Fixing Justice (2022)

Unlimited Fixing Justice - by Suzanne Halliday - Fixing Justice, Fixing Justice Sometimes the last thing you need is exactly what you get He s the sexy type complete with tuxedo and an icy blue stare She s a tom boy waif who s nerd than goddess When Tori Bennett ends up at th Unlimited Fixing Justice - by Suzanne Halliday - Fixing Justice, Fixing Justice Sometimes the last thing you need is exactly what you get He s the sexy type complete with tuxedo and an icy blue stare She s a tom boy waif who s nerd than goddess When Tori Bennett ends up at th
  • Title: Fixing Justice
  • Author: Suzanne Halliday
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Fixing Justice
Unlimited Fixing Justice - by Suzanne Halliday, Fixing Justice, Suzanne Halliday, Fixing Justice Sometimes the last thing you need is exactly what you get He s the sexy type complete with tuxedo and an icy blue stare She s a tom boy waif who s nerd than goddess When Tori Bennett ends up at the Justice Brothers compound in the Arizona desert she s running away from an epic scandal with her in the starring role as whistleblower She d had enough of powerfulSometimes the last

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  • Unlimited Fixing Justice - by Suzanne Halliday
    147 Suzanne Halliday
Fixing Justice

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  1. DNF at 33% Way too much internal dialogue and on top of that it was her internal dialogue of how hot he was I get it already

  2. Last night I finished Fixing Justice by Suzanne Halliday If you like Alpha males then you ve got the right book The story is about Draegyn and Victoria He has grown up in a reality where love doesn t exist and she has been screwed over in the past.She is hiding from the world and determined not to get involved and taken for a ride again.He is determined to never move past sex only.From the moment they meet there is desire and raw sexual energy, neither of them can deny it With that also comes fi [...]

  3. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book I loved Draegyn and Tori They were perfect for each other I hated Draegyn s insecurities I think he got exactly what he deserved with his reactions to Vegas, although I probably would have smacked him upside the head a few times I smiled every time they got distracted while trying to have a discussion I was so glad Tori didn t bow down to Draegyn and his wishes I found her to be a very strong and admirable heroine [...]

  4. Oh dear Can two people ever be better made for each other Drae and Tori are in constant foreplay from the moment their eyes meet After is just one explosion after another Each have the fight or flight gene that fuels their first experience at a relationship but in the end, they re perfectly a mess together I truly love this couple I cannot wait to read about Alex and what his journey will tell about the man behind the computer and tech gadgets Once again, hot and scintillating words that accurat [...]

  5. This was in the Recommended for You under Military Romance I had the impression these guys owned a Security firm or the like and there would be some action adventure suspense Besides a prologue explaining how they used to serve together and a sentence here or there referring to going on an assignment , there s no Military SpecOps etc to be seen It was an OK story if you re looking for a sex to Military suspense ratio of 9 to 1 That just wasn t what I thought I was signing on for.

  6. A good read Was curious about Drae and was pleased he had a little spit fire show him how being loved could be so much than he ever imagined A lot of angst, tension, fly by the seat of your pants shouting and some very hot scenes to keep you reading well into the night

  7. ReviewThis series is very well written and quite entertaining the storyline is without action or intrigue, but the romance is sweet and the sex spicy.

  8. Love sneaks up on you even when you don t want to be readyThis Justice brother finally learns that one lady to love and who loves youis worth everything.

  9. 5 Hott Dayum Stars this review may contain minor spoilers His world had become overrun with a series of firsts and an unending parade of uncharacteristic behavior since the moment Victoria had wandered into his life.I am not a fan of insta will not find that here Unless of course we re talking about me this author then yeah, definite insta love goin on This book friggin ROCKED from top to bottom I loved it, even as I hated it at times Lol It was hott as hell, frustrating as shit, loaded [...]

  10. 5 Hott Dayum Stars this review may contain minor spoilers His world had become overrun with a series of firsts and an unending parade of uncharacteristic behavior since the moment Victoria had wandered into his life.I am not a fan of insta will not find that here Unless of course we re talking about me this author then yeah, definite insta love goin on This book friggin ROCKED from top to bottom I loved it, even as I hated it at times Lol It was hott as hell, frustrating as shit, loaded [...]

  11. 4.5 Stars 5 Flames for Hotness Draegyn St John is one hot man With a name like Draegyn what else would you expect These Justice Brothers are a group of men that make your mouth water.Draegyn is a playboy and when he meets Victoria Bennett the sparks fly immediately Draegyn does not have relationships and NEVER wants to be married Victoria has just come off a scandalous relationship and wants to hide out Well she does not get to hide out for long There are many surprises in this story and I loved [...]

  12. Draegan Drae is a Special Forces Vet who now runs a very successful business with his two best mates he is very much the alpha male He is a man who grew up living the privileged life never wanting for anything and he has the arrogance to show for it Not wanting the same relationship of convenience that his parents have where there is no love, a relationship only for show he has decided to live only for one night stands avoiding any sort of romantic connection with any woman.Victoria Tori Bennett [...]

  13. This book follows one of a band of military brothers They are not related by blood but their bond run deep Their friendship developed durning the three friends served in the Afghanistan war They were all part of the special forces unit Once retired from the military they started their own security firm There is Cameron who is the surveillance expert, Alex the technology genius, and then Draegyn the security specialist This one is Draegyn s story Draegyn had a childhood that was of a business de [...]

  14. Without having the background of this series or reading the previous novel, Broken Justice, it was quite easy to slip into this story with full understanding of what s going on Though this is a series, in my opinion, Fixing Justice was written in a way that it can be read as a stand alone.We start out meeting Draegyn St John during the wedding reception for his military brother and business partner Cameron During his moment of solitude we get a detailed explanation of his background regarding th [...]

  15. This book starts off with us learning a little bit about the closed off abrupt Draegyn Drae is talking us through his past and his family life, we get to understand as to why he is like he is We also get to meet Tori, tori seems a little bit of a shy girl, but once she opens her mouth she is quite the little spitfire.Drae comes in last minute to attend the wedding of Lacey and Cam, so he doesn t know who the girl in the shadows is until he approaches her She is the new assistant to Alex Meanin [...]

  16. this is book 2 in the justice brothers series.Draegyn is a total alpha male playboy hes tall blonde and good looking doesn t believe in love for him its sex and nothing else Hes also ex special forces now retired and helps his brothers run their company.Tori is running away from trouble she has just come from a scandalous relationship and ends up at the justice brothers compound.From the moment drae and tori meet theres a chemistry, an attraction, almost certainly an intense lust filled passion [...]

  17. For reviews, giveaways, other fun stuff please visit intriguingauthorandtheirbooks.facebook intriguingbooksI was absolutely in love with this book It pulled me in from the beginning and captivated me till the end I read it in one sitting It was that good In Fixing Justice, we get to learn about Draegyn, Drae, and are introduced to Tori Drae is like 007 only better in my opinion He is hot and totally alpha male While Tori is a mousy, nerdy, badly dressed women However, when they meet for the fi [...]

  18. 4.5 stars I wish I would have read the first book in this series This is a book about two people who are determined to avoid a relationship of any kind Draegyn St John is one of the mouth watering Justice brothers He is very insecure and does not do relationships with women, especially not marriage Victoria Bennett is a woman hiding from a scandalous relationship she just got out of She took a job with the Justice Squad and hides behind her glasses and frumpy clothes Draeshe wants is to do her j [...]

  19. This is the 2nd book in the Justice Brother s series I read the first book and enjoyed it, primarily due to the character development and steamy, sensual sex scenes However, the storyline of this book was frustrating and didn t have enough substance for me I love the leading male character, Draegyn, and although I do understand his committment issues, I found his resistance to a committed relationship with Victoria frustrating in how it unfolded When these two finally hook up, it just seemed his [...]

  20. I loved this story Drae Tori are opposites that attract, both have insecurity issues for different reasons Tori is like a church mouse always hang in the background never drawing attention to herself, she s always felt unattractive and just to nerdy Drae 007 is Tall, Dark Handsome well breed comes from money but ran from his dysfunctional family.When they meet sparks fly and temperatures rise Drae runs and pushes Tori away several times because he swears marriage, hearts flowers are not in this [...]

  21. Tori and Drae were an interesting pairing, they were so different I loved how Tori was one of the few women that didn t fall at Drae s feet, instead every time they were together it turned into verbal sparring, which often ended with Tori as the victor I liked how Alex warned Drae off of Tori, but at that point it was too late, he was smitten with the plain jane I loved how much Tori stunned Drae when she decided not to hide with baggy clothes and dressed like a woman He wasn t quite sure what t [...]

  22. This book is about 007 sexy Draegen St John and the newest employee at Justice, Victoria Tori Bennett.From the start Drae is in a pissing contest with Victoria Alex tries to warm Drae away from Tori Tori dresses very frumpy, hiding her real attributes She was recently burned by a Royal after she blew the whistle and is hiding out at the Justice Compound and getting her life back on track.Going away on a business trip to Vegas can either make or break Drae and Tori.Tori has a retort for everythin [...]

  23. Loved this book and these characters Draegyn is such a flawed man with his commitment issues He is so sure of the fact that he is anti relationship that he can t see his own feelings Tori is such a spitfire and always has something to say The chemistry between these two is unmistakeable.This book had a little of everything Happiness that comes from a new relationship Anger that comes from things not being the way you may think they should be Sadness that comes when things don t seem to work out [...]

  24. obsessionlovetoread.cOH WOW This book was Hot I Love how this book wasn t just focused on the military aspectDrae served in special forces and has now retired to a help his brothers start a privet security companyWhere Drae meets his match Tori is hiding under ugly big cloths and glasses to keep men at bayWell Drae won t be swayed he is attracted to her and she to him but neither like the idea of it.When out side circumstances force them to be togetherCan they stay away and keep each other at ar [...]

  25. Draegyn St John is a hot piece of eye candy that knows how good he looks and takes full advantage of his looks to have fun with all the women that he could ever ask for Victoria Bennett is running from a painful past She wants to hide in the background and doesn t need the complications that a man like Draegyn can bring to her life.Neither of them was looking for love, yet, somehow love found them both This story is full of ups and downs You want to smack both of the characters at some point bec [...]

  26. Draegyn St John or Drae to his friends is a polished and complicated man with a bad boy reputation for loving the ladies and leaving them Victoria Bennett his new to the Justice Agency and helps Alex on the technical side of the business She small, has a sassy mouth and big brown eyes and not Drae s type but once he sees her he can t get her out of his system or mind.Fixing Justice is a hot romance where Tori and Drae fight their way to a happy ending The second Justice Brother has fallen and ha [...]

  27. Wow oh Wow I loved this book If you are an Alpha Male kind of girl then this is your book, because Drae is 100% alpha Tori is his perfect counter I love that she can just put him right in his place This book was a really fun read for me I really enjoyed all the humor and witty dialogue I love characters that have chemistry that jumps off the page Drae and Tori have it in spades This book brought on a wide range of emotions and I loved it I would have like to know about the ending, but this is a [...]

  28. Good second story for the series These characters are a little harder to like than the pair in the first, Broken Justice However, Halliday won me over with a rollicking story of two people who seemingly can t stand each other, while simultaneously not being able to keep their hands off each other There s a sense of entitlement to Drae, which is to be expected, but Tori comes off much better, except for that little problem with Drae The Vegas trip is well done and the Keystone Kops quality of the [...]

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