If the Shoe Kills (2022)

☆ If the Shoe Kills ✓ Lynn Cahoon - If the Shoe Kills, If the Shoe Kills The tourist town of South Cove California is a lovely place to spend the holidays But this year shop owner Jill Gardner discovers there s no place like home for homicide As owner of Coffee Books ☆ If the Shoe Kills ✓ Lynn Cahoon - If the Shoe Kills, If the Shoe Kills The tourist town of South Cove California is a lovely place to spend the holidays But this year shop owner Jill Gardner discovers there s no place like home for homicide As owner of Coffee Books
  • Title: If the Shoe Kills
  • Author: Lynn Cahoon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Kindle Edition
If the Shoe Kills
☆ If the Shoe Kills ✓ Lynn Cahoon, If the Shoe Kills, Lynn Cahoon, If the Shoe Kills The tourist town of South Cove California is a lovely place to spend the holidays But this year shop owner Jill Gardner discovers there s no place like home for homicide As owner of Coffee Books and More Jill Gardner looks forward to the hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers But when the mayor ropes her into being liasion for a new work program tis the seasonThe tourist to
  • ☆ If the Shoe Kills ✓ Lynn Cahoon
    176Lynn Cahoon
If the Shoe Kills

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  1. Dollycas s ThoughtsSpending the holidays in South Cove sounds wonderful if you can look beyond finding a dead body or two Book three in this series introduces us to Ted Hendricks and a program that matches businesses up with people looking for work They work as interns as they gain experience to land them a full time job in the future We quickly learn that Ted is a real creep and had someone not put the people of South Cove out of his misery he would have been headed to jail It looks like suicid [...]

  2. It s holiday time in South Cove, California and Jill Gardner has her hands full Not only does she have her own bookstore caf to run, but she s asked to be the liaison for a new work program which is run by Ted Hendricks Each business in the tourist town is assigned an intern to assist them, but the store owners are afraid the interns will turn out to be delinquents and not trustworthy It s up to Jill to convince them to participate The big problem is that Hendricks is not a very nice guy When Ji [...]

  3. If The Shoe Kills by Lynn Cahoon is the third book in A Tourist Trap Mystery series I have read all three in the series and I have enjoyed all three It is Thanksgiving time in South Cove, California The business community is participating in a work program where interns will help in their shops Many of them are not happy about this because they are afraid that the interns will be trouble makers and delinquents And most of them do not like the man in charge, Ted He is unfriendly and obnoxious and [...]

  4. A special thank you to Kensington and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Lynn Cahoon is back with If the Shoe Kills A Tourist Trap Mystery 3 with Jill, Aunt Jacklie, Greg the hot detective and love interest, and the gang at South Cove Merchant s association This time when they try and do the right thing, all sorts of mischief and happenings as they prepare for the Christmas season from small town dirty politics, murder, a not so pleasant mayor, a work program which turns deadl [...]

  5. Another really good entry in the Tourist Trap series This one was a bit lighter on the investigation than the first 2 Probably 4.5 stars The towns cast of characters grows a bit in this book Jill, the main character, seems to be a trouble magnet She discovers a dead body on her way to see her boyfriend at City Hall So who killed the scumbag director of the work fare program Was it a suicide or a murder.

  6. Jill Gardner owns Coffee, Books and More, and runs it smoothly with the help of her Aunt Jackie and part time employee, Toby The town is participating in a work program headed by an overbearingly rude man, Ted Hendricks All the work program employees seem happy in their placements, but are uneasy and afraid around Ted Then, Ted turns up dead Jill s boyfriend is a detective, Greg, who continually tells her to leave the investigating to him, but Jill s curious nature keeps her sleuthing instincts [...]

  7. I am so enjoying this series and am thankful that I ve been able to receive a complimentary copy from the publisher and NetGalley to provide an honest review.I have now read all three books in this series so far and have found them to be well written and with great characters and plots If the Shoe Kills didn t seem like the best title to me, but the story itself was great, Jill and Greg are great together and the remainder of the cast of characters were interesting and fun I like that the author [...]

  8. Great easy, fun read There were several suspects and I didn t guess the culprit before it was revealed Though the story doesn t take place during the holidays, Jill s shop and the rest of the town are preparing and decorating and getting into the holiday spirit I really like the elements of giving to those in need and helping others in this book Looking forward to reading 4 as soon as I can get it.

  9. This is a nice Christmas story in the Tourist Trap Mystery series This is a cute cozy book with re occuring characters and a great little California town setting Jill and her Aunt Jackie are having a Christmas party for the Children s center and in the midst of the planning a man is murdered Between the party and the investigation, Jill is busy keeping out of Greg s official police probe Can t wait for the next installment.

  10. This series just gets better and is fast turning into one of my favourites I love Jill and all the other characters, and really enjoy reading about how she is developing her business and becoming part of the community I like the fact that the murder mystery is intriguing and kept me guessing, but doesn t dominate the story completely.

  11. Before I begin, I must admit that I started this novel with a biased perspective This is due to the fact that I had already read the previous novel, Guidebook to Murder by Lynn Cahoon and had immediately grown smitten with the story So when I started the next installment of Tourist Trap Mystery series with, If the Shoe Kills by Lynn Cahoon I had high expectations I am happy to admit that some of my expectations were met while other aspects of the story exceeded my own imagination Holidays are ri [...]

  12. This book is one of three I ve recently won which had been offered as part of an internet giveaway by the publisher and the following is my honest opinion for this book.This story takes place in the relatively small tourist town of South Clove, California Who doesn t love these quaint small towns, I know I do especially the small stores which populate towns like this As I read this book images of the television program Murder She Wrote kept popping into my mind I saw Jill Gardner filling the sho [...]

  13. Truth Time I have never read anything by Lynn Cahoon, but this time I judged a book by its cover and its name If there was ever a murder mystery title for me, it would be If the Shoe Kills Luckily for me, I hit the jackpot with this book It is a classic small town murder mystery Move over Jessica Fletcher Jill Gardner is giving you a run for your money.In the small tourist town South Cove, Coffee, Books, and More shop owner Jill Gardner is getting ready for the holiday shopping season and prepar [...]

  14. I think this is my favorite so far It s full of mystery, holiday cheer, and little things that made me chuckle One thing I wouldn t mind changing is Jill and Greg, they seem like brother and sister I believe their personalities are too similar and rather boring together I like both characters just not together.

  15. This cosy crime story is set in a northern California seaside town, and in the run up to Christmas everyone is busy.This being the case I wasn t sure how the protagonist is able to sign up for evening classes in a craft, which she does to further her investigations into a death She s already in the busiest time for shop owners like herself, she s planning a Thanksgiving family meal, and she s got a very nice partner to cater for and spend time with, so her schedule would seem to be full Anyway, [...]

  16. Loved If the Shoe Kills, too The story starts just before the before the holiday season and Jill s aunt Jackie has a project rolling before Jill has time to blink, but one again it is a great idea, raise money to provide books for the children s center in nearby Bakerstown Who can say no to that The local businesses rebel when the mayor places his wife in charge of the town s decorating That has been Darla s job for years.Businesses in town have agreed to accept short term interns for unemployed [...]

  17. Secret s Revealed A book book fun curl up and read on a cold winter s night or at he beach on a hot day n summer South Cove is getting ready for the Christmas holidays The mayor is at again giving the businesses work He agreed that the town would accept workers from government training program He names Jill as the liaison for the town Mayor puts his wife in charge of South Cove holiday decorations upsetting the person who usually does it The owner of the Glass Slippers is reluctant to accept a [...]

  18. For me, the appeal of cozy mysteries is twofold A book I can polish off in a couple of hours and a cast of recurring characters I come to view as friends In these books, the developing relationships are as much a part of the story as the mystery plot This latest entry in the Tourist Trap Mystery series was a fun return visit to South Cove Jill Gardner, owner of Coffee, Books and More, is still frustrating her cop boyfriend by getting involved in murders and Mayor Baylor is still a pain in her ne [...]

  19. 4 STARSThis is the third book in the Tourist Trap Mystery series It has the familiar characters and some new ones too I did not guess who the murder was It also had some Christmas cheer Good drama.The setting is small town on the California coast called South Cove.Jill Gardner owns Coffee, books, and Jill is involved in a lot of things She dates Detective Greg King She is always told to stay out of his murder cases.Ted Hendricks is coming to down to bring some interns to work the Christmas seas [...]

  20. I have been enjoying this cozy mystery series by Lynn Cahoon Tourist Trap Mysteries are based in a central coast California town South CoveI m thinking a town like Cambria Jill Gardner owns the town s book and coffee shop called appropriately.Coffee, Books and More She also has a penchant for becoming involved in local murders.Jill s boyfriend, Greg, is a detective with South Cove s police department He wishes that she should stay home and keep her nose out of trouble but trouble seems to find h [...]

  21. Another great installment in the Tourist Trap cozy mystery series Lynn has a great series going here and the books keep getting better and better The town is a place I would like to live well as long as I am not the one that ends of dead with its small town charm and friendly residents Although the Mayor leaves a lot to be desired, but you have to have some conflict otherwise the story wouldn t be as interesting.Once again I never suspected this character as being the killer I guess I should sta [...]

  22. The third book in this series, this was a fast read that I enjoyed.The characters were great, I love Jill Greg annoyed me at times, but overall he was an okay character I loved the secondary characters and was upset when we never met Toby s new girlfriend.The mystery was okay, the killer really wasn t a surprise and I figured out who it was awhile before Jill did, but there were some twists that left me gaping at points, so overall not very bad.The only down points were there were a few inconsis [...]

  23. Having read and enjoyed the first to books in this series, I was thrilled to finally read IF THE SHOE KILLS This story did not disappoint I would totally hangout in protagonist Jill Gardner s shop, Coffee, Books and More, Every town needs a place just like it.In this third installment I continued to enjoy the relationships between the characters in the series It s been fun watching the grow throughout the series Ms Cahoon once again kept me guessing as to the identity of the killer She has a gre [...]

  24. This is a cosy mystery set in a tourist spot called South Cove in California Jill Gardner runs a bookstore cafe that is taking part in a programme set up by the mayor The local businesses are worried they will be left with delinquents and the person in charge is very unpleasant to deal with When he s found dead it s deemed a suicide but Jill thinks he has been murdered and investigates.It s the lead up to Christmas and I love the American small town setting it makes you want to visit I understan [...]

  25. Enjoyable light reading of a romance mystery than a mystery romance It won t have you on the edge of your seat, but you will find yourself rooting for the characters, and occasionally trudging through some areas Also, in my opinion, this book is clearly aimed at the mature female audience Nevertheless I did get through it and enjoyed the journey at times, even though the ending wasn t exactly a shock.

  26. An entertaining cozy featuring Jill Gardner Jill is the owner of Coffee, Books and More and the resident sleuth of South Cove, California When a rude, domineering resident commits suicide or, as Jill suspects is murdered, she is on the job to track down the culprit despite what her detective boyfriend thinks A fun, lighthearted read.

  27. This was a great little read The characters in the series are all wonderful As always, I loved the mystery and was on pins and needles until the very end I can t wait for the next book.

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