The Color of Secrets (2022)

[PDF] The Color of Secrets | by ☆ Lindsay Ashford - The Color of Secrets, The Color of Secrets Everyone has secrets but some can change your life forever In the midst of the Second World War Eva receives the devastating news that her husband is missing and presumed dead Neither wife nor widow [PDF] The Color of Secrets | by ☆ Lindsay Ashford - The Color of Secrets, The Color of Secrets Everyone has secrets but some can change your life forever In the midst of the Second World War Eva receives the devastating news that her husband is missing and presumed dead Neither wife nor widow
  • Title: The Color of Secrets
  • Author: Lindsay Ashford
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Color of Secrets
[PDF] The Color of Secrets | by ☆ Lindsay Ashford, The Color of Secrets, Lindsay Ashford, The Color of Secrets Everyone has secrets but some can change your life forever In the midst of the Second World War Eva receives the devastating news that her husband is missing and presumed dead Neither wife nor widow she lives in a numb state of limbo until in the heat of an English summer she meets Bill a black American GI Despite their vastly different backgrounds neither can denEveryo
  • [PDF] The Color of Secrets | by ☆ Lindsay Ashford
    340Lindsay Ashford
The Color of Secrets

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  1. I really wanted to like this book The writing was not terrible and the premise was a bit different than your typical historical fiction set in the 1940s I will try to avoid spoilers, but I found that the author had a tendency to write out characters without really explaining what happened, and killed off others way too easily It was almost as if she did not feel like coming up with a way to resolve the problem and just eliminated someone Most of the personal growth the characters experienced hap [...]

  2. I loved this family saga set in the midst of the Second World War.Eva learns that her husband, and father of son David, is missing and presumed dead Neither wife nor widow, she lives in a numb state of limbo until, in the heat of an English summer, she meets Bill, a black American GI Despite their vastly different backgrounds, neither can deny the love that overcomes them in the frantic weeks that follow, when every day could be their last.After Eva discovers she s pregnant, Bill is shipped off [...]

  3. I found this book at the library after I had had a bad day back in March I went into the library to print out some mailing labels I think and had wandered over to where they had books people donated sitting on shelves that you could buy My eyes landed on the spine of this one had seen it earlier by chance but had no money out at the time to get it Even then, something about this book called to me I put it back on the shelf and forgot all about it till that day I picked it up with another one, am [...]

  4. The premise of this story fascinated me A woman in WWII England, whose husband has been missing, possibly dead for two years, falls for a black American soldier A baby results How does this affect the future generations What happens is when her husband shows up I love a good scandal, especially when it doesn t involve me sheepish grin This one disappointed me though, mainly due to the total lack of love and passion between the heroine and her black GI She s attracted to him instantly, I got that [...]

  5. I can t say that I enjoyed this story I was expecting an interracial romance and I got yet another story where the white woman disavowed the black man in the face of tragedy and hardship So I was disappointed

  6. I am not going to lie I didn t finish the book I got to 60% of the book before I decided that I had already given it too many chances, and I really didn t care how it was going to end The idea was appealing to me the union of two people with very different background in Britain during the 2nd World War , but in reality the book is no than a escape fantasy romantic novel gone terrible wrong Spoiler Alert Even from the introduction it s pretty obvious that Eva s husband is not dead, and I spent m [...]

  7. I don t usually write a review for a book I ve stopped reading, but in this case i need to make an exception While the subject matter held possibilities interracial love affair in WWII England i was so gobsmacked at the sheer awfulness of the writing that i had to put it down after 100 pages I wish I could say that it was simply the usual complaint of modern sounding dialogue out of place in historical fiction But not one line in this novel sounded like it would actually be spoken by a human bei [...]

  8. I fell in love with the concept of this book, it had such a romantic vibe from the very start, despite the grim setting of the war And after finishing it in record time, I can only say my infatuation has not faded The Color of Secrets is a stunning novel.Immediately we are immersed in the 1940 s where we meet Eva, our beautiful heroine whose husband is missing in the war, and presumed dead On a spontaneous night out with her sister, she meets Bill, an American GI We witness Eva s real struggle w [...]

  9. Lovely book about the consequences of secrets throughout generations of a family This is a love story of the kind that many experienced during World War II lonely GIs off fighting in a strange country, finding romance with white women, the mixed children that resulted and the search for identity these children undertook and the bigotry they encountered This is a particularly touching story and very well written The secrets that start from fear and shame grow and intertwine the lives of three gen [...]

  10. I really wanted to like this book, because the promised story sounded interesting, but I was totally disappointed The concept itself was promising, but the characters were really shallow and some of them just disappeared through the read without any explanation I believe it is the worst book I ve ever read Would not recommend it to anybody.

  11. Badly written, totally unbelievable, silly Good idea but badly done I only could stand it 3 4 of the way through.

  12. Readers are in for a tone in the dialogue that feels far contemporary than historical, and somewhat distracts from the storye full review at booksforherreviews 2015 04

  13. Set in the Second World War, The Colour of Secrets is a Family saga Eva is waiting for news of her husband and the father of her toddler, David is missing and presumed dead As she lives her life making the most of the little that they have, she meets a black American GI Bill and falls in love with him Both of them can t stay away from each other despite knowing that they have very little chances of a happily ever after Bill is sent off to join the D day fight just when Eva discovers that she is [...]

  14. The basic premise was good and it started well, but I ended up being a bit disappointed by this book Eva believes her husband has died in the Far East during World War II and has an affair with a black GI stationed near her Midlands home the result of which is a baby I won t reveal any , but I didn t feel that the plot after that was convincing Too many people die conveniently and some of the characters are too black and white sorry, no pun intended , angelic or diabolical, to be believable.The [...]

  15. Wonderful bookI choose this book as it was suggested on my Kindle Fire The title intrigued me After reading a little about it I thought it would be a good book to read This book had many twists and turns that will keep the reader not wanting to stop reading until the book is finished I find the writing style to be similar to my favorite author V.C Andrews I would definitely like to read other books from this author.

  16. I really enjoyed this book I just wished that Louisa would have embraced her color sooner and appreciated the beauty that made her different Although many losses came to be her mother really lost her courage and strength during the story She should have explained her history to Louisa Too much time had elapsed losing out on previous time and memories Still very enjoyable

  17. A beautiful and sad story that emerges from two generations of secrets The setting is WWII and the heart of the story is a romance between a Black GI and a English woman who at the time of their meeting believes she is a war widow Their romance in the midst of bigotry and injustice is carefully crafted I am the child of an African American WWII veteran and some of the scenes remind me of stories told to me by my fatherry real and intense In the story, circumstances separate the two lovers just a [...]

  18. The beginning of the book started off great, but after it ran it s very short course of the love story between Eva and Bill, the rest of the book fell miserably flat It just went on this downward spiral that continued to get worse and worse The author should have just extended and carried on the love story between Eva and Bill, instead of jumping to the next generation and onto the next generation, into a terribly bland and pointless story.It jumped all over the place, changing characters, jumpi [...]

  19. I couldn t find a english version of the book that s why my review will only be in german Ich bin mir immer noch sehr unsicher ber meine Bewertung aber f r den Moment lasse ich es mal bei drei Sternen stehen.Das Thema des Buches hat mit unglaublich gut gefallen und es ist wirklich traurig, dass sich in den K pfen mancher von damals zu heute nicht wirklich viel ge ndert hat, wenn es um die Hautfarbe der Menschen geht Mir hat auch wirklich die Aufteilung gefallen Erst hatten wir Evas Geschichte, d [...]

  20. So the premise of this book had so much potential It started out really great, but quickly went downhill How can the main protagonist throughout the first part of the book change her personality so drastically Eva is a strong character who doesn t care what people think of her or her relationship to Bill She does worry about his repercussions due to ongoing circumstances, but all in all she s a strong character in the beginning of the book Fast forward a few pages, and she just turns into a weak [...]

  21. Not done reading yet but here s what I think so far the book sucks.Stop reading it when Louisa enters high school The story turns from a discussion on race to incest and rape The authors favorite plot device is death, I think over half the characters have died in order to spur the story in the direction the author seems to want this to go, ie down the toilet Not to mention the setting in England is unbelievable and inaccurate The characters are pretty American for a bunch of Brits during ww2 I m [...]

  22. Not sure what to sayI guess it s best to say I m disappointed I was excited to read this book as the premise really appealed to me There was so much potential but I was never immersed in the story or characters Something was lacking At times the storyline felt too contrived I m sure with a bit of rewriting this could be a great story A little side note for the author.Walmart was a small regional store and wouldn t be found anywhere near Detroit at that time While a very small part of the story, [...]

  23. This was kind of terrible I liked parts of it, but the writing is just so so and the perspective shifts too much between characters Don t recommend.

  24. I really enjoyed this book The ending was a little too perfect but all in all I liked the concept of the book, the characters and the historical relevance.

  25. I liked this book overall, though, first Eva then her daughter Louisa really started to get on my nerves I get the title of the book very well after reading it because my goodness the secrets this family kept were crazy If it wasn t one secret it was another, and another, until I couldn t believe they could keep up with what they weren t telling from what they were I think it is ok to keep things from a person we love to a certain extent, but there comes a time when you have to stop trying to pr [...]

  26. The women in this story kept a lot of secrets I kept feeling like there would not have been so much trouble if they had just told the truth In some of the situations, the truth might have caused trouble, but in others it would have been much better, although then there would not have been a story The story certainly kept me reading I stayed up late reading it then started reading again in the morning and finished it quickly There is romance and intrigue, sorrow and joy as Eva has an affair with [...]

  27. The Color of Secrets was both exactly what I expected and not what I expected at all Knowing only a brief summary of this novel, I wasn t prepared for the in depth family saga and page popping imagery that was created as the author traced three generations from WWII to the 1990s The impact of wartime romance and racial prejudices transform each character as they accept their past, their heritage and the lies they tell themselves The Color of Secrets beautifully illustrates the challenges of love [...]

  28. A story with potential but did not meet expectations I felt no passion reading this novel and had no real connection with any of the characters In fact, I found myself rather annoyed with Eva, one of the main characters The book was not awful by any means However, my opinion is that it turned out to be a mediocre story with mediocre characters I feel it is important to note that I listened to this book on audio Thus, perhaps part of my poor review is due in part to my not feeling the effect of t [...]

  29. So, at first, I disliked Eddie Then I thought Bill was a schmuck when Eddie redeemed himself Poor Eva but wait, Eva is no peach herself Then I thought, this book is about as real as it gets, character wise There are things you like and definitely dislike about every person you meet Times when you love a person, and other times when you would rather pull your hair out than think about them This book was full of characters that fit this description to a tee Except Trefor He was a jerk beginning, m [...]

  30. I really enjoyed this novel a lot than I had expected to Set during and after WWII in rural England, the secrets kept by Eva impacted the lives of the next two generations Some of the secrets reflect the time and place poignantly Some others so typical, and painfully unnecessary, between friends And then there are those secrets kept because of personal shame This is not a blockbuster, but I found myself caught up in the story, and could not let go until the end.

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