Day Zero (2022)

Day Zero Best Read || [Marc Cameron] - Day Zero, Day Zero Hell Up AboveSpecial agent Jericho Quinn is a wanted man Suspected of murder and marked for death by a network of conspirators embedded in the White House Quinn knows he has to get out of the country Day Zero Best Read || [Marc Cameron] - Day Zero, Day Zero Hell Up AboveSpecial agent Jericho Quinn is a wanted man Suspected of murder and marked for death by a network of conspirators embedded in the White House Quinn knows he has to get out of the country
  • Title: Day Zero
  • Author: Marc Cameron
  • ISBN: 9780786035274
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Book
Day Zero
Day Zero Best Read || [Marc Cameron], Day Zero, Marc Cameron, Day Zero Hell Up AboveSpecial agent Jericho Quinn is a wanted man Suspected of murder and marked for death by a network of conspirators embedded in the White House Quinn knows he has to get out of the country fast before a team of contract killers find him and his daughter To set things right at home he ll have to take a nonstop flight from Anchorage Alaska to Vladivostok Hell Up AboveSpecial
  • Day Zero Best Read || [Marc Cameron]
    123Marc Cameron
Day Zero

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  1. Marc Cameron writes another in the action filled Jericho Quinn series Inventive, tough, and lots of female as well as male characters to root for Cameron knows his Alaska, and it shows the description of the ride with a bush pilot is spot on Kind of disappointing that after all the Chair Force jokes, Quinn himself is not actually a pilot, but that s a minor issue in this highly entertaining thriller.Best spy scene set in a water park ever

  2. Cameron picks the action up where he left off, with Special Agent Jericho Quinn in a great deal of trouble Quinn is in hiding from US officials, wanted for murder and with a White House sanctioned death squad out to eliminate him He s hiding in rural Alaska, but he is not safe there Little does Quinn known, those close to him are under surveillance and all moves are being used to locate him The newly minted vice president will do whatever it takes to rid the world of Quinn and move forward with [...]

  3. I have read all Quinn s books during May the first 3 were fine but the 4 and 5 were completely dissapointing for me Let me explain Day Zero is the continuation of the previous one and itself has barely no content there are basically two plots the plane stuff in Alaska and the CIA director kidnapping in DC and that s all The whole plot the fact that both the president and the vice are moles is practically static and if the author continues with this style we will have three or four books before t [...]

  4. These Quinn books just keep getting betterIf you haven t read Cameron s Quinn series, start Best if you start with 1 this was 5 and read them in order They make up an ongoing story, and it s great.

  5. I have read similar books by other authors that I have enjoyed very much I couldn t get into this one and didn t finish it.

  6. I loved this book Fast paced, good plot twists and great characters Highly recommended to all the spy thriller lovers.

  7. We don t really go anywhere in this book It starts with a recoverhing Quinn in Alaska Attackers are sent out to kill him so he decides it s time to hit the road He gets his wife and daughter to get to Russia His wife is attacked and injures he new prosthetic leg too badly to leave Jericho and his daughter are headed to Russia when several Chinese assassins attempt to take the plane out of the sky So most the action takes place in Alaska, then in the sky It s exciting and well done I ve enjoyed t [...]

  8. Outstanding thriller I loved the intrigue towards the end with the dual plot of the rescue of the CIA boss by Thibodaux and Miyagi and a certain Jericho Quinn trying to wrestle back control of a jetliner from terrorists Love this series.

  9. Day Zero is a real nail biterExcellent read, very well written The characters get better with each book I would highly recommend this series to anyone who likes a lot of action in their books.

  10. FEELING RIPPED OFF When I buy a book, I expect it to have a beginning, a middle and an end When it has a beginning and a middle and the author expects me to buy the next book to find out how it ends I FEEL RIPPED OFF

  11. Excellent Filled with action, very hard to put down without finishing I love all the Jericho Quinn books.

  12. Getting hands on a copy of this book was so exciting I grew up with Marc Cameron serving as a clergy in my church, and always admired him for his calm yet killer persona He would sometimes share stories from his work as a US Marshall when at the pulpit, and relate how those experiences drew him closer to God I remember as a foolish teen staring him down once as he sat on the stand behind a guest speaker, myself challenging him like a cub against the king of the pride, trying to prove my boldness [...]

  13. All in audiobook format, this review references 6 books in the Jericho Quinn series Most are narrated by Tom Weiner, State of Emergency by Luke Daniels All are between 10 11 hours of listening, so in total, all represent approximately 65 hours of the Jericho Quinn adventures.Jericho Quinn is a Mitch Rapp Vince Flynn , Jason Bourne Robert Ludlum , Jack Ryan Tom Clancy well, you get the idea He s the self deprecating good guy tough guy, who loves motorcycles, that the world turns to in the event o [...]

  14. In my opinion, a good book is much like reeling in a big fish There is an initial jolt of excitement and the hook gets set Then there is the process of fighting and reeling in the fish At times this is easy and at times it is action packed, but the process is always moving in the direction of reeling it in Then there is the excitement of seeing the fish the first time, and then the exuberance of pulling it out of the water, victorious over the fish.To me, this is exactly how Day Zero was Big op [...]

  15. Back in the day, storylines that Cameron has created would be confined to one novel even if that novel was spanned over a couple of days or longer, to complete I m not a big fan of having to wait for a story to complete as is the case with Jericho Quinn I m also concerned that the next installment won t conclude this story either I think that is unacceptable I ll refrain from ascribing motives although monetary ones are usually front and center.As you can see I still gave this book 5 stars I don [...]

  16. Special Agent Jericho Quinn is a man suspected of murder and markedfor death by a network of conspirators in the White House Quinn is in Alaska and knows that he must get out of the country fast beforea team of contract killers can find him and his daughter To do thishe has friends in Russia who will help him so he is going fromAnchorage to Vladivostok, Russian aboard a massive A380 plane Verysoon after take off things start to go wrong First a passenger is murdered then Quinn is mistaken for a [...]

  17. I bought this book on the basis of a review I heard on the radio I didn t realise it was the fifth in a series, but it was easy enough to pick it up and read it I wouldn t say the book stands alone as it clearly continues from previous action in early books, and there is no direct conclusion, with a cliff hanger at the end So of course I m going to have to read the earlier books now and the ones afterwards.It s standard thriller fare, with standard super hero characters But it s quite well writt [...]

  18. Absolute, complete and utter rubbish The previous books in the series, particularly 1 3 were very good action spy thrilleresque novels, with solid stand alone plots with no 4 becoming borderline fantasy, I had hoped the author might reign in the far reaching conspiracy nonsense as it was all getting a bit out of hand Unfortunately Hartman drake not only persists but succeeds in his plot to become president, after being marked as a mole by no2 Dystopian nightmare where a self proclaimed by the au [...]

  19. This was a cut above the ordinary for this genre, so much so that I was going to go 4 stars till the end Way too abrupt and abbreviated I understand the desire to set up the next novel, but there s a way to do that with some measure of resolution even while raising anticipation for what s next Instead, it seems we got hastily written scenes to get the book finished and to press Still, the characters and plot line are out of the ordinary and worth following through their imaginary adventures.

  20. So for a short while I considered not finishing this book The action was just too much like an unbelievable summer movie I can suspend belief for a couple of hours to watch crazy explosions, unbelievable plot twists and the hero survive everything, to save the day However, I want my books th be a trifle realistic and this one was not Having said that, I really wanted to read about the explosion on the plane So, if you are I the mood for a summer movie kind of book, then read this one If not, pi [...]

  21. Rating is 3 1 2 stars I ve loved this series from the beginning, but this one let me down Repetition peppered the book to the point of extreme annoyance I m not stupid, I got it the first time you wrote it, and again the second time Example the cane the old man carried onto the plane And that s just one of way too many Give your readers credit for picking up on and remembering all those details I told my husband this storyline bothers me in a good way because I can see all of this truly happenin [...]

  22. Painful As a big fan of this series, this plot was all over the place, if there was one You could read the first 200 pages and the last 25 pages, and have read the book without any loss of plot To say boring would be an understatement How many airplane plots do we need to suffer through This was not a thriller but a dystopian plot with science fiction overtones Unless you must read this book or suffer some sort of horrible disease of boredom, this one is a good one to pass.

  23. Cameron does it again I stumbled on Jericho Quinn and Marc Cameron after I got my kindle for Christmas I can honestly say that there is not a better character written as well anywhere His honest, sensitive kickass approach to any situation makes him a very easy character to care for His band of loyal, caring friends make him even liked Excellent book Excellent author and excellent hero Can t wait until the follow up.

  24. Jericho Quinn and crew are at it again, and get ready for another seat gripping, nail biting ride After five short books, Cameron has quickly endeared himself as my favorite author His stories are true to life, and the word exciting does not even begin to describe the thrill his stories give readers If you like stories of U S Patriotism, then give Cameron s books a shot, just being sure to start with the first and work your way through.

  25. I received this book as a first read It s well written and interesting but often gets bogged down in overly lengthy descriptions which slow down the pace of the book The characters are well developed There s also a lot of humor worked in to break up the intensity The book works well as a standalone It s 5 in the series I haven t read the previous four but was still easily able to follow the story.

  26. Update Just gave up with this book Plot seemed interesting at first but devolved into serpentine twists which seemed increasingly unbelievable, carried out by obvious stereotypes.Just started, but am not enthusiastic about another book peopled with stereotypes Such as Brad Thor like big, strong ex special ops characters, although the plot seems interesting.

  27. Over too soon Reading this book felt like being on a zip line Fast paced and intriguing right up till the end The only reason I didn t give 5 stars is the ending It was abrupt and left you hanging with a lot of questions This can only mean another Jericho Quinn book is coming along I ve read all of Marc Cameron s books and I would highly recommend them.

  28. Marc Cameron, the king of the cliff hanger Dang His books are so fast paced, exciting and full of plot twists I m not sure the cliff hangers are necessary, especially since I d buy the next book in the series regardless Nonetheless, this is another great, action packed story in the Jericho Quinn series.

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