The Dying Hour (2022)

↠ The Dying Hour í Rick Mofina - The Dying Hour, The Dying Hour The Dying Hour introduces Jason Wade a rookie crime reporter with The Seattle Mirror a loner who grew up in the shadow of a brewery in one of the city s blue collar neighborhoods At The Seattle Mirr ↠ The Dying Hour í Rick Mofina - The Dying Hour, The Dying Hour The Dying Hour introduces Jason Wade a rookie crime reporter with The Seattle Mirror a loner who grew up in the shadow of a brewery in one of the city s blue collar neighborhoods At The Seattle Mirr
  • Title: The Dying Hour
  • Author: Rick Mofina
  • ISBN: 9780786016976
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
The Dying Hour
↠ The Dying Hour í Rick Mofina, The Dying Hour, Rick Mofina, The Dying Hour The Dying Hour introduces Jason Wade a rookie crime reporter with The Seattle Mirror a loner who grew up in the shadow of a brewery in one of the city s blue collar neighborhoods At The Seattle Mirror he is competing for the single full time job being offered through the paper s intense intern program But unlike the program s other young reporters who attended big naThe Dying Ho
  • ↠ The Dying Hour í Rick Mofina
    450Rick Mofina
The Dying Hour

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  1. Jason Wade is an intern at a Seattle newspaper Competing with other rookie reporters for a single job, he is assigned the night crimes desk, the short stick for new reporters Jason is fighting several demons His mom left he and dad while Jason was in his formative years Dad has never moved on, is an alcoholic, and a cross Jason bears Jason is finally getting his life together after all the typical troubles of an abandoned son, bad grades, scrapes with police, drinking, yada yada yada, but someho [...]

  2. I love reading Rick Mofina This was the third book of his that I have read I just got this one either free or very inexpensively on my kindle Even though I had just started another book, I had to put it down and read this one first.This book is a horror story, in my opinion I read it in two days in spite of other activities It s difficult to put down because Mr Mofina s writing grips me immediately My only problem with it was that he repeats the gruesome ritualistic murder style too many times f [...]

  3. Disappointing I hate a story of convenience and that s what this is Everything fits in place like a convenient little framed puzzle NO surprises, too many happy endings, mediocre writing at best Also, the Audio book probably made this worst because the man s voice had too much inflection and went from too loud to too soft too frequently and it really ruined the book I only grabbed this one because I DID like one of his other books, No Way Back Still recommend Good quick I m on vacation read.

  4. I typically avoid serial killer novels, but I have read another Rick Mofina novel and really enjoyed it This case is horrifying and riveting I love the crime reporter backstory and the troubled life of the ambitious Jason Wade The story progresses rapidly with back flashes to the 16th century It s a thriller chase to try and catch a religious fanatic before he kills another woman in the Seattle area Jason is right in the middle of the investigation perhaps too close as the reader will learn Well [...]

  5. This book was the first in a series of Jason Wade books and I found it really creepy It was crazy and suspenseful, although I personally could have done without so much gore It held me from the git go right to the very end Mr Mofina made the characters real and I felt as though I knew them personally, except for Cull and Ezrack I did keep thinking it would have been interesting if the killers had started at an earlier place in time and Jason s mother would have been discovered to be one of the v [...]

  6. I had read the second book in the Jason Wade trilogy previously and liked it so went back to find the first installment on Kindle Another good, fast reading, page turning mystery A couple of editorial errors that seem to be par for the course in Kindle editions were for where , stuff like that Very gory and graphic at times not for the faint of stomach but a good story Glad to learn about reporter Jason Wade s roots.

  7. Fantastic ride Loved this book, each chapter made me want to continue reading I liked Jason Wade I found his character refreshingly different.

  8. My second book by Rick Mofina His book Cold Fear is one of my favorates The Dying Hour is a very good mystery Strong characters especially Jason Wade Violence, torture and ritualistic killings were detailed and as such, hard to read.

  9. Aside from the narration on the audiobook which was soooo slow and monotone, this book was just the wrong side of average I found it to be predictable and very clich , without a single moment of action or suspense, but maybe it s just me I m not sure if I ll read any in this series, but I won t be losing sleep if I don t.

  10. This was my first book by this author but it won t be the last and I am looking forward to books from this series.In The Dying Hour Jason Wade is just one of several interns vying for the one slot that the Seattle Mirror has to offer It s going to come down to who gets the best stories Jason Wade wants this job really badly but he is not getting a lot of great headlines so he calls up some police stations looking for something, anything that might lead somewhere He gets a tip about a young girl [...]

  11. Jason Wade is an intern at a major Seattle newspaper He and the other interns, all better connected than he is, are vying for a single full time position with the paper Jason s job is the police beat at night During a slow night he hears about a missing college girl on the scanner He begins to investigate and look for his big story I will not go into the investigation because of spoilers but heartedly recommend it and the entire novel to readers It is remarkably well written and totally engrossi [...]

  12. .I am taking Prednisone and can t sleep, which is a good thing as I could not put this book down It grabs you right from the start and carries you along right to the end.Jason Wade is a raw talented intern reporter trying desperately to make something of himself and turn around his life When details of a missing student comes across his police scanner, he starts digging, and as he learns about this upright, honest girl finds himself unable to let go.He follows scraps of information to knit toge [...]

  13. Technically a 4.5 but I rounded up because it was really good on the whole My small 2 issues included the character Lisa Roy annoying character surrounded by clich d writing, introduced with thirty pages to go and the end was so very abrupt Besides this, Rick Mofina absolutely enthralled me with the writing While I am not one who enjoys frequent POV changes, they were done quite well in this one if maybe slightly too frequent The plot was interesting and fast paced enough to keep my attention bu [...]

  14. The Dying Hour was one of those books that I hated to put down The main character, Jason Wade, a rookie crime reporter with the Seattle Mirror, was an interesting character to get to know The plot was electrifying, a rollercoaster journey into the dark realm of serial killer mind and all its horrors I was frantically reading this book as it neared its end, gripped by fear, suspense as the story reached its climax I know it s a good book, when I m emotionally moved to the point where my throat ti [...]

  15. Rick Mofina has been among my favourite authors, but this was a pitiful effort I can only assume that it was the first book he wrote, there can t be any other reason.I m having trouble believing it was written by the same person who wrote the 6 other books I ve already read and rated 4 stars I see there were a couple of other reviewers who thought the same way and if this had been the first book of his I d ever picked up, I would never have bothered looking for another one.Of course, it wasn t h [...]

  16. Fast paced, interesting main character Very dark, somewhat gruesome tho he doesn t dwell on it The apparently insatiable appetite for books about kidnapping and torturing killing young women troubles me Would there be fewer of these crimes if there were fewer of these stories Can we not work on some way to reduce the number of men who not only hate and fear women, but feel it is ok to harm them

  17. Exceptionally well written, smart, hard to put down But for a Hollywood like post ending ending it was the perfect novel Thoughtful yet broken and struggling characters whom you like and root for real life challenges cliff hanger with a few twists you don t expect Occasionally drifts into predictable scenes but overwhelmingly a top rated mystery novel, well worth the read Somewhere in the range of A to A.

  18. Literary excellence writing skills you ll want to read I just finished reading this book in two days, I can t remember the last time I read a better religious mayhem novel that flows through all the characters as well as this multiple story mystery that will have you gripping your seat mesmerized by this fast paced murder mystery novel This author s novel s are way beyond must read status

  19. I struggled to get through this book However the twists at the end made it a little appealing The first half was very formulaic and boring just another typical abduction story Jason Wade is not really well defined, although hopefully this has been improved in subsequent novels The story line reminded me of a typical tv miniseries albeit a little too graphic for a visual medium Never really loved this book but managed to get to the end.

  20. Not my usual genre at all, found it in a holiday villa we were staying in and it seemed intriguing.From about page 4 I was hooked I found that the attention to detail was there and really made you feel that the author knew what they were talking about, you actually care about the characters and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out there fate, ending was a little rushed in my opinion but not sure much could ve been said really.

  21. What a ride The Dying Hour Jason Wade mystery book 1 is the first book I ve read by Rick Mofina but it certainly won t be the last Morgan s writing and Jason s story had me hook, line and sinker from the beginning of this story The roller coaster ride he weaves is well worth the ride This is a very quick read that I could not put down until I finished it I m looking forward to reading the next Jason Wade story.

  22. Believable Horrifying Enthralling I couldn t put the book down There was only one glitch where detective Stralla s instincts told him that Karen had been abducted and was likely dead Like Roxanne and Bonnie However, Bonnie hadn t been identified yet I found myself on the edge of my seat with my fist clenched, anxious to find out what happens next.

  23. Really good read and great surprise too I got this book free and figured what is there to lose.I can always delete it if I don t like it.Once I started reading I could not stand to put it down.Fast and very well thought out with twist and turns and just enough suspense.Loved it

  24. A good fast paced thriller that kept me entertained right up to the end, although the ending is my only criticism I reached the end of a page turned over to find that was it Still everything had been concluded satisfactorily all the loose ends tied up I ll certainly look out for by this author, especially in this series.

  25. The story is very imaginative and very suspenseful Lots of surprises along the way The characters are developed in depth for the most part, with some limited stereotypes The story proceeds at a pace that makes it difficult to put down Jason Wade is a determined reporter, and his determination is reflected in every area of his life I look forward to of his stories.

  26. Chasing a story and a demonic serial killer, Jason Wade exemplifies true courage, in spite of being a fledgling reporter, filled with doubt Jason Wade illustrates a driven, emerging reporter with integrity Brave, yet full of doubts, he risks his life and his dreams to pursue a demonic serial killer

  27. The Dying Hour chronicles the hunt for a serial killer tormenting the Pacific North West The book follows the journey of Jason Wade, an intern at a leading newspaper whose never say die attitude shines throughout the book While the description of medieval torture methods in the book is not for the faint of heart, the story is nevertheless engaging.

  28. A well written book that keeps the reader engaged Good character formation I was pulled into the story and found myself unable to put the book down at several points I thoroughly enjoyed this book and several others by this author I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries and thought provoking stories.

  29. Will fill your search for exciting murder mysteriesIt s almost two in the morning With a surprise ending to boot I m always impressed and thankful when I discover an author who can write so well Do yourself a favor and pick this one to read soon.

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