Restoration (2022)

↠ Restoration Î Randi Cooley Wilson - Restoration, Restoration Would You RunWould You FightWould You Fall To FateIf your heart was full of love could you give it all up Eve Collins will do anything to save those she loves especially her gargoyle protector and m ↠ Restoration Î Randi Cooley Wilson - Restoration, Restoration Would You RunWould You FightWould You Fall To FateIf your heart was full of love could you give it all up Eve Collins will do anything to save those she loves especially her gargoyle protector and m
  • Title: Restoration
  • Author: Randi Cooley Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781511847445
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
↠ Restoration Î Randi Cooley Wilson, Restoration, Randi Cooley Wilson, Restoration Would You RunWould You FightWould You Fall To FateIf your heart was full of love could you give it all up Eve Collins will do anything to save those she loves especially her gargoyle protector and mate Asher St Michael With the world crumbling down around them Eve and Asher must face the final battle between darkness and light One that will end in great sacrifice WhWould You RunWou
  • ↠ Restoration Î Randi Cooley Wilson
    162Randi Cooley Wilson

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  1. 5 stars Asher St Michael, prince of the gargoyle race, emanates darkness, power, and raw beauty He took an oath to protect his siren, Eve Collins, always You live in fear that no one will hear your criesI hear them I ll catch you when you fall, always All of your broken dreams, I will make them fade away When you re lost, I will find you and bring you home I will pick you up when your world shatters I loved this series so much I read the first four books back to back and could not wait for this [...]

  2. Review to come Update 11 21 15 See reviews on my blog Novels and NecklacesARC was provided by the publisher for an honest review as part of a Blog Tour.This finale is epic in every way imaginable, and the perfect conclusion to this amazing series After the ending of the fourth book, Revolution, with the revelation that Daddy of the Hotty McHottster gargoyle brothers is alive and well, and that he basically hates Eve, well, you know that some major drama was going to go down in this book And boy [...]

  3. I HATE when I start a series and find out I have to wait for the next book This series is fantastic Randi, if you need some ARC reviews I m here for you wink wink, hint hint I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review Fast pace, lots of action, and some steamy scenes Amazing I tried to take a little time enjoying the end of Eve and Asher, but couldn t stop reading I still think Abby is my favorite character, I m so happy for her and Callan Everything was wrapped up great and also had [...]

  4. I loved the series The characters are the really great and I was very at peace with how the series ended It s a love and hate feeling when you like it but you could always read I cannot wait for RPA

  5. This was a great ending to the story Wrapped everything up while leaving some details that I m sure feed into the Royal Protector Academy spin off.There was the usual theme of Asher Eve being separated then reunited Seems these two just can t keep track of one another but the reunion is always intensely sweet hot so it works, even if a little overdone at this point At least throughout these experiences it felt like Eve was finally learning The ceremony was nice Very personal I m glad the time wa [...]

  6. This was a really great series that I enjoyed immensely I laughed, I cried, and I was able to really engage with the plot and characters I m extremely excited about the spin off There were a couple things that really annoyed and aggravated me throughout this series that I hope won t be in the spin off trilogy First, was how often Eve made just really bad and almost irrational decisions Her reasons for them just didn t make sense I suppose it could have been due to or explained away by her age, b [...]

  7. My Thoughts This was a spectacular conclusion to an incredibly well written series I am honored to have been given the opportunity to read this entire series.Eve and Asher are put through some of their biggest trials within the pages of this book They both learn that the truth they have known has been altered to fit the agenda of others They both learn that they cannot survive nor exist without the other They both learn that despite everything they really truly are in love with one another and l [...]

  8. Ok so the book finally came out and It was just breathtaking I am so sad this series is over It s so rare when you fall in love with the characters and are in the moment I couldn t have asked for out of this final installment Can t wait to see what else Mrs Randi writes Eve and AsherI can t really describe what Asher looks like in my head or Eve for that matter but this is the closest I could come up with I always make up the characters up in my own head and honestly no picture can compare to h [...]

  9. ANAZING I freaking loved this series Everything was great What a perfect ending to the series I can t wait to read the next series spinoff I usually don t read them but I read the beginning and I will definitely read it

  10. All good things must come to an end, but this series was excellent I am sorry it ended I have loved all the characters I look forward to the next series so I can learn about the characters I have loved Randi job well done

  11. This was an amazing series The characters, the settings, the storyline were so amazing The ending was as beautiful as you would expect from Randi Also had a great lead in for her next series Can t wait to see what she comes up with next

  12. 5 stars for this awesome series It ended really nicely with pretty much everything wrapped up Can t wait to read the next series I love that it s going to be Serena s story

  13. Soaring Up High Restoration is a stunning conclusion to Randi Cooley Wilson s Revelation series I enjoyed reading every single page with these characters and I m throughly sad to say goodbye to them even though there is a next generation series called Royal Protector Academy.Eve has survived it all She has gone through death, grief, heartbreak, and making some extremely hard decisions Now she awaits her final trail acension Eve really made me like this book a lot I like how she had her final mom [...]

  14. This is the final book in the series, many questions get answered and relationships are strengthened My favorite part of this book is how Asher and Eve finally learn to work together and trust each other, which is needed if they are going to save their future There are lots of trying moments for the couple but they come out stronger Asher must face his worst fear and Eve must let him This is a great finish for this series, everything tied together nicely.

  15. So glad I didnt give up on this series too quickly This book was great Tense moments coupled with sweetness and adventure My only grips is that some of the plot lines came up and then were resolved too soon would have loved to see out of some of them Overall, a great series Im glad I didn t abandon

  16. I read this book in return for an honest review Full review can be found on theLitBuzz web site When it all falls apart, can you put it back together When Randi Cooley Wilson s last book, Revolution Book 4 in the Revelation series , ended, it seemed like everything was over Eve Collins, our heroine, was carted off by the bad guys, in this case her mate s father wow and things were looking bleak.As Restoration opens, clearly we know that somehow Eve and Asher her ultra dominating, sexy gargoyle o [...]

  17. This review was originally posted on Latte Nights ReviewsWhat a great ending to this wonderful and action packed series I cannot believe it s over I will miss my full time sessions with my fave characters Asher, Gage, Callan, Abby, Uriel and even Kenna At least I will have them for part time sessions in RPA If anyone can bring us all restoration, it s you It is an understatement to say that Asher and Eve have gone through literal hell to be together and save the human race along with the whole S [...]

  18. The moment I finally had Restoration on my kindle was a bitter sweet one for me I had been waiting for months for the final instalment in the Revelation series, so I was excited to read it and see how the series ended On the other hand though, I knew it meant the end of Eve and Asher s story, and I wasn t ready to say goodbye to them.I needn t have worried though, because Randi Cooley Wilson sent these characters off in style I m not going to say too much about the story, this is book five in a [...]

  19. what alovely surprise I got from this morning, when I reveived the E Mail notification that Restoration had been sent to my kindle I thought I had 2 More days of torturous wait ahead so what did I do Cancelled my plans for the day, snuggled up on the Sofa and devoured this book.So Eve s story is over and what a way to go I cant even begin to say how happy I am with the way this ended there is nothing left open, nothing I wished to be different It was the perfect ending to a perfect series.The o [...]

  20. This is the fifth and final book in the Revelation series, which has followed Eve, Asher and the St Michael clan through their trials and tribulations Everyone I know adores the warmness and cuteness of Callan and Abby I love the strength and stoicism of Keegan and McKenna, and yes even McKenna s bitchiness BUT the couple that have kept me coming back to this, time and time again, is Eve and Asher The intensity and passion between these two nearly set my kindle on fire, and it just got hotter as [...]

  21. I really enjoyed this final book After the cliffhanger in book 4 I wasn t sure what to expect from this book.Ultimately the best part of this book is that Eve and Asher have finally accepted their love for each other and are no longer fighting their desire to be together.Of course they still drive each other nuts and use their sexual tension to prove their points.Abby and Callun are hysterical as always and Kenna Is her normal b tchy self.Keegan has the smallest role in this book but we didn t m [...]

  22. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I am a huge fan of the Revelation Series by Randi Cooley Wilson, so when I was given a chance to read a digital ARC of Restoration I had high hopes and expectations for Eve and Asher s journey I truly believe that this book met every expectation I had and completed the gargoyle awsomeness that fans have come to know and love from the St Micheal s clan The series ends by answering all the questions fans had from the previous four books and once I [...]

  23. 0 stars I had to stop at 55% Never have I EVER not been able to at least finish the last book in a series I have started That is how bad this book is Formulaic storyline, faux intellectual and nonstop reiteration of light and dark musings, the absolute most immature and unbearable heroin I have ever come across It was all too much The final straw was finding out midway through the LAST book that everything she he been told was a lie, and the truth was about as anticlimactic and uninteresting as [...]

  24. Well this didn t leave me disappointed In fact I think it was a brilliant conclusion to the series The secondary characters in the story continued to play vital roles, not only in moving the action along but in providing humour and heartwarming moments I was very happy with the conclusion to the story I got my HEA This series provided lovable characters, plenty of action and drama, romantic suspense and humour What could you ask for I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the entire series Well wort [...]

  25. STANDING OVATION RANDI Well done You made me cry on the end of the first chapter Great story Great ending Great Characters What can I say I LOVED IT and I wont look at pickles the same again Bring RPA

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