Murder in Adland (2022)

Unlimited Murder in Adland - by Bruce Beckham - Murder in Adland, Murder in Adland When a high flying ad agency boss is brutally murdered on a company weekend in the English Lake District Detective Inspector Dan Skelgill finds himself wrenched from his rural Cumbrian comfort zone A Unlimited Murder in Adland - by Bruce Beckham - Murder in Adland, Murder in Adland When a high flying ad agency boss is brutally murdered on a company weekend in the English Lake District Detective Inspector Dan Skelgill finds himself wrenched from his rural Cumbrian comfort zone A
  • Title: Murder in Adland
  • Author: Bruce Beckham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Murder in Adland
Unlimited Murder in Adland - by Bruce Beckham, Murder in Adland, Bruce Beckham, Murder in Adland When a high flying ad agency boss is brutally murdered on a company weekend in the English Lake District Detective Inspector Dan Skelgill finds himself wrenched from his rural Cumbrian comfort zone As the investigation unfolds DI Skelgill is led a merry dance between London and Edinburgh at every turn confronted by uncooperative suspects colleagues wife and lovers ofWhen a hig
  • Unlimited Murder in Adland - by Bruce Beckham
    388Bruce Beckham
Murder in Adland

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  1. This police procedural opens with the discovery of a dead man at a posh resort in the Lake District in England Daniel Skelgill, 37, Detective Inspector with the Cumbria CID Criminal Investigation Dept is called to the scene, interrupting his favorite pastime, fishing on Bass Lake He is partnered with Detective Sergeant Emma Jones, a 26 year old very attractive woman DI Skelgill s regular partner is on leave, so he is is with DS Jones, who is eager and competent The murdered man worked for an adv [...]

  2. I liked this I was a little uncertain at first I ve read quite a few mysteries over the years, and this one starts off a touch on the generic side Once I got to know Skelgill and Jones a bit, though, it started to get fun.So Ivan Tregilgis is dead He s the award winning creative person for an up and coming ad agency, all of them on retreat in the Lakes district Inspector Skelgill is called away from an early morning s fishing to investigate Naturally there are plenty of suspects Nearly everyone [...]

  3. This is the first story that I read on my Kindle.When Bruce Beckham offered me a link to his story, I accepted his offer I just got done with reading a fact based story and I needed something different What I didn t realize what I was getting myself into was a story, that was based in England, with a twist, accents and a flair for murder.I had a hard time at the beginning, but once I was able to understand the writing style of the author, the rest of the story was all down hill A very well devel [...]

  4. this was a really good start to a new series that i think I will enjoy A British whodunit, Inspector Skelgill and his DS, Emma Jones are on the case of a man brutally murdered in his bed in a hotel where his company is having a get together There are lots of clues and a few red herrings to sort through, but with perseverance, and much thought, they get there in the end Really good, and in classic whodunit form.

  5. This fast paced, completely engrossing tale was a great read I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Detective Inspector Skelgill as he worked to solve the murder of an advertising executive DI Skelgill has a few quirks that just makes him interesting and I liked his approach to detecting I look forward to reading from Bruce Beckham With thanks to the author for my copy.

  6. I didn t much care about the murder victim, but Inspector Skelgill and his DS kept me reading I loved the way the author was able to get into both their heads without it seeming too obvious, and I was only lost during the chunk about cricket toward the end.

  7. Beckham excels at description, from the scenery of the Lake District to the solitude of fishing on the only real lake in the Lake District from a chase scene to the streets of Edinburgh and finally to the streets to London all of which makes me want to give this book 4 stars instead of the 3 I gave it the mystery itself was just all over the place I couldn t figure out who did it which doesn t bother me too much but the investigation just seemed to go nowhere Too many suspects, too many possibil [...]

  8. This brings to mind a Miss Marple offering from what I ve seen on the TV, since I ve never read an Agatha Christie Perhaps what they call a cozy mystery with a cast of millions and one cop mostly investigating alone I stuck with it till I reached 27% but a little way into it downloaded an update making all the fonts tiny and deleting all my notes and changing the hotel owner s name as well, just to confuse things I was pretty bored of reading all about Edinburgh and travelling every street with [...]

  9. Written in the present tense, including a full blown narration of a cricket game or is that match just because I guess, a book where the characters do eating than any book even cook books I ve ever read and a mystery that is solved, as far as I can tell, by divine intervention Yet I kinda like it er liked it.

  10. We get straight to the police case in this police procedural novel Any detours from the case are less interesting to this reader The central character, police inspector Skelgill, is a wonderful creation I ve read a later book, and I like how the author shaped him up later, making him less always the man of the hour, as he is in this book.The story has much humor, often in the witty banter between the police, and the author recreates various regional accents for the reader s entertainment There i [...]

  11. At first I found this book to be a typical, generic mystery type book, but once it started to progress I found myself really liking the main character Skelgill, I loved his manliness and pub visits, and fisherman stories I must admit it was predictable that he would be attracted to D.S Jones who is assigned to assist him in the investigation I loved the dialects that are in the story, especially from the Midlands I lived in Worcester when I was a child I did find the way that D.S Jones often cal [...]

  12. Thanks a lot to Bruce the author for helping me get this book as give away.The paper back cover is too good When you take the book in your hand you definitely make a promise to yourself that you will read it Same thing happened with me.This murder mystery was quite enjoyable due to its lead characters and the somewhat old world feel of the narrative The description of the lake district and the surrounding areas has made me want to visit the place, some day The pace of the story was good enough f [...]

  13. Detective Skelgill is the absolute die hard fisherman in the Districtat is until his morning ritual is disturbed by a murder to solve.This time is it sex or is it moneyor perhaps a little of both when a millionaire businessman is found dead in a hotel room by his wife and the black panties at the bottom of the bed aren t hers We have a possibly perturbed sacked employee, a wanna be social climbing Financial Director and pretty young things all in a row at this fine establishment Throw in some Af [...]

  14. Read this over a few days and found it an enjoyable read.The main character is DI Danny Skelgill, big, fit as a butchers dog and happiest in a boat with a fishing rod His sidekick is DS Jones known as Fast Track, though not to her face, she is young, competent and eager She takes to her DI, as he does to her.A nasty murder has taken place in a hotel on his patch This was at an Ad agency s annual get together There are plenty of people Skelgill could accuse and no lack of opportunity for them to [...]

  15. I won a copy of this novel in a giveaway thanks to the generosity of the author I found the use of present tense strange and it seemed to clash with the third person narrative style It gave to novel a weird vibe which took a while to get used to The dialogue was the best element of the storytelling, yet the Scottish brogue was occasional hard to decipher The mystery itself was enjoyable a murder with many possible suspects But there were elements of the novel that could be cut Things like the cr [...]

  16. I have already read several of the others in this series and finally got around to the first one It was just as good as the others It is a look at present day life in England as well as Edinburgh, Scotland, with an occasional visit to London The main police detective is DI Skelgill.a very interesting character If you like fresh water fishing, you ll love to read about Skelly s favorite fishing haunts in the Lake District I usually just skim through that part, but I enjoy reading about everyday l [...]

  17. I really could have loved this mystery but it s written in present tense and that always puts me off I m a fairly fast reader but present tense slows me way down and I find it somewhat confusing Well, I just don t like it and that s that However, I loved the setting of this novel and I liked the two main characters So I m going to give the next book in the series a chance and see how it goes If he persists in using present tense, I probably won t read many of what could have been a fascinating s [...]

  18. 3.5 stars I read this about 10 days ago but the only thing I can remember is that I thought it was going to be set in Scandinavia because there were so many names from that region When I started the second book I remembered a few things I really liked the DS Jones character She added a lot to the story Also there is something odd about the tenses the author uses I am not a grammar expert so I hope someone else can figure out what they are.

  19. This is a police procedural and I usually really like reading these The plot here is good and I enjoyed the travel around the UK However, the author spends a lot of time telling the reader how much the main character loves fishing This got to be very old In fact, it felt like he was thinking of his hobby, fishing, than about solving the case I found myself skimming over these parts.

  20. Great Characters I very much enjoyed the main characters and can not wait to get to know them better Looking forward to the next book.

  21. Daniel Skelgill a Detective Inspector and his new assistant, D S Jones, are called to a hotel to investigate a murder A successful advertising executive has been murdered in his bed The other guests at the hotel are all part of the same ad agency In short, this murder must have been an inside job.Skelgill is a terrific character He is a fishing addict He is a food addict And he likes to look at attractive women In other words, a pretty normal guy We do not get to know Jones quite as well, but sh [...]

  22. Review of Murder in Adland By Bruce BeckhamI received this book as a free download in exchange for an honest review.This is a murder mystery book featuring Detective Inspector Skelgill His usual partner is away and so he finds himself partnered with a young Detective Sergeant Jones, much to his initial discomfort She is as different from him as could be and their relationship begins quite tentatively, evolving as the book progresses.A group of advertising executives are having a get together at [...]

  23. I loved this book and will definitely read in this series At first it was a little slow going, getting comfortable with the unique writing style, but I quickly got involved with the mystery It kept me guessing right up to the last minute I also quickly liked Inspector Skelgill, and DS Jones, who had great chemistry in their partnership All the characters were very much alive in my mind as I read.Also, there were absolutely hilarious moments Without giving anything away, I will just say there is [...]

  24. Mystery is okay but couldn t redeem the prose Inspector Skelgill is probably a bit of an old school cop not to keen on women officers at least the narration tells us he doesn t actually act that way , but seems to be a bit of a womanizer frequently seen to be staring up women s skirts Heavy on written accents and very specific dialects Makes it a slog for this American but given that they mention tiny dialect areas I think really for any reader Entire chapters about cricket games again entirely [...]

  25. My thanks to the author for helping me get this ebook for free.This British murder mystery was quite likeable due to its lead characters and the somewhat old world feel of the narrative The description of the lake district and the surrounding areas has made me want to visit the place, some day The pace of the story was good enough for me The process of actual detection of the murderer and the back story could have been a lot detailed the end felt rather rushed.Not being a native English speaker [...]

  26. DI Dan Skelgill is doing what he loves most fishing when he is called to investigate a murder at Bewaldeth Hall Hotel An ad agency is having a weekend getaway when one of their head men is found dead in his hotel room DI Skelgill and his new partner DS Jones sort through clues and interview the other guests Their investigation that s them to Edinburgh and London and back again Was the murderer one of his colleagues or was it personal Can they solve the murder before Skelgill s superiors reasign [...]

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