Axeman's Jazz (2022)

Axeman's Jazz Best Read || [Julie Smith] - Axeman's Jazz, Axeman s Jazz What s the perfect killing field for a murderer A place where he or maybe she can learn your secrets from your own mouth and then make friends over coffee A supposedly safe place where anonymity is th Axeman's Jazz Best Read || [Julie Smith] - Axeman's Jazz, Axeman s Jazz What s the perfect killing field for a murderer A place where he or maybe she can learn your secrets from your own mouth and then make friends over coffee A supposedly safe place where anonymity is th
  • Title: Axeman's Jazz
  • Author: Julie Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Axeman's Jazz
Axeman's Jazz Best Read || [Julie Smith], Axeman's Jazz, Julie Smith, Axeman s Jazz What s the perfect killing field for a murderer A place where he or maybe she can learn your secrets from your own mouth and then make friends over coffee A supposedly safe place where anonymity is the norm The horror who calls himself The Axeman has figured it out and claimed his territory he s cherry picking his victims in the Step programs of New Orleans AndWhat s the perfect k
  • Axeman's Jazz Best Read || [Julie Smith]
    277Julie Smith
Axeman's Jazz

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  1. I enjoyed this mystery set in New Orleans around 1990 when it was first published Our detective, Skip Langdon, possesses a mix of self confidence and self doubt that I find very relatable This serial killer is trolling 12 step meetings, and the book portrays the 12 step community in a way that is very different from other books I ve read There is a good pool of suspects in the meetings, and each of them is broken and interesting in his or her own way I did guess the right perpetrator early on un [...]

  2. This is my second Julie Smith mystery, also conveniently the 2nd in the Police Inspector Skip Langdon mysteries, set in New Orleans It s been awhile between my enjoyment of the 1st book and this one I m glad I decided to read her again as it was most enjoyable Julie Smith has a different style, not sure exactly how to describe it Skip Langdon seems to almost float through the investigation into the murders of two different people, seemingly linked to the various 12 Step Self help organizations t [...]

  3. Another good book Julie Smith really knows New Orleans and when reading you feel like you are in the scene.I really recommend this book, makes me want to read of the series, and I am

  4. THE AXEMAN S JAZZ G Smith, Julie 2nd in Skip Langdon seriesNew Orleans detective Skip Langdon must track down the brutal Axeman a serial killer who preys on the city s hundreds of twelve step recovery groups and who will spare anyone in whose home a jazz band is playing on the night of his rampage.Introduced to me by members of the East Bay Mystery Readers Group, I like the character Very enjoyable.

  5. I absolutely love this author, and especially this series Over the years I d read most of them, but not in order Now I ve decided to go back and read them in order and I m so glad I did Even though each novel stands alone, each builds on the one before and things make so much sense I adore the New Orleans backdrop, a city I ve never had the fortune to visit but love reading about In this novel I learned so much about 12 step programs In this one the killer is so gut wrenchingly tragic Pity for [...]

  6. I was really enjoying this book and looking forward to giving it many stars, and then all of a sudden it just ended The detective didn t figure it out, the key chapter told her, and then the killer confessed Worse yet, the killer actually confessed to someone else and the detective overheard the detective was t even instrumental in the confession Having said that, I did enjoy the ride up to that point.

  7. Really enjoyed this book not sure why I haven t read the first one Skip is a great character, and I appreciated the way her character was developed throughout the book An interesting premise, and I was engrossed from about the third page until the very final page which I actually found a bit of a let down Overall though, a great book, and I will definitely be reading the others in the series.

  8. Liked this almost as much as the first book Would have gone a 4.5 star It is so of its place, I see the Deep South shining out of these people s lives and the way the society shapes and responds to them Obviously not everyone down there is disturbed and there are people mentally like that everywhere But it is the way they, and normal people, interact with society that makes the region totally unique Love the south.

  9. Insider outsider, which are you These are pretty complex mysteries, told with a lot of internal dialogue Most of us have have moments of self doubt and insecurity, these stories expose a lot of negative thinking, even by the most rational individuals The book is really a good one.

  10. Good storyThis one kept me guessing I was a little blindsided by who done it Not who I was expecting at all Still dragged a little bit in the beginning But a good sorry overall.

  11. Psychological thrillerGood beginning, liked the characters Got a little bogged down in the psych stuff Felt at times like I was doing a 1 1 with a patient.Rip roaring ending tied everything together.

  12. Axeman Jazz Skip is a good cop This book kept me guessing right to the end This is the second Skip Langdon mystery I ve read and enjoyed

  13. Good storyLiked the story line and the suspense The build up was timely, it was hard to really be sure who did it

  14. Holds you til the endJulie Smith is one of my go to writers She has never disappointed Have read 5 of the Skip Langdon series.

  15. QuirkyHard to follow, disjointed plot, needs a good editor The book never captured me, never got intriguing Just page after page of drivel with no compelling action, insights or characters Don t waste your time

  16. Skip Langdon s life is looking up After an excellent job on her previous case, she has been promoted from being a rookie cop to a homicide detective She still has an enemy in the anti feminist Sergeant O Rourke, but a new colleague, the respected psychologist Cindy Lou Wootten, can put him in his place and does Work is going great.Her personal life is looking up Her new romance though long distance makes her happy In fact, the only thing troubling her now is the new case What appeared to be a co [...]

  17. This second book in a series was a significant improvement over the first book The main character behaves much like a real cop now, and doesn t make the kind of stupid mistakes she did in the first book I plan to keep reading the series.

  18. Edgar award, I read several years ago and liked it very much This second one not so much Skip finds herself chasing a killer who is preying on members of New Orleans various 12 step programs A murderer is on the loose in the city claiming to be the Axeman, a serial killer who stalked the city 70 years before The only link between the victims is that they belonged to self help groups, most with an Alcoholics Annonymous 12 step approach But the anonymity that protects their participants is now hid [...]

  19. Murder mystery centered around people in a codependency groupI found it disturbing that these codependency groups were being used as pickup joints and the intimation no outright statement that most of the members of the group were faking just to get attention I found it scary that people who actually needed this support would potentially be opening themselves to people that would take advantage of them All the main characters though were disturbed in their own way probably than a simple support [...]

  20. Truth be told, mystery is not my genre I picked this book up for a dollar at a local book sale, intrigued by the title The Axeman of New Orleans is a fascination and I was willing to take a chance on this interesting premise I had a hard time getting through this book I found the characters all unlikable and unrelatable There was very little keeping me interested in finishing the book, and eventually my boredom won out That s not to say it isn t well written and a vaguely enjoyable read I could [...]

  21. Who needs Mardi Gras New Orleans has plenty of reasons to celebrate, and when a serial killer sends a letter to the press indicating that he is ready to kill again, but will pass over any home hosting a jazz band, the city responds with parties city wide The police are concerned as they have already started looking for the killer after two people with almost no human connections are strangled and a large red A is left on the wall The connection seems to be 12 step meetings, and the police, notab [...]

  22. I started this series a little backwards, starting with book 9 This past week, I backed it up and read New Orleans Mourning 1 and Axeman s Jazz 2 It was good to start with Offficer Margaret Skip Langdon on the streets of the French Quarter Although she was ready to throw in the towel by the end of book 1, just a few months later, she has been moved to the homicide squad Hunting down a killer in the Quarter, Skip continues to deal with her own issues of growing up in a dysfunctional Up Town famil [...]

  23. This mystery follows the first Skip Langdon book, New Orleans Mourning, featuring detective Margaret Skip Langdon The hot, humid August weather is almost a character in a book which introduces so many characters that it took a while before I could see how they were related The main suspects in this mystery each seem like a possible murderer until you read about another suspect It kept me guessing until the last few pages.Skip doesn t quite fit in she grew up in a privileged society with a docto [...]

  24. This is a fast paced look at New Orleans its charming and its gritty side A serial killer is methodically picking off people whose only common ground is that they attend 12 step programs in New Orleans At one point, the killer mimics historic killings in New Orleans He issues an ultimatum that people will die who are not listening to jazz on a specific night Enter Detective Skip Langdon She s perfect for the job of infiltrating the city s 12 step programs, even finding her mother involved in one [...]

  25. This wasn t a bad book Not extraordinary, but not bad The plot involves a serial killer who uses the legend of Axeman, a killer from the past, to carry on his evil deeds The legend goes that the killer would pass by any house playing jazz on the nights he went out to kill Being set in New Orleans, this was just another reason to party The killer finds his victims in 12 step programs, and once the police figure this out, they begin to narrow down the suspects i wouldn t call this edge of your sea [...]

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