Sex Snob (2022)

Sex Snob Best Read || [Elizabeth Hayley] - Sex Snob, Sex Snob Sex Snob is a spin off of Pieces of Perfect but can be read as a stand alone novel Twenty nine year old wild carefree and brutally sarcastic Amanda Bishop thought her three rules for dating would we Sex Snob Best Read || [Elizabeth Hayley] - Sex Snob, Sex Snob Sex Snob is a spin off of Pieces of Perfect but can be read as a stand alone novel Twenty nine year old wild carefree and brutally sarcastic Amanda Bishop thought her three rules for dating would we
  • Title: Sex Snob
  • Author: Elizabeth Hayley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Sex Snob
Sex Snob Best Read || [Elizabeth Hayley], Sex Snob, Elizabeth Hayley, Sex Snob Sex Snob is a spin off of Pieces of Perfect but can be read as a stand alone novel Twenty nine year old wild carefree and brutally sarcastic Amanda Bishop thought her three rules for dating would weed out unworthy suitors And they did Until she met Shane Reed her smart ass sexy as sin CrossFit coach who pushes all her buttons He s the man she loves to hate But wheSex Snob is a spin of
  • Sex Snob Best Read || [Elizabeth Hayley]
    403Elizabeth Hayley
Sex Snob

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  1. 3.5 In the End I Didn t Love Amanda Stars Sex Snob is a companion novel to Pieces of Perfect It features Amanda, Lily s roommate She was a very minor character in Pieces of Perfect Unfortunately I didn t care for Amanda s story as much as I did Lily s I started out really liking Amanda She was snarky and sarcastic and I LOL several times throughout the book.Amanda is in her low 30s I believe, she works for an accounting firm and has three dating rules she lives by after being blindsided with a b [...]

  2. Sex Snob by Elizabeth HayleyTHE BEST DICKING I VE HAD IN A LONG TIME Amanda Shane5 Stars Just finished this little whopper a few hours ago It packs quite a punch and is filled to the rim with sexual tension, ample humor, and the best damn character cast I ve read in a long time The subject lines are not too heavy, but hinting at intense feelings to be revealed later It s definitely one you all need to put on your TBR list like right quick and in a hurry Amanda was utterly spectacular I loved he [...]

  3. Sometimes a girl just needs a good, hard spanking to clear her mind As I sit here sucking on my GoGurt no, that was not a euphemism, I really like these fuckers, plus I don t have to dirty a spoon because I m a lazy asshole and thinking back to what I truly loved about this book, I really can t pinpoint just one thing.It was laugh your ass off funny, sarcastic, sexy as fuck, sweet with a great storyline, and it was executed well And did I mention, hot sex WITH a Crossfit instructor NO, well Yeah [...]

  4. check out this review and others atTWinsietalkTwinsietalkFacebook twinsietalkI received this book from the authors for an honest review SPOILERS ARE IN THIS REVIEW Holy hell was this book a riot i am a preschool teacher so I do alot of reading while the kids take their 2 hours nap OMG I was cracking up so ofter i would wake up the kids near me.opppss So be warned, this is funny I really tell people that if they have read Tara Sivec s Seduction and Snacksey will LOVE this book The humor is just w [...]

  5. I really love the writing style of this duo, this book is a spin off of Pieces If Perfect and stars Lily s roommate Amanda.Amanda is full of wit and sass and I love that in a leading lady add into the mix Kyle her hot best friend and fuck buddy and Shane the even hotter personal trainer at the Crossfit gym.Amanda has some issues though after being dumped by Nate she sets rules about the people she dates, and this is what earns her the title of sex snob from Shane.Great little moments between Ama [...]

  6. Love it Amanda and Shane are great together and absolutly funny Amanda has only superficial relationships , yes to sex and no to feelings After a terr ble ending of a relationship , she make some rules about dating What she didn t expect is Shane He is a trainer in a fitness club that she had joined They spend all the time teasing each other, and it is so hilarious But as time passes buy, it become impossible to resist Shane, little a little he take down her defenses.Will Amanda give up her rule [...]

  7. Loved this little story of the gutsy Amanda Bishop her love hate relationship with the hot CrossFit trainer, Shane Reed Their verbal duels were hilarious, and their journey a delight to watch A great, easy readd a freebie to boot

  8. Oh my God I m in love with these two ladies Sex Snob is their second book, and you can read my review of their first book, Pieces of Perfect, here That book was amazing, but I think Sex Snob may have just beat it A spin off to Pieces of Perfect, Sex Snob is about Amanda a no holds barred accountant surely that s an oxymoron whose sexual deviancy knows no bounds Unashamedly crass, she lives by her own rules literally Amanda has three rules 1 She must have sex with a guy by the 4th date if there s [...]

  9. Despite the in my opinion poor title choice, this book is actually pretty good It follows Amanda and Shane as they navigate their way around love and each other There are some great aspects to this first person novel First and foremost I enjoyed Amanda s personal attitude of self acceptance She likes who she is, and insists that others take her for what she is, too She never compromises her personality for anyone else It does mean that she isn t always trying to be a better person, but hey some [...]

  10. I am clearly in the minority when I rate this book as a 3,5 star It was recommended by a friend who like most other reviewers loved it My problem was that the 2 main characters only started getting the courtship on track half way through the book Even then Amanda was practically falling into bed with another guy the night ish before purely out of horniness Once Amanda and Shane did get things going they were incredibally a emotional about each other The last quarter of the book was definitely th [...]

  11. 4 stars Getting gussied up is so overratedSo enjoy your girls night out in the comfort of your elastic waisted sweatpants, a pint of B J or a glass of wine and laugh like a hyena while reading this book, where checking out men becomes a sport You can go to the bar, work and the gym where the games, banter and barbs are never ending Right from the comfort of your home.That s the best description of the feel of this booka great girls night out It really doesn t matter if you are past that time in [...]

  12. This is another great book By Elizabeth and Haley I give it 5 stars I loved the banter between the sexes in this story I was laughing out loud at the things they said Amanda is a sexy, smart, wiseass woman who has lived by a set of rules since her college sweetheart dumped her She develops a love hate relationship with her trainer Shane He seems to have it out for her and pushes her to her emotional and physical limits on a daily bases She hasn t found love due to her crazy set of rules but she [...]

  13. Arc received from the author in exchange for an honest review.Cover 4 starsSex steaminess 5 starsStory line 5 starsCharacters 5 starsOverall rating 4.75 starsPersonal rating 5 starsBook Pairing M FDid it give me a book hangover AlmostIs this a review book or personal read Review BookWhy I chose this book The authors contacted me to ask for an honest review.What I liked about this book The cock ring scene It s still making me giggle now Amanda It s nice to see a strong independent woman It was a [...]

  14. My first read by the amazing Elizabeth and Hayley 4.5 I don t think I laughed so hard Amanda was hurt bad in a relationship and said No She came up with three rules she lived byTill Shane thank feck, a normal name I m sick of Jackson Jax BB s Nice one slipping him in thoughtlolHer journey and antic s had me in stitchesHer F buddy was a swoon, how did she not fall for him the office scene was scorching compared to the pool Great book, HEA and piss your pants laughingI loved itPS how could you do [...]

  15. I ABSOLUTELY loved this book It took me completely by surprise I loved Amanda s humor and snarky comments throughout the book and funny banter between her and Shane who s sexy as hell She has become one of my favorite heroines with her no holds barred attitude Brilliant, funny, sexy and one of my all time favorite books There are no words to describe how awesome this book is Shane s proposal was absolutely heart meltingly good.

  16. 1 star The story was okay, It ain t that exciting and I m not satisfied with it.Around 20 or 30% of the story, I got bored It lacks drama or humorThe story line was kinda flat and the peak wasokay, I skipped a lot.

  17. This was my first book by Elizabeth Hayleyd I absolutely loved it I was laughing so hard and the things that came out of Amanda s mouth Great read

  18. Laugh out loud funny and lots of emotion I loved this book and couldn t put it down Can t wait for the next one.

  19. One book that was very close to a 5, but I finally ranked 4 because of the drama sigh And yet, it was as hilarious as Tangled It started out really well and it was really very good for most of the book.It was so funny Amanda is blunt, sexy, funny and open about what she thinks I have a very healthy libido, which keeps my mind permanently in the gutter, and I m not ashamed of it in the least I didn t entirely like her, though, because she can really lash mercilessly at other people and get real [...]

  20. Where do I even start with Sex Snob by Elizabeth Hayley I had the ebook sitting on my kindle, as is the way with I 1click continuously when a blurb or cover grabs my attention with every intention of reading the book I ve just bought when I get a spare couple of hours between arc reviews and beta reading I was offered an audio copy for review, not realising Sex Snob was already sitting pretty on my kindle, I jumped in the car after work yesterday after work, pressed play and was instantly pulle [...]

  21. Actual rating 4.5 starsAmanda Bishop is a sassy and sarcastic 29 year old financial planner About 80% of the time, the stuff that comes out of her mouth are in some form of sarcasm.After suffering one bad break up, she listed 3 rules to ensure that she does not fall for the another douchebag as her ex Her 3 rules were 1 No sex until the 4th date.2 Can t make less money than her.3 No kissing in clubs because it s disgusting.Amanda is what most if not all conservative ladies will call a slut Becau [...]

  22. Oh flaming hog balls I must have changed my damn underwear 7,453,349,021,869,510 times while reading this book Between the steamy sex and the hysterical laughs, well they were wet, okay My eyes also got a little wet too with tears mostly from laughing, but yeah, there are some totally sappy, melt your heart moments too Complimentary moments, of course.I could not be thrilled with this book If you didn t know this is actually penned by TWO ladies Elizabeth and Haley and shit what a team these tw [...]

  23. 4.5 ADORABLE, LAUGH OUT LOUD, SUPER STEAMY STARSThis book surprised me It was refreshing and hilarious, but not over the top The characters banter was hilarious and creative The shit they threw at each other, was amazing I also liked the workouts So many books these days having running in them I like to run, but I really don t need to read about so many girls running So for them to incorporate so many workouts and high impact weight training was a very nice add Amanda was a very impressive leadi [...]

  24. 4.5 stars This book totally made me crack up She is just too funny I was dying when she jumped overboard Amanda has rules for herself when it comes to meeting men One of her top rules is, don t date anyone who makes less money then her She made this rule when she had a bad break up with an ex Now this one rule may keep her from finding her happily ever after Shane is Amanda s CrossFit coach who pushes all her buttons While working out, Amanda and Shane are always showing their love hate relation [...]

  25. Another great story by Elizabeth Hayley This spin off to Pieces of Perfect was the story of Amanda Lily s roommate and her CrossFit coach Shane and it was laugh out loud hilarious Amanda is feisty and speaks her mind and Shane is tough and doesn t hold back either When the two come together it is explosive Amanda set herself up with rules when it came to men and dating and it was all to protect herself from getting hurt Shane didn t fit into these rules but like the old saying goes rules were ma [...]

  26. I really liked this book I LOVED the humor OMG I listened to the audiobook at work there I was in my mostly silent office full of other people quietly typing awayd then you hear me busting a gut or snorting with the effort of trying to hold it in The narrator is Stephanie Rose At first her voice just wasn t really working for me Almost like her voice didn t fit the character But after 30 mins or so, I had gotten completely used to it and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the book It was steamy, but [...]

  27. Great read Amanda is an awesome twenty something woman who has her life pretty much together except for the fact that she is indeed a sex snob She has rules about who she can and cannot date sleep with For the most part most do but her rules are somewhat over the top After her ex burned her she started doing this to weed out all the undesirables She works out at a CrossFit gym and her trainer Shane is a hunk of burning love YEA I said it She and Shane spend and time together and Amanda realize [...]

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