The Seventh Moon (2022)

The Seventh Moon Best Read || [Marius Gabriel] - The Seventh Moon, The Seventh Moon From the international bestselling author of THE MASK OF TIME and THE SEVENTH MOON From the international bestselling author of THE MASK OF TIME and THE ORIGINAL SIN As World War II rages Francine La The Seventh Moon Best Read || [Marius Gabriel] - The Seventh Moon, The Seventh Moon From the international bestselling author of THE MASK OF TIME and THE SEVENTH MOON From the international bestselling author of THE MASK OF TIME and THE ORIGINAL SIN As World War II rages Francine La
  • Title: The Seventh Moon
  • Author: Marius Gabriel
  • ISBN: 9781909869677
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
The Seventh Moon
The Seventh Moon Best Read || [Marius Gabriel], The Seventh Moon, Marius Gabriel, The Seventh Moon From the international bestselling author of THE MASK OF TIME and THE SEVENTH MOON From the international bestselling author of THE MASK OF TIME and THE ORIGINAL SIN As World War II rages Francine Lawrence and her small daughter Ruth wait in the fading splendor of Raffles Hotel in Singapore for Francine s British husband But when he is delayed Francine half ChineseFrom the in
  • The Seventh Moon Best Read || [Marius Gabriel]
    458Marius Gabriel
The Seventh Moon

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  1. Title The Seventh MoonAuthor Marius GabrielGenre Mainstream FictionLength 135,000 words estimated Reviewer Pearson MooreRating 4.5 StarsSummaryFrancine Lawrence, a woman straddling two cultures and races, is forced to give up her daugther Ruth in war torn Borneo in early 1942 She and her lover, Clive Napier, spend the next 25 years following every clue in an attempt to find Ruth But the deprivations and dangers of war force difficult, often unthinkable choices The world changing events exercise [...]

  2. A WELL CRAFTED STORYTo be honest this is not my usual sort of read, but I was gifted a copy by the authors representative in exchange for a review The story itself spans than thirty decades, beginning in WWII and the Japanese invasion of Singapore Francine Lawrence is a Eurasian woman married to an Englishman, a mining engineer As the threat from the Japanese increases he sends her away with their young daughter Ruth to the famous Raffles hotel, with the promise to join them soon As the days pa [...]

  3. Thanks to I had a chance to read The Seventh Moon by Marius Gabriel It is a vivid portrait of a family torn apart by war and how they survived Gabriel does a great job developing the characters I especially liked that while the men are plenty strong, the book really focuses on two female leads It is a terrific story of hardship and second chances and is not a good read but a great read.

  4. I was fortunate to receive a copy of The Seventh Moon via First reads and the author Marius Gabriel.Singapore 1942 The Japanese are attacking Francine with her daughter Ruth go to stay at the Raffles Hotel waiting for her English husband to arrive They had left their village for the safety of Singapore her husband stayed behind to settle up the business.Francine is Eurasian and not truly accepted by the English who are prejudiced and bigoted.As the situation in Singapore deteriorates and her hus [...]

  5. Another superb tale by Marius Gabriel Having enjoyed The Original Sin, I was interested in sampling of his work Upon initially reading the cover flap, I wasn t sure if I could get into this story of Francine, a woman who survives WWII experiences in southeast Asia but tragically loses her young daughter I don t have any special interest in war stories or Asia However, any reservations I had disappeared as I was quickly sucked into the story It s very unfortunate that many of Marius Gabriel s bo [...]

  6. I have added this book to one of my favorite books ever The story line had many twists and a very interesting plot I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a war settings with a complex story.

  7. I have read several novels set in WWII but this is the best one A superb plot that takes some unexpected turns A perfect blend or romance and history Brilliant

  8. This book had a grip to my soul the scenes where so well described that i could see them in my head while i was reading them almost like living them with the characters Her name is Sakura, and she has the heart of a warrior this quote is so true.Francine s character impressed me so much, she is so strong.In this story happening at the end of WW2 in China, you will see her fight for everything she has, the discrimination she encounters along the way for being an Eurasian, find love after losing h [...]

  9. It is an ancient Chinese belief that in the seventh moon the hungry ghosts of those who have died without proper ceremony come back to haunt the living In his most mesmerizing novel yet, Marius Gabriel evokes turbulent emotions on every page of this tale of a mother and daughter torn apart by wartime and of a past never buried Early in World War II, as the Japanese overrun Malaysia, Francine Lawrence flees Singapore with her lover and her young daughter, Ruth But Ruth is too sick to finish the d [...]

  10. It is written in a way, that I could feel their love and fear This book is about an Eurasian women, who was unwillingly separated from her child, during the war It is also a tender love story between Francine and Clive They were surviving the horrors of WWII, the Japanese attacks and after the war Francine started her own life, making money and drowning all sorrow and pain this way Separating herself from Clive, not to be reminded But then, one day everything changed and brought everything back, [...]

  11. Oh my goodness this book was SO good, I couldn t put it down Historical fiction, takes place during and after WWII Many plot twists and a nice ending Warning to anyone that this might be important to know there are some 4 letter words used that might make some people cringe Not constantly, but they re in there And there are several sex scenes that might put off some They didn t detract or add to the plot, in my mind fact they could have left them out, but they weren t long and drawn out for the [...]

  12. Marius Gabriel has a way of creating complex, interesting characters without resorting to excessive detail in writing to accomplish that goal The first book of his that I read was years ago The Mask of Time and that story has been in my head ever since The Seventh Moon was the 3rd Gabriel book I read, and it was compelling from beginning to end This was of a drama than anything else the story of love between mother and child not so much a mystery thriller that two of his other books were But st [...]

  13. I read this book in a little over 24 hours It is an emotionally draining story, well crafted, with vivid description and outstanding character development Some very slight issues given that I read with an author s eyes , but none that will take the reader out of the story and very little that will require suspension of disbelief The writing is superb, the author a master at his craft This is an excellent read.

  14. There is a moment after reading a book of such quality, that it gives you a shiver of pure delight, and this was one of those extraordinary reads I ll not comment on the plot, because plenty of other reviewers have But suffice to say, this is a tale to savour From page 1 you realise you re in the hands of a master wordsmith, who ratchets up the tension right to the last page This was my first experience of reading Marius Gabriel s work What a treat I will definitely be reading .

  15. Got this via first reads book entry sorry forgot to mention that This was an interesting book about a girl and her mother who had to leave her behind due to dysentry in world war 2 or else the daughter would die.As well as there escape it also details there reunion and how this came about etc All in all an enjoyable story, great plot and great characters

  16. I wasn t sure, from the summary, that I would enjoy a book set in WWII but this book is a powerful and dramatic story and Marius Gabriel is an expert in drawing you into the world of his story telling both from the historical side and, for me, the emotional side.I would really recommend this book.

  17. I m really torn by my sheer enjoyment of this novel and the long periods of boredom Francine is confronted by a young woman claiming to be her long lost daughter The chapters switch between Francine s past in the throws of World War II and her present The moments from her past in the past were hard to put down but I had a difficult time getting into the present drama of her life and understanding the choices that she made Although past and present contained the dramatic situations of war, I felt [...]

  18. Vivid and MovingI don t know where Gabriel acquired his knowledge of the era and people of which he writes, but it was if he transported me there, an invisible spectator suspended by his enthralling, vivid descriptions above the portrayed events What a surprise to learn so much about these people and those times in a novel I expected to tell only a love story I couldn t put it down towards the end I am left with feelings of horror and gratitude that I was not required to actually live through th [...]

  19. This story was published in 1999 and it was an enthralling tale of danger, love, and war It s WW II and the main character, Francine, is forced to flee Singapore with her small daughter, Ruth In the jungles of Saranak, Francine is forced to leave her daughter behind in the care of a primitive tribe, in order to save Ruth s life I don t want to give away any of the story This is exactly the kind of book I love and try to write myself a story that sets you in the middle of an entirely new place, [...]

  20. This book was difficult to put down because it was so good I loved the historical parts of this story and how the author went back and forth in time periods.Wonderful, colorful characters and a great plot

  21. Could not put it down The constant twists and turns of the story kept me glued to the book Descriptors of the characters and different locations was so vivid and real I plan to look for another book by the author immediately.

  22. Excellent book.Very well written A lot of interesting information about the Vietnam war that I never knew intermingled with a great story of love and loss Good characters and lots of action.

  23. Excellent readThoroughly enjoyed this well written book , both from a historical and story line perspective Found it difficult to put down.

  24. GoodThis story kept my interest all the way to the end The emotional bonds between the people are well done.

  25. A fine story of a motherGood narration of mother daughter relationship and what happiness is all about when there is war outside and inside too.

  26. Unable to put down.Like a roller coaster ride Leaving you breathless, disorientated Very good read Missed the conclusion of Outlander because I could not stop reading.

  27. Only 3starsGood tense thriller but disappointing ending, bit flat in my opinion Kept my interest all the way through the book though.

  28. CaptivatingA amazing story keeping one engaged and pulling for the good guys Could not put down and cried at the end.

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