A Rising Man (2022)

✓ A Rising Man ✓ AbirMukherjee - A Rising Man, A Rising Man The winner of the Harvill Secker Daily Telegraph crime writing competitionCaptain Sam Wyndham former Scotland Yard detective is a new arrival to Calcutta Desperately seeking a fresh start after his ✓ A Rising Man ✓ AbirMukherjee - A Rising Man, A Rising Man The winner of the Harvill Secker Daily Telegraph crime writing competitionCaptain Sam Wyndham former Scotland Yard detective is a new arrival to Calcutta Desperately seeking a fresh start after his
  • Title: A Rising Man
  • Author: AbirMukherjee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Rising Man
✓ A Rising Man ✓ AbirMukherjee, A Rising Man, AbirMukherjee, A Rising Man The winner of the Harvill Secker Daily Telegraph crime writing competitionCaptain Sam Wyndham former Scotland Yard detective is a new arrival to Calcutta Desperately seeking a fresh start after his experiences during the Great War Wyndham has been recruited to head up a new post in the police force But with barely a moment to acclimatise to his new life or to deal witThe winner of

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  • ✓ A Rising Man ✓ AbirMukherjee
    354 AbirMukherjee
A Rising Man

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  1. I stood on the steps of the building, lit a cigarette and stared into the distance The sun was now just a red disc off to the west and the temperature was dropping That didn t mean it was comfortable, just less hot By common consent, dusk was the best time of day out here, not that it lasted long Night falls like a stone in the tropics Broad daylight to darkness in less than an hour I watched as a flock of birds flew overhead and landed on the pool at the centre of the squareBritish Captain Sam [...]

  2. This is a confident and assured debut by Abir Mukerjee with this historical thriller set in Calcutta, in the Raj era of India in 1919 Captain Sam Wyndham is a new arrival to the city, joining the Imperial Police Force, working with the resentful Digby, and the British educated Sergeant Banerjee, referred to as Surrender not because the British cannot pronounce his name Wyndham is a weary and cynical man with a background in the police and Special Branch back in England, and having seen the futil [...]

  3. Thank you to shotsmag for my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review A sumptuous feast of the sights and sounds of early 20th century Calcutta, are served up in this compelling and complex criminal investigation.After surviving the horrors of the Great War, and the loss of his wife, Captain Sam Wyndham, former Scotland Yard detective, takes up a new post in Calcutta s police force It s a fresh start for him, but the latter days of the British Raj are a world away from life in England.He fal [...]

  4. Wonderful book It was a bit of a slow starter, but as soon as it picked up I really began to enjoy it The Indian history was interesting and I got the feel of Calcutta, including the heat Sam Wyndham is a very likeable character.

  5. Historical Crime Fiction has to be bang on the money for me to love it as it is not my favourite genre to dive into, I like DNA and technology and all that jazz well what can I say A Rising Man IS bang on the money in every single way you can possibly think of And then probably a few too.From the very start I was hook line and sinkered into this one beautifully portraying a place and time, brilliantly authentic and multi layered characters and a real page turner of a murder mystery, A Rising Ma [...]

  6. ARC review 3.5 Historical crime debut, set in Calcutta in 1919 Has a few clunks, but it s better written, and intelligent about its setting, than the average first procedural, making it evident why the author won a competition for unpublished novelists It also helps that the infodumps are really interesting This could settle in nicely as a series in a book or two s time.Sam Wyndham is a thirtysomething Scotland Yard detective and veteran of the trenches After his wife dies in the 1918 influenza [...]

  7. I love a great mystery Add great characters that I want to read a whole series of and a setting as important as the main character and I m in love Set in 1919 British ruled Calcutta A Rising Man introduces us to Sam Wyndham, a former Scotland Yard detective, who is tasked with solving the murder of a British official He s a bit out of his depth considering he s in a new place, his opium addiction has traveled with him, and he does not understand the many rules laws against Indians Enter terroris [...]

  8. Captain Sam Wyndham takes the offer of a job in Calcutta simply because he really has no idea what to do next It is 1919 and, having left Scotland Yard to fight in the trenches, Wyndham returned to England to find his wife had died in the influenza outbreak Now he has replaced warfare in Europe to India at a time of insurgency and insurrection He owes his position to Lord Charles Taggart, Commissioner of Police and his subordinate, sub inspector John Digby, is obviously resentful of being passed [...]

  9. This was a fascinating read murder mystery set in Calcutta, 1919 The detail and atmosphere are outstanding, particularly the sequence after the Amritsar massacre, as the news spreads across India Author doesn t hold back on the racism, both casual and vituperative, the cultural sneers, or the sexism of the time, so it s a powerful read The moral corruption caused by the Raj is a major theme showing how initially decent people slide into bigotry and how the system promotes it in them It s pretty [...]

  10. 3.5 A former Scotland Yard detective moves to Calcutta for police work Formerly fought in the trenches, his wife passed away from influenza and trying to deal with these issues amongst a opium habit It starts with a body and its his job to discover the culprit The plot is tight enough, although i did have my suspsicions quite early on The historical aspect was great I ve always enjoyed crime novels set in different countries than my own This brings a little historical context as well Not the gre [...]

  11. From the very beginning with its wonderfully Chandler esque opening line, At least he was well dressed Black tie, tux, the works If you re going to get yourself killed, you may as well look your best, I was totally in the thrall of this book from start to finish Not only is the writing whip smart and intuitive with a clever and engaging plot, but the depth of the historical research to so vividly portray the teeming life of this beautiful, yet socially and racially torn, outpost of the former Br [...]

  12. A fantastic debut Rich setting and complex characters Highly recommended for those who enjoy historical mysteries The main character, Captain Sam Wyndham stands out for his unexpectedly acerbic commentary on his job, his addiction, and life in Bengal The growing partnership between Sam and his sergeant, Surrender not Banerjee, is also a fantastic element that serves to explore the tension between the British who are losing the grip of their colonial rule, and the frustration of the Indians The d [...]

  13. Captain Sam Wyndham was devastated by World War I He accepts an offer for a police position in Calcutta, India, and sails to the Subcontinent Once there he has an immediate priority a British official has been murdered in a seedy part of town Sam s investigation leads him around Calcutta as he learns the city, and he ends up enmeshed in a political and criminal web that may end his career before it starts.This is the beginning of a series by author Abir Mukherjee, and it s off to a great start T [...]

  14. Persistence works As soon as I embraced Calcutta and saw the amount of Bengali history and politics I was hooked I actually ordered 2 in Mukherjee s series And I credit author Vaseem Khan I am a huge fan for his encouragement He writes a Bombay based detective series do read them all I did read on and became quite fond of Sam and his little visits to Chinatown and the reality that must actually be The heat, the anger, the protocol and the entire place would have had me there too The writing is e [...]

  15. One of my favourite books of recent times An evocative, compelling mystery set in 1920s Calcutta, this wonderful novel is beautifully written, following Captain Sam Wyndham as he attempts to unravel the murder of a British diplomat while coming to grips with the tropical murk of India What I loved most about this book the dry, Scottish wit.

  16. I sat back on the bed and, not for the first time, questioned what I was doing out here, in this country where the natives despised you and the climate drove you mad and the water could kill you And not just the water, pretty much everything out here seemed designed to kill an Englishman the food, the insects, the weather It was as though India itself were reacting to our presence as one s immune defences react to the invasion by a foreign body Indeed, it was a wonder men like MacAuley survived [...]

  17. From the first page, I understood the praise and award nominations garnered for this book It strikes the perfect balance of page turning mystery and enthralling historical details of Calcutta in 1919 during the decline of the British Raj.

  18. Murder in the RajThe corpse of a white man is discovered in an alleyway in an unsavoury part of Calcutta, and Inspector Sam Wyndham is assigned to investigate It is 1919, and Wyndham has just arrived in India after recovering from injuries he received during the war, so he will have to depend for local knowledge on his two colleagues Sergeant Digby, an Englishman with all the worst attitudes of imperial superiority and a grudge against Wyndham for getting the job he felt should be his own and an [...]

  19. Fast and entertaining read Mukherjee is quite good at creating atmosphere and setting Fun characters The final days of the Raj background give the story an interesting vibe Ideal summer reading, I d say As it is a first novel it feels heavily edited sometimes In the end the author struggles a bit to keep things plausible Plus I had felt like shouting the name of the rather obviously bad guy to our protagonist for some chapters until he finally managed to come to the same conclusion But these are [...]

  20. This book saved me from my reading drought Was simply throwing quarter to half read books to the wall before I chanced upon this debut novel that feels like anything but a debut novel.Hi to all people who might like a morphine pill popping British officer Sam Wyndham new to India and his trusted sergeant cheekily called Surrender Not Bannerjee, this book is for you.The author s understanding of India of the time is remarkable to the level that it feels real enough to this reader.Also a crime and [...]

  21. A RISING MAN 2017 Abir Mukherjee .Here is a debut novel that leaves you wanting The author has managed to recreate his setting perfectly Calcutta in 1919 Into this strange world, he introduces his hero, Captain Sam Wyndham, an ex Scotland Yard officer who has taken a job in this country after losing his wife and child to sickness The world he arrives in is totally strange to him, but he gets help from his assistant, Sgt Banerjee They are tasked with solving the murder of a high ranking governme [...]

  22. Some wonky formatting and dropped words in my ebook from the library Otherwise, loved this Detective thriller but oh so wonderfully very rooted in Indian culture and history Might have spent time on than actually reading this, and that s a good thing.

  23. Kalkutta 1919 Sam Wyndham hat sich gerade von Scotland Yard nach Kalkutta zur Polizei versetzen lassen und muss sofort einen brisanten Mord aufkl ren Direkt neben einem Bordell wurde einem einflussreichen britischen Finanzbeamten die Kehle aufgeschlitzt Der Klappentext klang vielversprechend und ich habe einiges ber das Indien der Zwischenkriegszeit gelernt Leider kann der Autor seinen Charakteren kein Leben einhauchen Auf ber 500 Seiten bleiben sowohl der Protagonist und Ich Erz hler als auch d [...]

  24. In this Christie Cozy Calcutta debut, Captain Wyndham thinks, My head was spinning I d never stood a chance, as during the first week of his new assignment the social and political crossfires almost completely cover the solution Mukherjee s amazing ability to describe Calcutta and its various characters is the star attraction in this debut The crime itself is secondary as this first volume of the series serves to introduce us to a new team of investigators, Wyndham and Surrender not Banerjee I v [...]

  25. I do not read a lot of police procedurals, I like thrillers So for a reader of thriller, the crime solving in this book was a bit slow, however, I did not mind in the least since I immersed myself in the description of the background where the crime takes place It is 1919 and ex Scotland yard copper Sam Wyndham is a newcomer to Calcutta, the hub of British rule When an influential British officer is killed in a narrow alleyway behind a renowned brothel, Wyndham is called to solve the crime and b [...]

  26. It s 1919 and Sam Wyndham, a Scotland Yard policeman who had a traumatic time in the trenches in WWI and then lost his wife to the peacetime influenza, has been recruited to join the police in Calcutta He is thrown straight into the deep end when a senior civil servant is found murdered Efforts to prevent him learning the truth and direct his investigation into channels acceptable to the authorities come right from the top Abir Mukherjee paints what I m sure is an accurate picture of the British [...]

  27. Aber Menschen, egal ob nun braune oder weisse, die bereit waren, sich auf blosse Launen ihrer Vorgesetzten hin zu opfern, hatten etwas furchtbar Deprimierendes an sich, und wenn die Bengalen keine Lust dazu hatten, fand ich das v llig in Ordnung S 81 Erster SatzImmerhin war er gut angezogen.VerlagstextKalkutta 1919 die Luft steht in den Stra en einer Stadt, die im Chaos der Kolonialisierung zu versinken droht Die Bev lkerung ist zerissen zwischen alten Traditonen und der neuen Ordnung der britis [...]

  28. A RISING MAN by Abir Mukherjee Rating 1 5 stars I received this title in exchange for an honest review First of all, I m a brand new member of NetGalley so I wanted to give a quick shout out to NetGalley for supplying me with my first review book I haven t really connected with this side of the book world yet bookstagram is my main form of book talk but it s something I m looking forward to Anyway, this book is listed as a historical fiction, mystery thriller This is my first complaint Though th [...]

  29. Britain, a Christian country where theft is not only illegal, it s also considered a sin So few modern brits, are aware of the thievery, of their ancestors I urge you to read this novel It s not only a brilliant read but an education on the impact of colonialism It just may shatter your illusions of the Empire This novel is historical crime fiction, set in 1919 India following a case with the Imperial Police Force The protagonist Captain Sam Wyndham is a new arrival to Calcutta and a former Scot [...]

  30. A broken veteran of the Great War, mourning the loss of the woman he loved, accepts an offer of a job with the police force in India from a former military commander.Captain Sam Wyndham is barely arrived in Calcutta when he s charged with investigation of the murder of a high government official virtually on the doorstep of a brothel A note stuffed in the victim s mouth hints the murder is an act of terrorism, a threat which could destabilize an already shaky relationship with the citizenry Ever [...]

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