The Metronome (2022)

[PDF] Download ☆ The Metronome : by D.R. Bell - The Metronome, The Metronome The Metronome is the first book in The Counterpoint trilogy and a prequel to the previously published The Great Game This was an unplanned book The Great Game was supposed [PDF] Download ☆ The Metronome : by D.R. Bell - The Metronome, The Metronome The Metronome is the first book in The Counterpoint trilogy and a prequel to the previously published The Great Game This was an unplanned book The Great Game was supposed
  • Title: The Metronome
  • Author: D.R. Bell
  • ISBN: 0062
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Metronome
[PDF] Download ☆ The Metronome : by D.R. Bell, The Metronome, D.R. Bell, The Metronome The Metronome is the first book in The Counterpoint trilogy and a prequel to the previously published The Great Game This was an unplanned book The Great Game was supposed to be a stand alone story Then questions about a sequel started coming in The last words in The Great Game are This is not the end I meant it philosophically meaning that the str

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Metronome : by D.R. Bell
    183 D.R. Bell
The Metronome

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  1. D.R Bell s new literary novel The Metronome helps fill in Western readers on a major missing piece in our understanding of the modern world recent Russian history As the main character, now living in the States, investigates to determine if his father in Russia was murdered, he and we the reader learn of the horrors of living in Russia during the German blitzkrieg, the paranoia of living in post war Soviet Union, the go go party mentality of Russia in the post Soviet 1990, and the resul D.R Bell [...]

  2. The Metronome is than a fictional work It weaves some real historical events and facts into the story Though,the main plot being centered around a possible murder suicide.The story goes on to explain so much about post cold war financial warfare that s happening in the world The wars are not fought with bombs and bullets any ,appeared to be like a cliche to me but, financial warfare seems to be much less fictional The financial institution which are too big to fail pose a The Metronome is than a [...]

  3. The switching from first person, to third person, to just boring facts drove me crazy All the additional information about Russia, flash backs, and hedge fund information did nothing for the story development and caused me to skip pages and pages at a time I continued to read subjected to the boring drone of details that took away from the story I finally gave up at about 1 2 through the book, I just couldn t take it any Reading this book felt like the reading assignment you dreaded in m The swi [...]

  4. Fast paced, quick read The writing wasn t the tightest, and the characters tended to be kind of flat, but the story moved well If you re a history nerd like me, it provides an interesting look behind the Iron Curtain, and also provides a fascinating take on the development of American Russian relations Good commute read not a can t put it down per se, but still very much an I want to know what happens

  5. Good but needs minor workTo be honest, I didn t finish this book I wanted to, I tried to but it just want happening for me For 1, it seemed to jump from one scene to another but then you d realise that it was a new paragraph but the spacing hasn t been put it to show that The other issue I had was the storyline, it felt like you were in a traffic jam.ow, fast, slow, fast Some parts the story moved along well but in other places I felt like I was reading at a standstill The characters Good but ne [...]

  6. What a book This is the first book that I have read from D R Bell I really enjoyed it because it was partly based on actual events and people The characters and the situations that they were faced with were believable The best thing about this book was after the book was over Mr Bell included an epilogue that explained a little of some of the events and other things that were in the book He also included other books on the subjects in case the reader wants to read.

  7. A great readI read the book fast because it was interesting and well written The financial info about the world fast road to hell is really interesting and very informative for someone who doesn t have a financial background.

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