Outlaw Kind of Love (2022)

Unlimited Outlaw Kind of Love - by Nicole Snow - Outlaw Kind of Love, Outlaw Kind of Love OUTLAW LOVE RUTHLESS POSSESSIVE EXPLOSIVEAND WORTH IT Rachel Hargrove s sheltered life comes to a screeching halt when an unthinkable family betrayal turns her over to a savage motorcycle gang Just Unlimited Outlaw Kind of Love - by Nicole Snow - Outlaw Kind of Love, Outlaw Kind of Love OUTLAW LOVE RUTHLESS POSSESSIVE EXPLOSIVEAND WORTH IT Rachel Hargrove s sheltered life comes to a screeching halt when an unthinkable family betrayal turns her over to a savage motorcycle gang Just
  • Title: Outlaw Kind of Love
  • Author: Nicole Snow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Outlaw Kind of Love
Unlimited Outlaw Kind of Love - by Nicole Snow, Outlaw Kind of Love, Nicole Snow, Outlaw Kind of Love OUTLAW LOVE RUTHLESS POSSESSIVE EXPLOSIVEAND WORTH IT Rachel Hargrove s sheltered life comes to a screeching halt when an unthinkable family betrayal turns her over to a savage motorcycle gang Just when it seems her nightmare fate is sealed a beautiful savior appears the Vice President of the rival Prairie Devils MC With her new protectors Rachel faces a whole nOUTLAW LOVE
  • Unlimited Outlaw Kind of Love - by Nicole Snow
    310Nicole Snow
Outlaw Kind of Love

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  1. Wow, do not be fooled by the reviews The only reason I m giving 1 star is because I managed to hold off of DNF till the last couple chapters I really tried because I love MC books, but there was no character development, I don t even have a clue what the H h looked like.d worst part was it read like a child was trying to use naughty language to cover up the bad writing I m still shaking my head at the plot lolI read a lot of books and It s getting so disappointing at how you can t go by reviews [...]

  2. This has to be one of the cheesiest romances I ve read in a long time The few love scenes especially the first one had me LOL every few seconds The lines were not romantic in the least I would have burst into laughter had my husband said that to me during some nookie This is one of the realistic biker romances I ve read Not that I know that much about bikers but this one had these bikers trafficking in coke and guns, etc The others I ve read kind of glossed over that or didn t mention their bus [...]

  3. First off I wanna say thanks to the author Nicole Snow,for contacting me and sending this book I really liked it, Jack was not like any of the other biker boys I ve read he was so sweet Don t get me wrong he was still badass and sexy but he wasn t a dick like mostally dug the concept of the story, I can t go into much to detail without giving too much away but I will say Rachel s dad is a piece of shit ew I hated him I m looking forward to the next book in the series I can t wait to see where th [...]

  4. I m generously giving this book 2 starsy because I managed to finish it The premise of this book was very interesting to me, however the story just didn t materialize for me.For someone who suffered what she did view spoiler traded to a scary biker club by her dad hide spoiler Rachel sure recovered pretty damn quick I found that the characters weren t consistent in their personalities, going from innocent sheltered girl to foul mouthed biker babe instantly As for Jackwhat kind of badass MC VP te [...]

  5. Wow What the hell did I lower myself down to Why did I even finish this book Unhappy birthday present to myself today I pray I find another book to read to brighten my day.It was just ridiculous and whacked The synopsis made it sound promising then it was Jack went by the name of Throttle in his MC I would have liked to throttle his neck with my hands Why did the author make him go from a little unsure and all sweet and nice to one whacked out lunatic He was nuts The way he deflowers Rachel was [...]

  6. I have mixed feelings about this one It s not bad but it s another one of those that really doesn t pull me into the characters It s like I m disconnected but keep hoping it s going to snap me in all of a sudden.The h is the 19 year old daughter of scummy small town mayor Dad gives his daughter over to a MC because they are blackmailing the daddy VP of a rival MC steps up and saves the daughter VP is the son of the Prez It is immediate love lust from the moment the VP snatches her from the rival [...]

  7. Rachel Hargrove has been sold to an outlaw biker group who plan on using and abusing her, she would never have thought the man who orchestrated the whole thing would be her own flesh and blood A twist of fate or pure luck, Rachel finds herself rescued from Jack Throttle Shields of the Prairie Devils MC Jack would never have thought he would want an old lady, but he wants Rachel and the he gets closer to her the he is determined to keep her safe With the outlaw club ready to start a war and Rac [...]

  8. I tried I really really tried to like it Unfortunately, this was not a good read for this MC lover I did finish it, held my curiosity enough that I read to the very end.Outlaw Kind of Love Prairie Devils 1I thought the storyline held a lot of potential usually, tales of betrayal and vengeance mixed with a healthy dose of lovin between two hot, able bodies and you re on your way to a badass mofo of a book Sadly, it never quite got there The pacing was always a little off too slow at times and rus [...]

  9. I think this may be my first one star review Well what can I say, this just was not a good book The plot was lacking, the characters were under developed, totally unbelievable and down right ridiculous at times The dialogue was cringe worthy most of the time, I cannot believe people actually speak or act that way The relationship between the two main characters was rushed and just did not sit right, again just ridiculously unbelievable, I know this is fiction but it still has to be somewhat real [...]

  10. Ohis was just an ok for me UGHI wanted to love Rachel and Throttle but there was just something missing for me I mean the cover is HOT so I was disappointed that the book wasn t all that for me But I m not giving up on the series and I m hoping that I will be sucked in with the next book.

  11. 3.5 star rating arc provided for an honest review I know you ve probably scrolled the reviews and seen they re all over the place, right Me too Don t let it deter you Let me tell you how I felt I read a lot of MC books, I love them Especially the dirty raw gritty one I read this one in one sitting because the storyline really did draw me in The whole daddy sold me thing got me right away Then you add a club war and I m rearin to go There were some things that were a little hard to accept Rachel [...]

  12. I RECEIVED THIS AS AN ARC IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Let s see, where to begin I m new to the MC genre of books, so I had NO idea what to expect here.The story begins with the Female lead, Rachel, and her father, the town mayor, handing her over to The Raging Skulls, a fierce MC On the trip back to the Raging Skulls home base, they encounter the Prairie Devils, a rival MC Jack, AKA Throttle, rescues Rachel from the Raging Skulls and in the process of keeping her safe from the Raging Skulls [...]

  13. WOW read this for an honest review.I love love love MC books they happen to be an addiction of mine and this one was no different When shock rocks Rachel s world there will never be any turning back When she is forced to go with an MC gang because of her father she has no idea what to think, but when two MC s collide and the VP Throttle see s Rachel well it s time to turn their worlds upside down This story isn t about sparks this story is about survival of someone who was given to a nasty gang [...]

  14. I was given a copy of this book for an honest review I really enjoyed this book as it was my first one by the author This is an erotic MC book The dirty talk, the sex, and the intimate scenes were very detailed and graphic The heroine Rachel is sold to another MC by her dad who is the mayor of the town Or hero Jack review Rachel and takes her back to his clubhouse to reduce The these two interact, the Jack realizes he wants to claim Rachel There was a lot of sexual tension between these two an [...]

  15. This was a mild MC book.There were bitches and whores, and all the bad ass ness but the hero was very affectionate not at all the bastard that they are in the beginning at least Rachel was a virgin, surprise surprise through this whole book they have not yet made love, all it s been is fukkin.The sex was scorchin hot though, so it s definitely a nice readjust not enough drama for my likings.

  16. I enjoyed this book very much The wrong done to Rachel by a family member should never happen but the Recue by Jack and the love he has for the MC and Rachel is a living breathing thing Can t wait to see what else Nicole has in store If you love MC books you will enjoy this one.

  17. This book reminds me of the old Mounds Almond Joy Commercial Sometimes you feel like a nut Sometimes you don t I m not a big fan of any kind of nut, but occasionally I just need an Almond Joy This book definitely qualifies as a nut to me Truly, it should rate one of those snarky reviews I occasionally write because it s so OTT and cheesy, but occasionally I m in the mood for that kind of thing From page one there are kidnappings, traitor whores, lots of gun fights, and cheesy sex scenes on every [...]

  18. This is such a good book It is longer than this author s normal book but the story line is so good and needed the longer story to get it all in In this story we meet Rachel and through a series of horrific events we meet Jack Jack takes one look at Rachel and knows he needs to get her and keep her Jack is always attracted to innocent women and there is no one innocent than Rachel Rachel is not sure what her father has done but when he gives her to men from a MC that is outside their city that [...]

  19. Standard MC book.Rachel Hargrove, a nineteen year old virgin is handed over to an exceptionally nasty biker gang by her father who also happens to be a Mayor with huge political aspirations She s rescued from this gang by Throttle the VP of the Devils MC The attraction between Rachel and Jack Throttle Shields is instant and he ll protect her even if it means war.To be honest I didn t like this book as much as I wanted to, it s the usual MC story although it does have some good characters but wha [...]

  20. I am on the fence with this one Outlaw Kind of Love had the potential to be awesome The idea and characters were entertaining but there was just something keeping me from loving this book I really wanted to love it, but I feel like is a much better description of my feelings.I read just about every MC book I come across, I love them Rough, raw, gritty and dirty to soft and sweet This was mild with some roughness and grit Jake was a little sweeter than your typical MC man The douche bag that is R [...]

  21. I hate leaving a bad review But sometimes you can t help but do it This book was waterwatered down and had weird dialogue and I m really unsure what made it so odd but I just didn t care for it much It seems like the author watched tv or read about motorcycle clubs and then thought she had enough knowledge to write a book I am going to read the next book, mostly because I already purchased it months ago This couple felt like insta love and that drives me bonkers it should also be noted, that the [...]

  22. I flove the Grizzly MC s series I was so excited to start the Prairie Devils series after just finishing Outlaws Bride, unfortunately I just never quite connected with either character in this book I didn t fully buy into a 19 year old virgin doing many of the things baby girl did in this story I m not sure I fully believed Throttle would fall so hard for her the way he didon to the next book

  23. I enjoyed this ok The story was kind of sloppy but I didn t mind it I wish that the next book was about the same club so would be inclined to read it Maybe someday I will read this series The covers of the books are really nice so theres a chance I will soon.

  24. 2 1 5 stars.It was an okay read I didn t find anything special or moving about this book It was a little bit unrealistic and at times rushed especially how they end up in bed Anyway, I liked it enough to finish it.

  25. Comprei no no escuro, eu n o conhecia esta autora, mas n o me arrependi.A hist ria boa e prende a aten o do leitor Gostei e recomendo

  26. This is My ZON Review I did thoroughly enjoy this Book it really is One very fast paced ride very fast You could be reading Their on there ride going somewhere , then the next paragraph your there all good for me I could keep up others might find this disjointed but I was fine with this the editing was pretty good the only thing that eriked me was when the Author wrote about the Guys Jack s Breast As in you d be in a love scene you read her hands roamed over my Abs up to my breast Yip kind of th [...]

  27. I just finished Outlaw Kind of Law Prairie Devils and I really liked it I m all for a biker s story and this did not disappoint Rachel is a good girl, always has been but her daddy the mayor sells her to the Raging Skulls MC club This club is not a very nice club, it s the worse that you can think of but what helps her is that when this club is on a run they have to make a pit stop to the Prairie Devils MC club The VP Throttle, sees Rachel and understands that it is not a willingly situation so [...]

  28. Rachael Hargrove grew up thinking life was all candy and rainbow s being the daughter of a politician, thinking nothing bad would ever happen to her.but one day changed her life FOREVER Jack Throttle Shields is the VP for the MC Club Prairie Devils, he happens to stumble on a situation that he thinks requires his immediate attention to take care of something that can turn bad for the club immediately But what Jack wants Jack takes And Thank God he does.at is when he stumbles across Rachael.The i [...]

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