One to Hold (2022)

[PDF] One to Hold | by ↠ Tia Louise - One to Hold, One to Hold Derek Alexander is a retired Marine ex cop and the top investigator in his field Melissa Jones is a small town girl trying to escape her troubled past When the two intersect in a bar in Arizona the [PDF] One to Hold | by ↠ Tia Louise - One to Hold, One to Hold Derek Alexander is a retired Marine ex cop and the top investigator in his field Melissa Jones is a small town girl trying to escape her troubled past When the two intersect in a bar in Arizona the
  • Title: One to Hold
  • Author: Tia Louise
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Kindle Edition
One to Hold
[PDF] One to Hold | by ↠ Tia Louise, One to Hold, Tia Louise, One to Hold Derek Alexander is a retired Marine ex cop and the top investigator in his field Melissa Jones is a small town girl trying to escape her troubled past When the two intersect in a bar in Arizona their sexual chemistry is off the charts But what is revealed during their one week stand only complicates matters Because she ll do everything in her power to get away fromDerek Alexander is
  • [PDF] One to Hold | by ↠ Tia Louise
    451Tia Louise
One to Hold

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  1. One to Hold is Tia Louise s debut adult romance novel Sometimes I get tired and inundated with all the new adult books that are out there therefore, I wholeheartedly appreciated the fact that this is a stand alone, sexy, adult novel Yee haw Not sure where the cowboy reference came from but we will just go with that Melissa is on a spa retreat with her best friend For her this retreat is an escape from her present life and what is about to come when she goes back home She simply wants to regroup [...]

  2. 4 Stars Melissa is getting away for the week She s had a rough year and she s going through some big changes She needs some time to relax, escape from her life for just a little while So she s at the spa with her best friend Her first night there, she meets a man at the bar He s not her normal type, big, bearded and gorgeous, but he wants her He pursues her This isn t normal behavior for her, but she goes for it She has nothing to lose After the most incredible sex of her life, the guy from the [...]

  3. FREE BOOK ALERT ONE TO HOLD is FREE on ALL Ebook Retailers Get ONE TO HOLD FREE smarturl OTHAAiTunes smarturl iOTHKobo smarturl OTHKoboARe bit 19wehFFGoogle Play bit 1cB7H6XBN smarturl OTHN One to Hold is my debut adult romance, and I had so much fun writing it I didn t realize going in how much I d fall in love with these characters, and I can t wait to share Derek Melissa s story with you I think they re both really cool 3Please enjoy this picture teaser 3

  4. I must say I really liked this one A debut novel from this author I saw the blurb for it a while back and marked it down to be read It was fast paced, sex scenes were hot and both characters likeableI could pretend to be freeDerek and Melissa meet at a Spa in Arizona What I wouldn t give for a week in a place like that with maybe a bit of Derek thrown in Doubt Himself would be too happy about it.I really liked the two main characters No bullshiting about, they knew what they wanted and went for [...]

  5. 4 Done Right Stars Spoiler Free Free on It must take a real leap of faith to put ideas down work on it with everything you ve got and then hit the publish buttonYes, there is a lot than just a few steps in publishing a book, but you get the picture you need balls of steel to do it What is so exciting is when everything can come together and a new author is on her way Well, I am coming to the table a little late, so it is already a proven fact Tia Louise has the goods and has delivered them repe [...]

  6. THREE AND A HALF HOLD ME STARS.One likeable, short, sexy and emotional story with a broken heroine and a deliciously tempting hero This book has mystery and shock reveals written all over it and enough steam to make any dirty romance addict smile Here are my book thoughts What s it all about One chance encounter in a bar in Arizona leads broken hearted Melissa Jones to an experience with a stranger than she never wants to forget Ex marine Derek Alexander is drawn Melissa, their chemistry and att [...]

  7. One Week can change everythingThis was not me I did not fantasize about hooking up with strange men in bars And a cocky alpha who studied me like a frontier landscape he was ready to conquer had never been my type He probably wanted to tie me up or handcuff me to something A delicious shiver passed through me at the thought Fun Fact Tia Louise has made this book FREE on for at least the next few months One Bar.One Gorgeous Man.One Miserable Woman.One Week.Two secrets.Something which seems to fle [...]

  8. FREE on US today 2 4 2015 BLURB Derek Alexander is a retired Marine, ex cop, and the top investigator in his field Melissa Jones is a small town girl trying to escape her troubled past.When the two intersect in a bar in Arizona, their sexual chemistry is off the charts But what is revealed during their one week stand only complicates matters.Because she ll do everything in her power to get away from the past, but he ll do everything he can to hold her A STAND ALONE, ONE TO HOLD NOVEL Adult Conte [...]

  9. Released amzn 1hxPd63BN bit 1cp5FaZKobo bit GJFwqnARe bit 19wehFFSmash bit GJFuPg I was just never the girl men sought out from across a room crowded with other options Until last night One to Hold is a well done debut novel by Miss Tia Louise The story is a standalone yeah, hard to come by these days and it was really well paced, well written, steamy and downright exciting.Melissa is taking a break from it all with her best friend, Elaine A reader gets the impression that things at home aren t [...]

  10. This is my first book from Tia Louise and I can say that I really like her writing One To Hold is a quick, fun and hot read I was interested from the beginning till the end Derek and Melissa were perfect together.I like both of them The story begins with Melissa who is at a resort with her best friend Elaine.Melissa is trying to figure out how to get out of her previous lifeNow is her oportunity to spend a week relaxing and receiving spa treatments.One night she ends up meeting the mysterious,ha [...]

  11. 3 starsMelissa Jones is at a spa with her best friend Elaine and getting some relaxing done It s hinted that she s had a pretty tough life so far and is using this one week vacation to recharge On the first night there, she meets the hottest guy she s ever seen and she s flattered that he gives her the time of day out of all the gorgeous women in the bar He s different from the usual type she goes for, but YOLO right She has the best sex in her life that night and after they make a mutual agreem [...]

  12. 4.5 StarsEvery once in awhile, I read a book that instantly, from page one, settles around me as if it was written just for me That s what I felt like with One to Hold I could really connect to this heroine I felt like she was me Not necessarily in the circumstances that her life has brought her to, but her mannerisms, her way of thinking, and her insecurities It is so hard for me to appreciate book heroines, and it was a relief to get this immediate sense of camaraderie with Melissa.Another sel [...]

  13. 4 starsHe d survive without his heart He had mine to use in its place.A week of pampering with her best friend Elaine is just what Melissa needed to come back to the life of the living, after a year of wallowing she is finally putting things in motion to get her life back Although she is jaded she promises Elaine to let her hair down and have some fun, she meets a tall dark and handsome stranger at the bar and after a couple drinks and some flirty comments, they enjoy a night of passion No last [...]

  14. 4.5 Week Long Stand StarsFor once, I wanted to forget last year even happened and be somebody else I was out of town, in the desert, in a bar being hit on by a gorgeous stranger Fate was giving me my chance.And what a hot as hell chance it is Melissa Jones is spending some much needed time with her bff at a posh spa in the middle of the Arizona desert To say her life s turned to utter shit in the past year would be an understatement With everything in her life turned upside down, a little desert [...]

  15. 4 ONE WEEK STAND Stars I thought this was a great debut from author Tia Louise The book was a bit on the short side so there wasn t as much character and story development as I would prefer but overall I really enjoyed the story.It was different then the typical NA MA storyline that we see so often And let s face it, you had me at the Warning WARNING Mature themes, strong language and sexual content Recommended for adult readers 18 only And it definitely didn t disappoint in that department The [...]

  16. 3 Holding Stars Melissa is trying to get rid of her life for a week, she just wants a week where she can forget everything that she s leaving behind She and Elaine, her best friend, go to a spa hotel on the middle of nowhere to relax and have some kind of fun One night she meets Derek at the hotel bar and everything changes She starts to have feelings that she knows she can t have, because her past makes her impossible to be hold by him Feelings get stronger than they ever expected, and in the e [...]

  17. 4.5 Holy Hotness Stars First things first.Bravo Tia Louise If there s any way to debut a book, you have found the way This story begins with Melissa and her best friend Elaina enjoying a relaxing vacation week at a spa in Arizona Or at least it was supposed to be relaxing.Melissa just needed to get away for a little bit Her life in Balti was wearing on her and she needed a big change of scenery Cue, Derek How s that for scenery While hanging out at the bar drinking God knows what, Melissa is app [...]

  18. AN AWESOME DEBUT NOVEL Yep, I really liked this one Super HOT, AMAZING chemistry, and a really great story lineMelissa is at a spa resort in the desert with her besti for a week of relaxation, pampering, and escaping some shitty problems at home She s in serious need of break from her life, if only for a short while.Derek, at the same resort for a conference with his business partner but hiding somethingHe s tall and strong and oh so sexyWhen Derek and Melissa meet, she s at the bar at the spa j [...]

  19. One To Hold is wonderful, heartwarming and incredibly steamy debut novel, that made me swoon multiply times, caused my heart to skip than few beats and gave me amazingly realistic, yet sweet romance Everything girl can hope and dream for in contemporary romance is easily created feeling of transformation into Cinderella ready to find her prince And this, dear ladies, Tia Louise pictured so effortlessly, that not only I was ready to go on ball, but I was already hearing wedding bells.Melissa Jon [...]

  20. This is my first time reading Tia Louise, and for her debut novel, I would say kudos to a job well done My first draw was the mature content warning d I must say, well delivered girl Melissa is a woman seeking change, a chance to heal before returning to her messy reality some hundreds of miles away Who knew a trip to the desert with her bestie would not only give her true pleasure but a chance for a better future.One glance across a bar into the steel determined eyes of a stranger and the tale [...]

  21. One to Hold is about a powerful, immediate attraction meant only to last one week, but ends up being so much There s a little danger, mystery, and a whole lot of scorching hot scenes Melissa is on a last minute spa vacation with her best friend, Elaine after making a tough decision in her life She needs the escape, and one week in Arizona de stressing is what Elaine ordered While sitting in the hotel bar alone the first night, Melissa captures the attention of Derek, a good looking, and imposin [...]

  22. This book was wonderfully sweet and sexy because of one man Derek Alexander Blue eyes, strikingly blue eyes He was huge, His chest strained against the tight, black shirt he wore, and his biceps stretched the sleeves And Melissa Jones, Melissa and her mate, Elaine is on a spa retreat when she meets Derek The heat between is so hot and became undeniably steamy when they hooked up Melissa decided that she could do with an one night stand By the end of the retreat, both of them are kinda emotional [...]

  23. WOW, is all I can say, if this is Tia Louise s first foray into the erotic romantic fiction world, I for one can t wait to see what she has in store for us next.This talented lady has packed a whole lotta story into such a short book But the great thing is, it doesn t feel rushed, the flow of the story and the character plot development is really impressive.The chemistry between Derek and Melissa is off the charts right from the start of the book, and I have to say the sex scenes phew fans self [...]

  24. 4 Finding the right one StarsThis is my second Tia Louise book One to Hold is a standalone and is part of the One to Hold series I read book 7, One to Chase and I loved it so much I m going back and making my way through the series The writing style is a bit different in this one I would say it s a little formal and not as laid back like One to Chase Regardless, both writing styles work for me I m not too picky, I kind of like the variety because it kind of changes things up.This is Derek and M [...]

  25. Arc generously provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewFour stars for this fast past story.For reviews please visit sizzlingpages One to Hold is an erotic, quick read filled with hot scenes, characters with troubled pasts, and angst We are first introduced to Melissa, a woman we quickly learn is running away from a life filled with misery She is a broken woman, with little self esteem and bares many painful secrets Her refuge is found during a one week spa vacation in AZ It is where [...]

  26. I liked this story but didn t love it, primarily because of its structure It begins with the encounter between Melissa and Derek, before knowing anything about them It all makes sense as you delve further into the story but it s always difficult for me when a story begins with the sex and I haven t had a chance to invest in the characters The entire story is told from Melissa s point of view until the epilogue and we get Derek s perspective It was a great way to close this chapter of the trilogy [...]

  27. I loved this fun read It isn t long, yet it s a full length novel The story starts with a HOT, STEAMY, BANGd the steam continues, yet there is a STORY and well developed characters That doesn t always happen I enjoyed learning who were the good guys and who were the bad guyss weren t always as they seemed and the story alone kept me turning the page.The hot scenes made me turn the pages faster and faster I can t wait to read of what Tia Louise writes This fun, steamy, hot, well developed story [...]

  28. I am so happy that I was given this book to review because let me just tell you what a sweet little gem it is For a debut novel it ROCKED Bravo Ms Louise I can t wait for Melissa heads off to a spa retreat in the hopes that a week of relaxing will help her forget, if only for a little while, the nightmare that her life has become She never expected to meet a deliciously sexy man who brings out the sex goess in her But oh, does she ever Derek Alexander, ex cop, retired Marine, all around holy sh [...]

  29. 2.5 3 StarsThis one just didn t turn out the way I had hoped it would For the first 30% of the book I struggled with making a connection with the two main characters Derek and Melissa It probably is a case of it is me and my mood rather than the book itself Because honestly the writing was good, there were some pretty steamy sex scenes but I just found myself wanting a little bit I just felt things were rushed There was a twist I absolutely didn t expect and that made things a bit interesting [...]

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