Raw: Rebirth (2022)

↠ Raw: Rebirth ↠ Belle Aurora - Raw: Rebirth, Raw Rebirth Twitch and Lexi Third and final book in the Raw Family series ↠ Raw: Rebirth ↠ Belle Aurora - Raw: Rebirth, Raw Rebirth Twitch and Lexi Third and final book in the Raw Family series
  • Title: Raw: Rebirth
  • Author: Belle Aurora
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Raw: Rebirth
↠ Raw: Rebirth ↠ Belle Aurora, Raw: Rebirth, Belle Aurora, Raw Rebirth Twitch and Lexi Third and final book in the Raw Family series

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  • ↠ Raw: Rebirth ↠ Belle Aurora
    367 Belle Aurora
Raw: Rebirth

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  1. I just realised she posted the covereek OH MY GOD, could this finally be about Twitch reuniting with his family Please say yes Ok now let s calm down and pray that Belle Aurora is writing about Twitch and Lexi

  2. I wont be reading the second book till we don t get a date for the third book I ve spent too long waiting for the second book and now I m just not in the mood to be waiting for the third one Hence I ll wait A book 3OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG PLEASE AUTHOR, Hurry Need some of this amazing series in my life And some Twitch

  3. YES IT S TWITCH AND LEXI S STORYY And we ve got a very very very small teaser Yes Daddy s Home.AJ was a smart boy He was only five years old but knew the value of a secret.He didn t like keeping secrets from his mom and when he asked her if it was okay to lie, she told him that it was never okay to be dishonest.It didn t make sense.AJ had heard his mother lie before.Why was she able to lie when he wasn t His mother explained that sometimes people told lies to stop another person from being hurt, [...]

  4. I understand it s really hard to write a good book and it s even harder to get it published, but I feel like Belle Aurora is definitely losing readers as time passes I remember really liking the first book I remember liking Twitch and I remember them having a kid and Twitch coming back I don t remember the second book but whatever I wanted to read about Twitch and his kid Unfortunately though I m losing interest and I m forgetting the story Seriously when is this book gonna come out Jan 15, 201 [...]

  5. Ojal la autora no nos haga esperar tanto por este libro.Me muero por ver a AJ.Y porque maten a Ling, que la torturen y luego la maten de una forma horrorosa.

  6. When the fuck is this damned book coming out I need to see Twitch and his baby and his family and his happiness Fuck, waiting is taking tooooooooo long

  7. Okay, so there s a third book in the series Please If book 2 is going to be Julius then let this one be Twitch and Lexi s HEA Please They deserve it

  8. Okey so I finished dirty now where s rebirth As much as I tried to like Ana s and Julius story I m just dying to know what happens with Lexi, Aj, and Twitch I m twitching for I hope Lin doesn t mess it up, which probably she will She s bitter Uh can we at least get a hint, a date, something I hate being in limbo

  9. Hey hey hey In meno di due mesi Aurora ci d non solo il secondo libro ma anche titolo e copertina del terzo Signora Belle, non staremo correndo un po troppo

  10. I think i looked two times in November and four times in December and two times already in January Read the first book again And again Bloody hell when is this book coming out I already bought the hardcover which i do rarely only the books which end up in my fav bookshelf make it to a hardcover i can t wait any longer

  11. UPDATE EVERYONE, the book is coming If you follow Belle Aurora on Twitter, she s always tweeting when she s writing RawRebirth She s working her magic, we just need to be continue being patient Still no release date.Oh goodness please let this be about Twitch That ending left my heart in pieces.

  12. Omg Book 2 doesn t even have a release date, and there s a book 3.Don t know if that s a good thing or not Don t want to be left with another major cliffy for a year or so P

  13. Please write this story about twitch, I can t explain with worlds my feelings right now Thanks belle for give me my new favorite book

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