Dead Connection (2022)

Dead Connection Best Download || [Alafair Burke] - Dead Connection, Dead Connection In this electrifying thriller a rookie detective goes undercover on the Internet dating scene to draw out a serial killer targeting single women in Manhattan When two young women are murdered on the Dead Connection Best Download || [Alafair Burke] - Dead Connection, Dead Connection In this electrifying thriller a rookie detective goes undercover on the Internet dating scene to draw out a serial killer targeting single women in Manhattan When two young women are murdered on the
  • Title: Dead Connection
  • Author: Alafair Burke
  • ISBN: 9780805077858
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Hardcover
Dead Connection
Dead Connection Best Download || [Alafair Burke], Dead Connection, Alafair Burke, Dead Connection In this electrifying thriller a rookie detective goes undercover on the Internet dating scene to draw out a serial killer targeting single women in Manhattan When two young women are murdered on the streets of New York exactly one year apart Detective Ellie Hatcher is called up for a special assignment on the homicide task force The killer has left behind a clueIn this electrify
  • Dead Connection Best Download || [Alafair Burke]
    291Alafair Burke
Dead Connection

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  1. I had no idea this was by James Lee Burke s daughter until there was a reference to his main character, Dave Robichaux, about midway through this book The nut didn t fall far from the tree in this case And wasn t Dave s daughter named Alafair, too I enjoyed this thriller about Ellie Hatcher, a rookie NYPD detective, who gets her first shot at a murder case While I did guess who the bad guy was early on, there were enough twists and turns to keep me interested and a few surprises to make me want [...]

  2. An excellent cop procedural with a worthy female detective Sharp tension from beginning to end I was a little surprised at how assertive she was with her far senior partner, but she carried it off and it didn t intrude.Alafair also pays a somewhat hidden tribute to her dad when her character Ellie Hatcher calls a Louisiana cop name Dave, and has problems pronouncing his last name Could it be Jamie Lee Burke s Dave Robicheaux

  3. This was a fun read, and a great start to a series The main character Ellie Hatcher was a strong independent woman, and I liked her right from the start I give DEAD CONNECTION 3 and 1 2 stars I wasn t crazy about the ending, but I look forward to reading of this series.

  4. If you love a great suspenseful mystery series, you re at the right place Alafair Burke introduces into the world of Ellie Hatcher, a new NYPD detective who s assigned to a new case When we meet Ellie, we re welcome into her world as how she s treated as a fellow police officer, and how people look at her Tough as nails, we see how she cares for her mother and brother, and how devastated she is, with some emotional baggage back in Kansas She doesn t give up This mystery series packs a punch of t [...]

  5. A thrilling hunt to find justice for the dead women and a brilliant effort to connect the the crimes to First Date, a company created to find true love I enjoyed meeting Ellie and her brother Jess plus a few other characters This was a fast paced crime that had all the elements of a serial killer and I had a feeling that a sleight of hand was being played with the clues but didn t see the outcome at the end, exactly view spoiler serial killer was just a ruse its true greed, revenge, lust and je [...]

  6. I read this one on audiobook Both the story and the narrator were fantastic Lots of twists and turns in this one with a variety of unique characters, each with personal demons I like that The mystery revolves around murders that are connected to an online dating service, a hook that internet junkies like myself will enjoy I ll be back for Alafair Burke.

  7. This book started out slow but I was glad I stuck with it I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

  8. Dead Connection A Twist at Every TurnIn her first outing of Ellie Hatcher in All Day and A Night, Alafair Burke follows up her introduction to Ellie Thatcher with Dead Connection Dead Connection is a sleek first rate thriller, which introduces us to engaging characters that helps to make this thriller so compelling It is easy to see why Dead Connection and Alafair Burke has been lauded and quite rightly so as she delivers a compelling thriller that delivers on the suspense and thriller aspects t [...]

  9. Not good for me, but mystery fans might like it.This is a police procedural We accompany Ellie a homicide detective as she investigates murders by a serial killer Michael Connolly does the same thing with his character Harry Bosch But with Bosch I am intrigued and fascinated I did not feel that way with this book It was dry, almost plodding Both authors use twists and surprises, but for some reason Connolly does it better I don t know how to explain why.If you look at the plot and what happens i [...]

  10. I haven t read a good mystery novel in a while and Dead Connection definitely satisfied my hunger for one It had everything I could ever ask for in a mystery novel Great characters, check Suspenseful, check Fast pace plot, check.I love the characters in the book and even than that I love the relationships and interactions they had with one another The characters were drawn extremely realistically and they were fully fleshed out Each character carried around their own personal baggage, which mad [...]

  11. Great reading via Bolindia Audio.I liked this Reading anything computer related dates fast and this was no exception but it was enjoyable Characters very likeable I guessed the solution but that didn t spoil it for me I d definitely read another Ellie Hatcher book.

  12. Description When two young women are murdered on the streets of New York, exactly one year apart, Detective Ellie Hatcher is called up for a special assignment on the homicide task force The killer has left behind a clue connecting the two cases to First Date, a popular online dating service, and Flann McIlroy, an eccentric, publicity seeking homicide detective, is convinced that only Ellie can help him pursue his terrifying theory someone is using the lure of the Internet and the promise of lov [...]

  13. Detective Ellie Hatcher, raised in Kansas, became a police officer because her father had been one He had been working on a case involving multiple murders when he allegedly committed suicide Her brother, Jess, moved to New York City and she soon followed, planning on helping him When two attractive, single women, around thirty years old, were killed exactly a year apart, the New York Police Department called in Hatcher to help solve the crime even though she had been a detective for only four y [...]

  14. A new series here, Ellie Hatcher is a rookie detective called to help on a homicide, but not for her skills so much as her history She was highlighted in the news a fews years back as she demanded that her father s death be looked into closely, it was ruled a suicide and she felt it was murder Now she gets caught up w Russian gangsters an evil man who will kill to serve his own ends.

  15. This was my first Alafair Burke book, although technically the Samantha Kincaid series was written before this Ellie Hatcher debut Vastly enjoyed the writing style and intricate mystery Loved Ellie and can t wait for in this series

  16. The apple doesn t fall far from the treeI sure am glad James Lee Burke is her Dad Alafair Burke is now one of my favorites

  17. An enjoyable story line mixing technology and crime I think my first Ellie Hatcher book Hopefully not my last.

  18. It was a little slow, but and interesting storyline Not sure if I ll keep reading the series though.

  19. Dead Connection was my first read by Alafair Burke I could not get into the protag, Det Ellie Hatcher till about mid way While the premise was alright the plot pacing was off It was a slow go till the mid way point and after that there were parts that went to fast and had too much info dumping Then towards the end there were pivotal points that should have been addressed but were not till the last few pages and then were pressed into one or two sentences I hate when that happens Case in point Ma [...]

  20. Dead Connection, by Alafair Burke, B plus, Narrated by Christopher Lane, produced by Brilliance Audio, downloaded from Audible.This book is part of the Ellie Hatcher series Ellie, assigned to burglaries on the NYPD, is suddenly requested for a space on a special homicide taskforce set up to catch what police are beginning to see as a serial killer It s never quite clear to me why Ellie, a fairly new detective, would have better qualifications for this taskforce than others, but that s really the [...]

  21. I ve read some of the other reviews on this book, and quite frankly, I don t share them I m a fan of the genre, but this book seems boilerplate among its contemporaries, and there is nothing exceptional about it I ve seen the other reviews that praise its authenticity, but I found it severely lacking, and there were a few times when I wanted to chuck the book across the room because it veered so far away from reality For example, why would NYPD put a young, inexperienced cop with no homicide exp [...]

  22. I had trouble getting into this book initially, but I was away on a short trip and had plenty of time to immerse myself in it I am glad I did because this turned out to be a satisfying read by the last third of the story I was thankful that I finished it in two days because my short term memory issues would have been overly taxed if I had spread this out for a longer period of time a new character or plot twist would emerge frequently, except near the end when characters described earlier are br [...]

  23. You know the book is good when you stay up until 03 30 in the morning to finish it sigh Honestly, as much as I like James Lee Burke, I do believe that Alafair Burke is even better have to admit that I did like the way she brought Dave with the unpronounceable last name well to yankees from New Iberia, LA into the story This book moves along at a fairly good clip, there are surprises some of which are just wrong and the characters are not only interesting but likable And when you add Christopher [...]

  24. I really enjoyed this mystery I thought the whole story was well planned out with a big twist in the end I really wasn t expecting the reveal in the end I like Ellie s character a lot Even in her rookie years, she still had the same determination and smarts that I found in her in her later books It was nice to see she stayed consistent.My only complaint with this throwback was not in the story itself, but in the audiobook The story is told form a female point of view Ellie s yet the narrator was [...]

  25. I read this book over the course of at least a month, and for some reason had no difficulty remembering details during the spans of nonreading time The storyline was interesting with a number of surprises, and the protagonist, Ellie Hatcher, was smart and real She took chances, sometimes without thinking things entirely through, and was willing to bend rules a little bit I liked her a lot, as well as her brother, Jess, and the guy she ended up seeing by the end of the book, Peter There are a han [...]

  26. When a woman is murdered after a date she arranged through internet dating site First Date, rookie police detective Ellie Hatcher is unexpectedly assigned to work on the case Ellie is paired up with veteran detective Flann McIlroy who suspects this might be part of a series of murders As murdered woman are discovered in connection with the case, it becomes harder rather than easier to determine a pattern and a motive for the killings.Although this book felt a bit formulaic and somewhat predicta [...]

  27. Why haven t I run across this author before She has written a number of books and is the daughter of James Lee Burke there must be something in the genes J Burke s books are too dark for me, but his daughter writes an exciting mystery with a female detective as the protagonist I didn t notice when the book was written, but the story involves a computer dating service so there is lots of computer talk, which is well presented as far as I understand I like Ellie Hatcher and look forward to reading [...]

  28. An above average mystery centered on the murky world of online dating services Burke creates a strong plot with the requisite twists and turns, as her likable characters struggle through the mean streets of New York City Burke is the daughter of my favorite novelist James Lee Burke which leads to my one nitpick criticism A cheesy and totally unnecessary cameo appearance by Dave Robicheaux, daddy Burke s protagonist A great read for your next transcontinental flight.

  29. I picked it up because the plot looked promising and due to mostly positive reviews At the beginning the book had a promise but then it petered out and got just plain boring I stopped at around 3 4 through The narration is plodding and pretty dry Mixing in russian mafia and omnipotent FBI without any apparent need for it brought The Dead Connection down to cliche level I wont be following this series

  30. I read Judgment Calls, the 1st in the Samantha Kincaid series Alafair Burke and was, Meh but this initial book in the Ellie Hatcher series had me at the jumpkable characters and great plottingybe the backdrop of NYC was the differenceI don t know, but this series seems way appealingHatcher is temporarily attached to homicide is investigating murders tied to a dating web site twists and a fun thrill rideloved it

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