The Long Way Home (2022)

↠ The Long Way Home ✓ Karen McQuestion - The Long Way Home, The Long Way Home Four women bound by chance take the trip of a lifetime in Karen McQuestion s fifth novel The Long Way Home For Wisconsinites Marnie Laverne and Rita life isn t working out so well Each is biding tim ↠ The Long Way Home ✓ Karen McQuestion - The Long Way Home, The Long Way Home Four women bound by chance take the trip of a lifetime in Karen McQuestion s fifth novel The Long Way Home For Wisconsinites Marnie Laverne and Rita life isn t working out so well Each is biding tim
  • Title: The Long Way Home
  • Author: Karen McQuestion
  • ISBN: 9781612183565
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
The Long Way Home
↠ The Long Way Home ✓ Karen McQuestion, The Long Way Home, Karen McQuestion, The Long Way Home Four women bound by chance take the trip of a lifetime in Karen McQuestion s fifth novel The Long Way Home For Wisconsinites Marnie Laverne and Rita life isn t working out so well Each is biding time waiting for something better something to transport them out of what their lives have recently become And then there s Jazzy bubbly positive and happy even though sheFour women
  • ↠ The Long Way Home ✓ Karen McQuestion
    472Karen McQuestion
The Long Way Home

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  1. After so many good reviews on this book, I really looked forward to it I was almost immediately disappointed Four strangers decide to take a road trip together after barely meeting one another while each is struggling with their own demons One of them is a psychic hard to read about when you don t believe in that stuff , and she seems to be the one guiding the rest The description made it sound like a long road trip with lots of adventure It was actually brief and the women split up half way thr [...]

  2. This book should be called the Lame Way Home The only reason I kept reading was in hopes of it getting better, it never did The characters are so naive they seem ignorant and the 23 year old psychic Really This book had no redeeming qualities Save your time and read the Sunday comics, you ll probably find depth.

  3. This the first book I read by McQuestion and I have to tell you that I really enjoyed it McQuestion has a genuineness that comes through the pages She tells a story that any woman can relate to The story is about how grief brought some very different women together and how each gave the other something that they did not even know they needed I marveled while watching the women evolve and create bonds while they traveled across the county I laughed, was moved, cheered and honestly, at times, want [...]

  4. I discovered this book through an Kindle recommendation It was a great story and page turner It isn t a book with any literary magnificence, or grand prose or anything like that It was a fun little story with heartwarming characters and a good book to read as an escape.

  5. Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book from GoodReads First Reads program This review reflects my honest opinion By a series of coincidences, a group of women who were formerly strangers befriend each other and end up in a car on a road trip to Las Vegas One of the women is psychic, one woman s boyfriend recently died, another is a reclusive widow, and the fourth is the mother of a young woman who was murdered They are certainly an eclectic bunch and putting the four of them together mak [...]

  6. This book had been on my wish list for years Last week I purchased a month of Kindle Unlimited and this book was one of free books so I thought Yah but after reading about one third I have to say Nah It is too rosy too not real too cutesy and I am not in the mood for a book like that where everything seems to be so unrealistic but is portrayed as being the normallest made up this word I think In Dutch we say normaal and normaalste thing of the world Women that do not know each other go on a road [...]

  7. I was not a fan of this book A story about four female strangers on a road trip to las Vegas from Wisconsin in attempts to reunite one of the women with her estranged stepson was told haphazardly and was completely unrelatable I ve read other books by this writer that were somewhat interesting so I was expecting something a little better than this mindless novel I would not recommend this book to any of my fellow readers.

  8. Loved this book Would love to see it in a movie Enjoyed that you got to learn about each individual, as well as the dynamics of them in the group Definitely recommend.

  9. Barely finished it The writing was bad, the plot was mostly bad The characters did not feel believable to me the only one I liked was Laverne Barely above a one star from me.

  10. I tried to read this book on my Kindle The story involves women meeting at a grief support group A much younger woman comes rushing in because she s psychic She doesn t really belong there she just arrives because voices tell her to go somewhere, and she wanders around until the feeling gets stronger, and she ends up there Meh It started to lose me at that point I set it aside Since I m supposed to read this for a book group, I decided maybe the audiobook would work I could listen to it while I [...]

  11. I picked this up as one of those cheap Audible Daily Deal books, and I thoroughly enjoyed it There s a bit of paranormal stuff in here, but it s not so much that you want to reject the book as being silly Young Jazzy has always had the ability to hear spirit voices, and most often the voice she hears is that of hear deceased grandma Jazzy is compelled one night by her grandmother s voice to drop by a grief counseling session Her bubbly positive personality uplifts everyone in the group, and soon [...]

  12. A really good cozy read, a few typos, but nothing extreme I liked the storyline about four women who didn t know each other, each in a different situation that come together in a road trip to help one of them It gives each ones story, going back and forth, and I really enjoyed it Karen McQuestion is a new to me author, for Kindle reads, and has written five books This one is free through Kindle Unlimited.From Four women bound by chance take the trip of a lifetime in Karen McQuestion s fifth nove [...]

  13. The writing sentence structure, vocabulary, grammar seemed appropriate for a story aimed at 3rd or 4th grade It was grating.The characters lacked depth and believability As others have noted, the elderly LaVerne carried around a baggie of her family s prescription and OTC medications and cheerfully doled out uppers, downers and pain medications to members of the trip She is never challenged, even by doctors in a hospital, for having and giving out these meds, and the others in her party treat he [...]

  14. I m a little surprised I rated this so high there was a moment in the middle where I couldn t take the pace I was tempted to skip ahead but that is difficult with a digital edition In the end I enjoyed the book a bit of summer fluff reading The latter half of the book had me still wishing I could skip ahead because I was wondering what would happen next The plot surprised me I didn t see it coming and that always gets the author at least one star Writing was easy and smooth only one or two minor [...]

  15. I really enjoyed this book It s a light, quick read, despite the storyline of the character whose daughter was murdered 10 years ago It would make a cute movie and I found myself thinking of who I d cast as the main characters.The story is infused with a lot of humor, a trademark of McQuestion, and I found myself laughing out loud several times In fact, I saw myself in one of the characters, but I m not naming names.There are negative reviews here than on , and many are from people who don t be [...]

  16. This was an interesting book, and it was beyond what I expected, which is why I give it 4 stars I liked the narrative style, moving back and forth between characters but still making them as well rounded as possible Even Glenn had a personality and he was only in the book for a few pages.I loved Laverne thought she was a riot and though I didn t buy into the psychic element and the whole deer thing, it added something interesting to the plot I wonder if there are truly people as optimistic and s [...]

  17. I am not sure the title of this book was an appropriate one I enjoyed the story of the four unique individuals and how they came to terms with the struggles in their lives I find it believable that they would bond and and want to help and support each other I liked how Karen McQuestion wove in that LaVerne s problem was sleep anpnea not depression alone Hopefully it will cause others to think also The circumstances of incidences that happen we think as an interruption breaking down on the side o [...]

  18. I received this book from the author from a giveawy and I am so glad I entered it The characters come together due to various circumstances that have occurred in their lives Each one becomes endearing to the reader in their own right From quirky Laverne to uptight Marnie, to prim and proper Rita and the one who brings them all together, Jazzy, each has a story to tell I read this book over the course of two nights and hated to put it down I only wish each of us had a Jazzy in her life to bring i [...]

  19. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this one Audible , with a few comments to note Nice, mindless entertainment.Nice story, GREAT performance by narrator.So, in other words NICE NICE NICE There were a few times some of these characters annoyed me to death The crotchedy old woman was my favorite Jazzy was next, and it made me wish I had a friend like her, despite her constant annoying optimism The other two were so narrow minded, it drove me nuts I was rooting for them all, though, and they did fee [...]

  20. Road trip with surprisesThis book is an easy read about a road trip Maybe you could say that it is about a trip through the lives of four women who seem unremarkable in the beginning but during the trip each emerges I interesting, complete, and interested in the world around them The author uses one of the woman s psychic abilities to speed the plot long I liked that feature as it eliminated what would otherwise require a lot of words One of the images that conveyed a lot of meaning was parti [...]

  21. Enjoyable easy read, good storylineI took a road trip with four women 3 I had just met we are still friends today, so I was curious how this story unfolds I would have rated it higher, however the character development could have been better much of the dialogue is devoid of progressive and evolving awareness as we mature.I can see this author down the road as Jazzy says in the book, offering us a deeper enriched story of great women we encounter as we mature on our own journeys.

  22. A story about a road trip made by 4 women who just met in a grief counseling group It s an impulsive trip and could have made an interesting story But I felt the writing was flat, telling than showing, and at times even boring Not my favorite road trip book Even though I read it on a road trip.

  23. Three women decide to take a driving trip with a friend to Las Vegas to pick up her son On the way aspects of their lives come out which influence their trip and how they feel about things I really enjoyed this book as it was a light hearted read in many ways A great book for book clubs, too.

  24. A road trip One of my favorite things Karen McQuestion s book, The Long Way Home , hooked me by its very concept Four women come together in an unusual way and find that a road trip could solve some of their problems So they hop in the car and take off.Marnie has lost her fianc The man s ex wife has reclaimed her teenage son, Troy, and taken him to her home in Vegas Marnie raised this boy for ten years as a live in step mother She is mourning both losses and turns to a grief group at a rec cente [...]

  25. I loved this book I had never heard of the author, Karen McQuestion, before I found the CD on y local library s shelf The Long Way Home did everything I want fiction to do I was introduced to a quartet of interesting characters who seemed to have nothing in common with each other They impulsively decide to take a road trip, from their home town in Wisconsin to Las Vegas, to help one reunited with her stepson Each of the women is somehow uncomfortable in her life They do not exactly love each oth [...]

  26. An unlikely friendship formed among four women who started out as total strangers It only took one of them sincerely reaching out, and their road trip of a lifetime began.Jazzy has a sixth sense and she uses this to spread goodness and help people Marnie is not far from the recluse that Laverne, her landlady, was Laverne just needed that small push and she was well on her way to facing the world again Rita would hold on to anything remotely representative of her deceased daughter, even after ten [...]

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