Poisonfeather (2022)

[PDF] Read Ô Poisonfeather : by Matthew FitzSimmons - Poisonfeather, Poisonfeather Gibson Vaughn hero of the bestselling novel The Short Drop returns in a smoldering thriller When jailed billionaire Charles Merrick hints publicly that he has stashed a fortune in an offshore cache [PDF] Read Ô Poisonfeather : by Matthew FitzSimmons - Poisonfeather, Poisonfeather Gibson Vaughn hero of the bestselling novel The Short Drop returns in a smoldering thriller When jailed billionaire Charles Merrick hints publicly that he has stashed a fortune in an offshore cache
  • Title: Poisonfeather
  • Author: Matthew FitzSimmons
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Read Ô Poisonfeather : by Matthew FitzSimmons, Poisonfeather, Matthew FitzSimmons, Poisonfeather Gibson Vaughn hero of the bestselling novel The Short Drop returns in a smoldering thriller When jailed billionaire Charles Merrick hints publicly that he has stashed a fortune in an offshore cache a school of sharks converges upon his release from federal prison Among his swindled victims is Judge Hammond Birk the man who saved Gibson Vaughn s life when he was a troGibson Vaughn
  • [PDF] Read Ô Poisonfeather : by Matthew FitzSimmons
    421Matthew FitzSimmons

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  1. Find all my reviews on my blog thesuspenseisthrillingme Date Read 09 30 16Pub Date 10 04 164 STARSWhen jailed billionaire Charles Merrick hints publicly that he has stashed a fortune in an offshore cache, a school of sharks converges upon his release from federal prison.Among his swindled victims is Judge Hammond Birk, the man who saved Gibson Vaughn s life when he was a troubled teenager Now Gibson intends to repay that debt by recovering Merrick s victims money.But Gibson isn t the only one on [...]

  2. The tiny town of Niobe, West Virginia is about to get larger and infinitely dangerous Business is suddenly booming at the local hotel Just who are all these suits wearing sunglasses who have ensconced themselves in the lobby Across the street, the taps are flowing freely at the Toproll tavern for regulars and visitors alike Beware of eyeballing the pretty bartender or she will give you a stink eye you won t soon forget Great characters abound within these pages Swonger makes a bad first impress [...]

  3. I m somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars, so I ll round up because I like the main character so much.Last year, Matthew FitzSimmons took the literary thriller world by storm with his debut novel, The Short Drop The story of Gibson Vaughn, convicted of hacking into a powerful congressman s files when he was a teenager, and his search for redemption as well as his entanglement in a political mystery , that book was utterly fantastic and made my list of the best books I read in 2015.Gibson Vaughn retu [...]

  4. I took a serious like to the main character Gibson Vaughn in the first in series and in this the second my liking continues Never had much of an interest in thrillers that featured financial misdoings but these books are so darn easy to read, assessable and just move so quickly A Madoff type person is the bad guy here, arrogant and soon to be released from prison Gibson, hacker extraordinaire owes an old man, a judge who he felt saved his life So the story goes.Likable character, a few new ones [...]

  5. I loved The Short Drop and eagerly waited for the next Gibson Vaughn book I was lucky to win Poisonfeather in a Giveaway Once again, Gibson gets himself involved in a dangerous situation, and there are plenty of bodies to prove it A rich swindler is about to get out of prison Lots of interested parties are waiting for him for very different reasons.Characterization is excellent, and dialogue riddled with wit and sarcasm makes the characters come alive I adored Swonger The storyline is interestin [...]

  6. 3.5 starsWhen your first book is such a cracking read, the second one is always going to be a bit of a challenge, and this one suffers in comparison The talent is still there, both in writing style and the creation of wonderfully memorable and idiosyncratic characters, but it didn t have quite the same feeling as the first It lacked tension Well, it did until the end Now anyone who has read The Short Drop knows that FitzSimmons is a master of the Ending Not one of those throw a few last tidbits [...]

  7. Gibson Vaughn is back, and once again finds himself smack dab in the middle of another explosive mystery.Charles Merrick, dubbed Maddoff Jr, is set to be released from prison He has a lot of enemies out there, family and friends alike, who want nothing than to see this man pay for the financial ruins he caused them If he was smart, he would just quietly slip out and run far far away.But his ego is too much, and when a reporter comes to do a small piece on him, he gloats and insinuates things th [...]

  8. POISONFEATHER, a thriller by author Matthew FitzSimmons, is the second novel in the Gibson Vaughn series I loved his first novel, a political thriller, The Short Drop, and couldn t wait to start this one THE SHORT DROP by Matthew FitzSimmons is one of the best Debut Crime Thriller of 2015 that I have read He has produced an amazing piece of crime fiction The Short Drop is an addictive thriller, rich with political intrigue and mystery I have to say that I am not normally drawn to political thril [...]

  9. Once again Matthew FitzSimmons has me engrossed as I follow his main character, the always surprising and ethically ambiguous Gibson Vaughn on another thrilling adventure in his new book, POISONFEATHER.The judge who changed the young Gibson s path in life, his friends and family and many others have all been scammed by Charles Merrick for their life savings Merrick is about to be released from prison after only an eight year sentence and he has hinted that he still has money working for him Sudd [...]

  10. Charles Merrick is an arrogant ass He s also a resident of Niobe prison Once upon a time he was a big time hedge fund manager with millions at his disposal When Wall Street crashed, he was one of the few convicted of fraud but the end is in sight Thanks to a deal he cut with the feds, he ll be a free man in a few months They had no choice as he had knowledge of a covert government operation in China To hold up his end of the bargain, he ll have to leave the country but they don t know where he s [...]

  11. Gibson Vaughan is dragged into a situation by the family of the judge who sent him to the Marines, instead of jail when he was caught hacking as a teenager He is asked to help them recover their lost savings when a bet by their hedge fund manager went south Charles Merrick is about to be released from prison and everyone wants a piece of him, including the Chinese security service and the CIA, because of his knowledge of a spy Even his daughter Chelsea and ex wife come to town, with their own ag [...]

  12. Warning, you have to read the next book.Ending to this book is in the next book Read the first book year ago November and gave five stars, this one not only didn t answer some questions I had in the first one, also left me very angry with the sudden ending Don t think I ll read the next book Story has many twists and turns, keeping up with the many characters in the story wasn t easy.

  13. Matthew FitzSimmons is definitely a rising star in this genre What an amazing second book in the Gibson Vaughn series and I would like to state at this point that, despite his uncertainty and angst during writting this second book under pressure and a deadline in his own words in acknowledgements he sure as hell managed to deliver a compelling book than the first So perhaps Mr FitzSimmons, you could try and increase some pressure for the third one I really can t think how better it could be, bu [...]

  14. Such a let down with a horrible, unfinished ending The resolution to be in the next book, maybe, and by then I sure as hell will not remember the convoluted story line in this book What a shame as the first book was great Will not bother reading any of his books library

  15. A special thank you to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review 3.5 Stars Also purchased the audiobook, narrated by James Patrick Cronin.Matthew Fitzsimmons returns followingThe Short Drop Gibson Vaughn, 1 , landing on myTop 50 Books of 2015 Best Debut Political Crime Techno Thriller, with his follow up, POISONFEATHER, Gibson Vaughn 2 , a thriller with a full cast of characters, with Vaughn taking the back seat, compared to the first book.A finite number of topicse [...]

  16. Horrible EndingAn early effort by a promising writer Future books should benefit from mistakes made in this one Upon finishing the last page my only thought was huh, that s it He forgot the epilogue The rest of the book was decent Some of the characters needed depth, but the action scenes were tense and gripping However, the conclusion left too many unanswered questions What became of Lea How about Swonger And on and on leaving the reader frustrated with unresolved matters.

  17. So where s the last 2 chapters Was my version defective I would have given this book stars but for the unfinished story Undoubtedly there s another book coming, but surely you could adopt a style such as the seasoned author Lee Child and actually make each book stand alone I honestly promise to keep buying your books so long as your writing is good No need to use extreme measures This may convince me to stop reading this author

  18. I received this arc from Netgalley I was all set to give this one at least a four star rating It moved along at a pretty steady pace and was for the most part exciting I don t know why the author decided to end not end this book this way Well there went those four stars I HATE cliffhangers and I will stay away from this author in the future.

  19. Seriously I m left with all these questions after an epic battle None of the characters in this book left me disappointed but the ending surely did I finished this book with the thought of there has to be .

  20. Disclaimer Matt FitzSimmons and I share the same publisher and chat from time to time via email Reluctant hero Gibson Vaughn returns in Poisonfeather, the eagerly awaited sequel to Matt FitzSimmons explosively popular debut novel, The Short Drop After a long stretch of hard luck, Vaughn s prospects are finally looking up A lucrative, government job offer dangles within easy grasp, promising to usher in a new era of reconciliation with his ex wife and a desperately sought reconnection to his daug [...]

  21. Can t wait for this to come out Accidentally hit the rate the book stars But hoping it s as good as the first one.

  22. Poisionfeather is the second book in Matthew FitzSimmons Gibson Vaughn series I devoured its predecessor, The Short Drop, in about two days because it was just that good I would definitely recommend reading The Short Drop before reading Poisonfeather to understand fully Gibson s character as well as his motivations The first book is a wonderful character portrait of Gibson, not to mention a kick butt, action packed political thriller Poisionfeather is a great continuation of that series but, eve [...]

  23. Sporting a scar on his neck from last years adventure depicted in The Short Drop , Gibson Vaughn is back in the game in an effort to find the hidden funds of crooked investment banker Charles Merrick Merrick, about to be released from an eight year prison stretch after cheating investors in a Bernie Madoff type Ponzi scam, gives an interview in a financial magazine where he inadvertently hints he might have held back money not previously confiscated by the FBI The article draws the attention of [...]

  24. This was a pretty weak soph effort My biggest problems were the utter boredom of the initial setup 2 3 of the book , the fact that the main character completely changed tone from the first book and the cliffhanger at the end Too much back story slowed the first large chunk of the book so much that I almost quit Once of the main character s speech patterns wavered between getto and farm hick, I couldn t ever get a clear picture of him in my mind Gibson Vaughn, the driver of both of the novels so [...]

  25. No kind of review, but some kind of PSA do NOT read this if you mind being left with a horrible ending and a year to wait for the next I didn t realise there was to be a third, and wasn t liking it as much as the first, when I saw very few pages left and no type of temporarily sorted ending possible That said, there was a LOT going on in the big plot, which revealed itself gradually, and I kind of admired the amount of stuff thrown into the pot Big financial scandals, deep secret operatives, wro [...]

  26. I was a bit disappointed, i had high expectations on this novel after I read, The Short Drop , which I loved it by the way It was an easy read, i like very much the author s writting and he explains well, but the plot, the storyt something I was amaze of Thank You Netgalley for offering an Advance copy of this book May the third be a better experience.

  27. The difference between fiction and reality, fiction has to make sense Tom Clancy.It s too bad that Matthew FitzSimmons didn t follow that advice Once again he leaves too much to leaps of faith Gibson is found by several people with no explanation as to how it was done Not even the unknown GPS tracker.This is the second book in the Vaughn series Other than the leaps of faith, it was pretty well written Enough action to keep the reader involved, yet it is not what I would call wall to wall action [...]

  28. 3.5 starsPoisonfeather is the second installment in the Gibson Vaughn series by Matthew Fitzsimmons This is a long awaited book after the amazing and huge success of The Short Drop, the first book in the series and the debut novel by the author I was one of the great fans and I gave The Short Drop a five stars review I was taken by how good The Short Drop was and couldn t wait for its sequel, Poisonfeather.Poisonfeather however doesn t build on the previous book in the series except for some ver [...]

  29. Copy courtesy of NetGalley I was super excited for this novel, as the author s first work was amazing Sadly, this novel didn t deliver and I didn t enjoy the story in it s entirety This book is meant to be read as a stand alone, yet references the first novel a lot which is most disorientating I understand that the author wanted this book to be about Gibson, and not make a series about the team of the first book, yet Gibson seems purposeless and uninteresting this time around There s much emphas [...]

  30. I really like his characters My problem with this book was that there really wasn t the adventure tension drama until closer to the end The first 140 or so pages is almost backstory not much happens, he still writes a great story so it s interesting and you know it s worth reading, but since it s not resolved at the end, I just felt like it was too much for not enough thrill.

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