Reejecttion (2022)

☆ Reejecttion ↠ Daniel Clausen - Reejecttion, Reejecttion Have you ever faced rejection How about reejecttion This short story essay collection looks at the challenges of being a writer the challenges of being a human and the challenges of being on the oth ☆ Reejecttion ↠ Daniel Clausen - Reejecttion, Reejecttion Have you ever faced rejection How about reejecttion This short story essay collection looks at the challenges of being a writer the challenges of being a human and the challenges of being on the oth
  • Title: Reejecttion
  • Author: Daniel Clausen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
☆ Reejecttion ↠ Daniel Clausen, Reejecttion, Daniel Clausen, Reejecttion Have you ever faced rejection How about reejecttion This short story essay collection looks at the challenges of being a writer the challenges of being a human and the challenges of being on the other side of a form rejection slip We regret to inform you that when you read this short story collection you will laugh you will scream but mostly you ll wonder how gettHave you ever face
  • ☆ Reejecttion ↠ Daniel Clausen
    468Daniel Clausen

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  1. What is the book The book is a humorous collection of essays and short stories It s also free It s a great book for anyone who has ever gotten a form rejection letter You can download off of right here ebooks down

  2. I can still remember when I was a young kid, hearing the word cheesecake for the first time I remember not being able to comprehend how such contrary ingredients cheese that you eat on toast or with ham and pickle, and cake which is super sugarly delicious could possibly be united Cheese CAKE And then, after one bite, my fears were put to rest and I gobbled up the lot.Reejection is eating a slice of cheesecake for the first time.It s raw, quick, sharp and lazy, purposely partly cobbled together, [...]

  3. In Reejecttion Daniel Clausen takes on a sometimes warped, frequently amused, fleetingly poignant and bizarrely confusing world of rejection, focusing on the literary kind but branching off to cover many different guises Particularly effective are the creative rejection letters each with their own charm I rather liked the one based on the Platonic idea of form, the ultimate rejection letter, the one all others are mere representations of.The word Reejecttion in itself is a little distracting, pu [...]

  4. Everything about this book was humorous and haphazard I liked the intermingling short stories, book reviews and rejection letters.I have chatted with the author about writing, and from this it is clear to see that he just cannot stop writing, or put the creative brain to rest.I can t imagine what it s like for a writer to put his her soul into writing to then be in receipt of standard rejection letters However, Daniel has a great right back atcha response to every kind of rejection letter scenar [...]

  5. I had a good laugh reading this book collection The reejecttion letters were very entertaining, I can t believe that the author got managed to get published in BADONKADONK literary weekly, I love reading those stories, I usually get slapped by the wife for checking them out, but I always try to have a peek when I can.The author has included some of the reviews of books he has read, I think if the authors of those books had seen what he has written they would go WTF was that all about they are ba [...]

  6. See of my book reviews on my blog, Literary FlitsI discovered Daniel Clausen through reading Harry Whitewolf The two authors collaborated on ReejecttIIon which I will be reviewing soon, but for once I am reading books in order so started with Clausen s solo short story collection The book begins and is dotted with increasingly surreal form rejection letters which, while being funny in themselves, also allowed me to imagine the increasing desperation of an author trying to get his work seen and [...]

  7. You have committed a very serious breach of section 999 of the conformist laws, punishable by the NCP, the non conformist police, a subsidiary of the police, which is of course a subsidiary of Theracorp No one likes rejection.Daniel Clausen is becoming one of my favorite independent authors I received a copy of The Ghosts of Nagasaki a couple of years ago wow time really flies and I was entranced with his writing, threaded with the story of Sh saku End s Silence I was very happy to see the relea [...]

  8. I found Reejection by Daniel Clausen in the same way that someone looks down and finds a five dollar bill just as they are paying for a cup of coffee Not necessarily looked for, but serendipitous and appreciated just the same I would be dishonest if I said that the fact that I was able to read this for free didn t, at all, color my opinion The concept behind the book, as a whole, is entertaining and interesting enough to make it worth the time The series of short stories are peppered with imagin [...]

  9. I really adore this book I enjoyed it immensely, especially the letters which are par for the course You will enjoy reading this small adventure in Reejecttion, it will certainly entertain a few and it will bring small pains to others cutting there teeth Nothing like being on the receiving end of those synonymous papers in the mail It will make you laugh, cry and scream through out the book, you might even slam your fist into a wall There s a lot to be said for those who still rise above the cha [...]

  10. Daniel Clausen is a funny, creative, talented writer with a distinctive voice and a unique way of looking at the world The concept was pretty good, and I enjoyed the humorous fake rejection letters that Clausen sprinkled throughout the book.So why only three stars Well, to be honest, this book felt hastily compiled and incomplete As a reader, I feel a little insulted when I read something that I feel the author didn t put much effort into.Each of the essays and stories in this book has an intrig [...]

  11. Reviewing this little book has proven difficult The concept of dealing with rejection from the publishing world by publishing a satire of rejection letters, interspersed with content that was ostensibly rejected is a five star concept, despite my three star review.I also know that the author is here on GoodReads and you end up with trepidation in reviewing work of someone who is quite clearly trying to create an audience, a voice, and a writing career and well most probably read what I write tal [...]

  12. This melange of not quite abandoned writings is incredibly brief but oh, so, so tasty Clausen s short stories reach past my brain and connect directly with my spine in the same way a grooving bassline does at a gig or a club When I read Daniel s novel The Ghosts of Nagasaki earlier this year it really spoke to me in a way few novels do and the shadow of that feeling was present in these tantalisingly truncated tales too.The reejecttion letters featured here are absolutely hilarious as well and a [...]

  13. Before 2 there was 1, written by Daniel Clausen Reejecttion contains rejection letters and outlandish stories that are like the thrust of a sword, followed by a BOING sound that indicates it is only plastic Laundromats, used bookstores, just to make time to shag my girlfriend I had to dump 300 submissions in the trash unceremoniously , bad first sentences, Sal he isn t sure if his name is Sal or Sally and off the wall observations on daily life are written about in Reejecttion.Reejecttion is no [...]

  14. Very different, interesting, and refreshing At first, I didn t know what I was reading I was curious and confused, whereas many books these days tell you everything but the ending on the first page The rejection letter to the reader actually made me laugh out loud Rejection letters are given out like candy college applications, career applications, scholarship applications The rejection letter addressed to the readers says that WE cannot turn the page but we do because we can and want to Kind of [...]

  15. I personally loved the short stories and got a good laugh from the reejection letters But seriously, What was THAT about a question that is asked within the pages comes to mind It was a quick read, yet it made me stop and think at multiple intervals throughout the book It is a good book for the bathroom or at work, as all the stories are short enough to steal away for a few minutes Short and sweet and left me wanting short stories from the author but wait, there is a sequel to this one and I m [...]

  16. I received the book for free through First Reads You can too because the book is free This book was hilarious If you have ever been rejected, which most of us have been, it allows a softer side to be taken.I also loved some of the short stories, they reminded me a lot of 1984 and were excellent.The rejection letters are indeed so funny The sarcasm Daniel uses in this book is excellent too.I also enjoyed the links to the Monty Python video and another link to a blog with the 10 types of rejection [...]

  17. I have been familiar with Daniel Clausen s work, he is such a talented Author, so when the opportunity presented itself to download one of his books for free I immediately jumped on it I found the short stories and essays very entertaining and funny and I ended up laughing out loud at some of the rejection letters I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

  18. Clever nonsense Delightful vignettes from a surreal and chaotic mind I think I might love this man a little bit The mad genius has always been my type.

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