All In (2022)

[PDF] All In | by ↠ Jennifer Lynn Barnes - All In, All In Three casinos Three bodies Three days After a string of brutal murders in Las Vegas Cassie Hobbes and the Naturals are called in to investigate But even with the team s unique profiling talents thes [PDF] All In | by ↠ Jennifer Lynn Barnes - All In, All In Three casinos Three bodies Three days After a string of brutal murders in Las Vegas Cassie Hobbes and the Naturals are called in to investigate But even with the team s unique profiling talents thes
  • Title: All In
  • Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • ISBN: 9781484716434
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
All In
[PDF] All In | by ↠ Jennifer Lynn Barnes, All In, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, All In Three casinos Three bodies Three days After a string of brutal murders in Las Vegas Cassie Hobbes and the Naturals are called in to investigate But even with the team s unique profiling talents these murders seem baffling unlike many serial killers this one uses different methods every time All of the victims were killed in public yet the killer does not show up oThree casinos Three bod
  • [PDF] All In | by ↠ Jennifer Lynn Barnes
    101Jennifer Lynn Barnes
All In

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  1. Is hurts to breathe Like just leave me alone, so I can listen to Taylor Swift and DIE kind of hurt Now I know what you re thinking oh she s just being overdramatic but I m not I never saw this coming EVER It has been like 4 hours and I m still reeling But besides that All In was so AMAZING We got answers, we found out a lot about Slone, I think the next one s going to be about Lia, which is AWESOME because I LOVE HER, we found out a ton of stuff about Cassie s mom family EVERYTHING, also cults, [...]

  2. Jennifer Lynn Barnes has outdone herself once again All in is clever, precisely calculated, and cunning Perfect for readers like me, who seek books that have a band of misfits, finding love and camaraderie with each other To spice things up, I am throwing mystery thriller and crime on the equation as well Obviously, this is the finest selling points Everything but true infinity has its end All mortal men must die But you were never meant to be mortal You were born for things such as these Tomorr [...]

  3. Holy Crap This might be my favorite from this series Jennifer Lynn Barnes just upped the ante pun intended on this entire story We saw so many layers and dimensions for every single character We also get so many ANSWERS but also questions that we ve been waiting for since the first book I m always impressed with how well Barnes weaves such a twisted, sad, terrifying story, but can still have it be full of awesome, witty teenage banter There are also some really awesome references to the first t [...]

  4. Jennifer Lynn Barnes became one of my favourite authors when I read the first The Naturals book Because of these books, I started the tv show Criminal Minds, and fell in love When I heard that book three, All In, wouldn t be published in the UK, I knew I d have to order a copy online, and that s just what I did I devoured this book in only three hours, and have fallen in love with Barnes writing all over again.Cassie has now worked on a few cases with the FBI, and has found her place, and her pe [...]


  6. The Naturals series is brilliant, with each book even better than the previous one Jennifer Lynn Barnes cements her place at the top of YA fiction with the multi layered, complex, and jaw dropping All In Though Sloane has an obvious connection to this Vegas based mystery, the decades long serial killer case also draws in the history of both father figure Judd and series narrator Cassie Too bad we have to wait until November for Book 4, Bad Blood P.S Lia continues to be the most awesome character [...]

  7. Yes, I DID devour this and book 2 in a day Yes, I did have pressing things to do Yes, I am addicted.No, I have no regrets Except the EXCRUCIATING sequel wait that has just set in And yes, I do absolutely appreciate the absence of a love triangle in this one, and especially the integration of all previous plots into a complex, overarching mystery that has upped the ante tenfold.Which will make the aforementioned sequel wait that much worse My sympathies to all who have suffered from the start.An [...]

  8. Holy hell.That was my reaction after I finished this book because damn, to end a book with that information Jen gave us should be illegal Okay but I gotta say, last 20% got real creepy so that was great but overall the book was pretty eh I m not sure what but something was just lacking and it makes me sad because I love this series with all my heart Though I m blessed with the gang and their interactions with each other and that made me so happy, I missed them so much I did feel like there was s [...]

  9. No offence, The Naturals, but Killer Instinct was a step up from you No offence, Killer Instinct, but All In just killed you I don t know how book 4 is going to blow you out of the water, All In, but I am so fucking ready.

  10. Rating 4.5 5Original review on Julalicious Book ParadiseI believe this is my favourite series by Jennifer She s seriously has a way to write about the profiling that makes this series really addictive.I was happy to find myself back with the team and see what new unsub they were going to have to profile and I was served I love to see how their minds work on this I love that their personalities don t change, but evolve due to growing up, but they are basically the same people.And the romance is t [...]

  11. I love Barnes s books simply for the fun, unique take on things that only she seems to be able to offer Add in plots that are both well designed, executed, and original and you are always in for a treat.The Naturals series had me hooked from the very first book and seems to be getting better as it goes A fun series about young teenage profilers that it is hard to resist.I love this rag tag group of people that not only over time have learned to be friends but a family too Each with unique abilit [...]

  12. Brilliant as expected All the mathematical aspects in the plot hurt my head a little am I or am I not an engineering major fraud , and OMG THE TENSION I was stressed the f out while reading this, tbh And heartbreaking moments SLOANE MY BABY are heartbreaking Shed quite a lot of tears reading this one compared to the previous two books.Can t wait for book 4

  13. Guys, this was soooooooooo good My head is all over the place What is even happening Barnes is a genius with the way she weaves story lines, multiple story lines, crimes, everyone s pasts, emotions, relationships There is so much happening but it all works together to bring this intense mind fuck Where we are in Cassie s story now is just wow How did that even happen Brilliant.

  14. Wow Just Wow It was worth waiting for this one It was all I dreamt about and even Definitely better that the second part If you loved the first book don t miss this one

  15. Trigger warnings murder, violence, domestic abuse, death of a loved one, shitty parenting.4.5 stars I sped through this in a couple of hours this afternoon and I didn t expect to love it as much as I did I mean, I really liked the first two books in the series because, like, it s a YA version of Criminal Minds Of COURSE I really liked them But this one This one somehow took things to the next level I think it s because the characters are finally in the field, actively working on cases, and there [...]

  16. The Naturals Series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes might be my favorite YA series of all time I devour each new book with a passion I don t experience often with books, having read so many Here are just a couple of the many reasons why I LOVE it The concept The series revolves around teens who are ridiculously talented in certain areas useful to crime solving emotion gadgers, statistical analysists, lie detectors, and so on What I love is that these talents are totally feasible albeit rare , so it feel [...]

  17. The Naturals is one of the best series of all time I feel like we do not have very many YA authors who write about crime It is sad, considering that I absolutely love anything involving crime drama.I am an early to bed, early to rise kinda girl but I stayed up very late to finish this book It was just COMPLETELY captivating The story line was genius and the characters were great I would of given it five stars, but I read the first two books quite a while ago, therefore I was confused about a lot [...]

  18. This series has quickly risen as a favorite of mine The plot thickened tremendously, expanding and setting higher stakes Dragging me on a roller coaster ride of suspense Cassie finds herself taking a hot case in Vegas, unique in method and motive confounding Different in so many way when compared to precedent This is the first case that isn t centered on cold cases Lives are at stake There is insurmountable pressure Unraveling the mystery is slow going and it becomes utterly confusing before the [...]

  19. Pull up a chair, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, because I have some questions 1 Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ok, I know that s not a question, but man, it had to be said.2 Were you holding back in your earlier books Or did you just need to lay enough framework to make this one happen 3 Did you know the third book is not supposed to be the best book IT DOESN T WORK THAT WAY, JLB WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME 4 Do you really think you can get out after 4 books in this series I heard there s a fourth one, but I haven [...]

  20. So good Definitely my favorite of the three I ve read I need to get my hands on the last one ASAP If you re a fan of YA murder mysteries or thrillers, you really need to read these books.

  21. I am freaking out Jennifer s books are so amazing I d have to say that this one s my favorite so far in this series The way things are turning out and how entwined Cassie s mom is in the whole situation it s crazy I cannot wait for the next book So long And it just got here

  22. This was another good read to the series At least we learned some important things and were surprised along the way I m definitely interested in seeing how the last book goes I just hope it all ends well.

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