ReejecttIIon - a number two (2022)

Free Read ReejecttIIon - a number two - by Daniel Clausen Harry Whitewolf Mr. Wolf - ReejecttIIon - a number two, ReejecttIIon a number two By reading ReejecttIIon it s likely you ll discover colorful short stories funny flash fiction hilarious cartoons riveting reviews wondrous anagrams and other assorted skits and titbits of under Free Read ReejecttIIon - a number two - by Daniel Clausen Harry Whitewolf Mr. Wolf - ReejecttIIon - a number two, ReejecttIIon a number two By reading ReejecttIIon it s likely you ll discover colorful short stories funny flash fiction hilarious cartoons riveting reviews wondrous anagrams and other assorted skits and titbits of under
  • Title: ReejecttIIon - a number two
  • Author: Daniel Clausen Harry Whitewolf Mr. Wolf
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
ReejecttIIon - a number two
Free Read ReejecttIIon - a number two - by Daniel Clausen Harry Whitewolf Mr. Wolf, ReejecttIIon - a number two, Daniel Clausen Harry Whitewolf Mr. Wolf, ReejecttIIon a number two By reading ReejecttIIon it s likely you ll discover colorful short stories funny flash fiction hilarious cartoons riveting reviews wondrous anagrams and other assorted skits and titbits of under achieving literary genius If you re lucky you might come across sci fi tales about the privatization of words horror stories about hair and ruminations on indie writing I
  • Free Read ReejecttIIon - a number two - by Daniel Clausen Harry Whitewolf Mr. Wolf
    488Daniel Clausen Harry Whitewolf Mr. Wolf
ReejecttIIon - a number two

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  1. I haven t had the pleasure of reading Reejecttion 1 by Daniel Clausen As as matter of fact, I cannot even track down an available copy Fortunately, I was sent a copy of ReejectIIon the number two by Harry Whitewolf, co author of this of this eclectic compilation.Looking for something off the beaten path There is plenty of nonlinear variety here There are short stories, commentaries, and a speculative interview with a deceased author There are book reviews, and there is shameless self promotion T [...]

  2. This second volume in the Reejecttion series sees Daniel Clausen return with short stories, book reviews and other short pieces of writing This time, however he is joined by fellow writer Harry Whitewolf and cartoonist illustrator Mr Wolf These may or may not be pseudonyms, depending on how much of the interview contained in these pages you believe While the two writers have different styles, the collaboration works well as they have similar sensibilities absolutely no sense, though Whereas Cla [...]

  3. An eclectic mix of short stories, flash fiction, reviews, and anagrams that range wildly through absurd silliness, dark grittiness, and surreal fabulousness, switching styles with a suddenness that gives one the same pleasurable shock as diving into cold river water on a scorching hot day All in the covers of one book, I found myself experiencing bittersweet nostalgia for a person I never knew, full grins so long in duration that my jaw ached, and the stark beauty of dark social commentary.At ti [...]

  4. What You re mad because you can t have ReejecttIIon A number 2 right away You re mad because Harry and I are negotiating away our souls with Fat Bastard Literary Agency Well, there is good news You can have a digital copy of the book right now PDF copies and ePub copies are now available Sure Max Bastard and his cronies might show up at your doorstep asking for money If that s the case, just smack him over the head with one of these forms of punctuation an exclamation mark good for bludgeoning a [...]

  5. A great fun mix of awesome cartoons, incisive self deprecation, reviews and wildly original short stories The creators of Reejjejeeecccnnttiiiooon aren t fully assured of what they re creating, but it s fun watching them learn what it is, and I look forward to editions of the same

  6. So, another collection of pieces loosely based on whatever the first collection was, but reading through these it s increasingly hard to remember if there was a conceptual agenda with that one at all either As I read through this the first instalment kept intruding, a kind of welcome throwback to a different feel This one s just as playful but Whitewolf s appearance ups the smirk factor where absurdist humour takes root, complimenting Clausen s dryness and all round incisive commentary leanings. [...]

  7. Reejecttllon A Number Two, is a collection of mainly short stories, surrounded by anagrams, fun cartoon drawings plus much .The short stories are a mixed bag, covering numerous genres, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy The book is very strange, so strange that the authors have written an introduction to the book explaining what it is about We then move onto letters between Daniel Clausen and Harry Whitewolf, discussing the collaboration between the two on the book.I have to admi [...]

  8. This sequel has the best sequel title since the sequel to Sharknado, luckily this sequel is much better than that sequel, in fact it is better than a lot of sequels, it s right up there with the sequel to evil dead and the sequel to Mr Bean.Mr Daniel and Mr Harry have managed to break down the fourth wall page in the book, there is plenty of interaction with the reader, I liked the anagrams in the middle only managed to get 3 of though, so that ruined the book for me a bit At times they become a [...]

  9. If there is anything harder than writing satire it s collaboration and RejecttIIon succeeds at both Daniel Clausen and Harry Whitewolf have put together a satire that softly goes for the fleshy parts of some sacred cows sacred cows make the best meat and leaves you chuckling as they savage the absurdities of the publishing industry, social media, our entertainment choices, and corporations and their mind set, and like any good satire it skewers everything and everyone I was a beta reader , I rec [...]

  10. ReejecttIIon is a transatlantic collaboration between an American writer and an English poet Daniel Clausen has written a number of fiction works, including a remarkable and original novel, The Ghosts of Nagasaki Harry Whitewolf is a latter day beat poet who writes and recites rhythmic, challenging poetry with a radical twist He s also written a couple of travel memoirs But in ReejecttIIon Clausen and Whitewolf are just having fun.It s a collection of short stories, flash fiction, book reviews, [...]

  11. I received a free copy of this book from Daniel Clausen for an honest review.If you enjoy short story collections that have a nice, purposeful flow, this IS NOT the collection for you If you have a slightly or not so slightly twisted and warped sense of humor you will love this collection I am a fan of Clausen s and have read a few things by him already but this is my first taste of Harry Whitewolf and I can honestly say I enjoyed every bite I breathed the book like was asked in the intro and am [...]

  12. Pick up a copy of this short 126 pages read, and experience a unique book The stories are a little bizarre, and a look lot funny This is billed as under achieving literary genius , that may be a bit of a stretch on both parts But, it is fun There was only one, yes only one, story that I did not like No, I won t share which, I consider those good odds Conversely, there were a few I immensely enjoyed Parts of this short read are akin to being a fly on the wall during a discussion between two drunk [...]

  13. This book is absurd and weird and delightful You can get the gist from the summary aloneFunctioning as a display of their cleverness, it is an amalgamation of short stories, anecdotes, book reviews, URLs to free stories, anagrams, and wordplay Oh, and cartoons.Read the rest at blackandwhitepandaduh.wordpre

  14. I received a copy of ReejecttIIon from Giveaways, this in no way influenced my review or reading of the text.Calusen and Whitewolf s collaboration was everything it promised to be satirical, funny, edgy and most of all indie Jam packed with book reviews, short stories, witty anagrams, mock interviews and snappy cartoons, it was easy enough to follow along The book is self aware and knee deep in meta fictional aspects This only added to the hilarity of some moments as it was dubbed by both author [...]

  15. See of my book reviews on my blog, Literary FlitsDaniel Clausen s second ReejecttIIon compilation was written in a transatlantic collaboration with Harry Whitewolf resulting in an even eclectic mix of work than its predecessor The two books are connected in title, but otherwise are essentially separate You could happily read the second without having read the first and, indeed, that might even help ReejecttIIon a Number Two includes short stories, book reviews and cartoons that are inventive, [...]

  16. ReejecttIIon has far too little scatology and far too many gems to be considered a number 2 , but it is a self deprecating sequel, where the fulcrum of youth is gracelessly approaching middle age is Quixotic and satirical, sad, liberating and lyrical Whitewolf and Clausen s illustrated compendium of Hunter S Thompson esque essays mixed with Bradburian sci fi keeps you smirking and guffawing to yourself in public Inside you ll find humorist stories about a type writer ribbon being a bit of a sadi [...]

  17. Reejecttiion 2 is a smorgasbord of cartoons, stories and letters It is a collaboration between Daniel Clausen, Harry Whitewolf and Mr Wolf A lot of fun it is too Hilary Pitta and The Chamber of Baguettes made me chuckle, as did many of the imaginative stories The stories flip subjects on their head.Rejection is the life of a writer and Reejecttiion 2 may be the best cure for anybody that has just received what may seem to be their ten billionth Although Reejecttiion 2 is a bugger to search for t [...]

  18. A great mix of outrageous short stories, reviews and cartoons from two very talented writers who compliment each other well Whitewolf s craziness to Clausen s dry wit I missed the rejection letters from the first collection but look forward to of the same from this duo.Thanks to the authors for the free copy in exchange for an honest review.

  19. A humorous romp interspersed with witty cartoons, word games and laugh out loud stories that definitely entertain.

  20. Rejection is hard for everyone, but some how these guys make it seem hilarious This book almost broke my ribs I swear The perfect book for a quick read This is a story story collection, with fun comics included This isn t the book for everyone, but if you like witty sarcasm go out and buy this wonderful book This is number two in a series of books I did not read the first one, but I don t think it took away anything from this one So if you hadn t read the first one but want to read this one, hav [...]

  21. Great short stories and blurbs for a nice quick read This is a very eclectic book, as there are two authors and a few different kind of chapters I won t take too long and tell you about all of them, but would like to highlight a few My favorites, of course Show and tell was a great short story about the future of show and tells and the future of learning via chips and programs Another that I liked was Science Fiction Theater Presents about Bud Crisco, a monster movie maker, trying to make a thea [...]

  22. ReejecttIIon is unlike any book I ve read before There were parts I really liked and then some parts I wasn t crazy about All in all, it kept me pretty entertained.At times, while reading this book, I wondered what in the world I was reading I could myself laughing out loud several times There were also times that I was completely confused about what I had just read It made for a very interesting read.I can see why ReejecttIIon has so many great reviews already It was funny, confusing, entertain [...]

  23. Good fun I enjoyed this collection of writings s a real mix truth be told reviews,short stories,drawings and even a brain teaserd to that some surprise extras and yes this isn t the average book.The short stories in particular are well written and concise I could write about them but I feel in doing so I would ruin the surprise in regard the fun subject matter of them which would be a shame as the sometimes unorthodox situations and nods to pop culture are fun.Anyhow all in all great fun glad I [...]

  24. The only thing I d read by either of these authors prior to this compilation was Clausen s The Ghosts of Nagasaki I liked that book Really, really liked it It was both intelligent and thought provoking, so I was hoping to find of the same in this book, along with some satisfying satire and slightly naughty, non PC humor.That isn t exactly what I got I got something quite different It s kinda like someone invited me to dinner, and then put a bunch of Tupperware containers filled with an assortme [...]

  25. Satire is hard to pull off and the exuberance in this type of improvisational satire often comes off as juvenile self regard The narrative lacks cohesion and coherence the pencil drawings may have actually helped with the cohesion but most of the pieces felt like exercises in flash and not so flash fiction Because I have an online connection with one of the authors I m not going to rate this, but I did finish the whole thing We read and write for different reasons I write to clarify and documen [...]

  26. On the wall above the copy machine at work is a picture of an inkblot butterflye kind you see at the psychiatrist s office While copying one day, I found myself staring at itwondering what it is that I actually see and if what I see means I have sociopathic tendencies, am normal, or, heaven forbid, an Indie kook Before I knew it, I had stared at it for seven minutes To put my diagnostic worries to rest, I decided to observe my coworkers while copying to see how long they stared at the inkblot or [...]

  27. This book certainly was different Don t remember reading anything at all like it This book took me awhile to read because I had to get used to the way it was written It certainly is unusual, so if you read it get ready for a different trip.J Robert Ewbank author John Wesley, Natual Man, and the Isms Wesley s Wars To Whom It May Concern and Tell Me About the United Methodist Church

  28. Pure chaotic nonsense Words spill in every direction and it s genius A quick read and entertaining Both Daniel Clausen and Harry Whitewolf paint vivid different realms surrounding dreads, magic if you want there to be and Likes among the many other strange occurrences assembled by crafted and altered ladders of words Nuff saidenjoy

  29. Alright, my first reaction was What kind of title is that REEJECTTLLON What What is ReejecttIIon ReejecttIIon is that which is not fit for the mainstream that work of fiction that is outside standardized thought, cultural hegemony, the dominant ideology, or any other label that represents what others admire and which this book is not it is also, ironically, outside the subversive language I just used to subvert the mainstream it is indifferent to the critique of the mainstream because it is too [...]

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