One to Love (2022)

☆ One to Love ☆ Tia Louise - One to Love, One to Love Tattoos bad boys loveBoxing fame fortune Loss It s the one thing Kenny and Slayde have in common Until the night Fate throws them together and everything changes Their chemistry is undeniable the ☆ One to Love ☆ Tia Louise - One to Love, One to Love Tattoos bad boys loveBoxing fame fortune Loss It s the one thing Kenny and Slayde have in common Until the night Fate throws them together and everything changes Their chemistry is undeniable the
  • Title: One to Love
  • Author: Tia Louise
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Book
One to Love
☆ One to Love ☆ Tia Louise, One to Love, Tia Louise, One to Love Tattoos bad boys loveBoxing fame fortune Loss It s the one thing Kenny and Slayde have in common Until the night Fate throws them together and everything changes Their chemistry is undeniable their love blazing hot but is history destined to repeat itself It s a story about fighting It s about falling in love It s about losing everything only to find it againTattoos bad boys lo
  • ☆ One to Love ☆ Tia Louise
    358Tia Louise
One to Love

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  1. You can read my full review at Sinfully Sexy and enter to win some great prizes from Tia Louise4 Stars True love destroys fear It covers sins It s stronger than any human emotion One to Love by Tia Louise is book four in her One to Hold series I will start by indicating that while this book can certainly be read as a stand alone, I feel like it would be a much fulfilling read if you have read the previous books in the series particularly the last one I have been a fan of this series right from [...]

  2. LIVE One Love Hold T 3 To second chances StarsOne to Love is apart of the One to Hold series, but can be read as a standalone I have not read books 2 3, so this is my first time meeting Kenny.Kenny is a survivor She ran off and married the boy her parents didn t approve of and he was killed in a bar fight shortly after She had a drunken one night stand with a friend ended up pregnant She has made her mistakes, but has settled down and is trying to get her life back on track Slayde meets Kenny w [...]

  3. It s Live One to Love 3 3,5 Be Free StarsMy first read for the author and i m positive it won t be my last One to Love is a part of the series, yet it can be read as a standalone Kenny a woman who been through a lot in her life getting married in a young age, and on one day her husband was killed in a bar fight with everything going pretty ugly in her life she gets drunk with her best friend Patrick and she end up pregnant Now all Kenny is focusing on is to get back on the right track and be hap [...]

  4. I ve got some serious feels I need to share about this bookShe said I d saved her, but the reality was she was the angel who saved me Now I was trying to hold onto her as if I could be tat lucky Spoiler Free Review Even though it s killing me Let s start off by saying that I have read all three of the previous One to Hold novels, so I knew all about Kenny s back story before starting One to Love might be marked as a stand alone, but you really need an understanding of her time with Patrick in or [...]

  5. 3 Second Chance StarsHow is it possible I came here thinking I d fade away, and I found you One To Love is a story about loss, second chances and forgiveness It s emotional, it s steamy, and it s entertaining Did that sound deep to you Because the truth of the matter is I was sold after reading just this.Tattoos, bad boys, loveBoxing, fame, fortune Loss.I happen to be easy when it comes to bad boys, tattoos, and fighters.Having never read any of the other books in this series, I was really hopin [...]

  6. 4 heartbreaking starsWithout the darkness you never see the stars.Two broken individuals, going through the motions trying to live their life through the pain, loss and guilt Just when they think they are getting their second chance at life, fate had them meet and question everything they have tried to convince themselves on what they deserve I ve done my best to change The question is whether that erases the past Kennyan angel as beautiful as that She deserved so much better than a broken down [...]

  7. 4.5 I Can t Live Without You Stars ARC provided by author Kendra Woods aka Kenny is a 26 yr old beautiful, young widow mother living in Bayville, NJ She is an artist who used to do tattooing She is taking off a semester of college is currently working as a trainer at the Jungle Gym.After losing her husband 5 yrs ago, Kenny hasn t been able to move on with her life She feels shut down inside, and is scared to let anyone too close She is afraid to ever feel that kind of pain again She has a 2 yr o [...]

  8. 4.5 More to Love Stars So I did not know what to expect when TL announced a book for Kenny as I didn t know if I was a fan I know the back story a bitd her history with Patrick Although things have seemingly worked out with the whole Patrick Elaine Kenny story, I still sat on the fence with knowing this woman walked away from her baby.That being said, I was beyond pleasantly surprised when I finished this read and found so much to Kenny than meets the eye GRIEF pushes people to extremes challen [...]

  9. I ve been dreaming of this story since before I started ONE TO KEEP LOL Kenny is one of my favorite characters, and Slayde is yummy Get ONE TO LOVE Today smarturl OTLAAiTunes smarturl iOTLKobo smarturl OTLkoboNook smarturl OTLBNGoogle Play smarturl OTLGPARe smarturl OTLARePaperbacks on smarturl OTLpbACreatespace smarturl OTLCS Thanks for reading 3 T.

  10. 4 Have you ever heard of the Red String of Fate Stars Tia Louise did it to me again There I was merrily reading away, getting my Slayde and Kenny thang on and BOOM WTF I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING True love destroys fear It covers sins It s stronger than any human emotion I shouldn t really be surprised, because this talented lady has managed to do it on some level to me with pretty much every book in the One to Hold series You always have an inkling that something big is about to happen as any giv [...]

  11. this series just keeps gettin better an better i luv it so muchthis story was so good i luvd kenny in the other book so when i seen she gettin her own book i was delighted i luv her character she as gone through the mill an she is still very young but she doesnt let anything get in way i luv the relationship she as with patrick how could u not hes such a great guy then u have slayde OMG he is just SEXY ididnt have a clue what is story was just knew he was an ex boxer but i was shocked when i fou [...]

  12. ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review 4 Second Fated Stars Tattoos, bad boys, loveBoxing, fame, fortune Loss Can the heart truly heal Do second chance exists for broken hearts And the answer isYES In One to Love by Tia Louise, she showcases the power of love, redemption, forgiveness, and second chances In this heartbreaking and yet touching story, two strangers are destined to meet Destined to find each other Maybe fate played a hand for them to meet But all that doesn t matter whe [...]

  13. I LOVED Kenny and Slade s story I am not, sorry to say, a tatted reader, but I loved the evolution of these two characters All that they had been through I also enjoy the re occurrence of characters from the One to Hold series Patrick, Elaine, Mel, and Derek And goodness gracious is the heat still therewith all of them And humor This book has it all Though these are all standalones, I recommend that you read the entire series No matter what you do, don t miss this fun series

  14. You know, I never thought that I would love a hero as much as Tia made me love Derek, but honestly, Slayde is running a VERY close second Both Slayde and Kenny have am amazing story to tell and I hope every one of you enjoy it I am going to spout a little review and opinions about this story, like I usually do, so I hope you all enjoy True love destroys fear I covers sin It s stronger than any human emotion that was my absolute favorite line in this book, btw When Slayde settles in a town where [...]

  15. Love is a risk, babe Wow One to Love is my first Tia Louise book, and to mix metaphors, this one came out of left field and hit me right between the eyes I absolutely LOVED this book I expected to like it because I ve heard such great things about Tia Louise s books, but I never guessed that I would ADORE everything about it Slayde is my favorite type of book boyfriend the fiercely protective yet sweetly vulnerable bad boy gone good and giving it all he s got to make it with the right girl To qu [...]

  16. 4.5 stars Sexy, emotional, warm and very satisfying story.Tia Louise s books have been on my TBR list forever and I am so glad I finally read One To Love I LOVED it Kenny and Slayde s story was filled with passion, heart, feeling, and incredibly hot and addictive sexy times I love this author s style of writing, and can t wait to read of her books.Slayde is starting over in the small town where Kenny works as a trainer at a local gym He is quite literally starting out at the bottom, working as [...]

  17. Loved it Truly I have been following Tia Louise since she released her first book, One to Hold Each book she writes draws you in deeper into these amazing characters lives All her characters are well developed, each of her men posses true alpha characteristics but that is where the similarities end creating a new a fresh story in each book One to Love is about 2 broken people in need of someone who can bring light into their worlds Kenny is a young woman trying to make a better life by making be [...]

  18. I haven t read the other books in the series yet but this one was amazing and now I want to read the other books even This romantic story is about a man and a woman with tortured pasts who find one another through fate I love how perfect they seem to fit together As soon as I got to chapter 19, I figured the story out but that didn t deter me from wanting to read Thank you so much to Tia Louise for writing such a wonderful story and allowing me to read it Till next time Sweets Books Written by [...]

  19. One to Love by Tia Louise MY REVIEWFACT No 1 I love Fighters with big hearts that mix of fierceness and gentility swoooonFact No, 2 I Love tortured alphas broken in need of fixing Challenge accepted.Fact No 3 Keep your fancy rich boys I like em penniless but driven nothing sexier than watching them evolve into the man they were destined to be.Fact No 4 Tia Louise has penned the KING of tortured, alpha, penniless but driven, big hearted fighters sans pareil HOLLA It s no secret how much I LOVE th [...]

  20. I have liked Kenny since we met her in Patrick s book One to Protect I was excited when I found out she was getting her own book Kenny didn t think she could move on after her husband was killed She knows she made a mistake with Patrick, but they got Lane out of the deal She wants to move on and not feel like she is betraying her dead husband, but how does she do that One talk with someone who has lost a spouse has Kenny reexamining her life She is learning in small steps to move on and make her [...]

  21. Kenny, a woman of strength, both physically and emotionally She wears her scars openly And has made mistakes and learned from them She s a fighter in every way.Slayde a man of mystery, strong handsome, tough Born to fight born to battle His life has never been easy, and never will be His past will haunt him, even though he is a different person now He has changed and evolved into a man of character But will that even matter when the truth comes out QUOTE WITHOUT THE DARKNESS YOU WILL NEVER SEE T [...]

  22. This book is phenomenal Once again Tia Louise has managed to write a book that will leave you begging for Kenny is a survivor Once upon a time she ran away and got married to a boy her parents did not approve of One night shortly after he was killed in a bar fight Kenny, coping with his death, got drunk and had a one night stand with a friend To make things even worse, she ends up pregnant All in all, she has made her mistakes, but has settled down and her life is back on track.Slayde met Kenny [...]

  23. I ve read the entire One to Hold Series and I absolutely love the alpha men that Tia creates Derek and Patrick both make an appearance in One to Love, but this is Kenny and Slayde s love story You ll remember Kenny as the girl Patrick met and hooked up with, and then as Lane s mom One to Love is part of the One to Hold Series, but it can be read as a stand alone book.Now, let me just tell you I like 1 a bad boy, 2 a fighter, 3 a strong male hero that can find redemption Tia Louise hit all my fav [...]

  24. I will begin with how excited I am that Tia finally gives us Kenny s story I have loved her from the beginning She is a strong, beautiful woman that has made her share of mistakes but they have made her who she is today and they are also the basis of her strength and will Oh Slayde where shall we begin He is a man of mystery and intrigue He was born to be a fighter and that has been the base of his internal turmoil and pain He is a strong, silent, sexy man that has lead a tough life.When Slayde [...]

  25. Yes I loved this book as I loved all of Tia Louise s before this but I have to admit to being able to predict what Slayde s past was I guess I have read so many novels that I am able to see these story lines quickly Despite all of this I couldn t help but love the ride that was Kenny and Slayde s story I loved them both Kenny for how she deals with her past loss and Slayde for how he is wearing his past and is trying to be a better person I have to admit to having a new favourite male lead of Ti [...]

  26. 4 1 2 stars I ve been a huge fan of Tia s writing, her books always put an unpredictable spin on all her stories, which I love This story is no exception Following on from Characters that I have developed deep connection and affection to, that we ve met in previous books This time it s Kenny s love story, while still continuing the lives of much loved characters Patric and Elaine, and introducing beautiful two year old toddler Lane.I sunk easily into the easy writing, like a great friend It was [...]

  27. Loving this series Each book is better than the next This one is most definitely my favorite by far.Two sad broken souls come together by chance and try to fix each other I love these type of stories I already knew and loved Kenny BUT Slayde was one hell of a bonus A hot, tatted, broken, former badboy fighter He stole my heart with his sweetness I loved them together I was rooting for them through every small struggle Then I was hit with a horrific twist I didn t know how or if they even would m [...]

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