Fantastik (2022)

Unlimited Fantastik - by C.A. McGroarty - Fantastik, Fantastik Charlie Boone a city bus driver and the bastard son of a schizophrenic woman still lives in his boyhood home with his wife and two kids and cares for the ailing mother who made him promise he d neve Unlimited Fantastik - by C.A. McGroarty - Fantastik, Fantastik Charlie Boone a city bus driver and the bastard son of a schizophrenic woman still lives in his boyhood home with his wife and two kids and cares for the ailing mother who made him promise he d neve
  • Title: Fantastik
  • Author: C.A. McGroarty
  • ISBN: 9780615977539
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
Unlimited Fantastik - by C.A. McGroarty, Fantastik, C.A. McGroarty, Fantastik Charlie Boone a city bus driver and the bastard son of a schizophrenic woman still lives in his boyhood home with his wife and two kids and cares for the ailing mother who made him promise he d never let them take her away But Charlie s unfortunate childhood isn t the only thing haunting him Tormented by unsettling dreams and disturbing visions of his own he now findsCharlie Boone a
  • Unlimited Fantastik - by C.A. McGroarty
    229C.A. McGroarty

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  1. 3.5 FANTASTIC STARS Rogue Wave by C.A McGroarty Publisher Basking Ridge PublishingPublication Date May 28th 2014Rating 3,5 starsSource ARC sent by the authorYou can find the full review and about this book on my blog When I first saw this book I was immediately drawn by the cover.I think this is one of the best book covers I have ever seen,everything s matches,the colors,the font,and it fits the story,it really does.Fantastik is a inspirational novel which gives a strong positive message.It is [...]

  2. Charlie and Jake are the unlikeliest of people to cross paths, let alone have any interaction One is a city bus driver, never having done a bad thing in his life, doing the best he can to support his family, and dealing with personal issues The other is a convicted felon who served 30 years in prison, has just been released back into the world, and is trying to decide what to do with his life.But fate has plans for the two of them When Charlie meets Jake, he stalks the ex con and insists he acco [...]

  3. I love music, movies, and books that WOW me, and Fantastik, by C.A McGroarty fits into this category McGroarty s writing is amazing and it is difficult to believe that this is his first novel I certainly hope it will not be his last His work is reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy, with stark language and a minimum of emotiont, as in The Road, the reader comes to feel that he she knows the main characters intimately and feels the emotions the characters feel Both Jake Mott, an ex con who has served ti [...]

  4. This is a story I can t get out of my head kind of like an ear worm There are so many themes to discuss Can a person be redeemed Is someone born inherently good or bad How does one grow to trust their inner voice If your inner voice was telling you to drop everything and take a cross country trip with a stranger, would you be brave enough to do it Can love concur all I could go on and onThe layers of this story remind me of John Irving The book is not as long and doesn t take place over the same [...]

  5. This book is fantastic I could not put it down and fell in love with the characters The story went in a direction that I was not expecting at all and as I was reading it I kept thinking that it would be great as a movie I went through the whole range of emotions and had goosebumps at the end.

  6. A story about two men who are searching for the meaning of their life A bus driver who fears he will inherit his mother s mental illness and an ex con who just was released from prison As you read this book you come to really like both of these men The ending of the book is a shock very much not anticipated Really wonderful character development I enjoyed this book very much.

  7. We all take this ride,just once A random free book for me and I really enjoyed it A different story line and characters than I normally read.

  8. Christian and Faithful take to the Road once , heading from the City of Destruction for the Celestial City, each pilgrim imbued with divinity in this mystic, holy, earthy observance of the power of dream, prophecy, loyalty, sacrifice and determination.Fantastik is an empowering, inspirational, celebration of love and above all forgiveness, which pulses with elemental life giving energy in the veins of this emotionally literate, spiritually coherent, novel Where no offering in mediation for past [...]

  9. Received free copy for in return a honest review Wow, just wow Fantastik was simply fantastic I read this novel in two days because I was hooked after reading the first chapter.Immediately, I imagined where the story was going, creating my own version.Oh boy was I wrong The book went into an entirely different direction than I had expected leaving me on the edge of my seat the entire time.McGroarty painted a vivid picture, and I was able to envision the story perfectly I was drawn to the charact [...]

  10. I won this book on.I must admit I plowed my way slowly through it s pages I would read it and put it down for a few hours or even days If I really like a book I will read it in one day.The characters were great They were realistic and interesting However somehow I couldn t get on the path of where this book was going In some of the situations I never did understand how they related to the overall story.At the end I finally got it I think I m afraid it was just too long and slow a journey getting [...]

  11. The emotions of the characters in this story, are filled with fear, guilt, pity, selfishness, anger, sadness, confusion, joy, compassion, loss, love, to name a few Charlie is married to Lisa they have 2 young boys Jake is a close friendThe character s and their relationship to each other are very real You feel as if you know them all.Charlie is searching for answers A man can hang his head down and cry when his heart has been satisfied, d there is d a few surprises Good first novel Congrats to [...]

  12. Wow, what a book The first novel of the writer was quite a read It has a lot in it prison, mental illness, spirtual realm, peace, greed, murder, war etc I don t want to give a lot away, but it agrees with what I believe that God puts me in the places I need to be to meet the people I need to meet.

  13. This book was provided to me free of charge courtesy of GoodReads First Reads Giveaways A very unique story that sucks you in Great imagery, full character development, and events I hadn t predicted.

  14. Story of 2 men who form an unlikely friendship, travel out west and learn a lot about forgiveness, love and redemption The book started off confusing and it took a while before I could figure out what was going on It ended very strong.

  15. Wonderful.Reminds of Cormac McCarthy,but of Peter Keller Keller, gritty, sometimes tough to read but with the gift of redemption.

  16. Good readEnjoyable novel by a first time author Slow start as you wait for the characters to link together, but worth the time invested.

  17. This was a seriously fascinating read You have to read to the end to get it, but it s well worth it The author has a clear prose and the characters are well developed.

  18. I loved this book, it had me engrossed from start to finish This is not your average story that you know from the start how it is going to end Do yourself a favour and give this one a go.

  19. I was sent this book as a first reads giveaway.First of all, this book is too underrated the cover might not be the most inspiring or related to the general back of book explanation, but it all makes perfect sense once you read it.McGroaty brings to life an ordinary seemingly cast of individuals, all with rough, troubled pasts, that are simply trying to figure out life Then, as these two sets of characters meet, things shift and as the story goes you start unraveling the ball of yarn to see wher [...]

  20. Good solid read Especially for a first novel.Held my interest throughout the story Very descriptive with characters I found to be interesting while flawed I would recommend this novel if you are interested in stories with perfectly flawed characters seeking redemption and understanding.

  21. While the characters were quite engaging, in the end this left me wondering just what happened and why I should care For me, this somehow just missed being very compelling and moving story, but it is so close to being a really good book, that I would recommend you just give it a try and see how you feel about it Maybe I just caught it at the wrong time It happens to me sometimes.

  22. Charlie Boone has always felt off, different from others, and ashamed of it Now living with his wife, Lisa, children, and catatonic mother, this strangeness comes to a head Is he crazy like his schizophrenic mother, or does he have a gift Why does he feel a connection to Jake Mott, an ex con with a violent past Why does the raging fire in California stir his dreams so much Through an impossible road trip, Charlie and Jake will discover what draws them to Calimesa, California, and what Charlie s [...]

  23. Finish Time 5 nights It took me a few nights to figure out what was going on in this book It was an impulse download, I tend to do that when I have too many books in my queue, that I don t know where to start Weird, I know I had trouble getting into this and maybe was only reading a little at a time, so it took me until about halfway through to realize that was kind of the point the main character of this book didn t even know what he was doing I m all for trusting your gut, but Charlie Boone ha [...]

  24. A good book about redemption It was never about the ride it was the Journey I love the character Lisa and was pretty happy to see her turn out ok in the end.I love the promise between Lisa and Charlie We said we d walk together, and come what may, then come the twilight, should we lose our way, and if we re walking a hand should slip free, I ll wait for you, and if I fall behind, wait for me.

  25. I don t understand how there are such high reviews for this book I thought it was awful, and maybe not so much because if the content, but because of the writing If a middle schooler asked me to read a story they wrote and presented me with this, I would have no problem believing they wrote it I was very unsurprised to find it is a self published book.

  26. This book was a surprise I bought it because there is schizophrenia in my family so that word always piques my interest However, it really isn t about that at all At times, I wondered if I wanted to be reading the book at all but in the end, I have to say it was a very good one.

  27. I finally finished reading this book, started months ago That should tell you something about how riveting it was not That said, I did read it to the end In the end, it had a Hallmark movie feel to it a little goes a long way with me.

  28. This wasn t exactly what I thought it would be, but I still enjoyed it It s a good story, pretty well written I took a star off because the dialogue could be better.

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