Redemption (2022)

Free Read Redemption - by Randi Cooley Wilson - Redemption, Redemption A LOVE RETURNS A LOYALTY IS BROKEN AND WAR BEGINSFor Eve Collins darkness has descended after her love vanished into the night sky A new protector has been appointed one who challenges everything sh Free Read Redemption - by Randi Cooley Wilson - Redemption, Redemption A LOVE RETURNS A LOYALTY IS BROKEN AND WAR BEGINSFor Eve Collins darkness has descended after her love vanished into the night sky A new protector has been appointed one who challenges everything sh
  • Title: Redemption
  • Author: Randi Cooley Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781499156942
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
Free Read Redemption - by Randi Cooley Wilson, Redemption, Randi Cooley Wilson, Redemption A LOVE RETURNS A LOYALTY IS BROKEN AND WAR BEGINSFor Eve Collins darkness has descended after her love vanished into the night sky A new protector has been appointed one who challenges everything she s believed to be true In this third installment of The Revelation Series Eve will become aware of dangers and worlds that exist only in her nightmares and bloodline secrA LOVE RETURNS A
  • Free Read Redemption - by Randi Cooley Wilson
    407Randi Cooley Wilson

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  1. I will protect you, always I m so in love with this series I have so many theories going through my head right now I have to go onto the next book Right Now I can t remember the last time I felt this way about a series

  2. I received a review copy from the author in exchange of an honest review.This was absolutely an amazing book I haven t read very many fantasy books like this, but OMG this makes me want to dive into Randi Cooley Wilson has created such a profound world with such amazing characters I have been drawn to this world from the beginning.This book had me emotional for all the right reasons Eve is now trying to figure things out without Asher around, but she is totally sucking at it She s constantly th [...]

  3. LovedRedemption was just as good as previous books and I enjoyed every second This was an action packed rollercoaster that kept you guessing all the way through Asher was just as delicious as usual and Eve such a stubborn little minx, the ever cheerful Abby and Callan, they are so adorable, Then we have the so need to chill out and leave Eve alone Keegan and Kenna and Gage he really came into his own in book 3 the ending was heartbreaking so need to read book 4 to see what happens Great read.

  4. In my head I was going to give it a 4 stars she was a bit Whiney Does he truly love me or is it the bond my gosh woman Figure ur shit out But then it was totally awesome till the end It s midnight and I got to work in the morning but my gosh I gotta read Onto book 4

  5. Review to come Update 1 15 15 So I had a reading marathon yesterday, and started this book around 8 o clock I stayed up until 1 30 am to finish it because I simply couldn t put it down It is that good Ms Wilson has managed to blow me away once again with her creativeness and ingenuity with this series I can t even begin to express how much I loved every single part of this novel I was laughing, swooning, and freaking out because of the major twists she threw at us As always, the writing is absol [...]

  6. I started it and now I regret it.I get that she is a teenage girl, but she has got to get a leash on those hormones She supposedly loves Asher, but she is panting after Gage Literally Also, her declarations of love toward Asher are very Twilight esque but worse She sounds like a 15 year old trying to convince herself that her first crush is her lifelong love I don t want to like Gage, but I respect him for his maturity But, good God, I want to slap Eve Like, really really bad Her entitled, bratt [...]

  7. It was like the book was calling to me Lindsay, read me Listen to me Would you like some of the yummy goodness that is Asher St Michael Come to the dark side We have Asher Jk But seriously This book was so good.

  8. After being teased for so long, the sex finally happenedd it was anticlimactic I still think Eve is an entitled idiot but the story is imaginative and fun.Gage is my favorite He s the only one that doesn t baby Eve She NEEDS that Desperately.

  9. Originally posted on yareads, reviewed by Nichole.I have to admit, I struggled getting into Redemption I think that it mostly had to do with my anger at a missing Asher for awhile I was having a very hard time warming up to Gage and feeling a little protective of Eve So, fair warning, book 3 might make you a little bit I lied It will make you a lot mad.There were so many jaw dropping moments that happened in this book The ending of Redemption will definitely attest to that statement I did not se [...]

  10. Do you ever get the feeling sometimes that authors start out with a storyline and a set of characters and then about half way through decide ah fkk it lets throw in some leprechauns and sorcerers Yeah I m getting that feeling with this series I also believe that though angst can be good between 2 characters having the angst as the driving purpose behind the story is just too much I am now in Asher Eve angst exhaustion This book is just about them being unable to control themselves even though it [...]

  11. Eve finally gets what she wants in this book, and what the readers want as well, Asher It was nice to see his vulnerable side And his jealousy of Gage was even obvious in this book The story continues to develop at what I thought was just the right pace I was excited to see what was going to happen next and never felt like things dragged out too much Plenty of angst and UST made for a captivating read The story built to the end and you could feel the tension rising as Eve came to a decision, [...]

  12. There was a few big bombshells in this book that mixed things up a bit really put stress on both Asher Eve but I couldn t help but get increasingly frustrated with them.On the one hand they seem to be kinda selfish Eve is a bit spoiled While at the same time I get they want what they want, they love each other have both been dealt a pretty sucky hand I also forget that she s 18 human this is all one big surprise for her I also feel like Asher is just so intense I would find him almost suffocatin [...]

  13. Eve s heart is broken, and now she has a new protector She is left in a world of hurt and confusion but she still has her gargoyle family there to support and protect her.Soon her world starts to come back together but she isn t sure what she can trust and who she can believe She learns things that turn her world upside down while trying to fight off the demonic legion that is trying to destroy her I devoured this book as well, lets fact it, it only took me four days to read the whole series As [...]

  14. Ok, yes, despite my inability to understand why I am so drawn to this series despite my annoyances with it, I am giving this five stars I m still bothered by some of my earlier gripes, but I do think the writing improved in this one I am so unsure of what I make of Gage I like him, and some of the times I am rooting for him the ending Well took me by shock going to start the next book now

  15. If this was a movie this book would not be PG 13 that is for sure LOL that s all I got to say I loved it

  16. I feel like I need to make a pretty big disclaimer before I launch into my review of this book I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review, and I read this without first reading the other books in the series that come before this one This book is not a stand alone, and I m pretty sure I would be rating this book higher if I knew these characters, situations, and understood this world before reading this one I think especially since this is a paranormal book, there is a certain amount of w [...]

  17. New villains, new allies, and secrets one that is so devastating it makes Eve rethink everything she knows Redemption starts with Eve dealing with the aftermath of the council s decision Asher is under investigation and temporarily removed as Eve s protector Their separation is agony for Eve Just when she starts putting herself together she learns she has a new protector Gage.Gage has a different approach to being a protector, he doesn t want to babysit, he wants Eve to think for herself, to be [...]

  18. The first two books in the Revelation Series I rated 5 stars, so I was sad I had to drop this one down to 4 I had a strong love for Eve and Asher before reading Redemption, but now i m pretty iffy on whether or not I want them to continue being an item At this point Asher is exhibiting strong indications that he is abusive in relationships I obviously understand he is her protector and therefore has to know where she is and what she is up to, but I have to draw the line when he starts making all [...]

  19. This series just keeps getting better WTH just happened When I started Redemption I thought this was the conclusion I was wrong, but another book with Asher and Eve is so worth it This book was the best of all of them so far This series just keeps getting better I can t put into words how obsessed I am My travel heart can t take itwhen will we have book 4 By the grace READ THIS SERIES

  20. Soaring Up High Redemption is my favorite book so far in the Revelation Series by Randi Cooley Wilson I loved every single aspect of it the romance, the action, and the new twists Eve continued to grow on me in this novel I really liked her courage and character growth She is far from the naive girl I met in Revelation She is so sweet and spunky Plus, her sailor mouth was so fun Her and McKenna, one of the London Clan members, fights are so hilarious However, Eve did annoy me at times Her immatu [...]

  21. Okay first Randi Cooley Wilson, the cliffhangers You are killing me Overall, I loved the story Again, Eve Collins has proven annoying yet interesting I did like the self imposed resolved she seems to have in this book I wanted her to stand up for herself and her destiny and she finally did That turn in character personality was nice, but the star of this piece of the story was truly the author s creativity THOSE SECRETS Wow seriously I did not want to ruin it for the next reader, but I did not s [...]

  22. By the Grace How could she See that you make me do lol I m quoting your novels because I ve read to many and I m in deep with this series.So not cool of her, I don t care how much she loves someone, how could she yep so angry But I FREAKING LOVE THIS SERIES Gage showed up a lot in this novel and I hate the way everyone treats him Can they blame the guy I bet if they all lost their mate they d act like Gage as well, maybe even worse off Is there a Leo story I need one Callan and Abby are seriousl [...]

  23. I like how the story going, but to be honest I hate how two characters handle the problem between and around themEve who seems so weak after Asher left her and how she react like her world is falling apart makes her looks so weak oh come on you are the daughter of the heaven and the key of those hell and heaven madness I know that Asher is the love of her life, but she should act stronger and thougher well at least trym and Asher you one hell selfish gargoyle Let Eve helps you, don t carry the [...]

  24. Amazing This series has thoroughly engrossed me Lol I read these books non stop then get upset I finished so quickly I am however ready for Eve to show her strength and grow a backbone I m positive I will get what I m waiting for soon enough though Highly recommended series

  25. The series gets better with each book Which was needed after the first installment While I personally think the action scenes are still lacking and the main character goes back and forth way too much, I can t stop reading them Guilty pleasure

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