connelly
  • ISBN: 9781402251351
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
Dreaming of Mr. Darcy
Free Download Dreaming of Mr. Darcy - by Victoria Connelly, Dreaming of Mr. Darcy, Victoria Connelly, Dreaming of Mr Darcy Fledgling illustrator and Darcy fanatic Kay Ashton settles in the seaside town of Lyme to finish her book The Illustrated Darcy when a film company arrives to make a new adaptation of Jane Austen s Persuasion Kay is soon falling for the handsome bad boy actor playing Captain Wentworth but it s the quiet screenwriter Adam Craig who has in common with her beloved MrFledgling
  • Free Download Dreaming of Mr. Darcy - by Victoria Connelly
    274Victoria Connelly
Dreaming of Mr. Darcy

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  1. I am a die hard romantic I am a die hard Austen fan I love light, fluffy books I also love deep, thoughtful books So, had this drivel fallen anywhere within my fairly large spectrum of likes , all would have been well However, I cannot abide poor characterization, stupid characters who do stupid things, plot lines that demand constant suspension of disbelief, and poor editing seriously some of the words used don t even exist.Kay starts out as a promising character Then we get to the 4th or so ch [...]

  2. I was hoping for a fun Austen fluff read Instead I got a waste of time The characters and plot were totally unrealistic and Kay, one of the main characters, was so annoying and ditsy I would have thrown the book across the room if it wasn t on my nook The hero was quiet, sensitive, spouted Austen, cleaned, baked, and didn t so much as blink when he found out the girl he loved had just had a one night stand with a movie star Huh There was also an obscene amount of love at first sight crap in this [...]

  3. Welp Sometimes you find some great books in the bargain bin, and sometimes you don t I bought this book a few years back and never got around to reading it because the first few chapters dragged Since one of my personal goals this year is to clean up my electronic and physical shelves I decided to check this one of the list since I decided to start reading Persuasion this week Besides a few callbacks to Austen novels Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Persuasion there was not a lot here left to re [...]

  4. I have mixed feelings about this book On the one hand the heroine buys a bed and breakfast in Lyme Regis which tooted my Anglophile and Janeite horn How cool would that be On the other hand, she has the emotional maturity of a middle schooler which brought a knee jerking slap her off the side of the head reaction from me And I can t understand why the title is Dreaming ofMr Darcywhen the book takes place in Lyme Regis and a film crew is working on aPersuasionmovie Shouldn t it have been Dreaming [...]

  5. Although there were likeable elements, I found myself utterly repulsed by the characters overuse of love to describe feelings for people they d just met and barely knew It was as if these folks were Austen characters rather than multidimensional 21st century characters This may be deliberate, of course, but it repulsed me nonetheless Kay s flash daydreams were cute at the start except that, again, although she told herself not to get carried away, she still did seem to plan on the stuff of her [...]

  6. Fand ich ganz nett, endlich mal ein austenisches Buch, dass nicht einfach die Str nge von Jane Austen kopiert ber Kay und oft auch Adam habe mich schon sehr genervt, aber Gemma fand ich sehr symphatisch und die Einbettung der Geschichte ans Set einer Persuasion Verfilmung fand auch ich toll Nat rlich hat es auch geholfen, dass Persuasion mein Lieblingsbuch ist und ja, jetzt m chte ich unbedingt mal nach Lyme Regis reisen.

  7. In the second Austen inspired novel of her trilogy about Jane Austen addicts, Victoria Connelly once again transports readers to a Jane Austen location that is on every Janeites list of places visit Lyme Regis, a seaside village known for its fossils, Cobb, and Louisa Musgrove s fictional fall, is the ideal setting for this novel about fresh starts and broken hearts It is also the location of a new big screen production of Persuasion It seems the quiet village of Lyme Regis is being invaded by a [...]

  8. This was a bit different from my usual JA stuff, but it still deals with the love of Austen Kay, our heroine, truly loves Jane Austen Truly loves is the word But then our hero loves JA too, talk about a match made in heavenor not.This was a bit of an Emma novel Kay is clueless but in a good way that Adam likes her Because she is oogling hottie actor Oli who is playing Captain Wentworth And this is where the Emma story comes in She is smitten by someone who is just playing with her And she is try [...]

  9. This is a superficial irritating little book I liked her first book Weekend with Mr Darcy and I was hoping for the same kind of fun Instead you get Kay, the main character who is a stupid twit She thinks she s going to marry the most famous actor in England just because he winks at her I wanted to reach in and throttle her I didn t like her character at all I know there are women out there like that but please, it was irritating I m not sure if I want to read the next one Maybe I need to read th [...]

  10. Dreaming of Mr Darcy is the second in Victoria Connelly s series about Jane Austen addicts, following on the heels of A Weekend With Mr Darcy The heroine this time around is Kay Ashton, a young woman stuck in a dead end job who inherits some money and decides to make her dreams come true She buys and remodels a bed and breakfast in Lyme Regis, a seaside town that plays an important role in Kay s favorite book, Jane Austen s Persuasion, and she plans to spend her time finishing her book, The Illu [...]

  11. Maybe Jane Austen s fans are destined to be disappointed by love because nothing could ever live up to the happy endings created in fiction This is what Adam Craig, one of the main characters in Victoria Connelly s latest novel, thinks The same can be said of the perfect hero who might live up to Mr Darcy s charm or Captain Wentworth s passionate loyalty Maybe your favourite actor Someone you admire and dream about Imagine that he, a real dream come true, arrives where you have just opened a BB [...]

  12. This was an impulse buy, I liked the cover and I thought it sounded like an entertaining read from the synopsis.I enjoyed this book, it didn t knock my socks off but it was a fun read I liked the behind the scenes on a film set idea, and the thought of a film cast and crew coming into your town, meeting and interacting with them would be fantastic I m sure I would be just as star struck as Kay was.The story is told from Kay, Gemma and Adam s point of view I loved Kay s imagination, it sounded sc [...]

  13. I am crazy about anything even remotely Austen related so of course I jumped at the chance to read Dreaming of Mr Darcy Both the title and the gorgeous cover appealed to me, and the description didn t sound like anything I d ever read before I was quite optimistic about this.It did not really live up to my expectations but at the same time, it wasn t bad I very much enjoyed the beginning and was excited to see what would happen I thought the whole idea was pretty cute and the old lady who left t [...]

  14. A movie is being made of Persuasion and we get to see the behind the scenes antics of the actors, director, producer, screenwriter, crew, etc It was a train wreck and traffic jam from the beginning.Midway through I wanted to throw myself off the Cobb So many story lines to follow, so many stupid antics that tried to mirror Jane Austin plots example match making Emma style, really The heroine was made ridiculous, needy, and insipid with her every emotion on her face How on earth was she a busines [...]

  15. I wanted a light read, but this was just painful The characters were all dumb as bricks, and there was absolutely no mystery about who anyone was going to end up with I mainly kept reading to see if the random creepy guy inserted for Gemma was going to turn out to be a murderous stalker, as he just sort of starts appearing in every scene she s in and saying the perfect right thing But no, just another perfect guy, just with even less character development and even lazier writing than all the oth [...]

  16. Gah, this book drove me crazy Didn t like it at all, which was too bad because the summary sounded like it had potential The characters are just sad, the writing isn t great, and the plot was silly and ridiculous It started off good but quickly went downhill once Kay moves to Lyme, and at the point I couldn t stop the eye rolling I kept thinking that it would get better but it never did It was one unbelievable thing after the next Adam invites her to his Nana s house why Just because he thinks t [...]

  17. The Story Chick lit A girl comes into some money and decides to open a Bed and Breakfast in uh wherever Jane Austen s Persuasion takes place And that is how memorable the story was A film cast and crew are filming Persuasion and descend upon her BB Romance is in the air, but the lines of romance get crossed and muddled, and then sorted out The Review It started off kind of cute, then got annoying, then was completely forgettable I don t even remember the characters names Why is chick lit all so [...]

  18. This will probably horrify some of you, but I have to confess I ve never actually read a Jane Austen novel Not one Ever Of course that didn t stop me from wading into the cottage industry that is Austen inspired fiction And while part of me feels a need to explain myself, another part of me thinks Bugger right off I m an adult and I can read whatever I want So, yeah That Three stars Nuff said.

  19. 3.5 stars I liked the vivid descriptions of Lyme Regis and the surrounding areas, makes me want to go there This was a cute story with a lot of Austen stories mixed into it A bit of Emma, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion Most of the characters were somewhat likable, but Beth was obnoxious as she was probably supposed to be.

  20. I have to make it workKay murmured to herself She is fond of Jane Austin her books such as Pride prejudice Persuasion I believe Victoria Connelly wants to remind us of seizing the day, say give your heart feeling to someone who is worth it 16th book in 2017

  21. Hmmm I wanted to like this so much , I really did But then the main story split into two different threads, the believability factor totally tanked and then it got super messy and super shallow I adored Sophie and Gemma Kay was, unfortunately, a bit of a silly prig I think the author picked the wrong main characters.

  22. Dreaming of Mr Darcy is the story of Kay Ashton who inherited a sizeable amount of money and bought an old bed and breakfast in Lyme Regis, home of Jane Austen s Cobb and Persuasion Now, all she needs is Captain Wentworth to walk in the door Which happens shortly after room renovations are done, as the movie of Persuasion is being filmed in front of Wentworth House, Kay s new venture in the world of bed and breakfast In walks Oli Wade Owens, the newest Captain Wentworth, and his fellow actors, d [...]

  23. First thoughts Dreaming of Mr.Darcy by Victoria Connelly was a cute page turner I loved it This book is centered on Persuasion despite the title and has references to Emma and of course, Pride and Prejudice I had a look into life in dreamy seaside towns which are definitely a wonder as seen through this book.Review Events in her life and at work lead Kay Ashton to quit her job and move to Lyme Regis when she comes into some money so she can pursue her passion in peace Her passion bringing Jane [...]

  24. In Dreaming of Mr Darcy, Kay Ashton lives in her own dream world, forever dreaming of the perfect hero But what does he look like Is he the libidinous and charming Oli Wade Owen, who just happens to be playing the role of Captain Wentworth, or the compassionate and gentlemanly Adam Crain, or does he exist only in Kay s dreams In her quest for the perfect hero, Kay faces many obstacles She chooses to overlook many signs that she is currently heading down the same road her mother traveled, always [...]

  25. 3.5 stars This was a cute piece of Jane Austen related fluff.I went into it looking for nothing than that, and at first, I thought I wouldn t be disappointed And perhaps I shouldn t have been disappointed in the last half, either Certainly, the Jane Austen references were lots of fun Since the book revolved around the production of a movie version of Persuasion, those are the ones that I was expecting, but many elements were borrowed from Emma, which I am immensely fond of These aspects are r [...]

  26. This is author Victoria Connelly s second entry in her Austen Addicts series to read my review of her first, A Weekend With Mr Darcy, please go here and I was utterly delighted with this effort From the first page, Ms Connelly draws the reader in with the comparisons to Jane Austen s Persuasion, most notably the stunning location of Lyme Regis I wouldn t be honest if I didn t say that I was secretly envious of Kay, stepping into the role of bed and breakfast owner Wouldn t it be fabulous to run [...]

  27. This was a charming book I am a HUGE Jane Austen fan, so I appreciated all the references to all things Austen, but you don t have to be a Jane Austen fan to enjy this book Miss Connely has written a witty, romantic, funny book filled with lively characters who will keep readers interested fromm the start, Kay, the main character is a dreamer who had lost her mother and a dear friend and feels all alone in the world She is stuck in a dead end job, but dreams of illustrating Jane Austen s works W [...]

  28. Dreaming of Mr Darcy is the perfect novel to escape into I ve been very stressed lately with teaching a class, taking a class, work, kids, etc but this novel helped me to forget my worries each night before bed and take delight in the story Kay Ashton is addicted to Jane Austen After she inherits a bit of money, she moves to Lyme one of the locations in Jane Austen s novel Persuasion and buys a bed and breakfast Before she even has time to open, the stars of a new production of Persuasion knock [...]

  29. Review originally published on my blog AWordsWortheARC provided by publisher for reviewSince she first met him, Kay Ashton has dreamed of Mr Darcy Actually, she loves all of Jane s heroes, but her special favorite is Mr Darcy Until the day she moves to Lyme Regis, purchases Wentworth House and opens a bed breakfast Nestled in the heart of Jane country, Kay finds herself unexpectedly housing the cast of a new film adaptation of Persuasion Including the smashingly handsome Oli, playing Capt Wentwo [...]

  30. Kay Ashton uses her inheritance to set up and open a BB in the sunny seaside town of Lyme Regis Romantic Kay is then amazed when the cast and crew of a new production of Persuasion descend on her little business, and even dumbstruck when she sees heart throb Oli Wade Owen What follows next is a fun story full of match making, laughs and romance.I must say I really enjoyed the story, it was a fun, light hearted read that is perfect for a holiday or a beach read The story is very easy to follow a [...]

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