One to Protect (2022)

ñ One to Protect È Tia Louise - One to Protect, One to Protect When Sloan Reynolds beats criminal charges Melissa Jones stops believing her wealthy connected ex husband will ever pay for what he did to her Derek Alexander can t accept that a tiny silver scar wo ñ One to Protect È Tia Louise - One to Protect, One to Protect When Sloan Reynolds beats criminal charges Melissa Jones stops believing her wealthy connected ex husband will ever pay for what he did to her Derek Alexander can t accept that a tiny silver scar wo
  • Title: One to Protect
  • Author: Tia Louise
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 469
  • Format: ebook
One to Protect
ñ One to Protect È Tia Louise, One to Protect, Tia Louise, One to Protect When Sloan Reynolds beats criminal charges Melissa Jones stops believing her wealthy connected ex husband will ever pay for what he did to her Derek Alexander can t accept that a tiny silver scar won t let him forget and as a leader in the security business he is determined to get the man who hurt his fianc e Then the body of a former call girl turns up dead She sWhen Sloan Reyn
  • ñ One to Protect È Tia Louise
    469Tia Louise
One to Protect

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  1. Check out my review at Sinfully Sexy and enter the giveaway4 Stars I m the guard, baby Protection is what I do best One To Protect by Tia Louise is book three in her One To Hold series This is the continuation of Derek and Melissa s story, the hero and heroine we meet in book one While the first book in this series does end in a happily ever after, I was ecstatic to discover that this author would be providing us with another book about this couple It was a real treat to simply get of their sto [...]

  2. Holy Hell This was awesome This man is like water in the desert to me, and it isn t hard to see the feeling is mutual Let me start off by saying that this book should be read after One to Hold which is the first book in the series and sets up the story of Derek, Melissa, and their conflict with Sloan Reynolds Here s the good news As of the date of this post, One to Hold is FREE on , so you can catch up on these awesome characters without spending a penny This book also layers in the characters o [...]

  3. 4 Stars One to Protect is the third part of the One to Hold series by Tia Louise and a continuation of Derek and Melissa s story It had everything I ve come to expect from this author romance, suspense, humor, a bit of action and lots of sexy times Once I started reading it, I could not put it down and I ended up finishing it in only a couple of hours If you ve liked the previous books in this series, this one s an absolute must read The story picks up a few months are the end of the first book [...]

  4. 4 stars It s pure and real and gorgeous and fucking hot If you were a born protector what would you do if the one you love, the reason you live, is in trouble You would do whatever it takes to keep her safe, right Well Derek finds himself trapped in a situation where playing by the rules of law failed him and now he has to find a way to keep Melissa safe He can t imagine loosing another loved one, especially since this time he has the power to save her.She s home and comfort and warmth and all t [...]

  5. 4.5 Perfect Protection Stars I am an automatic one click for Ms Tia Louise While I enjoyed Melissa and Derek in One to Hold, I was just wanting a bit from themwell, thank you Tia for giving me what I thought was amiss in their first book This book picks up with Mel and Derek together, very much in love and looking forward to a future as a family It picks up with the same amazing heat and scorching scenes within the first few pages better than reading a scene where no words need to be said to co [...]

  6. EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK In ONE TO PROTECT, and Derek faces his biggest challenge yet Read the First Teaser Excerpt here on.fb 1ixtNZm3I m SO excited to dive back into Derek Melissa s story Those guys are so smokin hot, and Derek is shivers determined to get Sloan.Patrick will play a role in the story some of his baggage actually proves very useful in setting a trap.I m writing this in dual POV Derek Melissa , but I might experiment with having an epilogue in Patrick s tentative.The timeline for thi [...]

  7. This series has a continuing story arcMelissa and Derek s relationship continues to develop in this story, with her psychotic ex husband always in the background Because they re still living separately, he in Princeton, New Jersey, she in Raleigh, North Carolina, Derek is worried that he can t adequately protect her from what he feels is certain retribution from Sloan so he enlists his partner Patrick s help who s already relocated to be near Elaine.I enjoyed this story as the focus was on the [...]

  8. Great follow up story for Derek and Melissa I really enjoyed this 3rd installment to the series tting back to my favorite couple Melissa and Derek I ll admit that I felt a disconnect with Elaine and Patrick in the 2nd installment but getting back to Mel and Derek in this one was awesome You should read book 1 in this series before reading this installment since Derek and Mel s story starts off in book 1 and you really need to see how they came to be together to understand what they are going thr [...]

  9. 5 Derek Alexander Stars ITS LIVE One To Keep is a book I have been waiting for, for quite some time Tia Louise is an author that surprises me in a pleasant way with each book that she releases in this highly enjoyable, and completely addictive series.You are never quite sure what to expect with regards to the direction that one of her storylines is going to take and this book is no exception Derek and Melissa are settling into life as a couple view spoiler with a baby on the way hide spoiler how [...]

  10. 3.5 More of Characters We Dig Stars 1 2As a newbie to Tia Louise, I was so thrilled to find another book with the characters I met in her first one, One to Hold review showWe get of the couple who are so taken with each other they really cannot keep there hands off any part of their bodies It could get too much yet with all the back story and history it is kinda cute and okShe is pregnant, he is thrilled and they have one huge obstacle her ex He is a sicko wealthy, able to fight the system and [...]

  11. Derek and Melissa once again surprise us with the level of intensity.The need to protect the ones you love and care about than life itself is the driving force to commit yourself to the life of continual fear and insecurity or to take matters into you own hands, even if it makes you the villain to the outside world.Atypical solutions, team work, trust and life changing occurrences This story just asks for a chance to be revealed and reviewed.

  12. DNF rantWhen I finished One to Hold, I m not sold by the story The reason I decided to read this is because I m curious about this couple and I wonder if I will like the sequel if I got to know the characters better Unfortunately, I have to say I still don t see much character development here Apart from the numerous exchange of I love you and I love you , I don t see them communicating outside of sex or do any of the whole getting to know each other dance The way they were only together for a [...]

  13. I m having a hard time trying to decide which book in this series is my favorite I am strongly leaning towards this one And although I have loved them all, something about One to Protect, just did it for me We already know that Derek loves Melissa In this story, we learn how fierce and protective that love is I loved the level of suspense that was added as well Derek will do anything to keep Melissa from harm and proves it It s not just him and Mel any.Derek and Mel are still traveling back and [...]

  14. ONE TO PROTECT I love this series Tia Louise has created wonderful memorable characters I have to admit I m in love with Derek He s so fierce and so loving at the same time He and Melissa are perfect together The sex scenes are hot but not redundant They re love and energy level jumps off the pages I also like how we get to see of the friendships and trust between other characters I really liked Toni in this story I hope Tia gives us insight into her in the future In the meantime, I m thankful [...]

  15. Oh my beautiful Derek Mel, how I have missed you and your delicious passion Enjoying them now Thank you Tia xoI ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT The End Nooooo, just kidding Ok, so those of you who have read my reviews of Tia s yummy OTH series know how crazy in love I am with Derek Melissa They stayed with me for days after reading their story and I wanted , , Thankfully, Tia being the goddess that she is must have heard my whining and gave me See how I m taking all the credit there Ok, so maybe it wasn t [...]

  16. There is something so sweet and HOT about a very strong, disciplined man like Derek who falls in love like madly helplessly effortlessly in love with a great woman like Melissa And the listening experience from this audiobook was effortless This is a continuation in the romance between Derek and Melissa, as well as their best friends, Patrick and Elaine Consider yourself getting a 2 for 1 deal with the parallel romances Let me say that I LOVE Derek and Melissa together They make a beautiful coup [...]

  17. Derek is hot Patrick is equally hot Put these 2 hot men together and what do you get Panty Dropping holy mother of god hotness The gang is back and I couldn t be happier This time around Derek needs to protect his beloved Melissa from her psycho ex Sloan Derek will make sure that Sloan will never come around Melissa again Then Patrick Yummy Patrick He s just hot He and Elaine are dynamic together and love how they want to help Derek to protect Melissa as well The friendship these 4 have is aweso [...]

  18. Disclaimer One to Protect was the continuation of One to Hold while it also happened before the end of One to Keep Just a note, One to Hold and One to Keep were standalones though a reader must read One to Hold to be able to understand One to Protect.Also, this novel is adult themed Mature readers only.First and foremost, Tia Louise had done it again She had written another beautifully crafted novel It was still as heartfelt like the previous ones she had written I praise for her finesse as a gr [...]

  19. Tia gives us a little treat before she tells Kenny s story One To Protect is Derek and Melissa dealing with the aftermath of her screwed up marriage to Sloan and trying to create a safe future together for their family Derek and Melissa don t really reveal anything new about themselves, but how far they will go to protect one another is a bit of a shocker.We always see the softer side of Derek when he s with Melissa Everywhere else he s closed off and sort off judgmental He s lived life by a set [...]

  20. One to Hold told the story of how Derek and Melissa found each other despite all of the obstacles that were in their way both self created and otherwise One to Protect continues the path to their happily ever after a baby, a marriage, and the life Derek and Melissa have always wanted are in their grasp, but one person stands in their way Sloan, Melissa s ex husband No matter how hard Derek has fought to put Sloan away and end Melissa s nightmare once and for all, the job can never get done becau [...]

  21. This is the first book that I have read from Tia even though this is book 3 in the One to Hold series, it can be read as a stand alone I think that book one was about Derek and Melissa too, BUT as I said this book was read and loved as a stand alone.Derek and Melissa have been through a lot together, her ex did some cruel and unthinkable things to her, things that he got away with He is now walking around free, Derek doesn t like this and he will stop at nothing to see that this man pays for the [...]

  22. I ve always had it pretty bad for Derek Alexander, one of the sexiest alpha males to ever take up occupancy in my kindle The ex marine turned private investigator was cold and all business until he met Melissa He was assigned to only watch her, but ended up falling hard for the spunky yet broken woman who returned his affections The chemistry between the both of them was immediate and beyond intense I still sort of blush when I see a family restroom Derek was always a man of few words but you ne [...]

  23. 5 out of 5 jaw dropping starsSo now that I have managed to pick my jaw up off the ground I can tell you what I thought about One to Protect Well I freaking LOVED it Nuff said This is book 3 in the One to Hold series Yes each one can be read as a standalone and all have their own HEA But, you still have to read One to Hold and One to Keep This continues with Derek and Melissa s story from One to Hold But we get a little bit of the characters from One to Keep So it definitely gives you great insig [...]

  24. This book was smoking hot with lots of sexy scenes You may want to take your kindle into the bedroom for this one.I highly recommend that you pick up One To Hold before reading One to Protect I have read all the books in this series and have loved them immensely One to Protect picks up after One to Keep Melissa and Derek are living the happily ever after with a baby on the way when a dead call girl shows up that looks identical to Melissa Derek knows that Sloan is involved in her death and is ou [...]

  25. I was extremely happy to receive an eARC from the Author Tia Louise in exchange for an honest review and I am glad I did I absolutely loved the first two books in this series, so I couldn t wait to dive into this book Again the Author had me hooked from the first page I just couldn t wait to see what was going to happen next I totally love Derek s and Melissa s relationship throughout these books They seriously will forever hold a place in my heart for one of my all time favorite book couples I [...]

  26. I can t believe we re up to book three in the One to Hold series already.Life is continuing for the foursome of Patrick and Elaine and Melissa and Derek but there is still one shadow in Melissa s past that needs to be stopped.In this instalment, Derek and Melissa are trying to find a way to be rid of Sloan, Melissa s ex, once and for all Sloan is sneaky though and plays mind games with the pair and it is up to Derek and Patrick, who form an unlikely partnership with the woman who once set Patric [...]

  27. Derek and Patrick are back and with a vengeance Or I think it s Derek actually.I like that the story is not dragged out too long It kinds of just stays in that moment and moves on Plus it s actually good to read POV s from each characters.Derek is swoon worthy He s all mysterious and sexy in that way I love his chemistry with Melissa I also like Patrick and Elaine I felt like there might be a cliffhanger or not But it s like the story is not over yet.

  28. 3.5 stars I loved Melissa and Derek s story, and I was so excited to get of these memorable characters in this third book of the One to Hold series book two is Derek s partner Patrick s story Having battled their demons, things should have been on the fast track to a happy ever after for these two, but Melissa s past once again was coming back to haunt them Their life together has started and the last thing Melissa wants or needs is her ex husband Sloan causing her problems, but things were a [...]

  29. My rating 4.5 of 5 Even though Melissa has found her new beginning with Derek, she is still plagued with nightmares of her abusive ex husband Rich and successful, the man has been able to slip out from under every criminal charge filed against him, leaving her feeling rather exposed Especially since she doesn t just have herself to worry about any.Being in the security business affords Derek Alexander a few tools to keep tabs on his fiancee s violent ex But the constant reminder of his inabilit [...]

  30. 4.5 Derek is welcome to Protect me any time he wants STARS ARC provided by author for an honest review and blog tour Thank you Being with her is enough She is home and comfort and warmth and all the good things I thought I d never have again She s my future and my desire and my love This is the third book in the One to Hold series by Tia Louise and it is the final chapter in Derek and Melissa s story This book picks off where book one ended and we find that Derek and Melissa are still living HEA [...]

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