Death in Salem (2022)

[PDF] Death in Salem | by ð Eleanor Kuhns - Death in Salem, Death in Salem It s and traveling weaver Will Rees is visiting Salem Massachusetts He s in town to buy a luxurious gift for his pregnant wife a few yards of well made fabric from the traders at the famed Sal [PDF] Death in Salem | by ð Eleanor Kuhns - Death in Salem, Death in Salem It s and traveling weaver Will Rees is visiting Salem Massachusetts He s in town to buy a luxurious gift for his pregnant wife a few yards of well made fabric from the traders at the famed Sal
  • Title: Death in Salem
  • Author: Eleanor Kuhns
  • ISBN: 9781250067029
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
Death in Salem
[PDF] Death in Salem | by ð Eleanor Kuhns, Death in Salem, Eleanor Kuhns, Death in Salem It s and traveling weaver Will Rees is visiting Salem Massachusetts He s in town to buy a luxurious gift for his pregnant wife a few yards of well made fabric from the traders at the famed Salem harbor While traveling through Salem however Rees comes upon a funeral procession for the deceased Mrs Antiss Boothe When Rees happens upon Twig a friend who foughtIt s and Funeral Service Winston Salem Memorial Service Gangster Salem Koudou hacked to death in revenge for birthday Salem police investigating death of man found by railroad track Suspect in death of Salem police officer Dana Mazola switches Salem Police Death of man found near railroad tracks Column Lawmakers let death with dignity bill die, allowing Prosecutors can seek death penalty against Kernersville man PHOTOS Molly Corbett, Thomas Martens appear for hearing in death Motherland Fort Salem Season Episode Finale Ending TVLine
  • [PDF] Death in Salem | by ð Eleanor Kuhns
    401Eleanor Kuhns
Death in Salem

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  1. Received through FirstReadsI had a bit of a hard time getting in to this book, so I was happy when it really picked up about 50 pages in The characters were well developed, and though some of them were only minor players, they were still done with care, which is often not the case I really enjoyed the way this was structured like an old fashioned mystery, especially the final few pages You don t find that much any, and it brought me back to childhood, when I would read old mysteries I found at m [...]

  2. Death in Salem is the fourth book in the Will Rees Mystery series by author Eleanor Kuhns Death in Salem is the first book in the series that I have read It definitely will not be the last As a Canadian, I did not learn American history in school Most of the things that I know I learned by reading books Reading a delightful novel is the best way to learn history in my opinion I always enjoy reading books in historical settings.I ve been to Salem before and was very intrigued by the witchcraft hi [...]

  3. I received a free copy of Death in Salem from First Reads I had no real knowledge of the background to this novel, and I learned a whole lot about the shipping families, the beliefs in witchcraft, and of course, the culture of that time.I enjoyed reading this book because of the main character and also because of his relationships with other people Will Rees is a weaver by trade and a detective by nature He is able to solve not one but many mysterious deaths by observing, questioning, and refusi [...]

  4. This is my least favorite of the Will Rees series so far.Rees is in Salem to buy fabric for his pregnant wife when he encounters an old Revolutionary War comrade After his friend s girl friend is accused of a murder, Will steps in to help.Not having his wife along for the first part of the book may be one of the reasons this one fell short for me But it is still a strong series filled with great characters and decent plot lines.

  5. In this fourth in the Will Rees series, Will and eventually his wife Lydia are far from home Again Will is asked by a friend, this time a man he served with in the Revolutionary War, to get his fianc e out of jail when she is accused of murdering her employer There are lots of candidates for the murder of a fine merchant and ultimately two others The solution is clever and very satisfactory You don t have to have read the earlier books in the series to enjoy this one.

  6. Death in Salem by Eleanor Kuhns, is a good murder mystery and very entertaining.The book is easy to read, with lots of murder suspects, which leaves the reader guessing right until the end of the book.I recommend this book for all ages.I won this book through Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book

  7. It was okay, not sure I d read another by this author Repetitive, especially the constant reminders that Rees s wife is pregnant and gets tired quickly.

  8. Will Rees, traveling weaver, finds himself in Salem, Massachusetts buying some fabric for his wife, Lydia While traveling through the town, he runs into a friend from his military days during a funeral procession and follows along, thus meeting the family of the deceased woman The next morning Will is heading home when Twig finds him, pleading for Will to return Twig s love has been accused of murdering the husband of the woman whose funeral was the day before Will stays on and finds himself sea [...]

  9. I received this book for free through First Reads.Set in Salem, Massachusetts during the 1700 s, Will Rees ventures into town to obtain some cloth for his family Upon entering, he encounters his old friend Twig who happens to be the town s undertaker Hearing about the passing of Anstiss Boothe, the wife of wealthy merchantman Jacob Boothe, Rees attends her funeral becoming involved with the rest of the crazy Boothe Family, as well as the Corville s, Anstiss s family The following day, while Rees [...]

  10. A good, solid read, with well developed characters and a real sense of atmosphere, place and time The detective genre is used to good effect and there are nice moments of suspense as Will Rees, a weaver turned amateur sleuth, ponders the variety of crimes and mysteries surrounding him during his extended stay in Salem.The mysteries do drag a little in some parts and there are a couple of loose threads that don t quite seem to be brought to a full conclusion, but these are minor irritations This [...]

  11. This fourth installment in the historical Will Rees Mystery series is wonderfully atmospheric It is set in 1796 Salem, Massachusetts roughly 100 years after the witch trials However, superstitions are still quite plentiful and one can easily use that to one s advantage Of equal abundance, are the red herrings in this well developed story There are so many possible motives which come into play It appeared as though right up until the end, the hero was still attempting to make sense of the goings [...]

  12. Traveling through Salem on his way home, Will Rees encounters an old friend and becomes involved in a murder investigation at the request of his friend, Twig.Rees wonders how he became involved in this investigation when all he wanted was to go home and see his wife, Lydia Could he bring her here to help I enjoyed the time period DEATH IN SALEM was set in but am glad I didn t live then Horse and buggies, no phones, women who had to stay home, women who were not allowed to be educated, some women [...]

  13. Why is it that most recent fiction should be at least 50 pages shorter Are there no editors left The period detail in this novel was well done, giving a vivid texture of life in Salem post Revolution You can almost smell the smells at the docks, and you do get a sense of early forensics The characters are well drawn, too I ve not read any others in this series, but I didn t feel I was behind I have heard that the earlier books were stronger.The biggest problem for me is that this mystery just di [...]

  14. Set in 1796, Will Rees is a weaver traveling around to sell his goods He stops in Salem, not so much to sell, but to buy muslin which he cannot make, as a gift for his wife He meets up with Twig, an old army friend as they watch a funeral procession for a Mrs Boothe Soon, there s another funeral for Mr Boothe murdered The person arrested is Twig s girlfriend who nursed Mrs Boothe before her death Twig asks Will to investigate as he knows Will had done so in the past and was successful.Missing hi [...]

  15. When weaver Will Rees stops in Salem on his travels from selling his wares, he meets, by chance, an army friend, who is now an undertaker at a funeral for the wife of a wealthy ship merchant But the husband of the woman soon follows the wife in death, but his is murder and the undertaker s lady friend is accused Twig begs Will to find out who killed Jacob Boothe and so the mystery begins.A well written plot with many characters, each being capable of the murder Salem with the docks, ships mercha [...]

  16. Will Rees is in Salem to purchase some fabrics for his pregnant wife Lydia He meets an old friend and attends the funeral luncheon for a woman, Anstiss Boothe, a woman who has died after years of illness The next day, Mr Boothe is found murdered and Will is asked to help prove the innocence of Xenobia, Mrs Boothe s servant, who has been arrested for his murder This begins a search for a killer that is convoluted and a bit confusing The story moved right along and the reader wants to know who the [...]

  17. Very hard to put down, but I had to stop with only four pages left and go back to work Believable characters drive this story Will Rees, an itinerant weaver, stops in Salem before preparing to return home to Maine But when the merchant Jacob Boothe who welcomed Will to his wife s funeral feast is murdered, an old friend of Will s begs him to stay and solve the mystery Somewhat reluctantly he agrees Over the course of his investigation, what Will learns and discovers causes him to grow, and even [...]

  18. I received this as a galley from the publisher Despite being completely unfamiliar with either the author, or the fact that this is the 4th in a series, I really enjoyed it It reminds me a bit, at least in tone, of reading Nancy Drew when I was younger I could easily see YA or mystery reading fans getting really into this series the same way The book stands alone, but probably would work even better with the collection.

  19. Wow you don t have to have witches in Salem although there are still a few people who tip towards woo woo Instead I found a good period mystery with Salem as the seaport it was There was a traveling weaver who has quite a talent for crime solving Turns out this is his fourth round I definitely want to find the others Weavers and ships aside, this is not a charming cozy It s a real,complex mystery that I found enjoyable.

  20. This historical fiction set in Salem, Mass 1796, is culturally and linguistically fascinating, as well as being an intriguing murder mystery Pacing is a bit slow, but consistently reflective of the temperament of the characters and their well ordered, rural lives The characterization feels authentic, as does the action in the story In all, a good read.

  21. I thought because of the name of this book that it would be about Salem and the magic of the city but rather it is a who done it mystery series featuring a weaver from Maine Will Rees is called upon by an old friend to figure out the murder of a prominent ship owner His pregnant wife is also fetched to interview the female suspects.It was ok

  22. Weaver Will Rees comes to Salem to buy some silk for his wife He unexpectedly meets his old friend Twig, now the local undertaker, and attends a wake with him When the host and grieving widower, Jacob Boothe, is found dead the next day, Twig asks Will to stay on a few days and help solve this mystery Although this book is not Kuhns best, I did enjoy the sailing atmosphere she creates.

  23. In the 4th of the Will Rees mysteries set in the late 1700s Rees, a traveling weaver, is heading home when a friend from the war requests help in solving the murder of a local Salem merchant As in her previous books in this series the author s descriptions and attention to detail make this not only an interesting mystery but a very good historical novel too.

  24. disclaimer I was provided an ARC from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review This is a murder mystery set in the salem of the 1800s It is fairly fast paced and not too predictable There is nothing very remarkable about this book however A quick and fun summer read.

  25. This was the first book I read in the series As always I enjoy historical fiction mysteries This setting takes place in Salem in 1796 The author introduces us to many town people who might have been responsible for several murders.

  26. Another terrific trip back in time with Will and Lydia Reese Once again, Kuhn captures the time and place and presents readers with a different perspective of Salem, Massachusetts Terrific terrific terrific

  27. Very enjoyable read quite the twist at the end which is better than figuring it out myself halfway through will need to go back investigate ha previous works hadn t realized it was a series error p.67.

  28. This book kind of dragged for me I think I m turning away from this author I enjoyed each one a little less than the one before, sadly I got through it, but it seemed somewhat convoluted and even boring at times Not my favorite.

  29. Love this series, and this is a great addition to the set Highly recommend starting at the beginning and moving forward sequentially I look forward to how the whole issue of Sam all the adoptive children is worked out Loved the details of life in Salem the history of the time.

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