Last Seen Leaving (2022)

Last Seen Leaving Best Download || [Caleb Roehrig] - Last Seen Leaving, Last Seen Leaving Flynn s girlfriend has disappeared How can he uncover her secrets without revealing his own Flynn s girlfriend January is missing The cops are asking questions he can t answer and her friends are t Last Seen Leaving Best Download || [Caleb Roehrig] - Last Seen Leaving, Last Seen Leaving Flynn s girlfriend has disappeared How can he uncover her secrets without revealing his own Flynn s girlfriend January is missing The cops are asking questions he can t answer and her friends are t
  • Title: Last Seen Leaving
  • Author: Caleb Roehrig
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Last Seen Leaving
Last Seen Leaving Best Download || [Caleb Roehrig], Last Seen Leaving, Caleb Roehrig, Last Seen Leaving Flynn s girlfriend has disappeared How can he uncover her secrets without revealing his own Flynn s girlfriend January is missing The cops are asking questions he can t answer and her friends are telling stories that don t add up All eyes are on Flynn as January s boyfriend he must know something But Flynn has a secret of his own And as he struggles to uncover theFlynn s girl
  • Last Seen Leaving Best Download || [Caleb Roehrig]
    154Caleb Roehrig
Last Seen Leaving

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  1. I really wish I could somehow rate this book in two parts I felt the mystery of the story was a 2 star for me, while the coming of age self discovery aspect was a 4 star and much enjoyable While the suspense and intrigue around the disappearance of Flynn s girlfriend January was a bit formulaic and easily solved possibly due to the sheer amount of mystery books I ve read , I found myself lost in the character s becoming self aware and journey to finding out who he really was Was there anything [...]

  2. DNF pg 75this was actually really good seriously, it was really good, but like, i really dont have the patience for this story and the fucking drama and yelling thats going on its freaking triggering me and making me want to punch someone this made me so mad that i flipped to the last 5 pages and read everything and spoiled myself r.i.p i hate myself why do i do this every single time with every single book it s a fucking problem omg pros this is a thriller about a gay boy struggling to keep his [...]

  3. Woah this was super dark and very addictive The only thing that dragged me away was pizza c mon you must eat pizza to live and that s saying something because I have the attention span of a gnat Howeverunfortunately the book failed me in a few places, mostly because of the writing I DEFINITELY want to read by this author though Ok so WOW to the mystery aspect.It was super super dark with the direction it went and that is absolutely my thing I also want to give a tremendous shout to queer thrill [...]

  4. I really loved this book It was such a cool blend between a mystery thriller and a contemporary coming out story It got my heart pounding so hard at times from suspense It has mixed reviews, but I would definitely recommend it.

  5. Flynn returns home one night to find the police at his house His mind races as to why they could be there did they find the small amount of pot he had hidden in his desk But he is utterly unprepared for what the police detectives tell him, that his girlfriend January is missing The thing is, Flynn hasn t seen her in almost a week, and the last time he did see her, she broke up with him And she s been ignoring his texts and calls since then.January had been unhappy since her mother s new husband, [...]

  6. Last Seen Leaving is a solid young adult story about keeping up appearances and keeping secrets It s also a heartwarming story about friendship and love The first person narrator is 15 year old Flynn whose girlfriend, January, goes missing Under scrutiny because, as her boyfriend, he surely must know than he admits to the police, Flynn starts to look into January s disappearance himself and discovers that he didn t know his girlfriend as well as he thought January had recently moved to a presti [...]

  7. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Macmillan Children s Publishing Group and NetGalley I have this awful feeling that that we re never going to see January again That she s just gone This was a YA mystery story, about a boy whose girlfriend went missing.Flynn was an interesting character, and I felt quite sorry for him the way January went missing and the police wanted to know if he was involved He should have been honest with her about hi [...]

  8. I ll start with the good first I really liked Flynn and his development He started out as a fairly typical teenager, and it is only when his girlfriend, January, goes missing that he begins to reveal about himself and his inner life For me books can be really memorable when their characters are well done, even if the story falls a little flat, but Flynn was the only character I really connected with, so I don t know how long this story will stick in my mind, unfortunately Which brings me to the [...]

  9. Full disclosure I work at Macmillan and therefore spend most of my time talking about books I love, but this book is SO GOOD This is without a doubt one of the best books I ve read in recent memory Pitched as Gone Girl meets 13 Reasons Why, it absolutely lives up to the comps and I cannot wait until fall 2016 when this book is out and in the world If you love any kind of Gone Girl, Girl on the Train, etc thrillers or YA or just well written books, this book is for you It will super stress you ou [...]

  10. I love twisty mysteries, so when I saw the synopsis, I was all over it Added bonus for it being in boy POV.I liked Flynn well enough He s a bit too dramatic for my tastes and I struggled with the juxtaposition between his constant use of dude and then a word like metatarsal There s a group of secondary characters, but I didn t feel like we really got to know any of them.The plot was interesting I didn t get it figured out until almost the end and there are an abundance of creepy characters to wo [...]

  11. So, LAST SEEN LEAVING was one of my most anticipated reads in recent memory I loved the premise a thriller starring a gay boy is like, the ideal combo of things for me , thought the cover was AMAZING, and Caleb is super lovely on Twitter So yeah, I was really, REALLY hyped to read this book And then I started reading it, and holyfuckingshit This book To say it lived up to my massively high expectations is an understatement that doesn t do this phenomenal book justice this spooky, cute and intens [...]

  12. Flynn is 15 years old Flynn s girlfriend, January, is missing The cops are asking Flynn some questions that he can t answer Flynn has a secret.Flynn teams with January s former co worker to discover what happened to her But he s learning there was much to January than he knew Why was she lying to her friends about Flynn And where is she LAST SEEN LEAVING is mostly about friendships and love discovering who you are and where you fit in the world The mystery part is fairly predictable The story i [...]

  13. Man, this was so good Like, from page one, so good I loved the mystery, how many possible villains there were, the red herrings, the romance, the coming out, the voice, everything And, while I really hate that this is a thing I actually still notice in gay YA because of its rarity I love the complete and total lack of misogyny Either you know what I mean, or you don t, but if you do, and you hate its prevalence as much as I do, you ll appreciate how much affection and respect Flynn has for Janua [...]

  14. 4.5I waffled a bit between 4 and 5 stars, but I thought if this novel had a fault it was that the mystery half was a bit predictable if also absolutely lurid and I admittedly am a sucker for lurid, so Flynn s story of self discovery and awareness was truly wonderful though, and Roehrig s writing is a joy I knew as soon as I read the first page that I wouldn t want to put this book down.I m really looking forward to whatever the author does next.

  15. Actual Rating 3.5 stars First, let me give some credit this book was really hard to put down The first half has a fabulous mood I distrusted everyone, including January There was no way of knowing who was lying about what January had said I even questioned the main narrator s motivations I suspected every single character in the mystery to some degree So for the first half, I was really feeling the potential of the mystery That aspect, unfortunately, let me down I really love when mystery books [...]

  16. January is gone A headstrong girl caught between the comfort of her past and the feeling of not belonging in her present life, her story would change with her audience, craving compassion, a chance to be the center of attention or just to feel alive and cared for Now missing, the clues point to her having been abducted and killed, but there is no body.Flynn has been January s boyfriend for several months, but now that her mother has married a powerful politician, she must bow to appearances and [...]

  17. 3.75Holy Criminal Minds I enjoyed this book When I first started reading it, I was getting serious Gone Girl vibes Like it felt almost identical But, as it went on, it started to change to of a twisted story that I m pretty sure I ve seen on Criminal Minds a few times So, it wasn t the most original thing in the whole world Now don t get me wrong, I really enjoy Criminal Minds I watch it all the time So I still thought this book was suspenseful and creepy af and enjoyable I think I would give t [...]

  18. This review was originally published on Read.Sleep.RepeatI received a copy for review from the publisher, this does not influence my thoughts or this review.When I heard about this debut novel, I knew I had to read it I m not one for creepy thrillers but one that explores identity is totally up my alley If you are looking for a great thriller, Last Seen Leaving is one you shouldn t miss.Flynn s girlfriend January has gone missing While investigating what s happened to her, he also comes to quest [...]

  19. even though its a mystery book, it was boring for me i just couldn t get in to it this book is not for me.

  20. 3.5 4 stars OPENING LINEThere was a corpse in my neighbour s front yard.Let me start of with saying that I haven t read any of the popular must read suspense mystery thrillers yet So while many were pitching this as a YA Gone Girl I really had nothing to compare to as I haven t read Gone Girl yet.Last Seen Leaving starts off with such a descriptive paragraph that had me instantly hooked and intrigued Right away we start off finding out January missing this isn t a spoiler, it s in the synopsis a [...]

  21. LOVED this YA mystery It s a mystery, a coming of age story, a story of love and friendship.Flynn is truly perplexed when the police show up at his house one day The cops tell him that his girlfriend, January, has been missing for nearly a week Flynn and January don t see each other as often as they used to, since January s mom married a rich, up and coming politician and moved her to a fancy private school Flynn doesn t want to tell the police the whole truth that the last time he saw January, [...]

  22. I loved everything the narration, the mysteries and the main character.The story is really well written, the characters are amazing especially Flynn whom I fell a little in love with though nothing could happen between us who struggle with his sexuality and fighting to know and understand what happened to his girlfriend , the relationships moving.It is a really good thriller full of mysteries, unforseen developments and poignant characters.

  23. Grade DOne Word overwrittenFlynn s girlfriend January is missing he s withholding some facts from the police while conducting his own investigation Apparently January had secrets than Flynn realized, and he has secrets too.My immediate criticism starting in page one of LAST SEEN LEAVING is the narration sounded nothing remotely similar to that of a fifteen year old telling a story Filled with SAT vocabulary no teen would utter, Caleb Roehrig s overuse of adjectives, adverbs and metaphors made f [...]

  24. Review to come Basically thumbs up all the way, though Seriously I m not easy to impress This impressed me.

  25. Actual rating is 1.6This was a BR with the fabulous Gaby I m usually up for a good mystery and the premise for this one was eye catching Sadly, the book turned out to be kind of a bust.What I liked DiversityTwo of the characters were POC Both of them were important to the story for different reasons So, they spent some considerable time interacting with Flynn, the book s MC.Also, there were two LGTBQ chararacters The reason why I liked this was that it would ve been easy to just add bits here an [...]

  26. This review was done by KissinBlueKarenVideo review KissinBlueKarenOh this book I am scratching my head that people aren t talking about it It is so good I admit it started off slow In fact at first I didn t think I liked the characters very much I kept reading though and slowly I found myself thinking a lot about Flynn, wondering what happened next, and then counting the minutes until I could get back to his story This is Flynn s story, it just happens to have started right after his girlfrien [...]

  27. I was thrilled to get in line early enough to get an ARC of LAST SEEN LEAVING, signed by Caleb Roehrig.It s going to take me awhile to fully formulate my thoughts on this exciting, fast paced thriller, and I suspect I m also going to make some video where I ll fumble over everything in trying to explain just how good this book was It was such a fast read, I got through it in two sittings one on the airplane back from BEA couldn t wait to tear into this and one just now when I should realisticall [...]

  28. Wow, this was REALLY good And this is coming from someone who doesn t often find hits in the YA thriller genre But yeah, I loved this, and the characters, Flynn and Kaz especially CUTIES WHO HAD EACH OTHER S BACKS Their relationship was so lovely to watch unfold Flynn was so scared to come out, but the people who love him handled it mostly well I was so angry at his best friend, but they made up, and I had ALL THE FEELS And his parents were the absolute best and present and gave Flynn a safe spa [...]

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