Desert Angel (2022)

[PDF] Desert Angel | by ↠ Suzanne Halliday - Desert Angel, Desert Angel There s LOVE at first sight Second chance LOVE And sometimes Fate and Destiny combine to make an eternal LOVE Parker Sullivan Lawyer Part time rebel musician Alex s oldest friend Angelina Marquez Eve [PDF] Desert Angel | by ↠ Suzanne Halliday - Desert Angel, Desert Angel There s LOVE at first sight Second chance LOVE And sometimes Fate and Destiny combine to make an eternal LOVE Parker Sullivan Lawyer Part time rebel musician Alex s oldest friend Angelina Marquez Eve
  • Title: Desert Angel
  • Author: Suzanne Halliday
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Desert Angel
[PDF] Desert Angel | by ↠ Suzanne Halliday, Desert Angel, Suzanne Halliday, Desert Angel There s LOVE at first sight Second chance LOVE And sometimes Fate and Destiny combine to make an eternal LOVE Parker Sullivan Lawyer Part time rebel musician Alex s oldest friend Angelina Marquez Event Planner for lack of a better description Full time piece of work Alex s little sister Home in Arizona after an extended absence Angie Marquez lands smack in the middle oThere s LOVE a
  • [PDF] Desert Angel | by ↠ Suzanne Halliday
    377Suzanne Halliday
Desert Angel

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  1. The one thing that I really enjoyed about this book was that even though we had a new couple in the mix we got a lot with the previous ones The different times that the ladies would get together had me laughing, they were so funny What was great was that they supported each other and often gave one or another of them a different point of view to see the little tiffs going on, yet you knew there was 100% support The men were much the same Each member of Team Justice seemed to have a specialty tha [...]

  2. What happens when you join a angel with a rocker lawyer Let s put it this way that angel ain t saint at all and that lawyer can subpoena me anytime he wants LoL Angelina and Parker have a history that not even Alex knows about but he will join them in a complete bizarre way, by being the best annoying loving big brother any little sister could have Best part Parker will suffer the raft of Mayor Alexander Marcus, big daddy and big brother extraordinaire Angelina was an amazing character, she was [...]

  3. How much fun was this book to read It incorporated all the characters we have grown to love along with the new couple of Angie and Parker.As stiff and unyielding as Parker has been in other books, I wasn t sure if Angie and Parker would be able to overcome their past Then along comes Aldo and something seems off.It is amazing how the Justice Brothers are supportive of each other and their women I love that they can be so Alpha and yet so tender.The friendship that the women have formed is heart [...]

  4. Actual Rating 4.5 StarsSuzanne Halliday s books are hands down some of my favorites Every time a new book of hers comes out, I cannot wait to get my hands on it, and that is especially true with her Justice Brothers books I seriously cannot get enough of this series, and I loved every word that I got to read in Desert Angel, the newest addition to her Family Justice Series that follows all the Justice Brothers after the events of their own books.I love this author s books to pieces, and I love m [...]

  5. ReviewI really like this series it s well written it s fun the characters are likeable and the romance is steamy I look forward to the next offering.

  6. Desert Angel is the second installment of the Justice Family series We get to see characters from the Justice Brothers series Cameron and Lacy, Draegyn and Tori and we can t forget Alex and Meghan you ll get to read about their wedding plans New to the story is Angelina, Alex s baby sister and we also get to learn about Parker, Alex s childhood best friend.Angelina is a strong minded sexy as sin woman that has loved Parker since she can remember She tried to move on by moving to Spain and gett [...]

  7. Coming Home To You Parker Sullivan was Alex Marquez s oldest friend, he has always had a crush on Angelina Marquez who s Alex s little sister.Years ago Angie and Parker had a secret relationship but things ended because Parker used their age difference as a barrier that what Angelina thought but he really wanted to protect Angie from defamation Years later they met again and this time the latter she wanted to know if he felt the same way about her as she did about him.Parker couldn t seem to get [...]

  8. Suzanne Halliday never fails to deliver an expertly crafted story that immerses you within the lives of characters you ve come to refer as friends Though time elapses between the novels, it s likened to those incommunicado moments that life throws our way.Angeline Angel and Parker s story is one of early love, happening naturally but quite possibly, before both were truly ready Angel always knew that she loved Parker but feared of being seen as the little tag along sister Parker s view of Angel [...]

  9. Holy Hot Alpha Lawyer where has Parker been I loved Parker and Angie s story Their story starts when they are children Parker is nine years older than Angie While Angie figures out at a pretty young age that she wants her happily ever after that all little girls dream about to be with Parker, he lets the whole age thing serve as a barrier until its almost too late and he loses her.When Angie and Parker finally meet up after years of being apart and having little to no contact, the sparks start f [...]

  10. Destined to be together, are the stars finally aligned for Angie and Parker to be together Their first attempt didn t end well but both are older and wiser.This was purely about their relationship with minimal outside drama I loved this opportunity to explore their relationship alongside Angie and Parker I particularly loved watching Alpha Parker stumbling his way through, unsure of how to win Angie over Sassy and confident Angie certainly gives him a run for his money but you can t fight destin [...]

  11. Desert Angel was the first book I have read from Suzanne Halliday and I really enjoyed it What a great love story.Parker Sullivan is a lawyer, part time rebel, and musician He has had a thing for his best friend s sister for a long time Angelina Marquez is an event planner, feisty, sassy piece of work She has had a thing for Parker most of her life, until a mistake blew up their relationship years earlier After her extended absence, she finally has to come home for her brothers wedding, where sh [...]

  12. I took my sweet time reading about Desert Angel because one, I get to read about one of my favorite places Sedona and two, Parker and Angelina have to be my favorite couple in the Justice family I seriously loved every moment and kept wishing for these two to stop being stupid Haha Stubborn and bratty but so in love they can t think straight You know, exactly how loving someone is supposed to be when setting up for happily ever after I ve thoroughly enjoyed becoming an extended family member of [...]

  13. Desert Angel a good story, but not my favorite from Suzanne Halliday Desert Angel is mainly about Angie and Parker s story, but it also covers chapters told by Alex and Meghan I liked the book, don t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading about all family Justice characters, how their lives have continued But I enjoyed even the new love that Angie and Parker have I think they should have gotten their own book, with the rest of the characters in the background I feel that by having Alex and Meghan s st [...]

  14. Good one of the second Justice series, Family Justice Things are hopping out at the Justice compound, AKA the Villa Marquez Meghan s and Alex s wedding is going full steam ahead and things are hectic So is the book, to a certain extent Alex s best friend from childhood, Parker Sullivan, has a secret He s been in love with Alex s little sister Angelina as long as either of them can remember She loves him too There was, of course, a big stumbling block or two along the way.Family Justice has a way [...]

  15. Desert Angel isn t as much of an angel as she wants everyone to believe And when you mix her up with a alpha dominate lawyer the sparks fly in the dust Hot sexy dominate emotional and amazing are all the things I d use to describe this book It gives you an onsite on all of the Justice Brotherhood family s and I couldn t get enough of the alpha dominate sexy men and the woman who role their worlds

  16. AwesomenessOkokI m done now and I gotta say there better be some Family Justice books , I know damn well the next book is probably gonna be even better than this one.I truly love, love LOVE how these people have become a part of my life, the camaraderie with this group is so special They make me smile , laugh and yes cry, we are talking a major boo hoo fest

  17. I got about 35% of the way through before skipping ahead to about 80% to see if I should continue to force it In case you can t figure it out, the answer is no The book is way too long and spends too much time on characters who should be secondary All the romances of previous characters in the series have chapters revolving around their relationships At 35% there were only 3 or 4 interactions between the alleged H h Over it.

  18. Another Awesome Read This latest book in the Family Justice series is awesome, hilarious, and was a joy to read I can t wait for the next book in this fabulous story to arrive Suzanne Halliday is a gifted writer and stays true to the characters and setting since the initial Justice Brothers story line A real winner

  19. I m not sure what it is about these Justice boys and friends Could be the belief that family isn t always blood They way Suzanne writes these stories just draw you in Parker Angel s story is no different So many emotions But always, threw out this story is love, hope, laughter and hotness

  20. Omg I loved it all of the Justice Boys are so Hot and im including Parker i cant wait until the Fall to read about the wedding it seems like forever I hope we get to find out about Brody Great Book 5 Stars.

  21. Loved itThis was a great addition to the series, this book keeps you up to date with the whole Justice family plus a new love story I can t wait for the next one in the fall, I sure hope it s an early fall release.

  22. Loved ItLoved it can you love someone forever and get your happily ever after Parker and Angie can this book is full of laughter and tears and Justice family bonding with a few surprises thrown in.

  23. This was good kept me wanting to read it would they get together or would the past and 2 stubborn people keep them from it I liked how she continued to keep you up to date on the other characters also It wasn t just about Parker and Angel it continued the story of Justice Family.

  24. Good But Toooooo LooongEven a good story can get too long This is a good example of a writer who cannot self edit Its worth reading but get ready to skip a lot of extraneous crap.

  25. Whoop, Whoop.xy cowboys and their hot cowgirls Can t get any better than this.This series is HOT, HOT, HOT A must read, start with the Justice Brothers and then into the Justice Family Can t get enough of these couples, they leave you wanting MORE.

  26. Loved it I love me some Family Justice I can t wait to see what drama happens next Parker and Angel love their story

  27. Ugh much Alex Meghan I wanted Angie Parker MORE I wanted the finished story of Stephanie Calder I m disappointed with this one I didn t even care one bit about the ex of Angie.

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