Turkey Trick or Treat (2022)

✓ Turkey Trick or Treat Ó Wendi Silvano Lee Harper - Turkey Trick or Treat, Turkey Trick or Treat Everyone loves Halloween candy even Turkey But how can he and his barnyard friends get any when the farmers give it out only to children With a costume of course As his pals look on Turkey comes up ✓ Turkey Trick or Treat Ó Wendi Silvano Lee Harper - Turkey Trick or Treat, Turkey Trick or Treat Everyone loves Halloween candy even Turkey But how can he and his barnyard friends get any when the farmers give it out only to children With a costume of course As his pals look on Turkey comes up
  • Title: Turkey Trick or Treat
  • Author: Wendi Silvano Lee Harper
  • ISBN: 9781477849743
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
Turkey Trick or Treat
✓ Turkey Trick or Treat Ó Wendi Silvano Lee Harper, Turkey Trick or Treat, Wendi Silvano Lee Harper, Turkey Trick or Treat Everyone loves Halloween candy even Turkey But how can he and his barnyard friends get any when the farmers give it out only to children With a costume of course As his pals look on Turkey comes up with one clever costume after the next Each trick gets better and better but will Turkey and his friends end up with any treats This hilarious companion to Turkey TroubleEveryone

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  • ✓ Turkey Trick or Treat Ó Wendi Silvano Lee Harper
    306 Wendi Silvano Lee Harper
Turkey Trick or Treat

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  1. A pirate, a ghost, and a cupcake girl step up on your stoop The pirate says no, it s not a joke it s Halloween Kids are going from farmhouse to farmhouse, shouting, Treat or Treat and collecting candy, as all the farmers take the treat Turkey and his farm friends look on with awe The people are simply giving the candy away Turkey is especially jealous of the children He wants some of that candy He and the other animals love treats Turkey is great at making costumes, crowed Rooster Maybe he can [...]

  2. Just like kids this time of year, the farmyard animals are all yearning for Halloween candy but no one will give them any All the animals look to Turkey for a solution because of his past successes with costumes Using the human Trick or Treaters as their inspiration, the animals offer one suggestion after another to Turkey who tries them all The illustrations come in great here because you can see that Turkey does his best to act the part as well as wear his cobbled together costumes We see him [...]

  3. Hahahahahahahahaha A turkey who watches children trick or treat and wants in on the action grabs some farmyard friends which have some interesting costume ideas and low and behold candy I love it and so will kids

  4. Turkey and his barnyard friends are watching all the kids get candy just by going around in costume They decide they should join in on the fun However, Turkey needs to find the perfect costume to get some treats without being recognized.Cute book

  5. This book is full of cuteness It is a fun read for kids It would make a great read aloud book The illustrations are funny, colorful and whimsical It has a great plot and moves along well with a nice solution at the end Kids will really love this one Highly recommended for Grades 1 4.

  6. Surprising EndingCute and well done children s book The illustrations are beautiful Perfect book for Halloween Funny with an unexpected, surprise ending.

  7. Hilarious So cute Fabulous illustrations Young and old will love this book Great addition to your library of picture books.

  8. Cute story Carmine loves Halloween and this was the best book for Halloween and the upcoming turkey turkey holiday

  9. This author illustrator combo never seems to disappoint Wendi Silvano manages to interest both young and old with her humorous story of Turkey trying to disguise himself as a trick or treater Lee Harper does an excellent job of bringing the characters to life with his fun, illustrations Together the two create a book to enjoy over and over.

  10. What s this Yet another book with illustrations made with real watercolors on real watercolor paper How Old Skool Turkey and his silly looking barnyard buddies are envious of the candy the kids in costumes are getting this Halloween Turkey tries dressing up in costumes, but in the midst of bad puns, is not able to fool the farmers in the neighborhood Halloween treats aren t for turkeys, he s told Eventually he learns that just being himself works best and he shares his loot with his friends.Cute [...]

  11. One crisp Halloween night, Turkey and his farmyard friends see how easy it is for the trick or treaters to get candy But try as hard as they might, they can t seem to disguise Turkey well enough to trick the farmers into giving him candy Then Turkey has a brilliant plan he doesn t dress up at all and convinces the nearsighted Mable Mayberry that he has the best turkey costume she has ever seen Turkey struts away with a bucket full of candy to share with his friends.julianaleewriter books ali

  12. I had so much fun reading this new Halloween picture book from Wendi Silvano, illustrated by Lee Harper The turkey in the barnyard wants candy when he sees the trick or treaters, wearing crazy costumes, getting candy from the farmers around the area Turkey devises a crafty plan to get candy himself The rest of the barnyard animals are in with him on this trick or treat adventure However, the farmers do not fall for his tricks so no treats What are the animals to do Clever and witty and down righ [...]

  13. Turkey, made famous by Turkey Trouble, is back and this time his interest in costumes has found its ideal outlet, Halloween In an effort to collect candy treats for his barnyard friends, Turkey dazzles with an abundance of costume creativity Fans of Turkey s other stories will certainly love this one It s a great addition to the library shelves Well done.

  14. The girls and I have had fun with Turkey s other endeavors so I picked up the third book in the series.It is Halloween and Turkey and the other animals notice that the costumed children are receiving candy They like candy so they concoct a bunch of Halloween disguises to try to get candy from the other farmers.

  15. If you enjoy farm animals this will be a funny take on Halloween The farm animals want treats and send turkey in various costumes to trick or treat Who will it be that will finally give turkey some treats and what costume will he be wearing

  16. Part two Loved it My girls are totally in love with these turkey stories I hope there are I would buy them in a jiffy They are so cute, and the illustrations are superb

  17. Very cute My kids and I love the Turkey books, Thanksgiving, Christmas and now Halloween They are very cute and clever and have happy endings I would highly recommend this for young children and the young at heart

  18. A patron had requested this one So, before routing the item, I read the book Cute story Everyone likes candy even turkeys and other farm animals Turkey devises all sorts of costumes for Halloween night You have to read the book to see if turkey receives any candy.

  19. Good readMy 3 year old loved it Especially when read with funny voices It s a keeper, sure we read it again.

  20. Cute Halloween book about a turkey and his barnyard friends who want to trick or treat, but not being able to find a costume that tricks the farmer into believing they aren t animals.

  21. Sometimes being yourself pays off Why can t turkey participate in Halloween trick or treating I am not sure.

  22. Very darling book about animals wanting Halloween candy My kids loved it and I read it to a 4 year old class who also loved it Cute little book

  23. All the animals want is some Halloween candy Can turkey disguise himself enough to trick the neighbors into giving him treats Very cute story

  24. Turkey and his friends are back again, this time for Halloween Funny and silly things happen as Turkey tries to get treats for his friends, but he can t seem to fool the farmers

  25. The farm animals notice children getting treats on Halloween night and turkey tries to disguise himself to get some too.

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