Love and Miss Communication (2022)

Love and Miss Communication Best Download || [Elyssa Friedland] - Love and Miss Communication, Love and Miss Communication This unforgettable debut novel asks us to look up from our screens and out at the world and to imagine what life would be like with no searches no status updates no texts no Tweets no pins and no Love and Miss Communication Best Download || [Elyssa Friedland] - Love and Miss Communication, Love and Miss Communication This unforgettable debut novel asks us to look up from our screens and out at the world and to imagine what life would be like with no searches no status updates no texts no Tweets no pins and no
  • Title: Love and Miss Communication
  • Author: Elyssa Friedland
  • ISBN: 9780062379849
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
Love and Miss Communication
Love and Miss Communication Best Download || [Elyssa Friedland], Love and Miss Communication, Elyssa Friedland, Love and Miss Communication This unforgettable debut novel asks us to look up from our screens and out at the world and to imagine what life would be like with no searches no status updates no texts no Tweets no pins and no postsEvie Rosen has had enough She s tired of the partners at her law firm e mailing her at all hours of the night The thought of another online date makes her breakThis u
  • Love and Miss Communication Best Download || [Elyssa Friedland]
    143Elyssa Friedland
Love and Miss Communication

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  1. No stalking people on GoogleNo Facebooking exesNo reading tweets on TwitterNo posting pictures and waiting for likesNo hashtagging meaningless combination of wordsNo instagramming every instant.Can you do it Because I will tell you the truth, I CANNOT.I m not on social media every day But to just leave them all for a very long time Uhhhhh Yeah, no, I cant But that s exactly what Evie did when she got her heart broken by her ex boyfriend through Facebook One way to quit social networking si [...]

  2. No stalking people on Google No Facebooking exes No reading twits on Twitter No posting pictures and waiting for likes No refreshing Gmail every thirty seconds No hashtagging meaningless combinations of words No Instagramming every instant No Foursquaring her whereabouts No bidding on eBay for the thrill of competition No pretend job hunting on Monster No blogs She was slandered on one, for God s sake No watching two year olds boogie to Beyonc on YouTube No playing Scrabble against [...]

  3. I thought Love and Miss Communication A Novel was clever in terms of the premise It s not often that someone can just quit using the Internet and texting at the same time Society is so ingrained in being accessible somehow Even I am guilty of being connected with friends who are on Facebook Elyssa Friedland perfectly addresses how dependent people are on the Internet and how it affects social life when you don t have an online presence.The story is well told and flows nicely throughout I especi [...]

  4. Cute story but there was much to explore in the unplugged off the grid area Endless skipped opportunities Friedland could have capitalized on.Friedland was on to something with great potential, by taking another direction she missed plenty of areas to expand and delve deeper Further development could have vastly improved the entire book Evie and the weak plot left me at a loss.For this and other reviews visit ravenhairedgirl

  5. This was a MISS for me I didn t like the writing style, the paragraphs seemed to drag on with no real destination it was almost like listening to someone ramble on and on about something that had nothing to do with the subject at hand The theme was supposed to be about disconnecting from social media and while it was about that, I feel like it could have been tied in better than it was Some areas of the book were like YES but others were totally me thinking about my next meal because the book wa [...]

  6. Featured on InStyle Magazine as one of their 6 New Page Turners to Read in May, Love and Miss Communication shares the story of Evie Rosen, an ambitious woman whose life is about to turn upside down because of her online habit Can she get her life back in order before her savings run out I find it touching and surprisingly refreshing to read a story about a protagonist who chooses to stop using the internet With friends who depend on texting and emailing to stay in touch, Evie certainly misses q [...]

  7. Iwill keep this short and simple I was attracted towards reading this not because of the cover but because of the title It took a while for me to take to the book but I did A s I am glad I read I read it Evie is someone a lot of the modern young woman would understand I loved the secondary characters They played an important part in the whole plot There is family, friends, love etc A woman trying to accomplish a successful professional and personal life.Not easy Miss Elyssa did a good job of por [...]

  8. I loved this debut about a woman who responds the the unexpected curve balls life throws at her in career and love all at once by unplugging entirely and for good You will laugh and feel and wonder what it would be like if we all looked up from our screens for awhile Enjoy

  9. I had THE BEST time reading this book, cover to cover I mean, I loved it In the beginning of the book, Evie and her smartphone are like one entity She arrives dreadfully late for a very special wedding because she can t put her phone down She has a wardrobe phone mishap because she has no pockets and she wants to literally have it on her person so she doesn t miss any calls or emails big project at work She has big, huge problems at work because of Internet use There are Internet things, oh Evi [...]

  10. Let s start with the good and there is a lot of good here I guess the proper review format would be to save my bottom line for the end of this, but I m going to be a rebel and start with it I really enjoyed this book and it was exactly what I needed when I read it.Friedland s writing style is exceptionally good for this type of book in that there seems to be a fair amount depth to her writing and she fleshes out the main character of Evie quite nicely.The secondary characters are one dimensiona [...]

  11. Kolay okunan ve sonunda telefonumdan uzakta kalmam sa layan bir sosyal medyadan ar nma hikayesi.Tabi ki konu sadece bu de il Evie nin karma k hayat ana noktam z Bir g n evlenmek istemedi ini s yleyen eski sevgilisinin onlar ayr ld ktan bir ka ay sonra evlendi ini facebook zerinden rendi inde ve yine sosyal medya zerinde harcad vakitten dolay i siz kald nda sosyal medyayla olan ili kisine bir son vererek bilgisayar n da at yor ve yeni bir yola ba l yor Nedense bana Novella n n ve Mart n n bu tip [...]

  12. I received this book for free through LibraryThing s Early Reviewers.I give this book 3.5 stars which rounds up to 4.I really liked the premise of this book Giving up the internet is a really tough thing to do in today s world However, I felt that the execution of the story could have been better It drags a bit in the first half middle I would have liked to seen of how the internet withdrawals affected her She didn t seem to have too much difficulty giving it up The story was also a bit predict [...]

  13. I found this book to be totally captivating, equally well thought out and executed, and a total pleasure to read It s the book that makes you rush through your daily obligations to maximize reading time and the book that causes sadness when you hit the fourth quarter and realize your days together are numbered I can t recommend it enough.

  14. Crap Crap, crap, crap Amateurishly written, ineptly edited and the waste of a decent plot idea The main character is shallow and totally unlikable and everyone else is a cliche So why did I keep reading Because I kept thinking it was going to improve Man, was I wrong.

  15. I might have fallen for this book in my early twenties but the plot is way too easy and predictable for this mid thirties gal A simple beach read I do like the idea of giving up the Internet as Evie does though As I write my online book review

  16. LOVE AND MISS COMMUNICATION looked super cute It s the story of Evie Rosen, who gets fired for sending too many personal emails and discovers that her commitment phobe ex got married six months after their breakup on Facebook, and decides to stay off the Internet for a year I spent the first half of the book wanting to shake Evie out of her self absorbed funk.I wasn t surprised by the zeal she brings to her decision to leave the Internet behind there s nothing like the converted to disdain they [...]

  17. Thirty four year old Evie Rosen is at a crossroads Still smarting over a breakup with her ex who claimed he was against marriage and seemingly unable to find Mister Right, she finds herself increasingly fed up with the dating game and everything that goes with it But at least she has her career Until she doesn t After being fired over a bevy of personal emails the company claims broke their server, Evie decides enough is enough No internet No email And best of all, no checking up on her ex Of [...]

  18. Predictable schlock that gives chick lit a bad name Warning, vitriol to follow, because in the end, I HATED everything this book stands for Yet another perpetuation of the stereotype that women only find true fulfillment through feminine pursuits and marriage babies Evie is a successful attorney who after losing her job, decides to quit the internet This could have been interesting plot line almost immediately takes a backseat to Evie s pathetic schoolgirl obsession with her ex and other equally [...]

  19. voluptueusementvotre 20Un r sum tentant, une couverture accrocheuse, voil ce qui m a s duite la premi re fois que j ai vu Evie Offline J ai trouv le concept de la d connexion totale l re du num rique tr s originale et j avais h te de me plonger dedans.D s les premi res lignes, la vie d Evie nous saute aux yeux elle est mari e son travail et son blackberry, c est une bosseuse, elle est d termin e qui des objectifs bien d finis Cependant, son addiction aux r seaux sociaux et autres sites internet [...]

  20. I have often thought about what a waste of time the social networking sites are, cesspools of one up manship, jealousy, bragging, and fakeness I mean, seriously, we don t post pictures of ourselves looking like crap and just how often do we say how we really feel And when we do, nobody can handle it and it becomes an online fight And yes, I gave up Facebook I d like to see others try it OMG What did we do before we could sit here all day and like 50 selfies a day So I appreciated this story line [...]

  21. leonelescota.wordpress 20I thought Elyssa Friedland s Love and Miss Communications was going to be a fun read, but it turned out to be a tedious one The main character, Evie, is so unlikeable, and kind of stupid She is supposed to be an educated lawyer, but she kept on doing one horrible act after another, and when bad things happen her way, I wasn t able to sympathize, never mind empathize with what she was feeling Her internalized homophobia is a major turn off There are so many supporting cha [...]

  22. I picked up this book because it got good reviews on and was on a list of page turning beach reads I saw somewhere on the interwebs 200 pages in and I could not give two shits.The main character is self absorbed and ALL she thinks about is being single At one point, she visits the doctor giving her grandma cancer treatments and immediately makes it about herself maybe SHE should get screened for cancer I just got to the part in the book where she starts dressing like a 16 year old in order to fe [...]

  23. This is a straight forward Millennial Romance Our protagonist is facing her 35th birthday, recently broke up with her Famous Chef boyfriend because he wasn t keen on marriage, and spends too much time online If she or the author had been of a different generation, her foibles might have been explored with humor, because the potential is there While there are no surprises in this story, it provides exactly what it offers a romance steeped in very current issues where everyone is beautiful and li [...]

  24. Ah akhirnya selesai sudah Tokoh utamanya bnr2 menyebalkan n goblok Dia memiliki sifat buruk yg mmt ampun mengesalkan sehingga membuatku menggeleng2 dan menggumpat2 thdp Evie Bahkan Evie yg bgtu kebingungan n plin plan memiliki perasaan Edward serta kembali memiliki rasa utk Jack yg prnh meninggalkan Evie Pdhl sdh jls Edward telah menaruh cinta pd Evie ini Aku saja lbh menyukai Edward drpd Jack si Koki sok congkak n kepedean selangit.

  25. I will keep this small and simple The name was what brought me to this book I loved the topic that this story plot brought forward Social Media has become a very important part of us It wouldn t be wrong to say that some of us are very addicted to it It took me a while for me to take to the book but I did eventually did For any chick lit lovers, you won t it is a great book to read at our free time.

  26. If I wasn t reading this book for book club I would have NEVER finished it Unfortunately I had to stick it out to its sappy and utterly predictable ending It s not even worth taking time to write a bad review I wish I had the hours back that I wasted reading this book.

  27. Definitely a light read I was very interested in the idea of living the way we used to, sans computer technology, and I was excited about Edward But the story felt way too long for me I did not need the flipping and flipping of the entire last thirdish of the book.

  28. I really enjoyed Love and Miss Communication The writing was effortless and very easy to read and I enjoyed the storyline This book kept my attention and throughout, I found myself wanting to know how it was all going to end Won book through First Reads.

  29. echt een heel fijn boek, dit kabbelt lekker voort, geen grote pieken of dalen, niet belerend want dat verwachtte ik wel , echt een boek voor tussendoor, kan onmogelijk tegenvallen.

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