The Book of Lost and Found (2022)

Unlimited The Book of Lost and Found - by Lucy Foley - The Book of Lost and Found, The Book of Lost and Found From London to Corsica to Paris as a young woman pursues the truth about her late mother two captivating love stories unfurl Kate Darling s enigmatic mother a once famous ballerina has passed away l Unlimited The Book of Lost and Found - by Lucy Foley - The Book of Lost and Found, The Book of Lost and Found From London to Corsica to Paris as a young woman pursues the truth about her late mother two captivating love stories unfurl Kate Darling s enigmatic mother a once famous ballerina has passed away l
  • Title: The Book of Lost and Found
  • Author: Lucy Foley
  • ISBN: 9780316375054
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
The Book of Lost and Found
Unlimited The Book of Lost and Found - by Lucy Foley, The Book of Lost and Found, Lucy Foley, The Book of Lost and Found From London to Corsica to Paris as a young woman pursues the truth about her late mother two captivating love stories unfurl Kate Darling s enigmatic mother a once famous ballerina has passed away leaving Kate bereft When her grandmother falls ill and bequeaths to Kate a small portrait of a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Kate s mother Kate uncovers a mystFr
  • Unlimited The Book of Lost and Found - by Lucy Foley
    134Lucy Foley
The Book of Lost and Found

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  1. This was an okay book and an easy read but it never quite grabbed me totally It tended to jump around a lot even changing timeframes within time frames and I was glad I was reading a paper copy so I could quickly look back and see which year I was in It also seemed a bit too long for its content.Those are just quibbles though The story itself was good and I rapidly became invested, along with Kate, in finding out what had happened to her real grandmother I very much liked the character of the yo [...]

  2. The book of lost and found was slow moving and lacked any real punch.I bought this book in hard back and loved the cover and the presentation The premise of the novel had me intrigued and I felt this was going to be a book I would enjoy.Unfortunately the story fell flat for me after about 140 pages and I think the reason for this was the lack of character development I don t mind a book to start out slowly if the the character development and plot warrants it I just never gelled with the charact [...]

  3. With the recent devastating death of her mother, Kate found herself floundering The only constant was the daily visit to her grandmother Evie in the nursing home But when Evie confessed a shocking secret to Kate, at the same time giving her an old portrait which she had had for many years, Kate was filled with a mix of emotions Anger, grief, frustration and then her grandmother died Kate s journey to find the woman in the portrait would take her to many places from her home in London, to Corsica [...]

  4. The story starts with a drawing of a woman All that identifies her is that she is, a friend of the artist s and the pen and ink drawing was from around 1929 From there it moves back to the meeting in1928 between Tom Stafford and Alice Eversley These two had known each other as children and lost touch over the years.It then jumps forward to Kate who is trying to come to grips with the death of her mother and best friend Lovely to see a mother and daughter relationship portrayed so positively, ins [...]

  5. Kate is grieving the loss of her mother, the world renowned ballerina June Darling, when she receives some startling information from her grandmother Evie June had always known that she was adopted but believed that her mother had never tried to find her However, Evie gives Kate a letter and a beautiful drawing of a lovely young woman and sets in train a journey of discovery that takes Kate to Europe and America in search of the truth.This is an unusual love story disrupted by the conventions of [...]

  6. Can t believe this is a debut novel I absolutely loved it Thought it was beautifully written It spans from the 20 s to the 80 s, told from a few perspectives, and travels from England, Corsica, Paris, New York All executed brilliantly Loved this story even though it was heartbreaking.

  7. Spanning three distinct time frames throughout history, this beautiful book tells the story of a love so strong that was not meant to be in the physical sense and the lost and founds that came as a result of it London 1928, Thomas Stafford, will unexpectedly come across on old childhood friend at a party who he has not seen for 15 years, Alice Eversley The two will become inseparable and over time fall in love Alice is Tom greatest supporter and it will be her encouragement that we see him pursu [...]

  8. The first half of this book was slow I am 66% finished I am shelving it as finished I m not sticking around to find out how it ends I really don t care how it ends Too bad the plot is interesting but oh, so slow Four months in the life of Kate Darling with brief flashbacks to the early 20th century should not take four months to read.This is a debut novel This author has great potential She notices the details She uses some lovely phrases She understands human emotions She just uses too many wor [...]

  9. Fun fact I went to the same high school as Lucy Foley She visited back in 2015 to give a talk about The Book Of Lost And Found which was soon to be released at the time She read the first chapter and, to be completely honest, I remember being not at all gripped I had no intention of reading the book until two years later it popped up in my local library and nostalgia implored me to give it a go.Under any other circumstances, I wouldn t have bothered The synopsis seemed a bit cliche and I already [...]

  10. It wasn t until after finishing The Book of Lost and Found I realised that this was a debut novel for Lucy Foley I would not have picked it for a debut novel.This is going to sound very whacky, but here goes When thinking of what to write for a review for this novel, the words Sunday stroll keep popping into my head The experience of reading The Book of Lost and Found, was like taking a leisurely walk on a pleasingly familiar path that is speckled with beautiful scenery.3.5 StarsThankyou to Netg [...]

  11. In a good dual timeline book, the past is at the heart of the tale whilst the present day acts in a secondary manner weaving in and around it In this book however, the past story which begins with so much promise almost takes a back seat to the two dimensional chick lit present, and when the past finally becomes the main focus towards the end, I d long since started skimming It meant that despite the eventual poignancy, I had no emotional pull to any of the characters with the exception of lovel [...]

  12. I read an advance copy of this book and really enjoyed it Foley is a gifted writer who has created a compelling story about a young woman s search for her maternal grandmother The writing is lovely a joy to read and the settings, which include New York, Paris, and Corsica, are so beautifully described I felt as though I was traveling there myself There is also a bit of self searching for Grace, the main character, and, while I felt the outcome there was predictable, it was no less satisfying.

  13. Todo lo perdido y encontrado es una novela que cuentan dos historias con dos hilos temporales En uno nos encontramos con Kate que acaba de perder a su madre, June Al visitar a su abuela, la mujer que adopt a su madre, esta le cuenta que la madre biol gica de June se hab a puesto en contacto con ella muchos a os atr s para poder conocer a su hija, pero ella por miedo a perderla nunca se lo dijo.Kate con la nica pista de un boceto de un retrato que esa mujer envi va tirando del hilo para conocer l [...]

  14. 4.5 starsReview copy from Lovereading.Once I started reading this I didn t want to stop Lucy Foley is a great storyteller it s hard to believe that this is her first novel It s the story of Tom and Alice beginning in 1928 in Hertfordshire and moving backwards and forwards in time and place to 1986, from Paris, to London, Corsica and New York It all revolves around Kate, whose mother, June, had recently died in a plane crash When Kate is given an old line drawing in pen and ink, dated 1929, of a [...]

  15. A gorgeous book, I loved it After the death of her beloved mother and grandmother, Kate is alone and bereft but has the opportunity find her unknown family through a sketch of a beautiful woman who closely resembles her mother, but was clearly from an earlier time Travelling to Corsica, Paris and New York she uncovers the dramatic love story of Tom and Alice and the consequences of decisions made in difficult times, where happy endings are elusive It s a sweeping romance that moves backwards and [...]

  16. First book I ve read by this author and I would definitely read This is one of those books where you simply can t tell if it is fiction or not, it is well written Little slow to start, but once you get a few chapters in you re hooked Lucy Foley is an author of rare skill I looooved the descriptions of Corsica.I loved the mystery of Alice and discovering about her over the chapters.Definitely worth giving a go

  17. The year is 1986 and Kate Darling has recently lost her mother June a world class ballerina in a tragic accident Kate is struggling with her grief for the woman who she considered her best friend as well as her mother and she seeks solace in her mother s saviour, Evie Following one of their frequent meetings it becomes clear that Evie has been keeping a secret for many years and gives Kate a painting that had been sent to June Kate senses a mystery and as a means of distraction from her unfulfil [...]

  18. another entry from the currently popular dual story line past present here the past is the 1920 s 1940 s, present is 1986 , family secrets with dramatic tragic love stories in the past reverberating to present and being investigated when tragedy strikes here too etc etcas I really like such when done well, I always keep an eye for new offerings in the sub genre, so when this appeared last year, I took a look but the opening didn t really hook me as it is slow and has no narrative power, so the n [...]

  19. From its premise, this book promises to be an epic family drama It opens with mention of a mysterious drawing, then flashes back in time to a roaring party in the past with flapper girls and childhood friends reunited Then it moves to Kate s story set in 1986 as she continues to grieve the death of her mother, a famous ballerina When her sort of grandmother dies six months later, it is only the day after she reveals a secret about Kate s mother she has had contact with Kate s biological grandmot [...]

  20. I loved the cover and I found the title intriguing The story, however, was only OKAY It was slow going for the most part, so even though I liked the characters, it was hard to stay interested There was also a fair amount of repetition I m not sure how many times the color of one person s eyes were mentioned.I lost count there were also other accounts of this type of repetition The characters were portrayed well, so that was a plus But I felt I wanted to know some of them better The majority of t [...]

  21. Todo lo perdido y encontrado es una novela sobrecogedora que nos ense a que existe el amor verdadero y que a pesar de los a os, la distancia, las dificultades pol ticas y miles de obst culos m s hay sentimientos que nos se pueden olvidar Una historia de amor que esconde mucho m s de lo que parece a simple vista, con secretos, mentiras y misterio.Rese a completa aqu mividaenhojadepapel.c

  22. Il libro dell a perduto, in inglese The book of lost found, viene presentato come un romanzo avvincente e selvaggiamente romantico Ammetto di essere, in parte, in disaccordo con questa definizione lanciata dal Daily Mail e riportata in copertina.Si tratta, senza ombra di dubbio, di un libro molto romantico e, forse, la scelta di definirlo selvaggiamente romantico pi che azzeccata Purtroppo, per , Lucy Foley non ci narra una storia che io definirei avvincente.Kate, fotografa rimasta orfana di mad [...]

  23. 1986, and Kate Darling still grieving the loss of her mother, finds herself handed a family mystery by her adopted grandmother, in the form of a sketched portrait of a beautiful woman by the famous artist Thomas Stafford Intrigued to discover the truth that led to her mother s abandonment as a baby, Kate resolves to track down the only person who might hold some answers the now reclusive artist himself.Hertfordshire, 1928, and at a swinging house party led by the bright young things, the paths o [...]

  24. Evie decide confesarle a su nieta la verdad sobre el origen de su madre ya fallecida, entreg ndole una carta y un dibujo que envi su supuesta verdadera abuela por lo cual Kate decide emprender un viaje a la verdad.Soy una amante de este tipo de historias, mi punto de referencia es Kate Morton que es una experta en narraciones similares Cuando yo le la rese a de Todo lo perdido y encontrado sumado a esto era una recomendaci n que le en alguna p gina como un brillante debut para Lucy Foley, me dij [...]

  25. It s not very often that your very first review of a new year Happy New Year to all starts with I think I might have found one of my books of the year The moment I stumbled across this book a mention on Twitter I just had to read it I never normally pursue a review copy of a book thank you to the HarperCollins Publicity but it sounded just perfect And it really is quite perfect.First of all, it s a quite excellent story comfortably spanning three separate timeframes in the telling, moving betwee [...]

  26. This is a pleasant read but nothing new and with writing that is, on occasion, terribly hackneyed and verging on the clich This is at its most egregious in the first half of the book when Protagonist Kate is just discovering her tragic family history Kate is a woman in her twenties, the setting is London in the mid eighties but Kate talks in the oddest way I had to say, it felt very much like the author had read too many nineteenth century novels before writing this novel I don t know how old Lu [...]

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  28. Kate s mother dies unexpectedly and this leads Kate on a journey to discover her estranged grandmother Through this process, Kate learns about her grandparents, and their story across the decades through WWII and beyond.The novel timeshifts across three main time periods, and each explores different characters of the time and their decisions, motivations, and the repercussions of these on other people and future generations I enjoyed this as a historical fiction novel with interesting characters [...]

  29. I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book and as soon as I received it I started reading it.I had heard good reviews mainly on Twitter, so had high hopes for this read It did not disappoint, from the moment it began I was drawn in to the author s world The characters are likeable you want to know what happened to them It covers a dark period of history, which is written about in a sensitive manner Well written and well set out, keeping my interest through out It is also a beautiful looking b [...]

  30. 3.5 y nada mal para ser la primera novela publicada de esta autora Sigue el estilo de mi adorada Kate Morton quiz s un poco m s sosegado y nos lleva a Londres, Par s, Nueva York y C rcega en dos momentos distintos a trav s de los ojos de tres personajes que aparentemente no tienen nada en com n pero que termina descubriendo un v nculo m s fuerte que el arte.

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