Winterkill (2022)

Winterkill Best Read || [Kate A. Boorman] - Winterkill, Winterkill Where Emmeline lives you cannot love and you cannot leaveThe Council s rules are strict but they re for the good of the settlement in which Emmeline lives Everyone knows there is nothing but danger Winterkill Best Read || [Kate A. Boorman] - Winterkill, Winterkill Where Emmeline lives you cannot love and you cannot leaveThe Council s rules are strict but they re for the good of the settlement in which Emmeline lives Everyone knows there is nothing but danger
  • Title: Winterkill
  • Author: Kate A. Boorman
  • ISBN: 9781419712357
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
Winterkill Best Read || [Kate A. Boorman], Winterkill, Kate A. Boorman, Winterkill Where Emmeline lives you cannot love and you cannot leaveThe Council s rules are strict but they re for the good of the settlement in which Emmeline lives Everyone knows there is nothing but danger the other side of the Wall and the community must prepare for the freezing winterkill that comes every year But Emmeline struggles to be obedient under the Council s suffWhere Emmeline liv
  • Winterkill Best Read || [Kate A. Boorman]
    166Kate A. Boorman

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  1. 2.5 estrellas Empez bien pero luego la protagonista se volvi insoportable Tomaba mala decisi n tras mala decisi n Y la historia no fue lo suficientemente atrapante para mi gusto, bastante predecible.

  2. Review also posted at Ja itam, a ti Sometimes you just have to trust your gut Here is the thing I have seen the cover for this book a while ago and fell in love with it This book has been on my wishlist for a long time, but then I started seeing some not that nice reviews for it and I cooled off But my gut is something I always trust and it told me to go for it I did and surprise, surprise it was totally worth it Firstly, I m glad that this book haven t got labeled as retelling as I m not sure I [...]

  3. Oh, where to start After reading about 20 pages of this book, I was ready to throw in the towel I made myself read up to page 100 to see if things changed and the story did improve, but not enough for me to rate this book any higher than one star.I found the writing distracting The book is set in a village where people speak English or French Since I live in a city where people speak both languages and sometimes do not notice which language they are speaking, I found that the way this book was w [...]

  4. UmWOW Read this in one sitting It was THAT GOOD I didn t know what to really expect from this book and as I started reading it I thought it was going to be a remake of the movie The Village by M Night Shyamalan but I was wrong I was completely hooked by the end of paige one Then I thought please don t let it be like the book The Forest of Hands and Teeth because I hated that book but I read on intrigued and wondering where this author might take this story.This book is dark, creepy, romantic, th [...]

  5. 2.5 starsThe Village meets The Forest of Hands and Teeth meets The Hallowed Ones.Winterkill is a very atmospheric and lovely written story that, though it has plenty of tension and suspense, feels long winded and loses its effect halfway through the book because of the slow progression of the few events that take place in the novel Ultimately, although it does have a couple of interesting new aspects to it, Winterkill is basically just like every other standard YA dystopian novel out there All t [...]

  6. un 3.5 en realidad ha gustado aunque la historia se me hizo algo lentaro al llegar a la mitad del libro queria resolver todo y no pude parar de leer

  7. Emmeline vive en una aldea separada del mundo por un muro, un muro que los protege a ella y a sus habitantes del temido malmaci Pero Em es una chica inquieta que no se conforma con eso y quiere saber qu hay m s all Su insurrecci n puede costarle la vida pero ella est convencida de sus sue os.Hac a tiempo que no me daba por el g nero dist pico m s que nada porque no quiero empezar trilog as que despu s se queden a medio publicar pero este libro fue un regalo as que no ha sido una sorpresa pero ta [...]

  8. They are isolated.but not alone Winterkill is basically a rip off of the movie The Village Let me tell you the resemblances.Both, the book and the movie, were set in a walled village town in middle of nowhere, surrounded by deep forest where mysterious creature roams the beings are called here malmaci and in The Village they were called Those We Don t Speak Of Aside from the similarities with the movie, the Setting is vague A very little history behind how the village came to existence is given [...]

  9. They are isolated.but not alone So I will have to admit that the first thing that grabbed my attention towards this bookwas the cover I mean what a seriously wicked, creepy cover Winterkill is written in stakes in replace of fence posts, there is snow covering an entire village, and a young girl with a red robe running through it YepI had to have this one.Winterkill is about the journey of a young girl named Emmeline that is determined to discover the truth about her village Of course this synop [...]

  10. Emmeline knows she s not supposed to explore the woods outside her settlement The enemy that wiped out half her people lurks there, attacking at night and keeping them isolated in an unfamiliar land with merciless winters That part of the book description is what really made me want to read Winterkill What was it that was lurking out there in the forbidden woods The answer wasn t really all that surprising.I liked this book, but I didn t love it I got annoyed with Emmeline a few times because I [...]

  11. I find dystopians in which religion is heavily involved extremely creepy This book takes a while to warm up I wasn t a big fan of the colonial setting and their slang and way of talking What I did appreciate was the mystery and Emmaline s bad leg The author does some really marvelous work on that Emmaline is on the outside of the community Her grandma did something bad and she carries the village people s rejection Although it would seem that she is concerned about it than most people I like a [...]

  12. RESE A COMPLETA EN LIBROS DEL CIELO click aqu Ha sido muy distinto a lo que esperaba La historia transcurre de forma lenta, hay poca acci n, el romance me parece p simo y los personajes no han hecho mucha mella en mi Pero a pesar de todo ha conseguido sorprenderme y engancharme Sin duda alguna el punto fuerte es la ambientaci n y la forma en la que de viven Me ha parecido sumamente curioso y he disfrutado bastante de ello.Le ha faltado algo pero tiene algo que me sigue atrayendo.

  13. 4 Stars Wow, what a surprisingly thrilling ride WINTERKILL was I was sure WINTERKILL was not going to be My kinda book but WHOA, my mind was changed pretty quickly I highly enjoyed WINTERKILL, but I wasn t sure on how I was going to feel after it started It was kinda slow, and dragged in the beginning It felt like nothing was really happening besides a girl wanting to go out in the woods beyond But it changed quickly after the first 15 20%, then I was in full flow of in engagement I was swept in [...]

  14. Originally review for an Author Spotlight here.Winterkill is one of those books where no matter how long I make my review I still wont be able to get my entire point across There aren t enough words in the English language to represent how much I enjoyed this book I have been sitting on this review for almost a week and I am still at a loss for words but I am going to try to form the review this book deserves.I ADORED Emmaline s character She was so strong and brave Her grandma am has put a stai [...]

  15. This book has already drawn instant comparisons with M Night Shyamalan s highly disparaged film The Village However, I am one of those nuts who absolutely ADORES The Village despite critical consensus, so that was nothing but a selling point for me, and you know what Winterkill absolutely lived up to the creepy beautiful gothic vibe that was the main thing I adored about The Village But that alone wouldn t make it a good book, and this was a REALLY GOOD BOOK It was scary and tense It was origina [...]

  16. OMG Por d nde empezar Este libro me llam demasiado la atenci n desde el primer momento en que le la sinopsis pero no fue sino hasta hace unos d as que me anim a ponerle las manos encima Me sorprendi encontrarme con una narrativa muy fluida desde el inicio y, como es de esperarse del primer libro de una serie, es algo introductorio al principio pero gracias a esa maravillosa narrativa las primeras 100 p ginas pasan volando y cuando menos lo esperas est s enganchad simo a la historia y no puedes p [...]

  17. I m going to make this book review as short as I can The first half of this book was flawless could ve made its way into my favorites Second half sucked Really bad sigh Final rating 2.5 starsI m very disappointed

  18. I loved this book as well I stayed up until 2 45am reading it At first it s a bit slow but when you get in to the middle it s so a really awesome book Some bits are in French but the writer has translated it in a way which I really like and I can t describes and I would really like there to have been a second and third book But unfortunately there isn t.

  19. I picked Wintekill expecting it to be a fantasy novel and up until to last few chapters I was convinced it was But by the time it was revealed what themalmaciis I was so caught up in the story that I no longer cared I liked everything about this book well almost everything even though there was nothing exceptional the story itself is quite familiar and I found it easy to slip into that world There wasn t enough world building in my opinion but considering the setting it can be expected Some of t [...]

  20. Winterkill Follow the Wayward Path by Kate Boorman was one of the best books I ve read in a long time I got the book free through a First Reads giveaway on GoodReads Boorman is a fantastic writer The characters, the time, the setting seem so real As I kept reading the book, I kept imagining something like an Amish or Puritan society The main character is a 16 year old woman named Emmeline She struggles with the stigma of being stained , of having to bare the weight or her grandmother s waywardne [...]

  21. Cuando uno va saltando de libro en libro, buscando infructuosamente una lectura que realmente haga estremecer la fibra sensible, solo tiene que leer la primera p gina de Invierno asesino para saber que se encuentra ante algo distinto y valioso Hay escritores que necesitan una carrera para hallar su estilo, su madurez, pero Kate Boorman es uno de esos extra os casos en los que parece que internamente ha ido curtiendo durante toda su vida lo que luego ha dado forma a trav s de la escritura Y sin e [...]

  22. 3 5 5Invierno Asesino es un libro que aunque no tiene un buen comienzo, su trama se va enroscando de tal forma que acaba atrap ndote acompa ado adem s de unos personajes reales y bien construidos, con personalidades caracter sticas que no te dejaran indiferentes Boorman nos presenta un mundo donde el miedo siempre est presente y d nde los monstruos existen, aunque no siempre son como los esperan Una trama llena de misterio, secretos, mentiras, valent a, amor, descubrimiento y aceptaci n Un libro [...]

  23. I was fascinated by the village they lived in, I wanted to learn what was happing with the council members Emmeline was a very likeable character, her waywardness was a nice way of saying she didn t follow orders very well Kate Boorman, Great job I had a hard time putting this book down Yes I did order the sequel Darkthaw, 5 of 5 stars for Winterkill.

  24. This is my second time reading this book I first read it almost three years ago now Back then I gave this book a five stars I loved it a lot Yet I didn t read the sequels when they came out And so now I decided to re read this book, so that I can finally get to read book two and three Oh I m not sure how to say this.But, well This time when reading this book I didn t really like it at all And it breaks my heart Because I do remember that I loved it I had forgotten just about all the details, but [...]

  25. Nebylo to patn , tro ku i origin ln Jen e p b h byl hodn asto nezaj mav a dlouze se t hl A kdy jsem knihu dokon ila, m la jsem takov pocit, e ty postavy vlastn ani nezn m Tak snad v dal m d le u si s postavami d autorka mnohem v ce pr ce

  26. Buy this book HERE on or buy this book HERE on BookDepository with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIIPPINGI received a finished copy of this book before the release date from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own 2.5 of 5 stars Please read my rating system further below As a die hard fantasy lover who hadn t read a fantasy in over a month and a half, reading Winterkill to me seemed like a breath of fresh air, something to pull me back into a genre that I knew well and [...]

  27. My feelings on this book are somewhat mixed.On the one hand, the good things I enjoyed about it was the writing was pretty good, the story telling was fairly captivating and it made quite a good page turner But a lot of things bothered me For starters, the setting Unless I missed it, the reader is not given any sort of setting We re told its a small settlement somewhere where there are deathly cold winters and the township is guarded by high walls and a locked gate at night and in the winter The [...]

  28. It started off so well and then Winter is Coming or in this book, La Prise is coming.Emmeline lives in a fenced in settlement and she is Stained with the bad deeds of her grandmother No one in the settlement is to commit wayward acts, especially venturing outside the fence gate, or it would mean a trip to the Crossroads Emmeline of course is curious and is determined to clear her Stain.Dang, that was Good The Writing Boorman is a debut author and her writing is beautiful Her writing has a romant [...]

  29. A few weeks ago, Kate Boorman interviewed me for a podcast She was so charming and kind that when I realized I had WINTERKILL in my to read stack, I picked it right up.The opening paragraph is a knockout Out here, I can feel the dead in the trees The Lost People rustle the leaves, muddy the shafts of light through the branches, whisper in my ear They creep dusty fingers along my neck, tug at my braid, pull strands from my plait to tickle my face.Or mayhap it s the wind Boorman s writing is evoca [...]

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