Eyeshot (2022)

[PDF] Eyeshot | by ☆ TaylorAdams - Eyeshot, Eyeshot James and Elle Eversman are a young couple travelling through the Mojave desert on their way to a new life When their car mysteriously breaks down they are stranded in the middle of nowhere without mu [PDF] Eyeshot | by ☆ TaylorAdams - Eyeshot, Eyeshot James and Elle Eversman are a young couple travelling through the Mojave desert on their way to a new life When their car mysteriously breaks down they are stranded in the middle of nowhere without mu
  • Title: Eyeshot
  • Author: TaylorAdams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Eyeshot | by ☆ TaylorAdams, Eyeshot, TaylorAdams, Eyeshot James and Elle Eversman are a young couple travelling through the Mojave desert on their way to a new life When their car mysteriously breaks down they are stranded in the middle of nowhere without much water and no cell phone reception A mile away a deadly sniper has them in his cross hairs They are pinned down behind their broken down car surrounded by open ground inJames and Elle Evers
  • [PDF] Eyeshot | by ☆ TaylorAdams

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  1. This was a tense little thriller, about a serial killer, who uses people as target practice And he s a damn good shooter, too A young couple, James and Eileen Eversman, are on their way to start a new life At least, that s the plan On their way, they nearly drive into the ass end of a cop s car, who s vehicle is left in the middle of the road Deputy Doogie Howser approaches their yellow Rav4, and apologises He was inspecting a white truck that is left unattended with its engine running, As they [...]

  2. Marketed as The Most Gripping Suspense Thriller You Will Ever Read Is this TrueThat Is the Question Exciting, fast paced, suspensful thriller, with a action packed plot, with some added humour, although a little far fetched story and a little heavy on the background stories.This a a difficult book to rate as had some great fast paced action, but then sometimes ruined by slow background stories.Although the main characters were very good, especially James and Elle Eversman who are a young couple [...]

  3. 4 StarsEyeshot really surprised me in ways than I expected The writing was edgy there was a crescendo suspenseful thriller that started in the beginning of the book and didn t let up until the very end For those looking for a quick read and an entertaining thriller I highly recommend this book Full RTC.

  4. Why did I bother to read this I didn t like this book Most of the story was about a sadistic man who got his jollies by trapping people with nowhere to run Then he would shoot and eventually killing them at his leisure I thought the book was boring but I did finish it to see how the main characters turned out The fact that the story ended was it s one redeeming quality.

  5. Wow, what a brilliant debut novel.Although the book focused on a an event that encompassed only a few hours and a few characters, the suspense build up was absolutely brilliant.The flash back character development was carried out brilliantly, too a point where I was definitely emotionally invested Not to mention that the ending was played out exceptionally well.I look forward to your new editions.

  6. This is one of the most gripping, fast paced books I have read in a long time This author will have you on the edge of your seat from the get go I couldn t put it downI didn t put it down until the end I highly recommend this book, and will be purchasing of his works I have added him to my Favourite Author list.

  7. Difficult to review this without sounding like all the other 5 star reviewers, however, I simply couldn t put it down The story slowly builds for the first 20 30 pages, then takes off, gets inside you and doesn t let go I constantly had to stop myself and look at his writing to see how he could pull this off it s simply a fast, slick story that doesn t waste a word At no time did I see a sentence or turn of phrase that stopped the flow of the story.This is no airport Jack Reacher paperback with [...]

  8. I ve been looking for a book recently that really grips me and have been left disappointed before Eyeshot From start to finish, I was enthralled with this story While I, admittedly, don t read many thrillers, Adams tag line is highly appropriateis was the most gripping suspense thriller I ve ever read It is excellent

  9. Eyeshot is Speed on steroids It s been a while since I had a book grab me by the throat increasing pressure with each page but this one did Lock your doors and windows and only read in daylight.

  10. Nice try, but overdoneGood try at terror, violence and brutality but a bit overdone, tended to get tiresome Too much Yes

  11. Eyeshot seriously has to be one of the best and most riveting books that I have read in a long time It kept me on the edge of my seat from the word go and I found it practically impossible to put down.This book would make an excellent movie in my opinion It was amazing how the author managed to make such a thrilling read that stayed interesting in a situation where the scenery and characters didn t change for over 95% of the book To be honest, there were some developments in the plot that were a [...]

  12. HIGHLY recommend this book It grabs you from the first few pages and never lets go The tension continues to mount until you think you aren t going to be able to catch your next breath Well written, tight with very few typographical errors, it is one of those books that you almost hate to have grab a hold of you because you know you aren t going to be able to do anything else except read until you finish it The characters are so well fleshed out that you really begin to care about them and can t [...]

  13. With this book I was sucked into the story immediately and it never let me go till i had finished the book.James and Ellie travel to a new home but before they can get there they are attacked by a sniper out in desert with no place to hide.Another group of people comes along and is also caught in the same trap that makes 5 but how many will get out if any You will have to read this book to see you will not be disappointed.A thrilling book I just devoured it.I think this book would make a great M [...]

  14. I hated it, and I loved it.It s an understatement to say this is a thriller I was caught up in it so fast that it was all I could think about The characters are interesting and real It causes the readers to wonder what goes on in people s psyche that causes them to deviate so far from the norm If I need to clarify that I hated it, it s because I think the world has a lot people out there like this, just under the radar But we pretend it s not so I didn t hate the book, but it was quite frighten [...]

  15. I don t normally read this type of book, but WOW This was such a fast pace, thrilling survival story The characters are developed so well that I was hooked in the first chapter The hero in the story draws from trauma in his youth to outsmart the villain You will fall in love with the hero and heroine I definitely would recommend this book I received this book for a fair and honest review This book is a keeper.

  16. EYESHOT If you like suspenseful stories, read this book It s very gripping like they described And nail biting, pulse quickening, all things that make a good suspense story The plot was very original, unlike anything I ve ever read A far out idea that could actually happen I sure don t want to drive through the desert anytime soon Yep, I highly recommend this book And any book by this author, Taylor Adams

  17. Wow Thrilling, scary, funny, and surprisingly sweet This is a badass survival story that s impossible to put down Underneath all the action and suspense, there s also a surprisingly touching romance The villain is terrifying and expertly written he gets under your skin I especially loved the little bits of humor sprinkled throughout Even if thrillers aren t really your cup of tea, give this one a shot haha, pun I loved this book LOVED it.

  18. This book should have a warning label I was sucked into the plot immediately and became captivated as the events unfolded like an inflatable raft not the kind that gradually expands as you blow into a valve and become dizzy from lack of oxygen the kind that you pull a ripcord and, WHUMP, suddenly it s there in front of you, filling the room.

  19. This was an exciting little book I say little, because, in my view, it is somewhat short to be called a novel The plot is interesting, though extremely far fetched I would be very surprised if, in the real world, the protagonists and antagonist would be able to accomplish the feats they did Nevertheless, it was a fast paced read that held my interest until the end.

  20. I found this book an interesting read, it is packed with excitement and suspense However, not all of the actions were believable It seems hard to belief and accept that a few unarmed characters can beat a snipper, or that Elle successfully shoots the deputy even though it is not said that she can actually shoot a gun If it were convincing I would have regarded the book as successful and would have recommend it to be published, yet it was not Nor did I find the novel that revolutionary within i [...]

  21. Heart pounding thrilling read that takes place almost solely on the side of desolate desert highway Trapped in a long range snipers sites, with little options, supplies or weapons do you survive Finished two books recently by this up and coming author who is quickly working his way to the top of my list

  22. An adrenaline ride in the desertA dark twisty plot of a couple caught on a detour with a madman in the desert Speed read through a lot of the details regarding guns and sniper techniques, but had to finish to find out how it ended.

  23. Eyeshot may have been better as a movie to be a real thriller As it was, there was no real character development in the earlier part of the book Adams tells about the characters in flashbacks than any other way Because of this, I found it hard to care about James and Elle I just finished the book and couldn t even remember the woman s name, I had to go back to the book and look it up This book just doesn t live up to the hype nor reach it s potential.

  24. Heart stopping and fantastic.Watch your blood pressure soar with this amazing book which deserves ten stars for original storytelling, creativity and character development Fabulous book.

  25. On their was for a new job to Texas, Elle and her husband are lured into a position where they are in the crosshairs of a sadistic killer, pinned down and unable to escape How they work to escape is nail biting and the ending is quite a surprise.

  26. A definite page turner.It was difficult to put down even though it wouldn t have been one I would have chosen if I had read the summary.

  27. really enjoyed this good intense thriller, gripping with a good storyline always had you wondering what was going to happen next, Highly recommended

  28. Love, love, loved this book Amazing thriller, great underlying story about James Elle I couldn t put it down Must be made into a movie

  29. Way Too BusyIt s like the author set out to write a maze for the reader Full of unnecessary asides and twists, detracting from an already unlikely plot line Mediocre

  30. I d give it 0 stars if possible I was skimming though whole pages of unnecessary and boring paragraphs Needless to say, there wasn t any thrill or suspension at all.

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