Even if the Sky Falls (2022)

Unlimited Even if the Sky Falls - by Mia Garcia - Even if the Sky Falls, Even if the Sky Falls All she needs is one night to be anyone she wants Julie is desperate for a change So she heads to New Orleans with her youth group to rebuild houses and pretend her life isn t a total mess But between Unlimited Even if the Sky Falls - by Mia Garcia - Even if the Sky Falls, Even if the Sky Falls All she needs is one night to be anyone she wants Julie is desperate for a change So she heads to New Orleans with her youth group to rebuild houses and pretend her life isn t a total mess But between
  • Title: Even if the Sky Falls
  • Author: Mia Garcia
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover
Even if the Sky Falls
Unlimited Even if the Sky Falls - by Mia Garcia, Even if the Sky Falls, Mia Garcia, Even if the Sky Falls All she needs is one night to be anyone she wants Julie is desperate for a change So she heads to New Orleans with her youth group to rebuild houses and pretend her life isn t a total mess But between her super clingy team leader and her way too chipper companions Julie feels trapped than ever In a moment of daring she ditches her work clothes for DIY fairy wingsAll she nee
  • Unlimited Even if the Sky Falls - by Mia Garcia
    248Mia Garcia
Even if the Sky Falls

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  1. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss The night has been amazing so far, but I need another jolt I need my heart to beat out of my chest I need to feel alive if only for short bursts of time This was a YA contemporary romance about two people who meet in New Orleans.Julie was a bit of a crazy girl, and she certainly showed this when she ran away from her youth group and found romance with a random boy who was just a [...]

  2. I am feeling so much book love towards Mia Garcia s debut Even If the Sky Falls I am mainly a contemporary reader, and once I finished with this one, I felt like I was satisfied on all fronts there s family narrative, a coming of age type of finding yourself pondering, friendships, romance, an interesting setting and so much In addition to all of that, the writing is so exchanging and descriptive and pretty much flows out of the pages and brings the characters and the setting alive.After living [...]

  3. Brb, caught up in a hurricane of emotion and I m not ready to come back down yet Sometimes a book sneaks up on you, kicks you in the feels and steals your heart all while making you laugh and swoon That s what this book did to me When I picked it up at 11 00 last night, I only expected to read a few pages By 1 30a.m I had to force myself to put it down Because sleep And kids And life When I picked it back up again today, I didn t stop until I reached the end Then, I wanted to go back to the begi [...]

  4. I loved the premise of this book I was excited for the promise of a swoony boy and leaving problems behind for a 24 hour slice of time Right off the bat, I struggled with the back and forth of the chapters At first didn t realize that it was supposed to be a time shift There isn t a heading indicating anything and I m guessing it s supposed to like Julia is rehashing the past in her mind, for me it didn t work As for Julia, she was a bit meh I didn t have a reason to root for her The issues she [...]

  5. I don t care how much truth there is to this night I m not looking for truth, I m looking to escape Even If the Sky Falls was told on Julie s point of view It was mostly set on one night the Mid Summer Mardi Gras, where Julie met Miles the one she spent the magical night of Mid Summer Mardi Gras with A love story was where the story was focused but it also tackled teenagers way of coping with their personal problems and mental health.I enjoyed reading this book, it was fun but it was not really [...]

  6. This review was originally posted at freadomlibrary.wordpress CriticallyPlot 3 out of 5 starsThis story was quite cute, and interesting as well It was fast paced and easy to read It dealt with themes of family, PTSD, adventure, violence and guilt There was a mystery involved and unfortunately, the romance moved a bit too fast in my opinion I like my contemporary to be light but real and this book didn t have the depth I wanted It took the time to mention real life heartache yet not follow it thr [...]

  7. When I first read about Even If the Sky Falls, I wanted to read it immediately It also helps that the cover looks amazing, so of course I really wanted to read it However, I must say that I am disappointed by the book The first few pages were very promising, but as I read on, I hated it and .At almost 10% of the book, I felt like there was something about the way it was written that didn t fly well with me Although it was very interesting, I just didn t feel connected to the story nor the main [...]

  8. Even when the sky falls and I ve lost it all I know I will find you there.Even when my heart stops I ll keep looking cause I know I will find you there.

  9. I m so disappointed, guys I was expecting so much from Even if the Sky Falls, but it really didn t work for me.Here are some quick thoughts I had about the book The New Orleans Mardi Gras setting was lovely and beautifully written I found myself being easily transported to the city Mia Garcia s writing was definitely vibrant and lively I didn t care about any of the characters at all They weren t developed enough for me to form a connection The love story was really meh The characters pulled of [...]

  10. Awww, this was so sweet and romantic I really enjoyed reading this one From the food in New Orleans, to the atmosphere, all the way down to the culture of New Orleans, I really felt like I was living the story myself If you re a hopeless romantic that loves reading love at first sight type books, then I highly recommend this one It was truly amazing.

  11. Disclaimer I received a free copy via Edelweiss for review purposes.I went into Even if the Sky Falls with high hopes, eager for a light hearted contemporary romance It turned out to be a good read, but not a fantastic one Julie heads to New Orleans, re building houses with her youth group in order to escape from the troubles at home One day, after having enough of feeling trapped with her clingy, over bearing team leader, Julie ditches the programme for the day and heads into the heart of New O [...]

  12. What to say I thought I would actually like this Go figure I mean, it has its moments, but it mostly just fell flat Usually I m drawn to characters like Julie and connect with them when others don t, but that didn t happen here I get what she was going through, but it all felt so superficial There was little depth, and she was pretty annoying.There were a couple of bright spots I loved the atmosphere of the festival in NOLA and the incoming hurricane I also enjoyed the boys I wish there had been [...]

  13. I really adore being pleasantly surprised by books, and that happened with Even If the Sky Falls Really like how this author approached her story, and also loved the New Orleans setting.

  14. 2.5 StarsI like the idea, I quite liked the writing style, I loved the setting, I quite enjoyed the first quarter and then I lost interest somehow story lineThe plor should actually totally my kinda thing I love those one night that change your life adventures Maybe because that s my own story Anyway, I did like the plot Except I kept expecting something epic, something and that somehow never happened So at the end, I was left kinda wanting and unsatisfied Because the romance, though cute was n [...]

  15. find this and other reviews at arcticbooks.wordpress Thank you to Katherine Tegen Books for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review.Like the cover lover I am, I was really excited to read this book I hadn t heard much about EVEN IF THE SKY FALLS around, so I was sort of nervous, but fortunately, I really enjoyed this novel EVEN IF THE SKY FALLS follows Julie as she decides to wander away from her Habitats for Humanity group and visits the Mardi Gras celebration and meets Mil [...]

  16. 2.5 stars.This is a really cute story about two teenagers who meet on the night of Mardi Gras in New Orleans and spend the rest of the night together, exploring the city and learning about each other but leaving their baggage behind.This had a lot of potential and I really loved the setting New Orleans really just drags me in, I love the way in every book it comes alive and almost has a personality of its own There is always a huge sense of living in the moment and not taking things for granted [...]

  17. The book had some interesting aspects to it, but unfortunately I felt like as soon as it was getting interesting a little bit past the halfway point , it ended A lot of what the main character, Julie, did, made me SMH with frustration view spoiler Maybe I missed something, but I don t really get why she was sent to New Orleans Also, when she told Miles that she had thrown herself into traffic, I thought it was a super big deal but when that scene actually replayed it was just like a blip in the [...]

  18. This book snuck up on me It starts out as being about a girl who s trying to get over her weird and horrible family situation which is parceled out incredibly slowly over the course of the book, so I don t want to spoil anything and turns into an incredibly sweet and swoon worthy romance.I m not entirely sure when I started thinking of Miles as an actual boyfriend type and not just a fun guy to flirt with probably about the same time Jules does, right but it absolutely happened.This is the kind [...]

  19. Check out this and other reviews on my young adult book blog, Here s to Happy Endings Alright, let me start off by saying that it s been a while since I ve written a review for a book that I didn t really click with, and you all know that I really don t like writing negative reviews, because an author works really hard on their books and they deserve to have great things said about what they ve written So I m going to make this review as positive as I can The book starts off with our main charac [...]

  20. It s the evening of the Mid Summer Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans Julie runs away from everyone she knows because she needs time on her own and space to breathe and is being swept up in the party atmosphere There she meets someone wonderful, he has blue hair and they instantly feel a connection Julie calls him Miles They don t know anything about each other, but it feels like they ve always been friends.In the whirlwind of the celebrations Julie thinks about her brother When he came home from [...]

  21. Holy New Orleans Hurricanes, love, stars,dancing, and falling in love who needs This story is so amazing that I loved it right from the start I started reading it at 11 00am and finished it the nest day at 3 00am in the morning I just could not put it down.Julie is an amazing main character She has so much going on in her life right now Her brother is home from war not the same He is suffering from PTSD and the family is not handling it well Her parents are just acting like nothing is wrong and [...]

  22. Full disclosure, a good friend of mine is the authord her book is amazing I totally fell in love with New Orleans and the journey the characters took You will get swept away with this read

  23. A whirlwind romance, a once in a life time adventure, a story of friendship, love and this above all to thine own self be true I fell instantly in love

  24. This was awarded the Hot Under the Cover Award in Epic Reads 2016 Book Shimmy Awards While the romance was nice, the fact that the main character absconds from her church group to have a solo adventure and turns her phone off after the predictable litany of where are you and are you okay texts from the church group leader, her parents etc really made me angry I get teens are somewhat selfish etc, but a simple i m fine will get back to you later or something to her parents at least would have sti [...]

  25. This was not what I hoped for, at all Might just say that there were good parts, but the boring ones outweighed I m sorry I really wanted to at least like this one, but I just wanted it to be over already It was too unrealistic I don t know Anyways, I read it, mission accomplished.

  26. Reading this was like dancing in the rain.Beautiful Spontaneous Messy Silly Absolutely, undoubtedly wonderful.Loved this.

  27. I ve been putting When The Sky Falls off because one night stories are hit or miss For one part, one of my all time fave reads ever is The Statistical Probability Of Love at First Sight, which was super cute and takes place over one day, but they can also seem too shallow and over rushed Thankfully, and I can say this with great pleasure, When The Sky Falls clicked for me, and nothing seemed rushed or too fast or at least the bits that did fit in with the Mardi Gras festival feel.Now I m not fro [...]

  28. Even if the Sky Falls was one of my most anticipated new releases of 2016 A diverse contemporary realistic romance and coming of age story set in the midst of a hurricane sounded right up my alley Sadly, while I did like some aspects of the novel, it wasn t everything I hoped it would be.In Even if the Sky Falls, troubled teen Julie runs away from her church youth group and and heads straight into the heart of New Orleans Mid Summer Mardi Gras, where she locks eyes with Miles, a guy with a compl [...]

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