Firefly Summer (2022)

Firefly Summer Best Download || [Kathleen Y'Barbo] - Firefly Summer, Firefly Summer A new cowboy romance from award winning author Kathleen Y Barbo Trey s biggest challenge isn t performing surgery it s restoring Sessa s heart Artist Sessa Chambers may never recover from losing her p Firefly Summer Best Download || [Kathleen Y'Barbo] - Firefly Summer, Firefly Summer A new cowboy romance from award winning author Kathleen Y Barbo Trey s biggest challenge isn t performing surgery it s restoring Sessa s heart Artist Sessa Chambers may never recover from losing her p
  • Title: Firefly Summer
  • Author: Kathleen Y'Barbo
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Firefly Summer
Firefly Summer Best Download || [Kathleen Y'Barbo], Firefly Summer, Kathleen Y'Barbo, Firefly Summer A new cowboy romance from award winning author Kathleen Y Barbo Trey s biggest challenge isn t performing surgery it s restoring Sessa s heart Artist Sessa Chambers may never recover from losing her prodigal son Even as she grieves the tragic decisions that led to his death and left her with a toddler to raise she s asked to work on her dream project restoring carouseA new cowboy
  • Firefly Summer Best Download || [Kathleen Y'Barbo]
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Firefly Summer

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  1. Firefly Summer This a start of a new series and I cannot wait until the next book Sessa is a widow who has one son The story start out when her son is young and then goes to fifteen years later After growing older her son is into things that get him in trouble and killed His girlfriend after giving birth shows up at Sessa and wants her to care for the baby Dr Trey brown cannot think about doing surgery after killing with the scalpel with self defense He goes to apologize to the mother of the one [...]

  2. Firefly Summer by Author Kathleen Y Barbo is a fantastic book There are so many different aspects in this book I enjoyed reading I love the setting is a small hometown with an adorable but nosy book club that added great humor The author is excellent with her storyline that captured my attention and held it through the whole book Even though this book is a romance and fiction book, I love the way the author brings forth a few meaningful messages that we can take to heart and also use in our live [...]

  3. Firefly Summer is a fantastic read It was fun, short, inspirational, romantic and easy to read I loved the characters, setting, and story.Great addition to summer reading.5 stars.

  4. Firefly summerWhat a delightful story So full of love, hope, forgiveness and redemption I loved these characters Pansie was such a delightful little girl She is the living legacy of the troubled Ross It was so sad he turned to a life of crime after he grew up Sad that even kids who grow up in loving homes can go down wrong path Losing his dad had a lot to do with that too Sessa did what she could She was a grieving widow herself Thank God for the support she had I couldn t imagine her heartache [...]

  5. What an amazing beautiful story this was There was so much about this book that I could relate to on so many levels Trey and Sessa were a perfect match Both needing each other to heal heartache and begin to live again after such tragedies in their lives And how could you not fall in love with Pansie girl A princess in every way

  6. Has everything in a good book.Even tho a short story, it had all the emotions and action and surprises to keep you reading The characters are likable and they have the troubles as well as the love to bring you into the story I love that the main female character, Seesa is strong and yet vulnerable I really like this author and will read by her.

  7. OutstandingOwned this book for some time before I read it Love Kathleen Y Barbo s books, but the way this one started, I thought it was going to be serious, possibly depressing Once I got into it, it was fabulous A serious subject was handled sensitively and the fun began Don t be put off by the beginning Read it and enjoy.

  8. Even though it was very slow at the beginning, and the preaching was overdone, I loved the plot and how it developed The ending wasn t as good as I hoped, it needed an epilogue.

  9. Fall is here and thus the perfect time to spend reminiscing about summer, romance and of course some fireflies and cowboys Kathleen Y Barbo s latest novel Firefly Summer is exactly what you need for sitting by the fire, on a cold crisp morning and curling up with an unforgettable romance that will leave you sighing by the time you get to the final page Sessa Chambers lives in the very small but quaint town of Sugar Pines, Texas where anything that happens is well known by anyone in town She is t [...]

  10. Kathleen Y Boro brings us an endearing story full of southern charm and quirky characters This story is set in the small town of Sugar Pine, Texas where we meet two unique characters with a complicated romance For the past 15 years, Sessa Lee Chambers has owned and operated Chambers Carousel Restorations She makes a living as a wood carving artist by trade, but she is also the widowed mother of Ross Chambers Her relationship with Ross has been strained to say the least since she hadn t talked to [...]

  11. This is the third Kathleen Y Barbo book I ve read, and it s taken me a while to try again after I didn t enjoy the first two One was the last book in a series, which made it harder to pick up The other was the first book in a series, but I didn t like it because the back cover copy gave away two major plot points within the book, and I found it difficult to engage with parts of the plot They felt a little off to me I later found out it was badly marketed it wasn t historical romance, as I d thou [...]

  12. Title Firefly SummerAuthor Kathleen Y BarboPages 208Year 2015Publisher Hometown RomanceMy rating is 5 stars.Let me just express from the get go that this novel holds heartfelt emotions that I am not quite sure how to express Novels that contain romance as the major theme usually can be found for a dime a dozen Here though is a very unique tale that brings hope, faith, and love from deep within the heart of the reader right from the opening scene till the very end.This is a tale of tragedy, pain [...]

  13. My Review Artist Sessa Chambers believed her life would be both beautiful and simple but that all changes when her dear husband dies Left to take care of her son, she finds herself screaming for help Years later, a girl arrives on her door step, claiming to know her son The girl leaves Sessa with the decision of a lifetime Take in the granddaughter she never knew she had Or never see her again The decision is hard to make and is one that will halter the life of everyone involved Soon Sessa finds [...]

  14. This was truly a story about healing and friendship and finding new purpose in life To me, it wasn t a straight forward romance, as it was about so much The secondary characters had as much to do with the story as the main characters I love the name, Sessa It really fit the heroine and the author wrote her struggles and triumphs beautifully Life had thrown her so many curve balls but she got through them with the help of her family and friends who stuck by her even if they were a little stiflin [...]

  15. Firefly Summer by Author Kathleen Y Barbo is a delightful story of forgiveness, hope, new beginnings and God s love Kathleen Y Barbo is a new author for me and I enjoyed this cowboy story so much There s just something about a cowboy and this story won t let you down Sessa Lee Chambers lives in small town Sugar Pine, Texas, where everybody knows everybody and what everybody is doing Sessa Lee finds herself alone after her husband has died and then her son, Ross Chambers, is murdered She then tri [...]

  16. This is the first book in the Pies, Books and Jesus series Kathleen Y Barbo does a great job of grabbing your attention from the get go and holding it all the way through Her characters are very real and face some extremely difficult situations Both Sessa and Trey have to deal with forgiveness, grief and trusting God.I love Sessa s small town, if you have never lived in one you may find it hard to believe that this is exactly what small town life is like Tessa has a very loving mom and town She [...]

  17. Firefly Summer by Kathleen Y Barbo was a great book I loved this book from the start right up until the end of this book I love when books have meaning and things that you can learn from while you are reading and this book does that I loved watching the characters grow throughout this story and see how they grew This was a super easy book to read and one that I recommend to everyone this summer It was a sweet story and a very easy read If you read this book please let me know what you think of i [...]

  18. Firefly Summer is a charming tale filled with humor, romance, and inspiration Sessa Chambers and Trey Brown are endearing characters with a unique, compelling story I loved the small town of Sugar Pine, Texas, and was especially entertained by the local book club members and their meetings I enjoyed Firefly Summer and look forward to stories from this talented author I received a complimentary copy of Firefly Summer from Redbud Press in exchange for an unbiased review I appreciate the opportuni [...]

  19. This is a true southern gem of a novel Y Barbo takes a tragic event and creates beauty from the ashes Sessa s son is killed by Trey in the course of a robbery They both struggle with their roles in the tragedy The romance is well developed and feels natural in its progression though I did have to wonder why Sessa didn t get legal advice about the custody issues Hopefully there will be a sequel, because I want to get to know people in town and maybe get recipes for some of the delectably describ [...]

  20. When Sessa meets Dr Trey Brown, a handsome former bronc rider, she thinks he s there to answer her help wanted ad about restoring antique carousel horses but really he s there to ask her forgiveness for killing her son Well if that doesn t catch your attention then I don t know what will Firefly Summer is a memorable story about heartbreak restoration and the path God leads us to when we extend mercy Kathleen Y Babro has given us some great characters, especially in her book club It is really a [...]

  21. MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOKI really enjoyed this sweet romance I loved the Pies, Books and Jesus Book Club Kathleen Y Barbo writes a lovely, clean sweet romantic story that you will love The characters were special, and people you want to know personally Give this book a try I received this book from CFBA to read and review I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 55.

  22. Fireflies and blueberry pies, dancing in the rain with cowboysYeah, loved this book Y Barbo s writing kind of reminds me of Katie Ganshert s the author of Wishing on Willows The only thing that bothered me is that Sessa and Trey never make the connection that Trey is the cowboy from the rodeo from 15 years ago or if they do, they never talk about it Whereas, the readers knew all along P.S Love the ladies of the PBJ Book Club

  23. FIREFLY SUMMER is such a cute southern romance Set deep in the heart of Texas, it s about a middle aged couple who ve both loved and lost I could so relate to Sessa Any mom of a prodigal son could I hope my son doesn t turn out as Sessa s did but he keeps my prayer life active I l love the carousel touch and the I loved this book the humor, the southern charm, Sessa and her supportive family and friends and of course, Trey who is a real hero The cover is simply adorable

  24. I recently finished reading this title, and had such a satisfied feeling at the end The author did a great job tying up loose ends giving the reader a warm feeling of happily ever after I loved the small, home town feel of the setting, and the characters were very believable The underlying theme of forgiveness is entwined with a string of fireflies that brings the story together into a beautiful conclusion I recommend it highly

  25. Although there is a romance, this story is so much Sessa and Trey are both scarred by their experiences with Sessa s son, and both feel guilty When they meet, neither is what the other expected but they turn out to be just what they each needed Forgiveness and redemption is the bigger theme in this emotional novel.

  26. Probably one of the very best Kindle books I ve read in a VERY long time The author drew me into the story at the very beginning and I was taken on a pleasant journey into the lives of some well rounded characters that I truly enjoyed getting to know Such a joy after being disappointed with so many lackluster wannabe authors.

  27. Very clean Good writing style despite switching POV Interesting characters Very Texas, I think Not like my small town Believable characters, but unbelievable love story Strays past Biblical forgiveness into the realm of incredulousness Would give this author another try, but probably not this series.

  28. Pardon and forgivenessExcellent story with interesting characters The main characters have to deal with forgiveness from others as well as themselves and chance to correct mistakes that they made in the past.

  29. true love does exist Love for a son, who grew up to be a not so good son, but he left a small child by the name of Pansy, who grammy took care of and loved deeply and a cowboy who did a terrible thing but she forgave him and they live happy ever after.

  30. This is such a sweet story I think a lot of women dream about finding a perfect man Sessa was lucky enough to find hers The story of Trey and Sessa is a beautiful tale of patience, forgiveness, and love I adored this book and can t wait to read of the Pies, Books and Jesus series.

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