Invisible Ink: My Mother's Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist (2022)

Unlimited Invisible Ink: My Mother's Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist - by Bill Griffith - Invisible Ink: My Mother's Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist, Invisible Ink My Mother s Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist This is the renowned cartoonist s first long form graphic work a page memoir that poignantly recounts his mother s secret life which included an affair with anbsp cartoonist and crime novelist in Unlimited Invisible Ink: My Mother's Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist - by Bill Griffith - Invisible Ink: My Mother's Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist, Invisible Ink My Mother s Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist This is the renowned cartoonist s first long form graphic work a page memoir that poignantly recounts his mother s secret life which included an affair with anbsp cartoonist and crime novelist in
  • Title: Invisible Ink: My Mother's Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist
  • Author: Bill Griffith
  • ISBN: 9781606998953
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Hardcover
Invisible Ink: My Mother's Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist
Unlimited Invisible Ink: My Mother's Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist - by Bill Griffith, Invisible Ink: My Mother's Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist, Bill Griffith, Invisible Ink My Mother s Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist This is the renowned cartoonist s first long form graphic work a page memoir that poignantly recounts his mother s secret life which included an affair with anbsp cartoonist and crime novelist in the s and s Invisible Ink unfolds like a detective story alternating between past and present as Griffith recreates the quotidi

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  • Unlimited Invisible Ink: My Mother's Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist - by Bill Griffith
    114 Bill Griffith
Invisible Ink: My Mother's Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist

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  1. Just a glance at the ratings for the collections of Bill Griffith s Zippy the Pinhead stories reveals his reputation is fading 59 reviews is the most for any of his books, worldwide Come on, people, read Zippy and needs to be revived, especially for y all comics history buffs Griffith left home in North Carolina to head to the hippie San Fran alt comix scene where his goofy and hilarious characters depicting a fictional American town, Dingburg, would make decades of somehow sardonic and also lig [...]

  2. Always happy to see new work from Bill Griffith And I especially love him in autobiographical mode I love Zippy as much as anyone, but I really love his occasional stories from his own life and the Griffith Observatory strips Love those The title pretty much tells you all you need to know about the content of this book Griffith s mother had an ongoing affair with writer and cartoonist, Lawrence Lariar The name wasn t familiar to me, though I believe I may have read one or of the Best Cartoons o [...]

  3. This is a very different kind of book for Bill Griffith, and in a number of ways It s his first sustained narrative call it a graphic novel, if you want , it s a very personal memoir, and it s a significant departure from the kind of humor you usually find in Zippy or his other comics What s , this is a very sophisticated narrative where Griffith manipulates time and memory in amazing ways I recently interviewed Griffith for The Comics Alternative about the release of this book comicsalternative [...]

  4. I m interested in what it was like for Griffith to draw pictures of his mother having sex with another man besides his father No matter how old you are, thinking of your parents as sexual beings is tough.It was nice to read something by Griffith that I actually understood Read Zippy in the Sunday funnies growing up through adolescence and could never understand the humor

  5. Bill Griffith s graphic memoir about his mother s secret affairs is part detective story, part warm exploration into the hidden lives of our loved ones as revealed by the missives, notes, and recollections they and we leave behind Who are our parents, really, and what can we ultimately know about them as actual human beings Griffith cobbles together a complete picture of his own mom and dad and the people with whom they intersected, and reading this memoir made me want to know about my own fol [...]

  6. It s a nice, entertaining read I want to take it seriously but somehow the comic book format does not yet fully engage me It s a nice flashback to the 40s, 50s 60s seen through the writer re discovering his parents, the dynamics between them, snd what this all means to him We travel along through letters that the writer was discovering for the first time about his mother and her secret affair I suppose it wasn t easy for him talking about her affair, particularly as he seems to have been quite [...]

  7. Bill Griffith can draw Make no question about it, the man can draw His pictures are than half of this book, but I m not going to give short shrift to his writing Griffith structures the book as an investigation, but he s layered so much into this weird familial detective story He puts his own life under the microscope, stripped bare what must be very uncomfortable to strip bare the sex life of his own mother Griffith can t help but be ironic It seems settled into his bones Zippy has a tiny cam [...]

  8. 159 Invisible Ink my mother s secret love affair with a famous cartoonist a graphic memoir by Bill Griffith Bill Griffith is the originator of Zippy the Pinhead, which started in National Lampoon, and ended up with syndication for several years Bill s parents have moved to the suburbs of Levittown in the 1950s, and his mother, Barbara, was finding it difficult Despite her miserable husband s objections, she takes a part time secretarial job with a cartoonist and novelist, Larry Lariar She soon s [...]

  9. Couldn t put it down brilliant Griffith captures the anxiety of the 1950s 1970s, the changes in cultural expectations, the situation of suburban women in the post WWII years, all through the story of his mother s long forgotten affair Along the way, he entertains the reader with side trips into one of cartooning s oddball characters, Lawrence Lariar, and the hidden influence this man exerted on Griffith s own life.Anyone who has undertaken a family history or genealogy project will immediately i [...]

  10. The title is a little misleading I d never heard of Lawrence Lariar, and I ve been a fan of comic books and cartooning my whole life That being said, it s still an intriguing tale of history, memory, identity, secrets and the desire to discover about your family as time passes If you re curious about what the lives of the people in the background might ve been those who brushed shoulders with famous people, or were there when iconic events took place I think you ll like this book whether you re [...]

  11. Awesome to see Griffy take on such a project Sad to see why he lets so little personal juice into his work not a great family life , but a joy that he has found the quirky outlets that such a difficult family life has fostered Zippy, the weird old America obsessions, Claude, Mr Toad, etc And, the ending of this book is probably one of the most satisfying things I ve read in about a decade.

  12. Great art, of course It s also hard NOT to connect with someone who was looking into his family s history and became fascinated I m not really sure why this didn t pull me in , but it was beautiful nonetheless.

  13. Came across this title when I was working on book club selections for next year We don t have enough copies in the system for everyone in book club, but it sounded interested to me so I ordered it in Honestly I d never heard tell of Bill Griffith or Lawrence Lariar, but I really enjoy reading family histories and memoirs I was also intrigued by the idea of a man writing about his mother s sex life I was definitely curious to see what kind of person he would portray his mother to be I very much e [...]

  14. This graphic novel tells the story of cartoonist Bill Zippy Griffith s mother s secret life, which included in particular a long affair with a professional cartoonist named Lawrence Lariar who up until now at least has not been much remembered It s an engaging and heartfelt narrative, though for me it ultimately lacks a certain quality to make me truly enthusiastic about it Some books are just like that, I guess I do have mad respect for Griffith s beautifully detailed, atmospheric drawings thro [...]

  15. 3.5, and I don t feel great about that rating because I m really not the target audience for this, and that might have dragged down my impressions a bit The artwork here was actually really masterful, considering Griffith recreates many wildly different styles, but the story was a bit disjointed and convoluted, and somewhat lacking in direction for my taste.

  16. Bill Griffith s Zippy collection from 1985, Are We Having Fun Yet , was deemed by one of my friends the funniest book ever written The Zippy comic strip is perhaps an acquired taste I don t find it to be laugh out loud funny, but it s definitely one of the better comic strips of the second half of the twentieth century.Invisible Ink is as far as I know, anyway , Griffith s first dramatic work Part autobiography, part biography of his mother, and part biography of Lawrence Lariar a forgotten cart [...]

  17. The first part, with the tracing of his family history, seemed haphazard and confusing An illustration of his family tree would ve helped It picked up when it focused solely on his mother s story, which was enigmatic and heartbreaking Excellent art.

  18. Griffith s graphic novel deserves respect it is about as far from Zippy the Pinhead as you can imagine, and Griffith s art is allowed a larger canvas here, obviously, than he gets in the daily strip format Griffith rises to the challenge, and many of the pages here incorporate impressive details and shading The story itself is oriented around Griffith s excavation of his mother s letters, diaries, and an unfinished novel, all of which provide details of her extended affair with a not quite as fa [...]

  19. Subtitle pretty much says it all This is a fairly engaging adult child s recounting of what he s learned about his mother s affair with cartoonist who did a lot of great things but the amateur probably won t recognize his name He also covers his family tree and general history More melancholy than salacious, we don t get under the skin of either his mom or even the cartoonist The whole thing is kind of an enigma.It s drawn effectively, black and white, and I m really glad he includes a Family T [...]

  20. I m a longtime fan of Griffith s Zippy strip though I haven t really kept up with it since my local daily dumped it and was fascinated by this discursive account that s part Griffith learning about his mother s life and half about that life itself The drawing is wonderful and the expression of emotion is beautifully restrained Virtuoso sequences include Griffith s imagining what it would have been like had the hack cartoonist though, weirdly, otherwise sophisticated guy who was his mother s love [...]

  21. I guess our moms are always a mystery to us It s hard to imagine them having a life before we existed and even harder to imagine them having a life outside of ours Bill Griffith reveals what his mom said right after his father died and then takes us on a journey to answer the questions he has about his family history His mom s secret life is only a part of that I found the story very interesting but occasionally confusing I didn t feel like I had a really good understanding of what it was like t [...]

  22. I have moved around a lot, but there was only a little bit of time in my life when I came across zippy the Pinhead I never really liked it Maybe I came around to it too late or too soon in my life But that doesn t matter This book isn t about that character It s about another character, this a different comic artist who I had never heard of It s actually a compelling story, and well told by Griffith I mean, If I were to write a whole book about my mom stepping out on my dad for years and years, [...]

  23. This is probably my favorite graphic novel to date It would be hard to understand this novel if you weren t a Zippy The Pinhead fan Bill Griffith has a mysterious power and sublime artistic talent of taking you into the deep recesses of his mind evoking intense humor and sadness He is beyond genius the word genius is derived from Jinn or Genii which is evoking fantastic power many people are considered geniuses to me but this is something else it is transformative and healing His mother feels li [...]

  24. This is a pretty amazing book Never was a reader of Zippy, so i had no familiarity with Bill Griffith the author.I thought the structure of the book was outstanding By using flashbacks, reconstructions, and weaving in historical source material of his mother s own writings, Griffith recreates in the reader his own sense of swirling confusion bafflement at long buries secrets and family mysteries No hint of poor me here A riveting portrait of a complex, talented woman and her unconventional choic [...]

  25. Bill Griffith is one of the few who has elevated the syndicated daily comic strip to a work of art, and he remains one of the most prolific and thoughtful commentators on America and Americana I am a big fan Invisible Ink is often a thoughtful and moving portrait of a man s search for the hidden history of his dead parents, as well as the essence of a bygone age Sometimes, though, the narrative seems to retreat and repeat itself, and find certain minutia interesting than it actually is Nonethel [...]

  26. I always enjoyed Bill Griffith s Zippy but I also used to really enjoy his longer, multi page musings whenever they would appear At first glance this might seem like the latest in a long line of veteran underground cartoonists mining their family history for a graphic novel, but as usual there is a subtlety and melancholy in Griffith s writing and art that elevates this beyond most of the others It is as much an exploration of what it means to be an artist as it is to be a dutiful parent, spouse [...]

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