The Original Sin (2022)

The Original Sin Best Download || [Marius Gabriel] - The Original Sin, The Original Sin From the international bestselling author of THE MASK OF TIME and THE SEVENTH MOON It all begins with The Original Sin Mercedes Eduard rich powerful and still beautiful lives quietly on her Costa Bra The Original Sin Best Download || [Marius Gabriel] - The Original Sin, The Original Sin From the international bestselling author of THE MASK OF TIME and THE SEVENTH MOON It all begins with The Original Sin Mercedes Eduard rich powerful and still beautiful lives quietly on her Costa Bra
  • Title: The Original Sin
  • Author: Marius Gabriel
  • ISBN: 9781909869660
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
The Original Sin
The Original Sin Best Download || [Marius Gabriel], The Original Sin, Marius Gabriel, The Original Sin From the international bestselling author of THE MASK OF TIME and THE SEVENTH MOON It all begins with The Original Sin Mercedes Eduard rich powerful and still beautiful lives quietly on her Costa Brava estate her turbulent past behind her Until the package from America arrives the graphic photo of her daughter Eden and the impossible demand for ten million dollaFrom the interna
  • The Original Sin Best Download || [Marius Gabriel]
    110Marius Gabriel
The Original Sin

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  1. The best trashy smart history buff romance beach read ever I first read this book as teen and still read it from time to time This author is so underated but he is brillant with the suspense and will keep you page turning into the midnight hours If you liked Pan s Labryinth The film or are at all into the Spanish civil war period you must read this

  2. Wealthy, cultivated Mercedes Eduard seems to have everything money can buy, but her serene life in Costa Brava is abruptly shattered when she receives a photograph of her daughter half naked and chained to a bed On the back of the photo is a note GO TO THE POLICE AND SHE DIES This is no ordinary kidnapping Its roots go back beyond the Spanish Civil War to an original sin which has shadowed three generations and now links its heirs in a twisted chain of revenge.I bought this Kindle book because t [...]

  3. If you re capable of putting your own judgements aside you will love this book It keeps you guessing, keeps you curious so you cant put it down and keeps your heart mind challenged The story moves between characters and eras of their life which you might think would be frustrating in a story line but instead each of those chapters pull you in individually so you don t want to stop I give it a four out of five only because this book would not be for everyone.

  4. Usually books of that genre are not my cup of tea but for unknown reasons I requested this one via Titletrader and decided to give it a try It begins with a kidnapping and ends with a happy reconciliation Betrayal,dirty family secrets,war and a couple of love stories garnish this dish according to the mass taste But it was intriguing and in fact I enjoyed it.It has 689p and I finished it in two days which is a pretty good speed.

  5. I LOVED this book because it held a saga It was what I imagine soap opera watchers become enad with Knowing all the emotions culminating within your heroine, and then knowing her decision I am getting a lump in my throat just thinking about it This book opened my eyes to the phrase than what meets the eyes.

  6. If you take away one thing from this book, it s that nothing is black white The saga that unfolds on these pages lives deep inside the many shades of gray I was grabbed by this story from very early on and stayed hooked until the very last word I received this free as a Giveaway in exchange for a review

  7. What an epic family saga and a wonderful story with twists and turns in the plot over several generations of one rather disjointed family As I reached the end of the book I noticed myself reading much slower as I didn t want the story to end and what an ending made even memorable by Marius Gabriel s beautiful prose If you are looking for just one book to take away on a beach holiday, take this one its luxuriously long and and one you can really get lost inMarius Gabriel

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I first read it many, many years ago when I was in 9th grade Even at that age, it was able to keep my interest through the whole book I don t ever remember a point in the book when I felt the story had slowed or weakened.

  9. This is a masterpiece of intrigue I enjoyed it greatly and recommend it highly to anyone who wants a gripping read The plot is brilliant, completely unexpected This book will have you breathless with suspense

  10. It was slow at times, but it did have great historical perspective of 20th century Spain When the pace picked up and the story started to explode, it was pretty shockingly compelling I enjoyed it much than The Designer, but I do love Gabriel s knack for fleshing out all the characters little by little to draw you in.

  11. The Original Sin is an amazing family saga spanning three generations of women, beginning in Spain during the Spanish Civil War and climaxing in 1970s Arizona It is a tale of family secrets, tragedy, war, passion, obsession, addiction, kidnapping, love, money, shame and redemption This is the book that made me a Marius Gabriel fan The first time I read it, in my late teens 10 years ago, it utterly blew me away This time around, too, I didn t want it to end It s a shame that Mr Gabriel is no long [...]

  12. This is a wonderfully captivating story I agree with other reviews that you should not be too judgemental while reading it These are all damaged characters who make choices that damage others, but then, that s what life is like.I thought it exceptionally well written, in a way that kept the reader s attention effortlessly.This is a book that will stay with me for a long time and that I loved reading, and for that reason, it is easily a 5 star read.I look forward to reading from this author.

  13. This book was vicious Yet it had me enthralled and I didn t want to put it down The characters were so vile in some areas that it made me think of how it wasn t a fairy tale story, these were actual people who sinned and made a mess of things Even if it was a bit vulgar, I really enjoyed reading this book.

  14. I ve read this book thrice and would recommended it to my friends This book will always have a special place in my heart, I love it.

  15. One of my top ten ever will always have a place of pride on my bookshelf history, intrigue, money, sex and power can t go wrong with that

  16. I have again discovered a new great author with this book I received in a giveaway Enjoyed the mysterious turn of events Great read.

  17. The way he described the life of the junkie was breathtaking I couldn t leave the book until I read it harsh and in the meantime lovely and beautiful.

  18. Very hot and steamy, characters crawl under your skin, lots of plot twists against the historic background of Spanish civil war, an exciting read Loved loved loved the inadvertent rehab interlude.

  19. An amazing story Mercedes is wealthy beyond belief but not happy The story is told in flashbacks but they appear as though they are happening now It is an interesting way to tell a very complicated family story Eden is a spoiled daughter of Mercedes and Dominic She becomes a drug addict living in California She is saved by a stranger she has never met through a bizarre event A kidnapping to seek revenge of Eden s mother for a wrong she did 30 years earlier There is incest, wars, a bit of Spanish [...]

  20. GREAT readThis book is worth every penny u spent Love history you ll love this than Never knew much about Spain now I do

  21. Not my favoriteI love the works of Marius Gabriel but this book took too many detours for my comfort and was difficult to follow.

  22. I received this book free as a Giveaway in exchange for a review This was a very enjoyable read The pace was perfect I was immediately pulled in before even finishing the first chapter Marius Gabriel did an excellent job balancing just the right amount of details, twists and an unexpected, but fabulous ride through time and back again very smoothly I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a story plot that is full of excitement and leaves you questioning what is going to happen ne [...]

  23. I enjoyed this book Not as much as A House of Many Rooms though It is very cleverly written Beginning in the present with Eden being kidnapped and then going way back into the past to Eden s grandparents The story weaves through the generations leading you to find out why Eden has been kidnapped I found the historical parts a bit hard going but that is just because that isn t the kind of books I normally read When we get back to Eden s story I couldn t put it down Marius is a great writer I am g [...]

  24. Breathtaking Harrowing Family SagaMercedes life was and is drenched in torment The reader follows her story from her Spanish roots, through the war against the invading Fascists to America and back Then her twenty year daughter is kidnapped, as her haunted past seeks revenge A gripping and very vivid page turner.June Finnigan Writer

  25. Another WinnerOne riveting book by Mr Gabriel I love this man s work It is romantic, historical, informative grabbing, never boring.

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