Blood Eagle (2022)

[PDF] Unlimited æ Blood Eagle : by Craig Russell - Blood Eagle, Blood Eagle The first woman had her lungs ripped out When the same gruesome ritualistic method was used again it was clear that the same killer was responsible But there is no precise evidence to link the two ca [PDF] Unlimited æ Blood Eagle : by Craig Russell - Blood Eagle, Blood Eagle The first woman had her lungs ripped out When the same gruesome ritualistic method was used again it was clear that the same killer was responsible But there is no precise evidence to link the two ca
  • Title: Blood Eagle
  • Author: Craig Russell
  • ISBN: 9780099472582
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
Blood Eagle
[PDF] Unlimited æ Blood Eagle : by Craig Russell, Blood Eagle, Craig Russell, Blood Eagle The first woman had her lungs ripped out When the same gruesome ritualistic method was used again it was clear that the same killer was responsible But there is no precise evidence to link the two cases except for the tantalising email In his first crime novel Craig Russell introduces us to a new detective hero Jan Fabel half Scottish half German a man of conscieThe first woman ha
  • [PDF] Unlimited æ Blood Eagle : by Craig Russell
    235Craig Russell
Blood Eagle

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  1. Sometimes, it s very frustrating being a clever clogs Or perhaps just someone who reads too much This is a brilliant crime novel so far , but, gosh, they need me on this case Women discovered cracked open and with their lungs displayed Police have no clue Errblood eagle UmVikings Does anyone seriously not know this sort of stuff And then a victim half remembers men with strange smooth faces all with one eye oh, come on Vikings plus one eyed men Think about it Odin ODIN the God of the Vikings The [...]

  2. Ein Serienm rder, dessen Taten anscheinend nicht nur einem kranken Geist entspringen, der von altnordischer Mythologie inspiriert ist, sondern die auch zunehmend in Verbindung zu stehen scheinen mit politischer Intrige Ein undurchschaubares Spiel vom BND, der der Kriminalpolizei gegen ber offensichtlich Informationen zur ckh lt Und ein B rgermeister, dessen Rolle ebenfalls fraglich ist die Hamburger Kripo hat es nicht gerade leicht bei der Aufkl rung der Taten Und als sich herausstellt, dass off [...]

  3. Amazing journey thrue the mind of the killersI think i ve become fan of this writer sometime thrue this book, the first book from him that i ve read, but i hope its not the last one

  4. I ve actually had the pleasure of writing the German TV adaptation for this novel Did I like the novel you bet I like dark and twisted, I like grisly and Craig s delivered on that and ever so much He s created, with Hauptkommissar Jan Fabel of the Hamburg police, a truly iconic cop A man in the middle of life, a good man, for once not a torn, broken or morally corrupt cop he s a good man, all around, thoughtful, smart of course , always tries to think of everyone The novelist loves Hamburg, and [...]

  5. Blood Eagle is the first book in Craig Russell s series featuring Principal Chief Commisar Jan Fabel of the KriPo in Hamburg This book is really a thriller than a mystery, in some ways closely mimicking the sensational thrillers that are usually set in America A serial killer is on the loose a killer who leaves behind victims who have been murdered in what seems to be a brutal and ritualistic manner Add to this the politics of Germany, the Ukraine, and Turkey and you re left guessing what direc [...]

  6. With Blood Eagle, Russell pens a classic police thriller complete with gruesome murders, organised crime, police corruption and a driven yet flawed detective The only thing missing is by modern standards the pacing is a little slow.Nonetheless Blood Eagle is a compelling piece on par with Thomas Harris, and James Patterson s earlier novels Probably not for late night reading if you want safe dreams.

  7. Thriller with the only difference to all others is that it is set in Germany Uneccessarily gory and unbelievable, not recommended.

  8. The last crime novels I read set in Hamburg were Cay Rademacher s Inspector Stave books set in the devastation and deprivation of the immediate aftermath of Germany s defeat in WWII, so I was very interested to try Craig Russell s Jan Faber series, a modern era take on crime and punishment in the city Interestingly, Russell is a Scot, author of the Lennox crime novels set in Glasgow, my home town Both cities have a certain reputation and don t appear automatically in lists of places people want [...]

  9. Blood Eagle is a very complex crime thriller following the central detective, Fabel, as he tracks a serial killer in Hamburg There is a strong mix of history, politics and crime, interwoven to provide a crime story which is challenging to predict Cleverness of it s plot aside, the novel fails to create an edge of your seat read You will, however, want to see Blood Eagle deliver it s conclusion, which is rather remote from any initial ideas you might have, for the journey is full of modern social [...]

  10. I found this a bit hard going at firstrtly because I found some of the German Police ranks confusing I kept having to check them in the glossary I was struggling to keep track of all the different departments MEK, LKA7,BND etc etc it all seemed to be very long words or initials But after a few chapters I stopped caring just got on really enjoyed the story The tension builds beautifully the end finishes in such a way that you re bound to want to read the next in the series Will be keeping my eye [...]

  11. Vulturul ns ngerat este un thriller cu nuan e horror prin imaginea f urit de crimele Fiului lui Sven Crime grote ti ce vor pune la grele ncerc ri eforturile poli iei din Hamburg Un asasin ce va reprezenta cea mai mare provocare a lui Fabel i a echipei sale O nv lm eal de evenimente ce vor fi mai mult dec t un psihopat ce se joac cu vie ile victimelor sale, test nd, n acela i timp, i capacitatea lui Fabel de a i ap ra cet enii.goodread recenzie vulturul

  12. it had me hooked was a bit challenging reading the German words but got used to it at the end exciting thriller

  13. Con la desafortunada traducci n del t tulo original Blood Eagle a Muerte en Hamburgo , este libro, es el primero de una serie protagonizada por Jan Fabel, detective de homicidios de la polic a de Hamburgo La trama del libro versa sobre una serie de sangrientos asesinatos que se han realizado imitando a un milenario rito n rdico conocido como el guila de sangre una ofrenda al dios Od n cometidos por un asesino que se denomina a si mismo como el Hijo de Sven.La identidad de las mujeres asesiandas [...]

  14. What an amazing debut novel I simply love the way that Russell writes With his lush use of vocabulary and his turn of phrase he reminds me a bit of my very favorite author, John Connolly It is so refreshing to see so much attention to detail to not only a murder plot, but also to the actual writing style in genre fiction The plot, intricately laid out, untwists with enough clues to keep readers guessing, but also includes some very genuine surprises And with that shocker of an ending, I am genui [...]

  15. Blutig, spannend, lehrreich Craig Russell berrascht mit seinem ersten Roman der Jan Fabel Reihe mit vielen Elementen Besonders Freunde der Geschichte, Politik und Mythologie kann man diesen Thriller w rmstens empfehlen Die Charaktere sind gut gew hlt zusammen bilden sie alle ein eingespieltes Team, das sympathisiert Den Schreibstil kann ich nicht kritisieren.Die Story ist durchweg spannend und gut aufgebaut An einigen Stellen wirken die Kapitel vollgestopft mit wissenswerten Informationen, die m [...]

  16. I find myself uncertain of my opinion of this book While reading it, I was convinced that I was not entirely entertained, and found it easy to put down Howeverw that it s finished, a month or so after the fact, I found myself looking for the second book in the series I think part of this comes down to the obvious unfamiliarity with the setting and German terms used in the novel While reading, they pulled me out of what was an otherwise engaging and original crime mystery Having now read the seco [...]

  17. Nowhere near as smooth and professional as Eternal, this bears many hallmarks of being a debut novel However, it still flows well especially towards the end and is overall a good read I found myself missing the scientific appeal from Eternal which is 3 in the series Blood Eagle is 1 , but, overall, the thematic similarities are so extreme that I m kind of wondering how similar the books in this series are going to be Eternal is quite close to being Blood Eagle Draft 2 , without going into spoil [...]

  18. This was the first crime thriller I ve read in I m not certain, but over a decade, for sure, and probably two It is set in Hamburg, where I bought and started reading it, and it is exquisite Russell has a masterful pace, knows Hamburg very, very well, and uses it to great effect, and the character of Jan Fabel is multi faceted and appealing I repeatedly had the feeling of okay, now I know where this is going , only to be pleasantly surprised when that was not it at all.The murders themselves are [...]

  19. A serial killer is stalking the streets of Hamburg leaving grisly scenes behind The police must work out whether the motive is some form of cult, with ritualistic sacrifices, a political threat from some neo nazi group or even, as some evidence suggests, someone within the police and or security sectors The detective in charge has a major problem rooting out the truth Apart from getting my head around the use of German names for the police departments and the ranks of the officers this is a crac [...]

  20. I ve moved from Italy to Germany To Hamburg which has canals than Venice And policemen with long German compound noun ranks Here it is Erste Kriminalhauptkommissar Jan Fabel of mixed German Scots descent A decent cop caught in the midst of offences by criminals from half of Europe or at least that s what it seems like I don t know if Hamburg in particular and Germany in general has a problem with Turkish and Ukrainian mafias fighting turf wars If there are I hope they are not as bloody as those [...]

  21. Caos Con una descripci n bell sima de Hamburgo se nota el apego del escritor con la ciudad ed una historia que nos plantea muy bien al detective Fabel que no acepta medias tintas y busca llegar al fondo de una serie de asesinatos llenos de simbolismos de esos personajes entra ables La lectura puede volverse pesada por la variedad de siglas e instituciones policiacas que se mencionan Rumbo al final todo sucede vertiginosamente y si estaban esperando una conclusi n, habr que continuar la saga para [...]

  22. It was Blood Eagle an English hardback I read but this is the only cover that matches And, having already made my mind up not to read Craig Russell s Hamburg Jan Fabel series preferring Scottish Irish and already having enough of those to read I picked it up in a library sale.So Writing good, which I expected, characters and place well drawn and plot tight and tension taut Very gory But oh those titles and initials But I shall not hesitate to read Brothers Grimm, which is also on my shelf.

  23. The book began quite slowly although with a heavy murder scene and introducing so many different strings and sub plots that I didn t have much hope for it, yet Russell brings together all those strings very, very well and the book turned out much to its favor after 100 pages or so I enjoyed the fact that a Scottish author is such an expert on German history and the city of Hamburg.I hear there is a TV movie adaptation, I can t yet imagine how the book was tamed for it, since it is not for the fa [...]

  24. Kitab bitirmem uzun s rd ama bu tamamen kitaptan kaynaklanan bir durum de il Ba ta Almanca kelimelere takt m Bir t rl ak yakalayamad m.Sonra k smen al t m bu duruma Konu olarak kanl cinayetler i leyen bir katil Komiser Jan Fabel i se er ve ona i ledi i cinayetlerle ilgili e mail g nderir bununla bitmiyor tabi Olaya Kanl Kartal ayinleri, Ukrayna ve T rk mafyalar hatta zel polis birimleri bile kar m vaziyette O y zden biraz kar t rd kafam P Bay ld m diyemem ama seriye devam etmek istiyorum.

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