Dark Sparkler (2022)

Dark Sparkler Best Read || [Amber Tamblyn Diane di Prima] - Dark Sparkler, Dark Sparkler The lives of than twenty five actresses lost before their time from Marilyn Monroe to Brittany Murphy explored in haunting provocative new work by an acclaimed poet and actress Amber Tamblyn is both Dark Sparkler Best Read || [Amber Tamblyn Diane di Prima] - Dark Sparkler, Dark Sparkler The lives of than twenty five actresses lost before their time from Marilyn Monroe to Brittany Murphy explored in haunting provocative new work by an acclaimed poet and actress Amber Tamblyn is both
  • Title: Dark Sparkler
  • Author: Amber Tamblyn Diane di Prima
  • ISBN: 9780062348166
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
Dark Sparkler
Dark Sparkler Best Read || [Amber Tamblyn Diane di Prima], Dark Sparkler, Amber Tamblyn Diane di Prima, Dark Sparkler The lives of than twenty five actresses lost before their time from Marilyn Monroe to Brittany Murphy explored in haunting provocative new work by an acclaimed poet and actress Amber Tamblyn is both an award winning film and television actress and an acclaimed poet As such she is deeply fascinated and intimately familiar with the toll exacted from young women whoseThe lives of than
  • Dark Sparkler Best Read || [Amber Tamblyn Diane di Prima]
    388Amber Tamblyn Diane di Prima
Dark Sparkler

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  1. Amber Tamblyn s third volume of poetry, Dark Sparkler, examines the lives of actresses who died before their time sometimes long before their time Tamblyn covers a wide range of actresses from Sharon Tate to Marilyn Monroe, from Brittany Murphy to Peg Entwistle and includes an epilogue of personal poems about the business Interspersed with her poems are original pieces of artwork by the likes of Adrian Tomine, David Lynch, and Marilyn Manson.I m definitely a fan of poetry, but I had never read [...]

  2. These really didn t work for me They didn t feel personal Many of them were written in the first person, but since so many of them followed the same basic facts young woman, thrust into fame, under pressure, struggles with the cruelty of celebrity, takes life or is killed by partner they all kinda blurred Imagine you find a picture on your friend s dresser You ask them about it and your friend tells you a story of one of the most intense days of their life You write a poem about it You remember [...]

  3. Been trying to read a little poetry This one I kind of like Some of the names I heard of and others I looked up Interesting read.

  4. 5 out of 5 In the introduction, Diane di Prima suggests that as you read you might get curious about the women referenced here I can attest that, indeed, you will You will read this collection and you will wonder about Peg Entwhistle or Laurel Gene And you will google them Just like you ll google Amber Tamblyn, because you will want to see that she is, in fact, okay And you will take comfort in that comfort in the knowledge that not all stories have an unhappy ending It s the same reason we re o [...]

  5. No one is skeptical than me when it comes to actors turned writers I m looking at you, James Franco But I was really, happily surprised by Tamblyn s style The poems are visceral, the imagery is surprising and evocative, and the styles of the poem vary in interesting ways I loved that I could read up on each actress in the book as I read, giving the already strong poems many layers of depth and meaning You can tell that Tamblyn put a lot into this book I m definitely planning to check out the r [...]

  6. My reaction to this book is one of my typically long, circuitous discussions If you have the time, you can read the entire thing here If you d like a shorter snippet, here you go This collection reminded me in many ways of Mikita Brottman s short story collection, Thirteen Girls I found myself curious about all the women in this collection, as I did when I read about the women who fell to serial killers in Brottman s penetrating look at victims and the ways they are remembered The titles of the [...]

  7. This is one of the most gripping collections of poetry I ve read in a while I m so impressed with not just the cohesive nature of Tamblyn s book, but the way each poem feels so specifically personal and haunting You ll spend a lot of time on Google getting to know these women and their stories, and feeling a whole range of emotions fresh every time you read the next poem Highly recommend.

  8. There s something both magical and lurid about this compendium of Hollywood actresses, many of whom were lured by the dreams and wrecked by the cruel business of the Tinseltown star factory Tamblyn knows the industry better than most, a second generation actor whose performances brought her leading roles in television and in feature films she grew up in entertainment and sees it from an inside perspective that is haunting and illuminating The meat of this provocative and fascinating collection i [...]

  9. This was a weird one I m not a fan of poetry as I ve said over and over again but I ve been taking an online poetry workshop in an attempt to better understand it and either that s helped or this was way better than my previous forays into modern poetry Sure, the concept, while interesting at first glance, gets a bit repetitive after a while and a lot of the poems sound like they could use a lot work but overall, I liked the imagery that the author s managed to create and I loved the spooky yet [...]

  10. Loving these poems I won this book and was lucky to be a first reader Just like the author suggests, I am anxiously googling and obsessing over the women I am reading about in this book.

  11. I ve got a lot of feelings about this book, so bear with me Or hide my reviews Whichever It s a very interesting idea for a book, recounting the stories of all the actresses who died young, particularly given Tamblyn is an actress I d feel some sort of bad for putting that up front instead of the fact that she s a writer and a good one, except that it s entirely up front in this project, it has to be, there s no other reason that this exists It did bring up some small uncomfortable questions of [...]

  12. I really loved this collection of poems and the unique way Amber told these stories of deaths of many young women actresses The artwork, which goes along with each poem is very descriptive I recognized most of the named women and enjoyed the way Amber tells their story and leads you to their cause of death She has a way of bringing the reader into the moments before these talented women s lives ended and you get caught up in the highs and lows of what is lost Many of the young women left us befo [...]

  13. I would give this book a 2.5 It shows promise and I was attracted to the idea of Amber writing poetry It s stronger than James Franco s book, but the real test was whether the author could convince me to have a stake in these poems and at the end of the day, almost Amber has potential as a poet and should keep on working at it She seems like a deep and thoughtful person living in a really weird and sometimes horrible industry So glad she is writing poetry

  14. So I got this book because I never heard of it and she was supposed to be a speaker at a reading festival in my area I like how she tried to give each actress her story and it s clear this book took a lot of research With the exceptions of Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Tate, who I only know of because of how they died, I had never even heard of any of the actresses in here To see this many young actresses all gone, many not known to me and probably others and all dying tragically is very heart wrenc [...]

  15. Amazing A few months ago, I watched an interview Amber Tamblyn gave to AOL Studios and since then I ve been really curious about this book It s the first time I read something written by her and I m so impressed She has her own writing style I think the subject was very interesting too I thought I would feel sad reading this kind of poems, but I didn t The sadness I felt wasn t the one that usually make people wanna kill themselves, but the one that makes them wanna change the world and try new [...]

  16. I was intrigued by the subject matter when I read an article about this book of poems Now that I ve read it, I m even intrigue.Many of the poems are raw and devastating I audibly gasped on a few occasions, because what I read or saw so stirred me And like Tamblyn while creating this work, I found myself obsessively reading on the actresses featured previously known to me and unknown alike And while the subject and admittedly the author herself drew me to the work, what perhaps most reached me [...]

  17. I fell down the rabbit hole with this oneWhat a riveting collection of poetry Amber Tamblyn is a well known child star in her own right and has continued to be present in many kinds of films roles as she has grown up Over the years, she has written poetry and even published two previous collections The most incredible part about this particular book is the depths she went to to be able to bring an artistic vision to these long forgotten, heartbreaking and sometimes misinterpreted stories of othe [...]

  18. This is a really quirky, honest, and creative book of feminist poetry and discourse While it focuses on the lives of young females in Hollywood, it really transcends to all females Because I m not familiar with many historically famous actresses, I felt the need to do my own research on these famous women before during after reading the poems I NEEDED to learn This is one of the genius things about the writing in this book it isn t flowery or over the top poetic , but weaves in facts between th [...]

  19. Memento Mori A reminder of mortality ORIGIN Latin.Translation Remember that you must die Last page of Dark Sparkler by Amber Tamblyn.I might sound like a masochist but I love reading depressing books when I am depressed It must be the 16 year old in me that refuses to die Oh, well, that s a bad phrase However, I digress, as I understand it, this Amber Tamblyn s third poetry collection but this is my first collection of hers I ve read Boy, is it a doozy.Dark Sparkler is a bleak memoria of actress [...]

  20. This is a collection of poetry honoring actresses who died in unfortunate generally tragic but not always ways Some of them I ve heard of and some were vaguely familiar and some, of course, I had absolutely no idea who they were That s almost the beauty of this collection it brings these women back to life and, hopefully, will encourage people to learn about them.Obviously I know Amber Tamblyn as an actress she s actually been in some of my favorite movies but she s a really talented poet You c [...]

  21. I read this in the middle of the night when I had insomnia It was beautiful and ugly and disturbing and haunting Tamblyn is a new to me poet I discovered her while watching The Increasingly Bad Decisions of Todd Margaret, which is ironically one of the most misogynistic shows I ve ever seen It was coincidentally, created by her husband, David Cross I thought this was a very strange dichotomy or the joke was lost on me which lent an even acerbic voice to her words It s also possible I projected [...]

  22. Warning the book you are holding in your hands will break your heart.tulisan di halaman pertama buku ini.dan memang demikianlahya suka tulisan tulisan Amber disini hidup, berhasil membangunkan seseorang disini tunjuk dada yang meronta ronta dan membuat hati menjadi cekit cekit saat membaca beberapa tulisan seseorang disini tunjuk dada itu juga berhasil menggerakkan kelenjar air mata untuk mengeluarkan air dan membuat saya menangis di beberapa tulisanasa aja sih tulisannya, cuma mungkin karena sa [...]

  23. my husband heard about this book on pop culture happy hour and told me you like tragic females you should read this so i did i read it with my ipad on my lap so i could google all of the famous actresses that i hadn t heard of before i would definitely suggest this as a way to better understand some of the imagery in the poems.i wasn t really sure about the epilogue where tamblyn includes some of her own emails is she throwing herself in with the tragic females because she thinks that s where he [...]

  24. I LOVED Dark Sparkler The first half was good, I whipped through it maybe a little too fast for my enjoyment s sake, but when I picked it up a second time, again at the halfway mark, it started taking flight for good it SOARED, for me it got progressively and excellent, extending into the epilogue section where you get to see into Tamblyn s process creating the book and relating to the women she wrote about I reached the last poem and was gutted that there were no .I m extremely happy I picked [...]

  25. Sad and intriguing collection of poems distilled from the tragic lives of actresses, some quite obscure I had trouble finding them with Google there s an 8pg list of search terms consisting of actress names and deaths, many of whom died young and holy dude will that take a bit to go through and reconcile with those poems based on actresses I couldn t find initially Included in and around those poems based on real women are anxieties that Tamblyn herself must share with these women the pressure t [...]

  26. This is an amazing book of poetry by Amber Tamblyn, the star of the Joan of Arcadia TV series and also of several movies Each one of these poems is about the final moments of a particular person who died before their time Most are actresses, many not well known, but you can look them up on google, which makes you want to read the poems all over again But that s not just a marketing gimmick The poems are very well written and poignant A few recognizable people are included such as Sharon Tate, Ma [...]

  27. I am positive I can t give anything higher than 2 stars to book of poetry that contains this line about Brittany Murphy A pill lodges in the inner pocket of her flesh coat Flesh coat Eek Inspired by the tragic ends of young actresses, each poem tries to be insightful but feels exploitative than anything Proof one poem is told from the perspective of Sharon Tate s unborn child as Tate was being murdered No thank you.

  28. Dark Sparkler is a cutting book of poetry about feminism, fame, and the way that society devours young women It s experimental and deeply poignant I want to return to it with the time to go through and research each of the actresses mentioned as I think that will make it even enriching

  29. I really enjoyed the poetry, I looked up some of the actresses l am unfamiliar with and intend to look up I find it interesting that Lindsey Lohan has a page ready, as she seems likely to be found in this unfortunate category someday I also found it unsurprising but sad that a woman as beautiful and accomplished as Amber Tamblyn has also been full of self doubt and even self hatred I blame our misogynistic culture Amber, keep writing, keep acting, we need you

  30. WritingI mean, it s poetry It s really hard for me to judge the artistic merits of modern poetry because I don t get most of it And I have a lot of insecurity relating to the fact that my brother is a complete professional at poetry no seriously, he s published and teaches it on a college level and I am terrified of the entire genre, particularly modern blank verse I feel like I have no idea what makes something good versus what makes something random strings of words In this case, my gut leads [...]

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