What You Left Behind (2022)

☆ What You Left Behind ☆ Samantha Hayes - What You Left Behind, What You Left Behind A mesmerizing new thriller from the author of Until You re MineTwo years after a terrifying spate of teenage suicides the remote village of Radcote has just begun to heal Then a young man is killed i ☆ What You Left Behind ☆ Samantha Hayes - What You Left Behind, What You Left Behind A mesmerizing new thriller from the author of Until You re MineTwo years after a terrifying spate of teenage suicides the remote village of Radcote has just begun to heal Then a young man is killed i
  • Title: What You Left Behind
  • Author: Samantha Hayes
  • ISBN: 9780804136921
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Hardcover
What You Left Behind
☆ What You Left Behind ☆ Samantha Hayes, What You Left Behind, Samantha Hayes, What You Left Behind A mesmerizing new thriller from the author of Until You re MineTwo years after a terrifying spate of teenage suicides the remote village of Radcote has just begun to heal Then a young man is killed in a freak motorcycle accident and a suicide note is found among his belongings When a second boy is found dead shortly thereafter the nightmare of repeat suicides once agaiA mesm
  • ☆ What You Left Behind ☆ Samantha Hayes
    363Samantha Hayes
What You Left Behind

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  1. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Earlier today I posted a review for a book called What You Left Behind Then I noticed my currently reading list still contained a book with the title What You Left Behind My immediate thoughts were something along the lines of GO HOME , YOU RE DRUNK, but then I realized that this was an entirely different book that I never bothered reviewing So here I am and I m really phoning it in on this one The problem with this What You Left Behind is it was very It [...]

  2. 2.5 never really got into this one A rash of suicides and a visit to her sisters, with her daughter Sophie, find Lorraine, a police officer embroiled in the mystery Her nephew Freddie is acting strange and a grown man with mental issues is telling stories that do not agree with known facts.Not sure why this one didn t click for me but I never really felt the suspense and felt the storyline did not flow that well ARC from librarything.

  3. This book was less than I expected And that doesn t say as much about Before You Die as it does about its predecessor, the unexpectedly great Until You re Mine That was a book I expected to be a run of the mill, forgettable crime novel, and it was actually something much interesting than that So my expectations were relatively high for this follow up, and it was well, a run of the mill, forgettable crime novel.Before You Die is the second in what looks set to be a loosely connected series It ag [...]

  4. A special thank you to Crown Publishing for an ARC in exchange for an honest review 4.5 stars Also purchased the audiobook version.Samantha Hayes delivers a cleverly twisted, and evil psychological suspense thriller WHAT YOU LEFT BEHIND, a multi layered riveting mystery, keeping you glued to the pages of this whodunit and an array of colorful suspects, as we race to see how they are connected.Set in Radcote,as the book opens one month earlier , there is a person riding on the back of a motorcycl [...]

  5. After losing my reading mojo I decided to change from my usual genre and try a psychological suspense novel and the book I picked was Before you Die by Samantha Hayes which is my first read by this author so I didn t know what to expected but once I got started I couldn t put it down so I read it in one sitting.After a spate of suicides in the village of Radcote it has taken two years for the community to move forward, but after a another young man is found dead after a motorcycle accident after [...]

  6. I read Hayes Until You re Mine which I really enjoyed, so I was eager to read the next book, What You Left Behind This one started out a wee slow as the author was setting up characters, background, etc Then it picked up and what a thriller It was fairly evident who the killer was but it did have other twists I did not see coming I enjoyed this short, easy read none the less I favored her previous book but I like Hayes writing so I will continue to read her other books 3.5 stars

  7. 4.3 Esta leitura tornou se rapidamente compulsiva Come ou com uma hist ria onde o in cio n o prepara o leitor para a intensidade que o livro nos oferece Este o segundo livro da s rie Lorraine Fisher Neste livro a autora aborda tem ticas como o bulling, adult rio, preconceito e suic dio.Depois de ter lido o primeiro livro tinha curiosidade para saber como Samantha Hayes se sairia no pr ximo e eis que n o podia ter ficado mais satisfeito A autora, tal como fez no anterior, socorre se do ponto de v [...]

  8. Until You re Mine by Samantha Hayes was my favourite read of 2013, I raved about it to anyone who would listen all year, so when I spotted this on Netgalley, I just had to snap it up there and then I approached it with anticipation would it live up to my expectations The answer is, not quite but nearly Until You re Mine was just so good, that this novel was always going to be compared in relation to it, and although it is a very good read in its own right, it doesn t quite match up to its predec [...]

  9. TRIGGER WARNINGS Suicide, hate crime.Samantha Hayes s previous novel, Until You re Mine, is fabulous Family based paranoia, its creepiness is very affective But what makes it so good is that it mostly focuses on ordinary people, who AREN T in law enforcement and investigation Mostly.Thus what makes Until You re Mine stand out from the crowd is unfortunately missing here I enjoyed meeting Detective Inspector Lorraine Fisher and her family back then, and I still like Lorraine here in Before You Di [...]

  10. No matter how hard I try, I can never fault Samantha Hayes writing, not one bit, yet again she has blown me away with her story I ve been glued to this book from beginning to end.I love it when things never go to plan, you think you have it all worked out in your head, even being clever and picking someone who is the most unlikely suspect then WHAM, you are confused again.What I especially loved about this thriller was the fact its based around ordinary people with ordinary lives We have young p [...]

  11. I read late, late into the night finishing this novel, so in terms of sheer readability it obviously scores very highly Otherwise, though, I have my problems with it.Senior cop Lorraine Fisher goes with kid daughter Stella to visit sister Jo in the village of Radcote, famed for the fact that a couple of years ago it suffered a spate of teenage suicides Jo has recently been left by husband Malc her teenaged son Malc s stepson Freddie is visibly under enormous pressure Freddie s real keen on Lana, [...]

  12. 3.5 5.0My ThoughtsLorraine takes a vacation to visit her sister Jo Jo has a teenage son, Freddie, who is acting strange While Lorraine is with her sister s family, there are two suicides She is unable to leave her detective skills behind and feels compelled to investigate the suicides along with what is going on with her nephew.Told mostly from Lorraine s perspective, we get to see the workings of her mind as she pieces clues together There are a few chapters told by a mystery person and we don [...]

  13. Rushed and flawedWhen DI Lorraine Fisher goes for a visit to her sister, taking her younger daughter with her, it s supposed to be a holiday But this quiet little town in Warwickshire was the scene of a spate of teenage suicides a few years back and it looks like it s all beginning again And Lorraine s nephew Freddy is showing all the signs of being one of the possible victimsI really enjoyed Samantha Hayes Until You re Mine, in which Lorraine first made her appearance So it was a double disappo [...]

  14. Thanks to the publisher for the review copyOh my God There is so much I want to say about this book but to say too much would ruin the story I have had Samantha Hayes book Until You re Mine on my to read list since its release, and I am now kicking myself so much at not reading it sooner The reviews were nothing short of amazing and I will be reading Until You re Mine as soon as possible Back to Before You Die though and what a story The story opens with two people riding a motorbike along a cou [...]

  15. D.I Lorraine Fisher, one of the characters from the excellent Until You re Mine, returns to her home town, Radcote, to visit her recently separated sister Jo and her nephew Freddie What happens next means that the policewoman isn t in for much of a holiday The town had been shocked by a spate of teenage suicides eighteen months previously and so when a young homeless man, Dean, complete with suicide note is found dead after a motorcycle crash the tension rises as the community closes in on itsel [...]

  16. Book What You Left Behind Author Samantha HayesFinished Reading April 08, 2015 Wednesday Book Review First of all, I would like to thank crown publishing for the review copy Thank you so so much If you want a mystery thriller crime book, I would definitely recommend you this To be honest, I don t really have any idea who s Samantha Hayes until I ended up browsing her book on After I ve read the synopsis, I was so intrigued by this book and my first reaction is I want to read it And its release d [...]

  17. Depois de ter lido At que sejas minha em Julho do ano passado que estava ansiosa por um novo livro de Samantha Hayes Antes que Morras trouxe o segundo caso de Lorraine Fisher e, mais uma vez, a detective acaba por entrar na hist ria mais do que queria, visto que um familiar seu vai ser uma das v timas.Depois de ter gostado tanto do primeiro livro esperava um pouquinho mais deste, at porque dei um pouco a entrar na hist ria.Gostei sobretudo das personagens misteriosas que fomos conhecendo ao long [...]

  18. Until You re Mine by the same author was a terrific read of last year, so I knew that I would read the next book Before You Die pretty soonish Did I enjoy it as much It was close but not quite Got off to a slow start so it took me a few days to really get going That said, I read the last 60% of the book in a day There s nothing particularly wrong with it, settings, characterisations, descriptiveness, all good Some settings mentioned I knew, local area to me Always a thrill because it happens so [...]

  19. Another cracker from Samantha Hayes which I devoured in a couple of days Full of twists and turns this book leads you down one path and quickly does an abrupt U turn so you don t know which way is up I finished this book with a big smile on my face as once again the author completely flummoxed me with a fantastic ending Highly recommend all of Samantha Hayes books.

  20. Este foi daqueles livros que foi prejudicado pela expectativa Adorei o anterior da autora e estava espera de algo melhor.O livro agrad vel, l se bem O final acabou por n o me surpreender mas gostei.

  21. Muito bom Ficamos naquele este o assassino depois lemos mais um pouco ahh afinal este por isso ficamos presos est ria.Agora queria era mais uns livros da autora.

  22. A stolen motorbike, a crazy ride, her arms wrapped around him as they took the dangerous curvesd then the crash.Our mysterious first person narrator opens the story of What You Left Behind A Novel We meet her again at the very end, and learn her identity, but in the meantime, the story picks up after the opening lines, with DI Lorraine Fisher and her daughter Stella leaving Birmingham for a week in the country Jo, Lorraine s sister, lives in Radcote with her teenaged son Freddie, and there have [...]

  23. Original review can be found at kristineandterri 2I received an advanced readers copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Thank you This is the second book in the DCI Lorraine Fisher series but it can be read as a stand alone I did not have the opportunity to read the first book before reading this one and it did not impact my enjoyment at all.I liked this book but I found it really busy which in turn made me not love it There were quite a few things going on to keep my head wrap [...]

  24. I read Samantha Hayes acclaimed bestseller Until You re Mine last year and really enjoyed the gripping, psychological nature of it Her latest offering Before You Die is in very much the same vein, a dark, thought provoking story of country life and community where you are never quite sure what to believe At times I felt the plot moved a bit too slowly for my liking and I wanted drama, although I am aware that any psychological thriller worth its salt needs to pace itself The characters, and the [...]

  25. Intense, dark, shocking the book is all these, and It touches upon something we ve all seen in the news.Teenage suicides mostly boys were committed in this village some months ago The people of the community are still trying to heal and find a way to go on.DI Lorraine Fisher is on vacation and visits her sister and her teenage son While there, a boy s body is found along with a suicide note And then a second young man is found Lorraine s nephew has been acting strange secretive scared Were thes [...]

  26. While I felt this story started off a bit rocky, it turned into a thrilling, and surprising read by the end.I didn t realize before reading that it was the second in a series, but it stood alone quite well There are a few remarks that hinted at a prior story, but nothing that stood in the way of enjoying and understanding this story.This book had several twists and turns, and in the first half, had several story lines that seemed very disconnected I had a bit of trouble seeing the point to every [...]

  27. I was granted a copy of Before You Die by Samantha Hayes from her publishers Random House, Cornerstone via Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review.I have read all of Samantha Hayes books and have loved them all equally She put together some cracking psychological Thrillers that have red herring swimming speedily through them, twisting as if through tight knotted reeds in a cloudy river Myself, as the reader, never quite realised whether the suggested character was the person I was le [...]

  28. Wow Top notch thriller Highly recommended.With a tightly woven plot, a pervading sense of menace, great characters, the addition of some wonderfully misleading red herrings, and a delightful rural British setting, Samantha Hayes has written a novel that was right up my street Every page was a joy to read right up to the delightful twist at the end.My complete review can be found on my blog Fictionophile

  29. I thought I would have no problems jumping right into this book Yet, there was nothing intriguing about the story or the characters In fact, the first scene with the bike accident barely made my heart jump It was like it happened and then it was over I even had to go back and re read it again as I felt like I was sleeping For me the story did not get any better As I said the characters were boring and it did not help with a story line that I found lacking in intrigue After re reading sections fo [...]

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