The Reason (2022)

↠ The Reason ☆ William Sirls - The Reason, The Reason WHAT DOES GOD LOOK LIKE Welcome to southeast Michigan and the small town of Carlson where faith hope and struggle are defined by the different faces of those who live there An addict that sits at a ↠ The Reason ☆ William Sirls - The Reason, The Reason WHAT DOES GOD LOOK LIKE Welcome to southeast Michigan and the small town of Carlson where faith hope and struggle are defined by the different faces of those who live there An addict that sits at a
  • Title: The Reason
  • Author: William Sirls
  • ISBN: 9781424551361
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
The Reason
↠ The Reason ☆ William Sirls, The Reason, William Sirls, The Reason WHAT DOES GOD LOOK LIKE Welcome to southeast Michigan and the small town of Carlson where faith hope and struggle are defined by the different faces of those who live there An addict that sits at a bar to forget A mother whose five year old boy has leukemia Two doctors An atheist haunted by his past and a brilliant young oncologist that places all her hope in the pWHAT DOES GOD LOOK L
  • ↠ The Reason ☆ William Sirls
    304William Sirls
The Reason

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  1. I am soooo excited I received this book in the mail today as the result of a giveaway I entered on first read I just joined and I ve already won something so I am going to get reading OMG, I am so loving this book I am literally shaking as I read I love it when a book that is christian based even though it is fiction can be scripturally on point if you will I have read some reviews alluding to The Shack and although I enjoyed The Shack, I really diduhhhh, there is something about this book that [...]

  2. This is a special book Truth be told, I edited it, so I feel a unique kinship with the story and the author This is not a literary read, but a popular one, accessible to all I love that aspect of it I can see myself handing it to a broad spectrum of friends and family and them all enjoying itE REASON reminded me of THE SHACK, in its ability to bring a new spin to old, old subjects of faith and life and struggle and redemptiond yet this novel stays true to good theology I loved the twists and tur [...]

  3. I came across this book in a Nook Daily Find e mail This was my first time reading a Christian fiction book, and this is my first review ever So bear with me I will not put in a summary Isn t there already a summary on the book page A few things to note.Characters I thought this was one aspect that was extremely well done I believe every reader can identify with at least one of the characters We all face pain, sin, feelings of unworthiness, and unbelief I myself have constantly asked the questio [...]

  4. It s pretty unlikely that I would ever buy a fiction Christian book I find most of them to be predictable and hokey.That being saidI was at Baker Book Store and this guy comes up to me and gives me his card His name is William Sirls He gives me a little background info on his life and we start chatting about his books I was honest and told him that non fiction is my style He offers to give me his books if I promise to read them and then share with others if I like them He actually pulled cash o [...]

  5. I received this in the mail today having won it in a giveaway It had a beautiful note enclosed from the author and the book was also personally signed I am very excited to begin reading The Reason and a review will follow.

  6. The Reason is a book that I won through the First Reads giveaway And, I am so very glad that I was chosen to receive this book It is marvelous and inspiring.From the very first page I was hooked It is a book that I will surely reread again and again clearly one of my favorites by far The final pages had me in tears and it was hard to see the print on the page This is a very awe inspiring book giving us life s lesson in faith, patience, forgiveness and the ability to JUST BELIEVE.You will grow to [...]

  7. Title The ReasonAuthor William SirlsPages 396Year 2012Publisher Thomas NelsonPhenomenal is one word I m using to describe this absolutely stellar first novel by William Sirls What a debut This is a contemporary fictional account, but the hope it offers is very real The story is set in the small town of Carlson, Michigan There are several characters involved in the storyline, but their stories are all weaved together to form the main plot.I don t have enough space to give a synopsis of each chara [...]

  8. While reading this book, I was hooked from the first chapter William Sirls sure knows how to tell a story I fell in love with the characters in the book, felt like part of the community as I read, and wanted This book reminded me of the movie, The Encounter, and also the novel, The Shack It involves several main characters including two doctors, a nurse, a pastor, his wife and son, along with a young woman and her five year old son Some of these characters believe in God and attend church, othe [...]

  9. Brooke Thomas is cleaning her small church with her son, Alex, when the lights go out in an electrical storm, and the huge wooden cross outside the building is destroyed by lightening She lives with the Lindy family Pastor Jim, the blind pastor, his wife Shirley, and Charlie, their seven foot, 355 pound son who hadn t spoken a single word in his life Carla Miller is Brooke s best friend, and has her own problems A mysterious stranger appears in a bar, shows Carla an apple, tells her she has to l [...]

  10. Lightning strikes the cross outside a small church in Michigan and the pastor, wondering how the congregation will afford to mend it, hears the words, Only believe Belief is powerful theme in William Sirls novel The Reason belief, the possibility of miracles, and the certainty that God always has a reason for what happens in this world Doctors and nurses in the hospital, pastor and wounded child, single mom, friends who drink too much, and many townspeople will be drawn together in a circle whe [...]

  11. ARC received courtesy of GiveawayThis was such a touching and thought provoking book, I m sure that I will re read it The people of a small church in a small Michigan town learn what it really means to live by faith The steeple of the church is struck by lightning and destroyed that s when the miracles really begin I don t want to say about the plot because I want each reader to be able to have his her own experience with the book Even though this book is about God, it isn t about religion The [...]

  12. My mom really enjoyed this book I never could get into the story I felt so bad about that, because I really wanted to read it So I passed it on to my mom She finished it in record time and just couldn t stop telling me about it I guess it s just a matter of taste

  13. Bringing God s word to life in today s world is a basic tenet of contemporary fiction and most readers come away with a warm, fuzzy feeling after reading such titles We feel comfortable with the life and faith changes made by the characters and are assured that God has good things in store for their future Novels like William Sirls The Reason moves beyond those comfortable boundaries into a modern setting which is visited by a presence that surely is directly from God When miraculous events begi [...]

  14. The Reason is definitely in the top 10 books that I have read this year I honestly wasn t sure that it would be the type of book that I would like to read but it was fantastic The funny thing about this book is that before I even read it God used it to teach me a lesson When the author contacted me about reading this book I had told them yes and a few days later it came in the mail It so happens that I got this book during a time when I was having some financial struggles I was being negative ab [...]

  15. Reviewed at The Power of Words tinyurl qg7xgmjThe Reason is a 5 star book that entertained and strengthened my faith.First, let me say that this is not the type of novel that I usually read, but I was drawn by the words of William Sirls on a review blogger s site, contacted him, and was blessed to receive copies of both of his novels The Reason is a moving story that contains life lessons involving faith, grace, patience, and forgiveness And the reading has even greater impact when you realize t [...]

  16. Where do I even start This book is in no way a light read It is not one you can easily read in a couple of hours It is thought provoking, emotional, and extremely well written This is the first book I ve read that has literally brought me to tears.As I began reading, I thought the fact that there were several main characters would be distracting William Sirls did a great job of weaving all of the characters stories together in a way that made sense Following the different points of view was not [...]

  17. I often begin a review with This is a story about , list the main character and describe the story from that character s viewpoint That approach doesn t work with The Reason, by William Sirls There is no main character Instead, there are many lovable, memorable characters The story is centered around Alex, a five year old who is diagnosed with leukemia early in the book He and his mother Brooke, a single mother who was never married, live with Jim and Shirley Lindy Jim, who has been blind for tw [...]

  18. A nearly seven foot man, who cannot speak, a blind pastor, a single mother with a little boy, and on the fringe of it all a drunk fallen woman who is just trying to keep her life together This is the Lindy household, all managed and cared for by Shirley Lindy, the pastor s wife What brought such an odd group together Their love for each other, and the love of the pastor and his wife Brooke and her little boy Alex live with Pastor Lindy and his wife Shirley and their very large son Charlie They a [...]

  19. A storm decimates a large cross outside a local church A young oncologist works with a beloved patient who doesn t respond to treatment, and his young mother fights to have faith in what she can t see Meanwhile, the so called construction worker who miraculously restored the cross has a hand in many unexplainable events throughout town Could there be to him than meets the eye If so, does that mean that there is a Creator behind this life we try to control Sirls writes an exciting and suspensefu [...]

  20. Ok, so stunning cover I can t really think of any other stalling points so let s just get down to this.I didn t like it At all I found it really far fetched and unbelievable, and I get that that was the point Only believe But still I just really didn t care for the whole idea that this Jesus man was walking around on earth when, in reality, we know He s not coming back before the last day And I get that it s fiction, as a fiction novelist I can fully appreciate that But I still didn t like it I [...]

  21. This is a story with a history William Sirls began writing this book several years ago, but rewrote it after spending time in prison for wire fraud and money laundering He intended to self publish through WestBow Press, but God had other ideas WestBow Press is the self publishing arm of Thomas Nelson and, due to the amazing reader response it received, the division passed the book to its partner The rest, as they say, is history.I m brave enough to admit that I didn t want to like this book I te [...]

  22. At St Thomas Church, the cross on the front lawn is a beacon of hope that is, until a lightning strike leaves it in splinters Many of the people around the church are as broken as the cross Carla, who can t forgive or forget the secrets of her childhood Brooke, who faced life alone as a single mother until meeting the minister and his family and Zach, the doctor who cannot forgive himself for a past failure But when a mysterious stranger arrives on the scene to repair the cross, they find that t [...]

  23. First of all, I will let you know that my review of the novel The Reason is definitely influenced by the place I am in at this time of my life I have just finished spending two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital with my mother The things we as a family witness and experienced during that time and after have caused us to be aware of the miracles around us than we were before that Having said that, I really enjoyed The Reason, and would recommend it to everyone There was one place whe [...]

  24. What a remarkable story Hard to believe it was the author s first Neither a splintered cross, an abused and alcoholic woman, a comatose patient, an embittered doctor, a blind pastor nor a cancer ridden little boy are beyond the power of God to restore and heal A seemingly random lightning strike brings them all together, and then each one is touched by a mysterious construction worker named Kenneth, who challenges everyone he meets to only believe See genuine Christian fellowship in action the k [...]

  25. A mysterious stranger comes to town, and keeps telling people to only believe It quickly becomes apparent that he s responsible for a number of healings and miracles that happen in the town, including restoration of a cross that s been nearly destroyed by lightning.I really enjoyed The Reason It is a book full of miracles, with very likable yet authentic characters The main characters are Alex, a little boy who has cancer, and Brooke, his single mother who wrestles with why God would allow her c [...]

  26. ARC Review THE REASON, by William SirlsBravo THE REASON is heartfelt and beautifully told Sirls is both gifted and clever A wonderful read.God is definitely in this book throughout His breath, His love, His grace his presence is felt on every pageE REASON is delightful William Sirls is here to stay His debut novel has the power to transform lives His characters are rich in depth and arc, yet highly genuine each like a good friend.Truly remarkable One of the best books I ve ever had the pleasure [...]

  27. I have never, I repeat, NEVER cried when reading a book.Until I read The Reason.This book is so moving and spirit filled that I hated to put it down Moments of bittersweet intermingled with an overall feeling of warmth and joy make William Sirls first novel a winner.A tight storyline and attention to detail, characters you can connect with, a nice intertwining of scripture and you re hooked.Mr Sirls is a blessing to fictional literature and a gift to Christian fiction in particular.Thank you, to [...]

  28. I finished reading The Sinners Garden, by William Sirls, and I was amazed by the story I decided to read the first novel, The Reason I was not disappointed It is a story that is engrossing as it is inspiring If you are a person who has wondered why do bad things happen to good people, then I would recommend this book It has a Christian theme and message for everyone Thank you Mr Sirls for an excellent novel.

  29. not sure why i had not read this book before but so glad i finally did read it every chapter has you think about what we believe it is a great book one that is a keeper I cant pick which is my favorite character they all have a great story and the description of the characters is great I read a book called shack that i really enjoyed and this one is to me like the book shack.

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