Broken Angels (2022)

[PDF] Broken Angels | by ☆ Gemma Liviero - Broken Angels, Broken Angels A Nazi doctor A Jewish rebel A little girl Each one will fight for freedom or die trying Imprisoned in the Lodz Ghetto Elsi discovers her mother s desperate attempt to end her pregnancy and comes fac [PDF] Broken Angels | by ☆ Gemma Liviero - Broken Angels, Broken Angels A Nazi doctor A Jewish rebel A little girl Each one will fight for freedom or die trying Imprisoned in the Lodz Ghetto Elsi discovers her mother s desperate attempt to end her pregnancy and comes fac
  • Title: Broken Angels
  • Author: Gemma Liviero
  • ISBN: 9781503934863
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
Broken Angels
[PDF] Broken Angels | by ☆ Gemma Liviero, Broken Angels, Gemma Liviero, Broken Angels A Nazi doctor A Jewish rebel A little girl Each one will fight for freedom or die trying Imprisoned in the Lodz Ghetto Elsi discovers her mother s desperate attempt to end her pregnancy and comes face to face with the impossibility of their situation Risking her own life Elsi joins a resistance group to sabotage the regime Blonde blue eyed Matilda is wrenched from hA Nazi doctor A
  • [PDF] Broken Angels | by ☆ Gemma Liviero
    451Gemma Liviero
Broken Angels

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  1. I feel badly not rating this well I know the stories of these three people were based on experiences that people in the Holocaust actually suffered, but I m trying to rate this as a work of fiction And as a work of fiction I struggled to finish I almost gave up at the 30 40% mark The first 30% was almost just building backstory The book picks up in the middle of the war so Elsi is already in the ghetto and her father is gone and Willem is a high ranking Nazi officer working as a women s doctor i [...]

  2. Another Lake Union winner I found this book both captivating and emotionally riveting I listened to it on audio, and the narrators did a fabulous job with the emotion as well as all the different characters Fans of Lilac Girls, I think you would enjoy this one, too I would definitely read from this author.

  3. I loved this book It kept me turning the pages to find out what happened A story of nazi germany 1 man 1 woman 1 child and their stories Heartbreaking at times but so worth the ending had me crying at the end

  4. I loved this book At some points the subject matter was hard to read, especially the parents where the doctors were subjecting the women to cruel experiments in Auschwitz How ever awful it was to read, it was worse knowing that this stuff really happened to so many people By chance, Elsi met Willem when she brought her mother to him in need of medical help Willem was in no means an angel, but he treated his patients different than the rest of the doctors He is able to save Elsi when he sees that [...]

  5. 4.44 stars I waffled between giving this novel a 4 or 5 star rating A year ago, I would have probably given it a full five However, as I ve become active here on GR this year, etc I have also grown discerning with my ratings Just a short explanation update Broken Angels is a beautiful book, and it is written in such a hopeful light.

  6. Books like these are harder to review because they deal with real events that happened to real humans, there s no beautifying the horrors or romanticizing the hardships that the people of that time had underwent.That being said, I m reading a fictional novel not a historical textbook, I m expecting to find than mere narration of horror after horrorThe beautiful writing and the small nuances that make The Book Thief and The Nightingale beautiful masterpieces even though they deal with the same h [...]

  7. Three different characters from different countries with different beliefs whose lives come together in 1942, who manage to find solace through hope and love 15 year old Elsi, barely surviving in the Jewish ghetto of Lodz, with her mother and sister, scared of betrayal and being sent to work camp, like her father Her mother has sold herself to the German masters to keep her family safe, becoming pregnant and trying to self terminate the pregnancy Elsi takes to the medical center where she meets [...]

  8. 4.5 stars easily Almost 5 I often read in short snatches, while I m cooking or waiting in line, in short intervals between other tasks or activities I find that many books can t hold my attention for long periods of time But last night I was reading Broken Angels on the bus home from work, a 30 minute trip I didn t notice any of I almost missed my stop I held my Kindle up to the streetlights as I walked the rest of the way home When I got in, I didn t turn on music I didn t change clothes or get [...]

  9. As I was halfway through I thought I d end up rating this a 4 star or a 4.5 star but then as I was finishing up I couldn t put this book down My initial hesitation was based on a personal wanting to see emotion from the characters but at the conclusion I got it the only way all 3 of the main characters could endure what they had to do and survive the horrors of WWII was to distant themselves emotionally And Ms Liviero did this wonderfully, showing, I believe, how these people might have indeed [...]

  10. This absolutely riveting, character driven novel presents us with three views of Nazi Europe that are simply breathtaking This is not your usual Holocaust novel which focuses on the prisoners in the death camps I was near tears several times as I read of Elsi s fight for survival in the Lodz ghetto in Poland, of the doctor who performs experiments in Auschwitz, and of Matilda s mother in Romania who was forced by SS soldiers to sign papers relinquishing her blonde, blue eyed 9 year old daughter [...]

  11. Broken Angels, an incredibly appropriate title for this book The story reads around several people, Jewish and German, who are caught in and broken by the insanity of war Hate, love, sadness, despair, hope 3.5 to 4 stars out of 5.I received the book as ARC from netgalley

  12. 4.5 stars Maybe it s because I entered reading this book with such low expectations I m not into heavy, WWII books , but I loved the characters and the story It was sad, but heartwarming.

  13. I purchased this book because it was on sale as a Kindle book with Audible narration at a very low price, even before Prime Day had come Sounded perfect for me Low price, very low cost Audible narration, apparently recommended to me by because it bore a similarity to a another book I d recently read and loved, namely, All The Light We Cannot See As I said, sounded perfect for me Boy, was I wrong Broken Angels by Gemma Liviero, does bear a similarity to All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doer [...]

  14. The most heinous crimes of these times promotion of one race at the annihilation of another How 3 Broken Angelsbalanced the evil that surrounded them That in pain, they knew love I was captivated and my heart thru the ringer Three so different characters on different sides with different backgrounds but with one heart that survived because of hope Their lives collide against all odds Elsi who finds herself with her mother and sister in the control the Germans living in the Jewish slums, fearful [...]

  15. This book is a relatively new historical fiction novel set during the Holocaust There are three main characters, and their stories are presented in alternating chapters in each individual voice and point of view Elsie, a young woman who is half Jewish, is living with her mother and disabled younger sister her father has disappeared and her mother has been sleeping with a German officer in an attempt to keep her family safe Dr Willem Gerhardt, the son of a high ranking member of the Nazi Party, i [...]

  16. There seems to be a plethora of this genre of fictional books being written lately but this one really stands out for its cast of characters They are eclectic and would be enemies but they all come together in an unimaginable way Willem is a German doctor who treats the Polish women in the ghetto for a myriad of female ailments He meets Elsi who is a Jewis Polish girl, when she brings him her mother, who is suffering the effects of a botched abortion He is also a doctor who performs unthinkable [...]

  17. Three different people in very different circumstances come together to try to survive the war Well told, and well written.

  18. For me this was a case of trying to do too much The narrative was far too choppy and seemed to gloss over some fairly significant plot points in the author s attempt to weave together multiple story lines over a span of many years It all just came up short for me.

  19. Broken Angels is not only a novel of the war waged by Adolf Hitler against the world and his race for Aryan dominance, it is first and foremost a story of humanity It is a story of a Nazi officer who strives to come to terms with who he truly is against the backdrop of Auschwitz and the clinics for women in the Jewish ghettos It is the story of a Jewish girl who fights for what is right and finds herself in a prison for her actions It is a story of a fair haired little girl torn from her home an [...]

  20. I absolutely loved this book It s incredibly well written, emotionally moving, and has fully developed, flawed characters Broken Angels tells the story of three individuals Elsi, Willam, and Mathilde possibly spelled wrong because I listened to this on Audible so I m not sure brought together by circumstances of WWII Elsi is a half Jewish teenager living in a ghetto in Poland, Willam is a Nazi doctor, and Mathilde is a Romanian child taken from her home and placed in a Lebensborn center for pote [...]

  21. What an excellent book You can t help but feel for all these characters To know that this novel was based on historical facts is gut wrenching

  22. I received Broken Angels by Gemma Liviero as a contest winner of a random drawing What an incredible journey I have just experienced A heartbreaking, sad journey but a beautifully written one all the same From the moment I read the first few pages, I knew I couldn t put it down until the last one It centers around three characters and is written from each of their perspectives Each chapter dedicated to one character building on their life during an occupied Germany While it is focus on Hitler s [...]

  23. I received a free copy through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.A solid 5 stars If I didn t had to work and you know, live, I d probably would have finished this in one sitting Maybe pausing to eat and sleep.When I saw this book on Netgalley, I was immediately intrigued I had to have a copy of it, and I m so glad I received one.So, I went into this one with high expectations And man, it delivered Placed in World War II, this story is touching, to say the least.I do not read many World [...]

  24. Very well narrated story based on times of Hitler s quest very poignant story of war times showing human endurance, courage and hope

  25. This was such a riveting story It was so beautifully written that I fell in love with all the main characters and I worried about all the characters Were they going to survive Was what they were doing worth it Would they get away with the dangerous things they were doing This story followed three different characters with three very different lives yet they slowly came together in a dangerously and beautiful way Matilda is a little girl forced to go with SS Soldiers to a children s home Elsi is [...]

  26. I received the ebook in exchange of an honest reviewIt tells the story of Wilhelm, Elsi and Mathilde They each have their own story to tell in World War II This causes an emotional rollercoaster of a story I found it good to get some insight in the practices of the nazi s I hated that they could do this stuff I think it is a must read for everyone

  27. A dark book about dark times This book shows that people are not one dimensional there is good and bad in all of us I finished it with tears in my eyes.

  28. Broken Angels Can Break Your Heart With 5 Stars This story here just breaks you in pieces when you read it I became so emotionally enmeshed in this that when I was done I just felt spent The story was beautifully written, the characters of Elsi, Willem, and Matihlda are just superb Each of their stories start off individually and then they eventually come together Willem ends up saving the both of them during the course of the story.I will not say than that so I don t spoil the story for those [...]

  29. This book started well and I enjoyed how the narrative was shared between Elsi, Willem and Matilda They were all intelligent, generous people who came from vastly different backgrounds, but fate and the horrors of the Nazi regime brought them, unexpectedly, together Whilst I found Elsi and Matilda s stories interesting, it was Willem s that really captured my attention He was a complex character and even though, as a high ranking Nazi doctor, he took part in the medical sterilisations at Auschwi [...]

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