Behind the Scenes (2022)

☆ Behind the Scenes ✓ Dahlia Adler - Behind the Scenes, Behind the Scenes High school senior Ally Duncan s best friend may be the Vanessa Park star of TV s hottest new teen drama but Ally s not interested in following in her BFF s Hollywood footsteps In fact the only thing ☆ Behind the Scenes ✓ Dahlia Adler - Behind the Scenes, Behind the Scenes High school senior Ally Duncan s best friend may be the Vanessa Park star of TV s hottest new teen drama but Ally s not interested in following in her BFF s Hollywood footsteps In fact the only thing
  • Title: Behind the Scenes
  • Author: Dahlia Adler
  • ISBN: 9781939392985
  • Page: 352
  • Format: ebook
Behind the Scenes
☆ Behind the Scenes ✓ Dahlia Adler, Behind the Scenes, Dahlia Adler, Behind the Scenes High school senior Ally Duncan s best friend may be the Vanessa Park star of TV s hottest new teen drama but Ally s not interested in following in her BFF s Hollywood footsteps In fact the only thing Ally s ever really wanted is to go to Columbia and study abroad in Paris But when her father s mounting medical bills threaten to stop her dream in its tracks Ally nabHigh school s
  • ☆ Behind the Scenes ✓ Dahlia Adler
    352Dahlia Adler
Behind the Scenes

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  2. 3.5 stars Why the hell do you do all this stuff if you hate it Is it, like, in The Rules of Being Attractive that you must become an actor slash model He smiled slowly, my heart melting just a tiny bit with each new millimeter Does that mean you think I m attractive Ugh I m still not sure what to rate this I can t decide whether to give this 3 or 4 solid stars, but 3.5 seems right This book wasn t what I was expecting, but I also don t know what I was expecting Hm I am so odd I mean, seriously, [...]

  3. I didn t take a bath until 2 am this morning and now I ll probably be sleeping with wet hair it s so freaking hot here in the Philippines, just saying just so I could finish this book and if that doesn t show how much I loved this book, then I don t what will.What I loved and I m sure people will love about Behind the Scenes 1 Imperfect but authentic characters Ally may have annoyed the heck out of me but I couldn t find it in myself to hate her because I got where she was coming from Ally s fla [...]

  4. Dahlia s book is SO FREAKING FRESH Her characters are flawed and hilarious and smart and incredibly developed don t let the Hollywood plot fool you This story has depth and grit and heart by the tons She s written a book that I will read again and again, anytime I want to laugh and cringe and smile So great Also, liamsabs

  5. February is such a slow month for me This is my third book and it s not bad at all, actually it was good All you need to know I love how Adler writes her female characters I m planning to make a short important review about that I m looking at you Last Will and Testament.It s so hard to find a Liam in fiction and much in real life.Overall For someone who haven t finish a book in a while, I genuinely enjoyed Behind the Scenes Chapter twenty also made me cry.

  6. I stayed up until 1 30 in the morning to finish this book and I m so satisfied it feels like my veins are full of champagne bubbles Does that make sense I DON T CARE Liam Holloway is my new jam.

  7. My review I loved every single one of these imperfect characters, even the ones who I loved to hate Behind the Scenes takes you exactly there behind the scenes of a TV production Readers will experience the glamorous and not so glamorous life through Ally Duncan, the BtS s main character who watches her best friend Vanessa land the lead role in TV s hottest new teen drama There, Ally meets Liam, Vanessa s hot co star, and eventually has an amazing first kiss But life is never simple, and falling [...]

  8. Hey, guys Just wanna make sure you know that no matter what it looks like on , BN, or any other retail site, if you order a US paperback, they will ship you one with the old cover If you want a US paperback with the new cover, the only place to get it is through my website dahliaadler buy bts I m sorry for anyone who s been inconvenienced

  9. I really liked reading Behind the Scenes, though I don t have much to say about it Liam and Ally were definitely a great couple Their chemistry was fantastic and their relationship was believable Liam was kind and respectful an all around good guy He made a great love interest Ally dealt with a lot jealousy, worry, insecurity She didn t see herself in the same way Liam did She compared herself to Hollywood girls all the time Part of her story was about looking past her insecurities and seeing ho [...]

  10. So, you know how you sometimes go, Gosh, I m in the mood to read something fun and sweet and OK, please throw a little sexy in there too I like sexy Who doesn t like sexy Oh, and I d prefer the MC to be smart and smart alecky and someone who s believably flawed, doesn t behave perfectly 100% of the time, but you still can t help rooting for her Yeah, well this is that book The book your eyes are glued to on your commute and you LOL and don t care who s staring at you because the story is putting [...]

  11. Do you know my name It s Vanessa The synopsis says there s someone with that name, so that s why I m gonna read this.Just kidding.Actually, it sounds interesting, and also the sequel to this book gets released this year, and my Twitter feed is infected with things about that book, so I couldn t help but feel a little curious.

  12. No me da ninguna verg enza admitir que, a veces, me apetecen libros sencillos, con dramas adolescentes y un romance cuco para desconectar y no pensar demasiado.Pero tambi n me estoy dando cuenta de se me quedan pobres Eso y que tengo un l mite de aguante No soporto las historias de amor que surgen de golpe y porrazo, ni que todo se solucione r pido y maravillosamente bien, ni que los protagonistas vean problemas donde no los hay.Y eso es lo que me he encontrado en Tras las c maras En vez de ser [...]

  13. 27 9 I m surprised by how much of a good time I had reading this YA romance I ve previously readandand enjoyed both of them although I did learn after finishing Out on Good Behaviour that it depicted the pansexual main character poorly, something that would have lowered my rating if I had known while I was reading , but I was a little nervous of how I would go with YA Adler vs NA Adler The writing was on par with her previous books and Ally s voice seemed authentic to an older teen living on the [...]

  14. This book was every bit as comical and beautiful and sweet AND DOPE as I d hoped And I mean, is anyone ELSE feeling this inadequate But again the humor Can we talk about the fucking humor So good NEED YA NA books period with serious injections of funny And the book s authenticity Jesus Spot on AND where do I get a Liam Holloway of my own Because that boy is one seriously swoony motherfucker And I m mad excited for what s coming next because I am officially a member of Josh Chester s probably fi [...]

  15. 3.5 starsI really liked the MC in this one, except for one really, really, REALLY stupid thing It was stupid.This was a quick, cute read with realistic feeling characters I enjoyed it.oh, and Liam is dreamy

  16. You know, if I had to describe this book in five words, they would be a breath of fresh air.It s fluffy, it s light, and it feels pretty damn good I already knew Dahlia Adler could do no wrong since our priorities are pretty much the same macarons, if you were wondering and I d read Last Will and Testament before, but DAMN Behind the Scenes was good Really, really good.Yes, sometimes I wanted to slap Ally because she was just too good, and at times I wanted to hit Liam and tell him to get his he [...]

  17. Holy shizz, this book You know how some books make you swoon and cry and yell at the characters and at the end you have this goofy smile on your face and just want to hug the book and never let go That s this book BEHIND THE SCENES is at the same time the incredibly swoony and delicious love story every girl wished she could experience could have experienced as a teenager falling for the gorgeous famous guy everyone has pictures of in their lockers and having him fall for you even harder and the [...]

  18. Todav a no hab a puesto la puntuaci n m s baja a un libro, pero para todo hay una primera vez, no Siempre intento buscar alg n punto positivo para destacar en un libro, pero me es imposible Es un libro superficial que nos mete entre los bastidores de una serie de televisi n para adolescentes Podr a ser llamativo, algo ligero para leer y con mucho drama, verdad Si tuviera que describir mi cara al leer este libro ser a algo as de tanto poner los ojos en blanco se le salieron de las cuencas No soy [...]

  19. I m a sucker for celebrity regular people romances, and was really excited to read BEHIND THE SECENS While it s not my favorite of the category, I liked it nonetheless I enjoyed watching the beginning of Liam and Ally s relationship I liked their banter, and could definitely see a connection between them It was fun watching their relationship develop, especially as they began to open up to each other I also loved the friendship between Ally and Vanessa, as well as the book s commentary on the li [...]

  20. I had Dahlia on the blog last month and, as you can see, we re kind of friends And I ve been stalking patiently waiting for her book to come out since the deal was announced because, really, how much does this sound like a ME book SO MUCH But other books came up and I was too lazy to pull it from the bottom of my pile until finally it was time.I spent the first half of this book smiling while my heart hurt because Ally and Liam were so SAD They were so cute together but it was so hard to be toge [...]

  21. I ve only read two Dahlia Adler books so far, but I feel like there are certain things you can expect from her work 1 a main character who is flawed but still a good person2 a swoony romance with a bit of extra sizzle3 diversity4 witty dialogue that makes you giggle and wish you d said that 5 fast paced prose that propels you through the story at a pace where you don t want to put down the bookThat right there is pretty much a recipe for awesome when it comes to my reading choices, and BEHIND TH [...]

  22. What is normal At its heart, that s what BEHIND THE SCENES explores Ally is a bright, relatable, normal girl who finds herself smack dab in the middle of crazy Hollywood Her life is turned upside down in so many ways, her family is struggling with an illness, her friendships are tested, and her love life is splattered across America s headlines Adler pens a story that is both fun and thoughtful, making it the perfect summer read Captivating and enchanting, I can t wait to see what she does next

  23. 3.5El romance entre Liam y Ally es adorable, y tambi n me gust la relaci n entre Van y Ally PEERO a medida que la historia avanzaba me fue aburriendo, como que me dej de importar lo que pasaba aunque las primeras 100 p ginas me encantaron as que por eso lo dejo en 3,5.Y a pesar de que la amistad entre Ally y Van es genial me molest que Ally se lleva mal con todos los dem s personajes femeninos de su edad, o que todas las dem s chicas fueran unas bitches THAT S BULLSHIT.

  24. Find this and other reviews at Ramblings of a Daydreamer.I had my fair share of celebrity crushes as a teen oh, who am I kidding, I still have a ton of celeb crushes and I ve been out of my teens for ages , so a book about a regular teen girl dating a hot celebrity totally appealed to me I liked that Adler put a new twist on the trope by having Ally actually live in Hollywood and be friends with a rising starlet, so her meeting dating Liam wasn t a chance encounter or a case of girl stalks celeb [...]

  25. Really 3.5 stars To see the full review click the linkHollywood YA books and me are like this.Yes, I know they can be cliche But I really do love a decent movie star YA story Of course, it has to have semi decent characters and it can t be that big of a cliche because then I ll just grow bored see Will the Real Abi Saunders Please Stand Up Behind the Scenes was a book that I actually looked forward to Instead of having the traditional girl being an actress or wannabe actress, we have a main char [...]

  26. Disclaimer I m friends with the author so I might be a little biased BUT I M NOT EVEN A LITTLE SORRY.This book is AdorableDramaticSwoonySteamySo perfectly teenager yHonestly, this book is like coming home from a long day at work and realizing there s still one last piece of chocolate cake left It s the perfect light, fun dare I say BEACH read.More on the specifics soon, I promise.

  27. Behind the Scenes is one of those books, now that I have finished it, that totally has earned its place on the MILKA WHY ARE YOU AN IDIOT AND DID NOT READ THIS ONE EARLIER list It has been on my Gooreads to read list since I first heard about in 2014 and I have had a copy of it for months now, but for some reason, it took me over a year after its publication to pick it up Silly, silly me.I have always loved the ordinary person celebrity dynamic in books and movies For some reason, it just really [...]

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