The Fixer (2022)

The Fixer Best Download || [Jennifer Lynn Barnes] - The Fixer, The Fixer This thriller YA is Scandal meets Veronica Mars Sixteen year old Tess Kendrick has spent her entire life on her grandfather s ranch But when her estranged sister Ivy uproots her to D C Tess is thrown The Fixer Best Download || [Jennifer Lynn Barnes] - The Fixer, The Fixer This thriller YA is Scandal meets Veronica Mars Sixteen year old Tess Kendrick has spent her entire life on her grandfather s ranch But when her estranged sister Ivy uproots her to D C Tess is thrown
  • Title: The Fixer
  • Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • ISBN: 9781619635944
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
The Fixer
The Fixer Best Download || [Jennifer Lynn Barnes], The Fixer, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, The Fixer This thriller YA is Scandal meets Veronica Mars Sixteen year old Tess Kendrick has spent her entire life on her grandfather s ranch But when her estranged sister Ivy uproots her to D C Tess is thrown into a world that revolves around politics and power She also starts at Hardwicke Academy the D C school for the children of the rich and powerful where she unwittinglyThis thriller YA is
  • The Fixer Best Download || [Jennifer Lynn Barnes]
    490Jennifer Lynn Barnes
The Fixer

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  1. EDIT Fucking outage I lost my first review.Anyway, let me tell you a story It was the best of the YA romance time, it was the worst of time when Twilight was made, it was the age of wisdom in Erotic books, it was the age of foolishness when the FSoG was published, it was the epoch of belief in Adult mystery crime books, it was the epoch of incredulity when Dan Brown s Angel and Demons shook the catholic foundation you get the gist and I dreamed of reading a very good YA mystery thriller I was so [...]

  2. A well written and engrossing book that focuses on Politics Where do I sign up The Fixer easily becomes one of my favorite reads this year It is without doubt, this book is joining my Top Ten Favorite Reads of this year.For me the best kind of books is the one that makes me feel intoxicated as if I am drunk in life s high The Fixer evokes these feelings for me I was instantly hooked from the very first eyes I laid on it There is Barnes s trademark writing, snark, a group of teenagers bonding, a [...]

  3. We all have those authors that we instinctively go to when we need something fun, original, and well written Something that will keep us on the edge of our seats, engaged in the story from beginning to end Something we will think about when we put the book down and something we will still be thinking about long after it is over.Jennifer Lynn Barnes, is that author for me She hasn t let me down yet and her latest release, The Fixer, is testament to why that still remains the same.I adored this wh [...]

  4. This review has also been posted on The Social PotatoWhat we need in YA is political thrillers SERIOUSLY This book was so much fun and so addictive It s the kind of book you want to high five while reading don t question my logic of high fiving inanimate objects.For starters, believe the tagline, this book actually did remind me of Scandal the tv show and in the best possible way I would also encourage you to disregard that bit about love triangles in the blurb because I don t have a clue as to [...]

  5. In The Fixer, we follow Tess, as she rediscovers her older sister, Ivy, after a family tragedy Since the deaths of their parents over a decade ago, Tess has been living with her grandfather on a farm in rural Montana Unfortunately, her grandfather falls ill with Alzheimer s, and Tess can no longer look after herself Ivy comes to the rescue, and flies Tess off to Washington D.C and sets her up at the prestigious Hardwicke Academy As she discovers that Ivy is involved in high politics, and is know [...]

  6. HOLY SMOKES This was phenomenal My review Go get this book Read it now Seriously, guys, The Fixer is everything I didn t know I wanted in a YA book YESS Give me Okay, I m not that versed on political thrillers and I m unfamiliar with either popular hit sitcom Scandal or Veronica Mars , so yeah, I was a tad bit hesitant picking this one up, wondering how on earth are they going to spin this one out for young adults, while maintaining a healthy dose of believability and excitement The Fixer excel [...]

  7. Fafa s Book Corner Wordpress Fafa s Book Corner Blogger Beware spoilers ahead When I first heard about this book the only thing that went through my mind was the fact that it is compared to Heist Society Naturally I added it thinking it would be an excellent heist and espionage novel Then one day I decided to read the synopsis again and warning bells went off in my head The idea of a Fixer sounded odd and I am not a fan of books that have politics in it Nonetheless I wanted to read it because of [...]

  8. Thank you to Andye from readingteen for letting me review this book 4.5 SHINING SHINING STARSThis book was So Clever Political intrigue Fitted with a Sherlockesque main character and a mystery that will get your brain chugging away Topped with witty dialogue Mix it all together and you ve got a brilliantly plotted novel with a genius set of characters otherwise known as The Fixer.I had no idea what to expect going in to this I was thinking some kind of contemporary with a Gossip Girl vibe Ah, no [...]

  9. The Fixer was a fun and quick read In fact, I managed to read it on one rainy afternoon The Fixer is the story of Tess Kendrick, a teenager who is forced to leave her Montana ranch when it becomes apparent that her grandfather is no longer able to care for her Tess moves in with her big sister Ivy, who happens to work with a lot of very influential people in Washington D.C Ivy makes things happen and Tess seems to follow in big sister s footsteps When a classmate s grandfather dies, Tess is pull [...]

  10. Please fix the book hangover I have now Quote You re telling me that my sister is a professional problem solver I asked tightly She just goes around solving other people s problems How is that even an occupation Supply and demand Vivvie suggested Around here, we call them fixers Review My love for this book is unreal I ve said this before, but political intrigue is definitely one of my ultimate favorites in YA typically, they come wrapped in high fantasy shaped packages though, and honestly I wa [...]

  11. Could I have waited until the sequel was out so I wouldn t have to wait to see what happens next I totally could have There are so many books to read But did I do that Nooooo And now I have to wait.I can t wait to see what happens next

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  13. I ve reached the stage where I d voluntarily read Barnes shopping list If you love a bit of politics the push and pull of power than you ll eat this one right up Review To Come.

  14. 4.5 Stars I can t get enough of Jennifer Lynn Barnes Her books are smart, engaging, and so well constructed that she ll always have your brain reeling I read The Fixer The Fixer series 1 with the hope that it would help hold me over for when Bad Blood The Naturals series 4 comes out November 1st And you know what The Fixer completely satisfied my crime novel craving While The Naturals series is a YA version of the show Criminal Minds, The Fixer series is very reminiscent of Scandal which I love [...]

  15. This is a tough one One the one hand, NO ONE writes thrillers like Barnes On the other, this book is a bit hard to swallow It s not just teens solving mysteries they re solving deep seated political schemes that go all the way to the top It s Scandal meets Veronica Mars.Although I appreciated that the book is full on uncovering government secrets, it could have done with a bit of softening with either humor or romance Because of that I got about 70 percent through and skimmed the rest I received [...]

  16. This book has been recommended by my friends who know my love and weakness for thriller mystery type of books since forever and it did not disappoint It was smart and slick, and I throughly enjoyed the characters and the political conspiracy behind it all This book reminded me of my favorite police drama, with its well thought plot and the sharp twists that brought it to life.Full review to come soon.

  17. Murder, blackmail, secrets, and cover ups Watch your back These people can slice and dice you with smiles on their faces Smiles that can sell papers, charm the masses, and win elections Welcome to DC politics Estranged sisters, Tess and Ivy Kendrick, are trying to be a family again in Washington DC, where Ivy is a problem solver in the world of politics Ivy is that someone you want on your side Someone who can fix anything Sixteen year old Tess soon proves that the apple doesn t fall far from th [...]

  18. Wat is dit toch een heerlijk boek Vol met politieke machtsspelletjes, geheimen en mysterie Lees hier mijn recensie nerdygeekyfanboy recensie

  19. This is like YA House of Cards except the main characters aren t terrible people and it s amazing and I should ve read it ages ago Don t be like me, read it now NOW.

  20. I read this book a few weeks back, but didn t get to review it till now.LOVED, loved, loved this book A BIG thanks to Paige Bookdragon for steering me towards this book Her excellent 5 star review Paige s review had me pitching this book to the front of my TBR pile I was hesitant to read this because of the Scandal meets Veronica Mars marketing for this book Not only are those two things quite a lot to live up to, but also, that kind of comparison makes me think that this is going to be a clone [...]

  21. This book, HOLY SHIT Excuse my language I thought I had somewhat figured it out while I was reading, but I was totally wrong It was so shocking and kept me guessing until the literal last page I am a sucker for books set on the political scene, and I love suspense and mystery, therefore, I was sold on this book from the second I read the synopsis I really like Tess our main character because she is truly a strong independent girl who isn t focused on a boy not that being focused on a boy is a ba [...]

  22. Was The Fixer a blatant rip off of the Scandal tv series Do I care It s been quite a while since a book had me so completely riveted, so absolutely enthralled, and, once that happens, there s very little that will stop me from really digging that book The Fixer was very entertaining, suspenseful, and actually managed to surprise me with a couple of twists I need to stress how important it is to me that a book surprises me Most thrillers, mysteries and horror stories fall through for me because o [...]

  23. Although I was initially very intrigued on the political bent that The Fixer had, I think overall it was quite disappointing People weren t joking when they compared it to The Heist Society I ll admit, both books were quite enjoyable for a light read although quite unrealistic, to an extent The Fixer follows up on that tone and atmosphere, where in the midst of the political intrigue is familial relationships and teenagers who have nothing better in their lives to do Before I begin, let me just [...]

  24. Tess Kendrick lives in Montana with her grandfather when suddenly her older sister Ivy whisks her away to live with her in D.C and attend Hardwicke Academy, a private school where the kids of Washington s most powerful attend when Tess, like her elder sister, takes on the role of fixer at her school, dealing with problems and covering up scandals, a conspiracy surfaces, making things a lot complicated for her, and her friends.The Fixer is a great book, it s super fun and exciting and entirely d [...]

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