Fearsome Dreamer (2022)

[PDF] Fearsome Dreamer | by ↠ Laure Eve - Fearsome Dreamer, Fearsome Dreamer There is a world where gods you ve never heard of have wound themselves into hearts and choice has led its history down a different path This is a world where France made a small downtrodden island [PDF] Fearsome Dreamer | by ↠ Laure Eve - Fearsome Dreamer, Fearsome Dreamer There is a world where gods you ve never heard of have wound themselves into hearts and choice has led its history down a different path This is a world where France made a small downtrodden island
  • Title: Fearsome Dreamer
  • Author: Laure Eve
  • ISBN: 9781471400803
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
Fearsome Dreamer
[PDF] Fearsome Dreamer | by ↠ Laure Eve, Fearsome Dreamer, Laure Eve, Fearsome Dreamer There is a world where gods you ve never heard of have wound themselves into hearts and choice has led its history down a different path This is a world where France made a small downtrodden island called England part of its vast and bloated empire There are people here who can cross a thousand miles with their minds There are rarer people still who can move between conThere is
  • [PDF] Fearsome Dreamer | by ↠ Laure Eve
    165Laure Eve
Fearsome Dreamer

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  1. Hai ,I like when authors do this so I ve decided to do it too Here s a bit about Fearsome Dreamer in handy pictorial form It s got witchesand virtual reality worldsEndless forestsand ballssaucy sexual tensiondreamsand nightmares.If this sounds like your bag, here s a link to the first two chapters.

  2. 5 Words War, power, technology, knowledge, heritage.YA Shot February Read a long I thought this was quite slow to start, and it felt like it took forever to pick up But when it did pick up there was no stopping it.Full review to come.

  3. As my updates show, I struggled quite a bit with this book It got me on the wrong foot from the start because it initially felt like just a cross between a mediocre fantasy and a rather dark dystopian novel instead of the magical wonderful mashup the blurb describes It did quickly become interesting than a simple dystopia for one thing, it s also an alternate history but there was a disconnect for me between the blurb and many reviewers comments and my experience YA dystopian fiction isn t real [...]

  4. With an amazing cover and a promising premise,Fearsome Dreamer has to be good,right Right Though the original idea,Fearsome Dreamer was a huge disappointment.Here are a few reasons why I disliked this book Originality Lack of originalityWorld Ignoring the lack of creativity in naming this nation,World is the typical dystopian setting.Angle Tar The name may sound clever and creative if we ignore the strange similarity between Angle Tar and Angleterre.Life A virtual reality.Another example of the [...]

  5. Original mini review If you mixed Pride Prejudice with The Black Magician Trilogy, threw in some sci fi, a bit of alternative history, and gave the whole thing a seductive, almost surreal quality, you wouldn t have a book quite as good as Fearsome Dreamer, but you d be close.Full length review Fearsome Dreamer is the sort of book that desires to seduce you slowly There s no quick pay off, no one night stand, the story reels you in, gently, gently, until you re completely enraptured, immersed in [...]

  6. Vela Rue is a dedicated young hedgewitch in training, living in the Angle Tarr extra points if you understand the etymology of the name countryside, always wishing for something White is a boy who lives in the technologically advanced World, and has been locked up and tortured because of his gift Rue and White have both been experiencing strange, realistic dreams all their lives, but are unaware what it means and how far it could go.Fearsome Dreamers strength is its intricately woven and immens [...]

  7. Simply stunning I had no expectations going into reading this, and having received a proof copy from our editor Laure and I share the same editor at Hot Key , there s not that much out yet in the world about this book Come October though, that s all going to change Fearsome Dreamer is a seductive, imaginative novel that I just could not put down It draws you in slowly, unfurling its story and its characters in such a beautiful, easy way that, about a third of the way in, I realised I d fallen in [...]

  8. Picked up a copy of this at LeakyCon London and was lucky enough to sit in on some panels to hear Laure talk about writing and then meet her afterwards and get my book signed It took me a few chapters to get into this book, but as soon as I did I just could not put it down at all and ended up finishing it in a few hours You get completely sucked into the worlds and abilities that have been created World and Angle Tar both leave you wanting to know about them, as do the abilities the Jumps and H [...]

  9. DNF I give up I just can t get into this And well, I m not longer wanting to waste my time reading something that I don t wish too.

  10. Fearsome Dreamer is a novel that is hard to fit into any one category, it manages to have an olde worlde feel to it at the same time as it includes some fantastical futuristic technology Think alternate history, one small isolated country standing against corporate global domination, magic, dreams that intersect with reality and characters from two completely different worlds colliding and you ll be along the right lines This is without a doubt one of the most original books I ve read in a long [...]

  11. Review Rue is an apprentice to a Hedgewitch in technophobic Angle Tar , which stands alone against World, the merge of other nations that is reliant on the virtual reality system Life She dreams of other places, can feel herself physically there Then she gets taken to the city by Frith, a man who hunts down Talented fro a living, and is tutuored by White, a very powerful Talented And then there s a boy with silver eyes who keeps appearing in her dreams, and Rue learns how powerful said dreams ca [...]

  12. Okay so there wasn t like anything particularly problematic in this novel but it was just incredibly, INCREDIBLY boring It s a real shame, because the premise of a group of people able to teleport and invade the dreams of others is always a fun plot I mean look at how successful Inception was but MAN was the way the narrative was written was a massive flop For starters the narrative is split between four narrators White, Wren, Rue and Frith In novels where the narration style is split like this [...]

  13. Laure Eve writes beautifully Her descriptive voice is rich with detail to the point I could almost be in the scenes presented The world building is immense in detail, fascinating and in parts scarily, premonitory The echoes of our present need for constant Internet access are mirrored here with a futuristic, full on dependency on Life, by most humans France is the big fat cat in charge of its poor relation, little old England Just imagine how different life would be if that happened how would we [...]

  14. I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI heard about this book through booktube the book community on youtube and what really sold me was the idea that the world was divided into two parts, in one technology ruled and in the other it is old fashioned without any technology what so ever But that wasn t really what this book is actually about and that kind of annoy me This story is told from multiple perspectives which at times was confusing, but it is relevant for the [...]

  15. 3.5 stars Quite a good read.Laure Eve has set several intriguing elements in motion the Talent the Castle, which is shaping up to be a pretty major force and stuff to do with Frith who brings in the coolness of secret agents back before I watched The Americans and realised I d never ever want to be a spy to name a few without spoilers But it is precisely this, Laure Eve has only set things in motion Having just come out of the reader s post read daze, I m wondering if much really happened in Fea [...]

  16. While I did like the book, it felt like it was the first part of a longer book or series and it could not stand on its own It was slow to start and did not really gain momentum The story felt disjointed and that was not due to the character chapter focus approach With that said, I will look forward to reading the sequel so as to hopefully attain the answers to What is the Castle What is attacking the Castle And why if it gets in will it kill everyone Who is the Ghost Girl What can the Talented [...]

  17. I ve left it too long between finishing this book and reviewing it to do it justice I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and loved the mix between fantasy and dystopian that runs throughout it and found myself wanting to now about the world and characters I must admit at times I did find it a bit slow and I got to the end wishing I had book two to go straight into as by the end I really got quite invested in what was happening and where things were going I think I really just liked how comple [...]

  18. Absolutely brilliant world building, I felt as though this world could be real it felt so believable I felt as though the story was a little lacklustre however as it really didn t start to progress until about 3 4 of the way through the book it did however vaguely remind me of the night circus by Erin Morgenstern which is never a bad thing Full review to come

  19. DNF, which makes it an automatic one star The plot and worldbuilding were decent, but I couldn t stand either of the main characters About a third of the way through I decided I didn t care what happened to anyone in the story and stopped reading.

  20. A little slow in the start but quickly picks up and there is a great tension surrounding the characters Fallen a little in love with White.Full review to come soon on the blog

  21. this book was utterly bizarre and quite compelling I must say that for all that it isn t really cohesive Explosive endings do not a coherent narrative make The setup with World Angle Tar is very much reminiscent of Under the Never Sky but oh well I do like me a good magical university And there are so many crazy things going on here that I just want to read the sequel Alas, my library does not have it, but someday, someday you re gonna blow us all away

  22. It was sparse and overlong for what it was I appreciate the idea and I even liked the characters, but I felt like a lot of the first half could have simply been cut without any ill consequences and with the benefit of increasing mystery in the second half I would have chosen to obscure the Wren White thing, because dramatic irony just didn t work for me here It automatically makes the reader question why Rue wasn t seeing flaws in Wren s story Also, how did everyone know about Rue and White I n [...]

  23. Full review also posted here on TotalTeenFictionFearsome Dreamer was a book I was really excited about, and when I got the chance to buy a copy early and meet Laure Eve at Leakycon I was super happy The book follows Rue, a hedgewitch who has powerful dreams that transport her to new places White also has these dreams, and is punished for them Meanwhile in the capital city, people with the Talent are rounded up and taught to use their abilities.I started this book whilst I was at Leaky and devour [...]

  24. Fearsome Dreamer has been on my radar ever since I first learned it was to be published I was lucky enough to grab a copy and get it signed by its author, Laure Eve, at WFC in Brighton last year, but as so many books that I got at WFC it landed on my TBR pile, to remain there until this month With the sequel The Illusionists out next month, I decided it was high time to finally read Fearsome Dreamer And I m glad I did While Eve s debut novel wasn t perfect, its world building was intriguing and [...]

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