Webs of Fate: Webs of Fate: Book 3 of the Webs Series (2022)

[PDF] Webs of Fate: Webs of Fate: Book 3 of the Webs Series | by ☆ Darlene Quinn - Webs of Fate: Webs of Fate: Book 3 of the Webs Series, Webs of Fate Webs of Fate Book of the Webs Series In the high fashion world of the mid s Ashleigh McDowell falls victim to a painful betrayal by Danielle Norman a naive and vulnerable young buyer who is fighting to save her plummeting career How [PDF] Webs of Fate: Webs of Fate: Book 3 of the Webs Series | by ☆ Darlene Quinn - Webs of Fate: Webs of Fate: Book 3 of the Webs Series, Webs of Fate Webs of Fate Book of the Webs Series In the high fashion world of the mid s Ashleigh McDowell falls victim to a painful betrayal by Danielle Norman a naive and vulnerable young buyer who is fighting to save her plummeting career How
  • Title: Webs of Fate: Webs of Fate: Book 3 of the Webs Series
  • Author: Darlene Quinn
  • ISBN: 9781608323890
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
Webs of Fate: Webs of Fate: Book 3 of the Webs Series
[PDF] Webs of Fate: Webs of Fate: Book 3 of the Webs Series | by ☆ Darlene Quinn, Webs of Fate: Webs of Fate: Book 3 of the Webs Series, Darlene Quinn, Webs of Fate Webs of Fate Book of the Webs Series In the high fashion world of the mid s Ashleigh McDowell falls victim to a painful betrayal by Danielle Norman a naive and vulnerable young buyer who is fighting to save her plummeting career How high a price will both women pay in their battle over a grave secret Each step Ashleigh takes to uncover the truth about Danielle s actions and he
  • [PDF] Webs of Fate: Webs of Fate: Book 3 of the Webs Series | by ☆ Darlene Quinn
    199Darlene Quinn
Webs of Fate: Webs of Fate: Book 3 of the Webs Series

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  1. Darlene Quinn s Webs of Fate Greenleaf Book Group Press is a fast paced window into the world of department stores and high fashion laced with mystery, intrigue, suspense and romance Quinn does a masterful job of manipulating chapters to prevent the reader from putting the book down It s almost impossible not to turn the page to see what is going to happen next.The main character is Ashliegh McDowell, a beautiful, smart and courageous executive who is consumed with finding and clearing the name [...]

  2. Darlene Quinn s new novel Webs of Fate is a page turner from prologue to epilogue The well developed charaters are introduced to the reader a little at a time with all their different personality traits, relationships to each other and of course the secrets of each will keep the novel close at hand until you reach the end Webs of Fate is a Prequel to Darlene Quinn s award winning Webs of Power and Twisted Webs The novel delves into the 1980 s retail fashion market where a web of greed, murder, l [...]

  3. I thought this book was to long and drawn out I tried to get into, but I found the 3 page chapters slightly annoying I love to read and for me its usually pure entertainment, but not this book I thought it took to long to get to the conclusion The idea for the mystery was good, but I found that when I picked up the book each time I got some of the characters confused.

  4. Why would Mitchell send white roses when he knew A picture of Gran in her coffin flashed before her eyes For a moment she doubted herself Hadn t she mentioned She had Ashleigh had specifically told him that white roses reminded her of death Whew The Prequel to the Webs of Power series is fantastic If you haven t read Quinn yet, I encourage you to start with this prequel before moving on to Webs of Power and Twisted Webs Check out my earlier reviews It is, of course, a great stand alone novel, bu [...]

  5. This spellbinding, suspenseful novel takes place in the heart of the high fashion, fast paced, fiercely competitive business world in Beverly Hills during the mid eighties Bentleys Royale is feeling the pinch of the negative economic climate which creates a tension and desperation for increased employee performance and the meeting of impossible career demands In this highly charged atmosphere with budget cuts and unrealistic bottom line demands, executives must perform or risk the loss of their [...]

  6. Get ready to meet the players in the high end retail fashion business as their personal and professional lives are spun into a web of deceit, love, and the quest for power at any cost, including murder Darlene Quinn recreates the 80 s so well it s as if the reader is transported in a time capsule with her wonderful imagery through her words Webs of Fate uncovers the not so pretty side of the world of high fashion and glamour when a fashion buyer goes missing and is accused of underhanded deeds D [...]

  7. A fashion buyer disappears under mysterious circumstances Her department s accounts are out of whack, indicating some reckless spending and, perhaps, felonious activity Young Danielle is like a baby sister to Ashleigh McDowell, the lovely and headstrong personnel executive for Bentleys Royale Doing her best to juggle her professional duty, personal relationships and determination to find the truth behind Danielle s activities, Ashleigh herself becomes a target.This is the recipe for Darlene Quin [...]

  8. I loved this book Let me see if I can explain how I felt while reading itHave you ever been with your best friends chatting it up for hours And the worry of someone needing to leave, breaking up the fun would run through your thoughts throughout the gathering You coud have sat there talking forever, not wanting it to end That s how I felt reading Web s Of Fate.I didn t want it to end I found myself spreading out my reading times because I didn t want to finish the book Kind of like a good candy [...]

  9. Attention to detail is the hallmark of Bentleys Royale, the fictional high end retailer in Darlene Quinn s novel Webs of Fate The same could be said of Quinn, who renders her characters and settings so well that one could visit them and know exactly what to do In fact, once I finished the book, I found myself missing the people in it But the book is not just details, as finely drawn as those are Quinn interweaves plots in a way that has you almost as concerned for the fate of the store as for th [...]

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed this book Quinn s fast paced writing and chapter ending cliffhangers kept me in for the ride Coming from a 1980s department store now closed management background, I felt at home waltzing through the back offices with Ashleigh and Conrad, who I loved in Webs of Power Quinn s characters are multi dimensional and she pays such close detail to the little things around them The reader cannot do anything other than see and feel the tale unfold I had a hard time putting it down I [...]

  11. Emotionally captivating novel about betrayal and loyalty, anger and love, compassion and greed Complex characters strive to live their lives among the difficulties faced in the upper echelons of the 1980s retail industry and are thrown off balance by the unfolding of unexpected events Classy, eloquent, dynamic and passionate.

  12. This is an author you want to follow To me it was like watching a film The attention to detail amazed me Reading it was like living it The vast character cast are very likeable, and vivid to the core A mystery you need to find an answer to As a writer I learnt a lot from this extraordinary writer Being one of those books where the choice of words fit perfectly into the theme.

  13. Darlene Quinn has spun us all a fine tale of greed, revenge, lies and even love and pulls un into this world so we too become caught in the webs of fate Set in Beverly Hills in the 1980 s this book takes us back to the wonderful era of great department stores This one will keep you guessing and turning pages to read what happens next A good Read

  14. The main female character was seeking true love like her grandparents had The characters were well rounded and I could believe that they could be real people I found the story to be a pageturner I enjoyed the story from cover to cover I will seek out this author again in the future.

  15. This is the review for the book Webs of Fate on Audible written by Darlene Quinn and narrated by Karin Allers Let me start by saying that this is a long book It is over 15 hours of the longer ones I have in my library However, the cliff ending chapters are short, which I love, and kept me listening For those of you who like long listens, this may be the one for you It is the first book I have read in this series, as well as my first from this author If I choose to listen to the others, I now hav [...]

  16. This whole series so far has been a very good read I highly recommend that if you have not read the previous book in this series that you go back and do so This is book three in the Webs Series by Darlene Quinn.Ashleigh was engaged to Dan but he ended up dying before they got married Before Dan died, Ashleigh promised him that she would take care of his sister Danielle Ashleigh has been sort of a mentor to Danielle since then Fast forward a few years and Danielle has been working as a buyer for [...]

  17. I didn t like this book as much as the first book I read by this author This book is really long and I had a hard time keeping track of who is who and just what was going on I thought the narrator did a fine job of reading this book I was gifted the book with the understanding I would leave an honest review.

  18. This is the best so far in this series Going back in time to visit Ashleigh and experience some of the events that are briefly mentioned and referenced in the first two books There are three distinct crimes that happen in this book, and each has its own unique and special twist They all revolve around a missing buyer from Bentleys Royale, Danielle Ashleigh and Danielle have quite the history together, and she just knows that Danielle would never just disappear she loved her job too much and woul [...]

  19. Webs of Fate By Darlene QuinnAshleigh McDowel is a woman that has her career on the right track Her fianc Mitchell Wainwright has plans for them the night she is informed her friend has went missing Danielle Norman never showed up at her appointment in New York and Ashleigh knows that Danielle was looking forward to that appointment Conrad Taylor is a man that can do what needs to be done professionally without interference of his personal thoughts, or so he could before his friend and ex Daniel [...]

  20. Darlene Quinn takes us back to the 80 s in this book, Webs of Fate I have to say I have no read two of her other books, and I thought this was the third book in the series, but the one I read prior to this was in the 90 s so I think I either have the order wrong, or the author did not write the books in chronological order, both of which are very possible I liked this one a lot than I liked the last book I read, there was just depth I think to Ashliegh s character, which was nice Plus I liked [...]

  21. This book will certainly not appeal to everybody s taste, but I found it to be an exciting and compelling read Not my genre of choice, but a welcome relief from my usual reads.It took me awhile to get to the point where I couldn t put it down, but once there I quickly got caught up in the highs and lows of the main characters lives Intricately written with detailed character backgrounds and an exquisite setting, the multi layered plot had quite a few unexpected twists and surprises New character [...]

  22. Webs of Fate was my first introduction to author, Darlene Quinn This book has all the elements of a great read Ashleigh is a very strong protagonist.I had visionsof Emma Harte, the original woman of substance, as I read The setting of a high end departmentstore, Bentleys Royale, made the story so real All the escapades of what goes on in the retailingindustry was so telling Mischief, romance, mystery, criminality, greed and contributeto keeping the reader turning those pages I could not put it [...]

  23. The sign of a good book is when I reach the last page and can say I did not see one proofreading error The sign of a really good book is when I can t wait to get to the end, yet am sad to see the last page Darlene Quinn s Webs of Fate is all of this and , and could easily be a standalone Being part of Quinn s Web series, the last page leaves us eagerly waiting to learn what is coming in the next book What fate awaits Ashleigh, Conrad and yes, even Mitchell Every character seems to be holding som [...]

  24. A look into the high fashion world of the 80 s, Webs of Fate combined mystery, intrigue and romance for a very satisfying story The narration was well done and enhanced my listening experience Be prepared for a long list of characters and a lengthy listen The chapters were fairly short, which broke the book down into very manageable chunks Overall, Webs of Fate was a very enjoyable listen and I would recommend it.I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, p [...]

  25. I did enjoy this book, however, I did get confused sometimes about the politics of the store There were a lot of characters, it was a little hard to keep them straight The mystery that Ashleigh had to deal with was interesting It was a big book but a quick read because I couldn t wait to see what happened next I do look forward to reading the author s other books I won this on.

  26. Darlene Quinn knows how to get you hooked into a story I have a rule, if a book can make me laugh and cry, it s a winner Webs of Fate did just that And the ENDINGG I can t say too much about this book without giving away spoilers If you love suspense and thrillers, this book is for you.

  27. Wow Another amazing book from this series I was really nice to read this Prequel after the first 2 books, and learn about how the characters got to where they are now I am onto the next book, because I can t wait to see what is in store for the characters in the future.

  28. Thoroughly enjoyed this prequel to the Web series It was very interesting to see how the characters I ve grown to love developed into the people they are in later books Hard to put this one down

  29. Like the other books in the series I really enjoyed it.It s the type of sweeping saga that reminds me of Barbara Taylor Bradford books.There s strong women, family backstabbing, mystery, drama, and entertainment on every page.

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