99 Reasons Why (2022)

99 Reasons Why Best Download || [Caroline Smailes] - 99 Reasons Why, Reasons Why From the brilliant author of Black Boxes comes a gritty and heartfelt novella with a twist Reasons endings your pick Kate isn t like other year olds She s got a job to do for her Uncle Phil 99 Reasons Why Best Download || [Caroline Smailes] - 99 Reasons Why, Reasons Why From the brilliant author of Black Boxes comes a gritty and heartfelt novella with a twist Reasons endings your pick Kate isn t like other year olds She s got a job to do for her Uncle Phil
  • Title: 99 Reasons Why
  • Author: Caroline Smailes
  • ISBN: 9780007362172
  • Page: 462
  • Format: ebook
99 Reasons Why
99 Reasons Why Best Download || [Caroline Smailes], 99 Reasons Why, Caroline Smailes, Reasons Why From the brilliant author of Black Boxes comes a gritty and heartfelt novella with a twist Reasons endings your pick Kate isn t like other year olds She s got a job to do for her Uncle Phil Each day she spies on The Kevin Keegan Day Nursery across the road from her bedroom window writing down all of the comings and goings in her notebooks That s how sheFrom the brillian
  • 99 Reasons Why Best Download || [Caroline Smailes]
    462Caroline Smailes
99 Reasons Why

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  1. This is a very disturbing novella with a choice of different endings 9 to be found in the kindle edition and 2 further through the authors webpage.Kate is 22 and lives opposite the Kevin Keegan Day Nursery, where her job is watching the comings and goings all day and writing them in notebooks for her Uncle Phil, who is possibly her father She is sure her dad is not her dad and her mum claims she was stolen from Princess Diana, which delusion leads to a huge amount of time on ebay purchasing Dian [...]

  2. This is a weird book, in several ways It s written in the first person by a young woman who s obviously several sandwiches short of a picnic, and set in the sort of estate most of us are thankful we never have to live in From the argot, I presume it s around Newcastle, but with few changes it could be any major city in Britain Warning to those averse to bad language there s a lot of it here, and also some moderately graphic sex, but it s totally in character and not gratuitous.The protagonist wr [...]

  3. Caroline Smailes has a way of making you care so much about her characters that you want to jump into the book and rescue them from their lives themselves or themselves In her classic style this novel is utterly absorbing, disturbing and believable I fully intended to read just one ending but 99 Reasons Why is so compelling that I ended up reading all of the endings in an attempt to avoid facing up to the fact that the book was finished.

  4. Wow Iv e never read a book like this before It s brilliant, weird and un put down able After reading the story of Katy and her strange job that she has to do for her uncle Phil, you are then asked a series of questions to determine your endings You then have the option to go back as I did and read all the endings because curiosity got the better of me Fabulous and thought provoking Definately recommended 5 5

  5. A very interesting and dark novella that due to the language and subject matter may not be everyone s cup of tea but I found it refreshing and entertaining even as I experienced a range of emotions from curiosity to disgust There are 9 different endings to choose from in the kindle edition, which makes it quite fun and disturbing depending on the ending you choose.

  6. I enjoyed the dark themes however the dialect could be a bit tough going at times It was a compelling story to read, until you reach the end s I was curious enough to read all the options and simply would have preferred the ending be decided for me so you can get closure with the characters Basically the author couldn t decide what direction to take the story so gave you almost all the directions and with storytelling being your job it is a cop out Even the choosing part of your ending is just a [...]

  7. It s no secret that I love all of Caroline Smaile s books Each one of them is so different, so incredible, that each book has stayed with me long after I ve read it Her new novel, 99 Reasons Why, is no different.In 99 Reasons Why, we meet Kate Jones Kate isn t like other twenty two year olds She lives with her mother and her father and has a very important job to do for her Uncle Phil She sits in her window every day and observes the goings on at the Kevin Keegan Day Nursery Every day she writes [...]

  8. See my full review here booksaremyfavouriteandbest.worVery occasionally a book comes along that I class as a reading experience They re rare occurrences but are usually books that are so creative that you can t help but marvel at the author s skill 99 Reasons Why by Caroline Smailes is such a book I can t promise that you ll like it but it is undoubtedly memorable.The format of this book is the first point of difference It s a digital novel that offers a choice of 11 possible endings in other wo [...]

  9. 99 Reasons Why has had a fair bit of publicity, namely because of the choose your own ending option that the book employs.The book itself is good, although it s quite a depressing story in some respects, as it follows Kate, who lives on a council estate and spends her days watching the comings and goings of the Kevin Keegan Day Nursery.The story is written from the point of view of Kate, and is written in her dialect This should be irritating but it isn t, which is only testament to Smailes stor [...]

  10. Review from March 2012 There has been much buzz around 99 Reasons Why because of the choice of eleven endings, however, I quickly forgot about this quirk when I was reading the novel, I was so drawn in to 22 yr old Kate s world, a world that would be unremittingly grim were it not for Caroline Smailes voice she is brilliant at broken, abused lives, with just enough humour to keep you from turning away I laughed out loud a few times Kate s Princess Diana fantasies her collection of eBay memorabil [...]

  11. If you like skewed voice, this book is great Written in first person the heroine is a teenage girl living on a council estate, who works from her bedroom spying on people going in and out of the nursery opposite At first you think this is odd, then gradually you become aware that this person is not quite right but as the book proceeds, you realise the whole family is barking Smailes achieves a consistent and believable voice throughout and the novel manages to be hilarious and terribly sad at th [...]

  12. 99 Reasons Why is as touching as it is disturbing Kate, our story teller, lives on a council estate in a highly distorted version of normality Through her eyes, we observe the sheltered life she s lived in her supposed mother and father s home, gaining glimpses of a past that s anything but ordinary Seemingly innocent choices lead to the collapse of everything she knows The story s final conclusions are reached through a choose your own adventure style ending, with 9 available in the Kindle vers [...]

  13. The interactive ending, with the 11 different outcomes, is just a gimmick Even worse, should you keep going back to try different outcomes as I did then you ll dissipate the impact of the ending you were given, and the entire narrative begins to fizzle out.But None of that matters because the novel itself is terrific The characters are brilliantly sketched, and the narrator in particular will stick with you for a long time It s bleak as all hell, don t get me wrong, but not in the ways you think [...]

  14. This is a great little book The chapters are very short and reading it is heartbreaking It s like some kind of sick curious incident You end up reading between the lines and feeling so sorry for the poor girl Kate The choice of ending spoilt the experience for me, I would have liked a conclusion and the different endings spoilt the illusion of the story and seemed just a lazy way for the author to opt out of finishing the story The only other novel with a similar idea was Nicola Morgan s Wasted [...]

  15. Well, what a read this was Darkly hilarious I don t really know what to say other than it s brilliant I found myself on many occasions laughing uproariously and feeling guilty about it And the choose your own ending Genius Just loved it There is something about Caroline Smailes writing that lingers and never quite leaves I felt the same when I finished The Drowning of Arthur Braxton, albeit a very different book Her storytelling is such that you never want it to end.

  16. darkly compelling the multiple endings reason 99 available on the authors website took me back to the choose your own adventure books of my 80 s childhood Now, as then, I felt compelled to read every permutation Each of the 10 available endings grow from the story itself and provide the reader with a satisfying conclusion, some however are significantly darker than others not telling which was my favourite.

  17. This wasn t for meI have read some of the author s earlier work so was aware that she covers some dark subjects, but even so I found the relentless crude language and a particularly graphic account of a miscarriage a step too far for me I won t go into the plot as there are plenty of reviews here,and can t say if it was well written or not because I just didn t like ita matter of taste

  18. I found this very difficult to read and I can t say I enjoyed it all that much, but I still raced to get it finished Partly out of curiosity, partly to see whether it actually got any interesting I was also intrigued by the multiple endings, though I can t say that they lived up to the hype.

  19. Choose your own ending from a range of options Didn t find that satisfying but loved the book Very tragic Very black and funny.

  20. Honestly, I don t think I can actually write a review of this one It s a truly odd story about an extremely bizarre family.

  21. Very disturbing and affecting story that shows the insidious nature of abuse It s dark, but there are moments of dry humour, too, and I found it an addictive read.

  22. An extremely disturbing story I m still greatly disturbed from it I don t even know how many stars I m supposed to give Perhaps I should leave it just like that.

  23. A well written story, subject was not my thing but I got draw in I bought it due to publicity and it was weird

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