Matefinder (2022)

[PDF] Matefinder | by ☆ Leia Stone - Matefinder, Matefinder Werewolves facing the threat of extinction desperately seek their mates to bear young Aurora a human far removed from the supernatural world is nearing her own end after being fatally injured in a [PDF] Matefinder | by ☆ Leia Stone - Matefinder, Matefinder Werewolves facing the threat of extinction desperately seek their mates to bear young Aurora a human far removed from the supernatural world is nearing her own end after being fatally injured in a
  • Title: Matefinder
  • Author: Leia Stone
  • ISBN: 9780982068724
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Matefinder | by ☆ Leia Stone, Matefinder, Leia Stone, Matefinder Werewolves facing the threat of extinction desperately seek their mates to bear young Aurora a human far removed from the supernatural world is nearing her own end after being fatally injured in a car accident Kai an Alpha werewolf lurks in the nearby trees watching her bleed out He chooses to save her the only way he knows how by changing her No one is preparedWerewolves facing
  • [PDF] Matefinder | by ☆ Leia Stone
    234Leia Stone

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  1. Before I begin this review, let me start with the fact that this book was sooo terribly written that I specifically CREATED A PROFILE ON JUST TO LEAVE A REVIEW It was that bad Also, there are spoilers.First off, it is way, way, WAY too fast paced I mean, the MC just accepts everything There is absolutely no conflict when her entire world is completely flipped upside down and she ALMOST DIES She is just like, Werewolves Ok Witches Ok Vampires Ok This dude mauled me and now I think he is sexy and [...]

  2. No real development of characters No in depth description and sometimes difficult to keep up because of these things Very fast paced The story line was interesting but it could have been written so much better I believe it would have been better if Stone actually took the time to have developed the story and characters better Instead she just smacks you with the plot one after another.

  3. Wow wow wow.This book was amazing, I loved it I started it last night about quarter to 8pm and got than 85% through before I needed to go to bed This morning I woke up and finished the book I was hooked by page one It starts off with Aurora having a bad accident and Kai changing her into a werewolf Each changed werewolf has a gift and they won t know what her s is until her first shift Also werewolves mate for life, and in this book, the werewolf pairs are the opposite looking wolf in fur color [...]

  4. This read had a good mix of paranormal beings and a lot of potential but there were several aspects that kept me from really liking it here they are insta love no sex or romance in my opinion they meet, know they are mates, say they love each other and that s it No depth or chemistry the heroine was portrayed as too much of a badass she was changed which hardly ever happens,she turns out to be the most powerful with ever, she s a matefinder, she discovers a new gift every few chaptersIt was just [...]

  5. As far as stories go, Matefinder wasn t a bad one In fact, it was uniquely interesting and well thought out, but it was very poorly written.Not in the typical fashion you see in some electronic books out there with the grammatical errors and elementary concepts, but rather in the lack of substance, transition, and flow over all As a surface, shallow attempt at storytelling, Matefinder would get five stars, but for a GOOD READ It falls far short.

  6. 3.5 stars I will admit, there is a big part of me that loves the idea of destined mates , and stories that are built around the idea of souls connecting the instant they meet have always been a guilty pleasure read for me So I was excited to dive into a werewolf story entirely built upon the concept, and Leia Stone has created an intriguing world with her supernatural beings and their newly found matefinder Aurora has been turned at her death bed, alpha Kai seeing her bleeding out and feeling th [...]

  7. Enjoyed this so much that I almost finished it in a day Matefinder is a fast paced never boring werewolf paranormal romance I found the main character Aurora refreshing Smart brave upfront with her feelings Not whiny Love that she didn t loose her mind and jump into everything with the love interest right away.Kai is swoonworthy His Indian heritage added a lot of interest to his character I also enjoyed the secondary characters and world building Can t wait for the next book Glad that I found an [...]

  8. I m familiar with Leia Stone because of the Ash series that she s written with Jaymin Eve, whose writing I love.This is the story of Aurora, who plans a weekend at a friend s cabin in Mount Hood.But she is in a terrible car crash, and she knows she s dying.Kai, an alpha werewolf sees that she s dying, also, and he wants to give her a chance at life.He does the only thing he knows that will keep her alive he turns her from human to werewolf Aurora, who had no idea that a supernatural world existe [...]

  9. I was so torn between giving this book 3 or 4 stars If I were planning this book and starting with a timeline of events, then Leia Stone started off well Unfortunately, she stopped there because there was no execution after that This is one of those stories where I ll be saying the movie was better than the book In case you missed that part, yes it is under consideration for the movies.This book lacked depth, every character could have had his or her own story but it fell flat, especially the ma [...]

  10. i recommend this book if you want a fast light read I gave it three stars because although it started off good towards the end I just started to roll my eyes at a lot of the things that kept being repeated through the book.Kai and Aurora had no chemistry what so ever maybe other readers saw it but I didn t see it nor feel it I didn t like the fact that although they were mates she refused to somehow mate with him which I think is the reason why there was no chemistry between them the concept of [...]

  11. 2 or 1 or why bother rating DID NOT FINISHr the following reasons 1 The instalove was terribleeven the wolves mate for life thing wasn t appealing enough to make me like the romance.2 I like a kickass powerful heroine who is jaded any daybut this was nuts She had an abusive fathere survives the change and becomes a werewolf and that too a super dominant one and gets promoted to beta wolf and she is super special apparently a one only matefinder She has 2 unique gifts She is the only hybrid She i [...]

  12. This was just the fast paced kind of Fantasy Paranormal romance book I needed If you could combine the romance Bella and Edward had in Twilight and make it about Werewolves instead, with a dash of witches and FBI agents, then that is just what Matefinder was for me.Aurora is the most beautiful blonde girl who was on the brink of death after a car accident, when she is changed into a Werewolf and given eternal life by one sexy guy who also happens to be a Werewolf named Kai One fast paced event a [...]

  13. God, that was pretty horrible why did I do that to myself I could have just ran away at full speed but I got obsessed with getting it out of my kindleunlimited queue There was a TON of potential but it was just all squandered away.etely unrelated note this Captured by the Cyborg has the same model on the cover

  14. This was a very good book Usually books with wolves, vampires, and witched are pretty much the same, but I was so intrigued by this book Between the fights between packs, fights with vampires, wondering if you should trust this person or that person, it was so good Nice touches of romance throughout the book form the main character and other pack members Can t wait to read the next installment.

  15. DNF at 72% The writing seemed geared towards children and the lack of conflict drives me nuts There is conflict but no actual danger from it We fight oh, look A paragraph later, we win The h is a Mary Sue and the H never argues with her, even if she does stuff that he doesn t like It s annoying Good plot idea, but just not written well.

  16. In complete honesty, this book wasn t well written enough to be worth than 3 stars It has a fun plot and was addicting, but it just wasn t on par with most published fiction I read BUT, I really did enjoy it, and I want to read the rest of the books in the trilogy.

  17. 2.5 starsIFFHANGER.I appear to have gotten sucked into Young Adult novel.Only recommended as filler.

  18. 4.5 StarsIf you know anything about me, you know I love a good werewolf story I seem to always want to talk about what annoyed me before I talk about everything I loved, which annoys me about myself But, whatever So, only one thing really bothered me, which is huge because typically there s Here it goes Aurora was special Gasps all around view spoiler So, not only was she the Matefinder, but she survived domestic abuse, lost her twin brother, killed her father, opened a Safe Haven group for bat [...]

  19. I have mixed feelings about this book While I love the story line, and Aurora is a strong capable woman, I am not so fond of Kai He sounds beautiful, but for some reason he just rubs me the wrong way He is constantly yelling at Aurora and telling her that she can t do something I get that he is alpha, but it just feels wrong the way he goes about it.There is a rich history here for Aurora I can t wait to learn of her witch side I will be continuing the series because I do love the story, which [...]

  20. Matefinder was an okay read Shrug worthy really.I genuinely liked the main character, Aurora, who grew up a victim of abuse, and now works to help other women and children escape abusive relationships When she gets into a particularly nasty car accident, Kai, a super smexy eight pack abs kind of guy, decides to try to turn her Oh yeah, Kai s a werewolf and an alpha And obviously, our main character survives the changeeven though it s raree she s special And not only that, Aurora s strong enough [...]

  21. I received a free copy of this book through a Good Reads giveaway.There was potential here as a paranormal romance, but the author seems to have put aside character and relationship development in favor of too many ideas It s not enough to develop Aurora s relationship with Kai or her dealing with becoming a werewolf which could have been an interesting novel , Aurora had an abusive childhood, killed her father, runs a battered women s shelter, finds out she was adopted, and is also a witch, is [...]

  22. 4 4.5 STARthis was my leia stone first book, and i like it a loti worship aurorae had horrible experience from her past but shes a survivor , shes smart, feisty, don let anybody intimidate her and shes beautiful and very much alpha then she met kai by was going to die of car accident and kai turned her into werewolfkai was a alpha leader, but for mehes lack of alphai guess aurora felt so much powerful than himey fell in love and they were soulmate togetherthe story was good, [...]

  23. 4 Stars for this fantastic story Loved the writing, the fast never boring non stop action pace, the interesting refreshing take on PNR, the varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds of the characters Just all around awesome Cannot wait for the next one

  24. The Werewolves secret weapon Matefinder by Leia Stone, is a paranormal fantasy with a little romance here and there The main character Aurora is an abuse survivor, who dedicated her life to helping other abuse victims after her father s death finally freed her and her mother from her father s abuse She lives a busy life running her organization Safe Haven , and finally decides to take a weekend off from her busy life to go up to her roommate s parents cabin in the woods when she flies off the ro [...]

  25. Read about this review and others on my blog Freyja Eats Books STANDALONE or SERIES.This is the first part in the Matefinder series, the second part is out already and the third one will be released later this year.WHY this book.I had a bit of trouble finding the right book to read I ve read a couple of amazing books lately and afterwards I get a bit indecisive about what s next nothings seems good enough, or I m not in the mood I tried starting multiple books, but after a couple of sentences I [...]

  26. Really bad writing was about to DNF by page 8 but the introductions to the pack and the potential relationship between the H h really intrigued me Unfortunately that wore off by page 29 when Aurora wanted to take their mating slow Bc of Daddy issues eye roll and Kai started acting like a jealous juvenile It s one thing to be possessive and I love possessive but the writing was so bad, it didn t come off the right way DNF

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