Search for Senna (2022)

á Search for Senna å Katherine Applegate - Search for Senna, Search for Senna There is a place that shouldn t exist But does And there are creatures that shouldn t exist But do Welcome to a land where all of your dreams and nightmares are very real and often deadly Welcome to E á Search for Senna å Katherine Applegate - Search for Senna, Search for Senna There is a place that shouldn t exist But does And there are creatures that shouldn t exist But do Welcome to a land where all of your dreams and nightmares are very real and often deadly Welcome to E
  • Title: Search for Senna
  • Author: Katherine Applegate
  • ISBN: 9780590877435
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Book
Search for Senna
á Search for Senna å Katherine Applegate, Search for Senna, Katherine Applegate, Search for Senna There is a place that shouldn t exist But does And there are creatures that shouldn t exist But do Welcome to a land where all of your dreams and nightmares are very real and often deadly Welcome to Everworld David s life was pretty normal School Friends Girlfriend Actually Senna was probably the oddest aspect of his life She was beautiful Smart But there wasThere is a place that
  • á Search for Senna å Katherine Applegate
    153Katherine Applegate
Search for Senna

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  1. Not as good as I remember it being Kind of meh.David, David s girlfriend Senna, Senna s ex boyfriend Christopher, Senna s half sister April, and a random kid named Jalil are dragged by a giant wolf into EverWorld, a place where all mythologies across the globe mingle, and which may currently be under some sort of alien invasion.OK, it s a little messy It s establishing EverWorld for us, the patient viewers The tricky concept is the idea that our four leads minus Senna are both present in paralle [...]

  2. I m rereading these for about the fourth or fifth time now, but the first since I left behind my teen years I m leaving the rating where it was originally, just because I d still recommend these to a younger audience It was written in 1999 though, so I might have to explain some stuff Discman, Lilith Fair, Rodney King But all the mythological stuff from many different cultures and the thrill of adventure are still there It is very bare bones compared to modern YA the closest I can equate it with [...]

  3. I read this book as a teenager and only recently bought the last books, so I re read it last year This is the first book in a 12 book series about a group of teenagers who find themselves transported to another universe where mythical gods and people reside It all surrounds one girl, Senna, who is the key to opening a portal back to the real world for the gods to escape to because a god eating god is threatening their existence This series is great for younger adults, especially those who are in [...]

  4. Being an Animorphs diehard, I d always meant to take a plunge on the Everworld series Plucking it off a used bookstore shelf a couple weeks back and being that dreadful person who takes book 1 when the rest of the series is also on the shelf , I was looking forward to Ms Applegate s mature and mindful take on the lives of teenagers, often in fantastic situations with lovely world building abounding Since two stars in means okay, it was definitely okay in the average There are some stirring surre [...]

  5. I don t know On one hand, I should have loved it Mythology spewing out from everywhere And no Greek gods in sight yet Thank you, Applegate, for your originality On the other hand PLEASE let me kill the main characters Oh my word I couldn t stand any of them Except maybe Jalil, but he was still annoying And Senna She had better turn evil because I desperately want to pour snake venom on her face.And don t get me started on how terrifying Loki and his minions were supposed to be He reminded me of [...]

  6. My Grand KAA Reread continues, this time with her sopho series a fantasy about a group of unwilling teenagers dragged into a world where magic reigns and various mythologies all rub elbows This was totally my jam after Animorphs it had a wolf on the cover and Norse mythology and Vikings, of course it would ve hooked a 12 year old Julie The maturity picks up nicely from where the end of Animorphs left off, written for an older audience this writing is darker, the violence explicit and detailed, [...]

  7. 4.5 Stars In reality, it might be a little lower, but I think the nostalgia of this being the first real series I read as a kid, nearly 18 years ago, is making me biased.

  8. This will serve as my review for the entire Everworld series.They are pretty great books, all in all I ve never encounter any writing style quite like K.A Applegate s she is unafraid to make almost painfully real characters and address touchy subjects with zeal The dynamic between the four main characters, and the way it grew and shifted, was extremely interesting to follow The clash of all the different mythologies was explosive the author should be commended just for managing to cram the deiti [...]

  9. Well, I d like to thank my childhood friend, Katie a huge bookworm , for shoving these little novels down my almost non reading throat when I was twelve This series was so suspenseful that I ate it up I, who was so resistant to reading and still preferred being read to lol I enjoyed these so much that I was apparently compelled to imagine other books might be as enjoyable and started cracking them open If not for my dear, long lost friend s skilled recommendation, I may never have grown into the [...]

  10. So I read the first couple chapters and it sucked I left it on the counter to return to the library and My dad picked it up and started reading it He loved it That really made me sad because the entire concept was flawed and the detail, storyline, charactors, ect all sucked

  11. Such an amazing start to the book, still searching for the 2nd one I loved this book, i love how it always made me feel like i was there in a dream cx

  12. This is my first trip into Everworld, and what a ride it was It was rushed and confused, but not in the poorly written way no, it was rushed because there was so much to cover, and confused because the narrator himself David Levin was confused about everything that was going on And can you blame him A girl he s been dating for an indeterminately short amount of time tells him that something horrible is going to happen, and when it does, will he save her Plus he s the new kid at school, presumabl [...]

  13. I m currently reading this series after a friend s recommendation and so far I m enjoying it and really curious to see how it how it s going to play out I m actually a little bit conflicted, and I think it s going to be a struggle that is going to stay with me for the entire twelve books, because these books are extremely hard to rate and review You see, like I said they re a really enjoyable and fast read, but they re also slightly weird Middle Grade books and really, really short The rating I [...]

  14. Book one is a mess It tries to do too much in too little time, and by cramming three different mythologies and one alien species into a book you ve got a lot of ground to cover It s not surprising, then, that there isn t a lot of time for characterization Everyone outside of the four kids comes off as a caricature, especially the gods who are frequently described as simply evil But if you hang in there, wow, this series picks up a great deal I really started to like it around book five It doesn [...]

  15. EDIT Reading the series again as an adult The last time I did I believe I was in early college Everworld is one of my favorite series out there and I think it still will be though I can review it now from a different perspective The first book, Search for Senna, is quite a lot of set up Characters, plot, Everworld itself Why was Senna taken Why did all four teenagers, April, David, Christopher, and Jalil, get dragged along Why are there Vikings, unicorns, and Aztecs all in the same world Not to [...]

  16. This wasn t great but I liked it The writing wasn t great and the world and story was confusing, but I liked the character The writing was really chopping and there wasn t any good description, the dialogue good for the most part until the vikings started speaking I also feel that there need to be a lot word building There is a very complex world being set up but the reader is not given anyway near enough information to really understand, but I do think that is because the book is so short I th [...]

  17. I used to love this series as a kid and now picked it up again, having realized that for some reason I never finished all the books If I remember correctly, all of them are quite short and very action packed, filled with mythology and almost horror like descriptions of cruelties The main idea of a world full of ancient Gods of different mythologies in a war with each other is very interesting indeed, and I feel like the human characters actually do have depth, too The first book is like an intr [...]

  18. I was talking with Radio2isStatic about rereading the Everworld series, since we read them way back in high school So a quick stop off at the library laterI have such a fondness for this series, so I suspect that will make my review here a bit biased But then again, it has been some time since I read them.Anyways Book 1 Read in one day without any difficulty And actually, it s a lot unforgiving than I remembered A little bit gore, a little less pulling punches Especially considering the demogr [...]

  19. I started reading Everworld because it is by the same author who wrote Animorphs, which is a fantastic series I kinda thought the concept was interesting, but it got really big really fast and there was a lot to deal with The best thing about these books is that the characters are realistic I loved that the guy who wanted to be such a leader David ended up peeing himself during a time when he wanted to be brave, and was very ashamed.

  20. I just couldn t get into Everworld The main characters just seemed too cynical and unlikable to me Got some really weird fantasy stuff, if I recall, which I found kind of interesting, though It s been a long time since I read these, so I only remember a bit of them.

  21. Totally ridiculous and beyond stupid And to think it is a series with 12 books Who is reading this crap and why

  22. Primo volume di una saga da me molto amata nell infanzia, che ho sempre trovato sottovalutata L autrice, per inciso, la stessa della pi famosa saga Animorphs Questo primo libro, dal titolo Senna scomparsa , ha anzitutto lo scopo di introdurre i personaggi e il mondo in cui si troveranno catapultati Everworld infatti un altro universo in cui hanno trovato rifugio le antiche divinit ripudiate dal mondo reale, con la loro gente e ogni tipo di essere sovrannaturale vedi unicorni, nani, elfi e perfin [...]

  23. Search for Senna necessarily has a lot of exposition long story short through a strange event involving their witch classmate Senna, four kids get trapped in a parallel universe where pagan deities and their human followers exist alongside each other, with some aliens thrown in the kids are also carrying on their lives in the real world when they are asleep in Everworld In the midst it does a good job of introducing narrator David Levin s character, who is plagued by masculine insecurities and s [...]

  24. Un po di confusione SPOILER E il primo libro di una lunga serie che comunque mi incuriosisce non poco, ma l ho trovato un po confusionario una storia di universi paralleli, c il mondo reale e c Everworld,il nuovo mondo creato dagli Dei,scappati dalla Terrra il tempo passa diversamente nei due posti e i protagonisti si spostano tra i due universi, addormentandosi.A volte,per ho fatto un po di fatica a capire in quale parte si trovassero perch il passaggio avviene molto velocemente.Tutto ha inizio [...]

  25. This is my first book from Katherine Applegate You know, when I saw this book from a friend of mine as his chosen book for a book report, I merely asked to read it to prove that I can read this book within a day as compared to his two months time to read it Well, I failed It took me a week due to the busyness of life Hahaha.Well, anyway I did not expect that this book would be a great one It gave me the interest to read the other books in this series Every page is a page turning event that leave [...]

  26. All of us Animorph die hards were hanging out for this new, older series Animorphs had strayed into just end it already territory and we were keen for something fresh Everworld delivered, although David was not quite the hero we were hoping for In fact, he was kind of a dick Christopher was my fave, but even he was kind of a jerk Not the most likable cast, really The adventures, though oh the adventure I loved the mythological stuff, it was so vibrant and creative and really opened up my imagina [...]

  27. More like a 2.5 This had an interesting premise but wasn t well executed Plus I thought David was the least interesting of the main cast so it was a bummer to be in his head for the whole book I ve heard this series picks up as you go along but as bad as I am at finishing a series, I m not sure it would be worth the effort Especially since I haven t read Applegate s much famous and well regarded series Animorphs.

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